My Fantasy Fulfilled

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I’d spent a lot of time fantasizing about Kerri. The way her soft lips curved into an inviting smile. The sparkle in her eye that suggested she was hiding something. Kerri didn’t dress particularly provocatively, but my imagination took care of that. It’s a wonder I still had a job, with the amount of time I spent staring at her and daydreaming instead of working. I figured my fantasies were all I had. Chances were she wasn’t interested in women anyway, much less an average like me.

THUNK! The pile of papers dropped to my desk as Kerri waved a feminine hand in front of my eyes. “Chelsea? Earth to Chelsea!”

My heart beat a little faster as I breathed in her scent. “Sorry. I suppose I’m ready for the weekend.” I said shifting uncomfortably in my seat.

Kerri flashed a dazzling smile at me. “Me too. This weather makes me tired.” She said, gesturing toward the window where the rain clouds were visible. After a pause she added “Maybe we could sneak out early and get a drink.”

My eyes darted around as I considered her proposal. My silence made the moment seem to last forever. “I… Uh… Sure. Yes. Lets do it.” I could barely believe I said it. Calm down Chelsea, I thought. It’s not like its a date or anything.

As I shut off the lights and locked the door, Kerri unbuttoned her conservative jacket and took it off. I inhaled sharply. Underneath, was a tight button down shirt with the top 3 buttons undone. I couldn’t help but shiver in excitement. The top of her black lace bra was just barely visible, hugging her ample curves, as her chest rose and fell. I was literally transfixed.

“You driving?” Kerri asked, breaking into my thoughts.

I brushed my hair out of my eyes. “Sure.”

We drove in silence to a quiet little bar a few blocks away. When we pulled into the lot, Kerri fiddled with something in her purse while I hopped out of the car, walked quickly over to her side, and opened the door. Kerri looked a little surprised, but flashed me that perfect smile again.

We chose a booth in a dim corner. “First round is on me.” Kerri said.

The first few drinks were accompanied by idle chatter. We learned about each others hobbies, favorite movies, music preferences, and past jobs. Once the fourth drink rolled around Kerri was clearly feeling good. She giggled a lot. I mostly sat listening to her and enjoying her company. She started talking about her ex.

“It was a terrible illegal bahis breakup. We were so in love… or at least I was.” Kerri trailed off. She seemed lost in thought for a moment. “Anna.” she finally whispered, with sadness in her voice.

For a moment I thought I was hearing things. I blinked twice. “Anna?” I asked.

“Yes. She broke my heart.”

We talked for quite a while after that. Most of it was a blur. I couldn’t stop thinking about Anna, and more importantly, Kerri WITH Anna.

It was getting late. I wasn’t very comfortable with dropping Kerri off at her car to drive home. She was clearly in no condition to drive. “Do you need me to drive you home?” I asked. “I can take you to pick up your car tomorrow.”

She looked thoughtful for a moment. “Yes.” She purred.

Kerri gazed out the window into the dark as we drove to her house. When we arrived she looked over at me with a soft smile on her plump lips. “Come in for a cup of coffee.” She said. Not really a question. More a gentle command.

“I shouldn’t…” I almost whispered.

Kerri reached across the seat and touched my hand. She looked into my eyes. “I insist.” She stated.

She insisted. Who was I to say no to that? We walked in together and she lead me to the kitchen. “What would you like? Coffee? A drink?” She asked me.

“I’ll take a drink… not too strong.” I answered. Being in her house was making me uncomfortable again. I wanted her so badly.

Kerri turned and handed me the drink. Our fingers touched and I felt a jolt of electricity. “Don’t think I’m blind.” She said as she trailed her fingertips up and down my arm.

“I… I’m… I mean… What do you mean?” I stammered

“I know how you look at me. I see how you’re eyes follow my every move.” She breathed leaning close to my ear.

I didn’t know what to say. “You’re very beautiful.” I stated simply.

She raised her hand to my cheek, fingers tracing ever so gently. I stared into her eyes, not wanting to break this spell. “Do you want me?” Kerri boldly asked.

“Yes. God yes.” I choked out, barely able to speak around my desire for her.

She stepped away from me and dropped her hand. I suddenly wondered if she’d been teasing me. She toyed with the collar of her shirt for a moment before slowly unbuttoning the next 4 buttons. She pushed the shirt off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor. I didn’t even try illegal bahis siteleri to hide my admiring gaze. Her large breasts strained against the lacy bra. I could see her pert nipples standing erect. Oh how I wanted to touch them. I decided it was now or never.

I stepped toward Kerri and she backed up slightly to rest on the tall stool behind her. She leaned back against the countertop invitingly. I placed my palm on the soft skin of her side. She felt hot under my hand. Her breath quickened, but she didn’t pull away. I slid my hand up until I reached the bottom of her bra. She parted her lips and half closed her eyes. She moved under my touch, leaning into me.

I couldn’t stop myself from slowly brushing my lips against hers. I could feel the moisture growing in my panties. She moaned when I pulled away. Her hands lifted to tangle in my hair as she pulled me in, crushing her lips onto mine. When our kiss broke she was panting. We both were. She reached out and yanked my shirt over my head in one swift movement. I fumbled with her bra until it fell away, revealing her large, perfect, mounds with extended pink nipples. Immediately my lips covered one, sucking and nibbling, while my hands massaged and groped eagerly. My tongue made a trail down her navel. Slowly and deliberately I nipped at her tiny belly button. Then lower, until my kisses met her waistband. She lifted her hips so I could slide her pants down. I dropped them to the floor. Next, her panties.

At last Kerri was completely nude before me. Her legs fell open to reveal a perfectly shaven cunt, slick with desire. I had dreamed of this moment so many times. I dropped to my knees and began to glide my lips over her inner thigh. My eager hands reached for her hips, pulling her toward my face. She let out a squeal as my tongue grazed her clit. I teased her with my lips while I lapped at her sopping wet pussy. She tasted sweet. Her aroma was intoxicating. I fucked her with my tongue and nibbled her clit until she was bucking wildly under my assault. I rammed 2 fingers into her engorged lips and slid them in and out feverishly. I lifted my lips to grasp her nipple as it bounced around with her excitement. I began rubbing her clit with my thumb while fingering her. I could tell she was close. She was moaning and writhing uncontrollably. I bit down hard on her nipple and suddenly she was screaming as her pussy throbbed around my fingers. Waves of orgasm canlı bahis siteleri shook her body. After she recovered, she stood and took my hand.

“Your turn.” She said with a smile as she lead me down the hall. When we reached her room she felt under the bed for a box. Inside she kept various toys, massage oils, and a pair of handcuffs. Kerri pushed me gently onto the bed and retrieved a bottle of red oil from the box. “Edible.” She said with a wink. She set the bottle on the nightstand and reached to slide my skirt and panties down over my hips. She tossed them both to the floor and sat back to admire my body. I felt slightly uncomfortable fully displayed on her bed, while she took in every part of me.

“Beautiful.” Kerri breathed. Her voice was low and sultry. She poured some of the red liquid into her palms and placed her hands on my chest, between my breasts. Slowly she worked in a circular pattern outward. I closed my eyes as her fingertips grazed my eager nipples. My body was alive. Every inch awaiting her hands. I jumped as her lips hungrily enveloped my nipple, tasting me. Her tongue left a blaze of passion across my skin. One slippery hand glided downward, pushing my legs apart. Our lips met in a feverish kiss tongues colliding. Kerri slipped one graceful finger into my dripping pussy.

I broke the kiss with a cry of “Oh God!” and I shook my head back and forth. Her thumb met my throbbing clit and began to work in slow purposeful circles. I was panting. Beads of sweat formed on my skin. My hand flew down to meet hers as she worked. I slid a finger inside, beside hers and together we flowed in and out until I felt my orgasm building, like a dam about to burst. I pulled my hand away and brought her to my lips again. I came hard as our tongues danced, moaning in ecstasy.

I caught my breath, then pulled her up the bed until her wet pussy was on my lips. She turned, to reach mine as well. Her tongue darted out to hit my already sensitive clit. I moaned into her hot cunt and began flicking my tongue in and out. I could tell I would climax again soon. The feel of her mouth was too much. I began sucking on her clit, switching gears periodically, to nibble a little. She was crying out and grinding her slick pussy into my face. She came first, her juices running down my face and into my mouth, as I drank greedily. Then I came, a shrill cry escaped my lips as my nails left swollen trails across her ass. My hips lifted to meet her lapping tongue. We were spent.

After, we lay together on her bed, quiet for a while. She turned to me and smiled. That smile. Oh that smile….. and I knew I had many more nights like this one in my future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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