An electric arc furnace (EAF) is a furnace that heats charged material by means of an electric arc. Industrial arc furnaces range in size from small units of. Ladle Refining Furnace(LRF) FOR SECONDARY METALLURGY. We are Manufacturer/supplier/exporter of Ladle Refining Furances(LRFs) Technolgy on. Positioned between EAF & Casting Machine to improve the productivity of the steel plant and also used for refining of molten steel. Minimum Pitch Circle.

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Supersonic nozzles enable oxygen jets to penetrate foaming slag and reach the liquid bath. Arc furnaces differ from induction furnaces in that the charge material is directly exposed to an electric arc and the current in the furnace terminals passes through the charged material.

Once the scrap has completely melted lef and a flat bath is reached, another bucket of scrap can be charged into the furnace and melted down, although EAF development is moving towards single-charge designs. Electric arc steelmaking is only economical where there is plentiful electricity, with a well-developed electrical grid. Furnace Electric Furnace Melting Furnace.

Lff example, steels for solid rocket cases, landing gears or torsion bars for fighting vehicles typically involve the one vacuum remelt. Low hydrogen Short circuit. Therefore, a tonne, MVA EAF will require approximately MWh of energy to melt the steel, and a “power-on time” the time that steel is being melted with an arc of approximately 37 minutes.

The Stassano electric furnace is an arc type furnace that usually rotates to mix the bath. These furnaces have a taphole that passes vertically through the hearth and shell, and is set off-centre in the narrow “nose” of the egg-shaped hearth. This tightly controlled melt often requires up furrnace 24 hours. In a modern shop such a furnace would be expected to produce a quantity of 80 metric tonnes of liquid steel in approximately 50 minutes from charging with cold scrap to tapping the furnace.


An electric arc furnace used for steelmaking consists of a refractory -lined vessel, usually water-cooled in larger sizes, covered with a retractable roof, and through which one or more graphite electrodes enter the furnace.

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Two configurations are possible: Articles needing additional references from January All articles needing additional references All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from April Articles fuenace unsourced statements from November Commons category link is on Wikidata Use furnacw dates from April Bloomery produces sponge iron Blast furnace produces pig iron Cold blast Hot blast Anthracite iron Direct reduced iron.

Often, a few tonnes of liquid steel and slag is left in the furnace in order furace form a “hot heel”, which helps preheat the next charge of scrap and accelerate its meltdown. This enables a molten pool to form more rapidly, reducing tap-to-tap times. The VIM operation returns these solid ingots to the molten state in the contaminant-free void of a vacuum.

Separate from the furnace structure is the electrode support and electrical system, and the tilting platform on which the furnace rests. Vacuum decarburization furnace VD can be used in dealing with molten steel in vacuum degassing and adjust alloying constituent and stir argon in the vacuum.

Vacuum oxygen decarburization furnace is blowing oxygen in the vacuum, decarburization, vacuum degassing, alloying constituent adjustment in the vacuum, which is used in refining higher nucleation rate steel, extra-low-carbon stainless steel and electrical pure iron and others. Even the molten steel composition and temperature Desulfidation, Degassing, deoxidation and remove non-metallic impurities.

During tapping some alloy additions are introduced into the metal stream, and more lime is added on top of the ladle to begin building a new slag layer. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Electric arc furnaces.

lrf furnace

Then the ground electrode is placed in a VAR furnace. For this reason the power station should be located as close to the EA furnaces as possible. An important part of steelmaking is the formation of slagwhich floats on the surface of the molten steel.


Much of the capital cost of a new installation will be devoted to systems intended to reduce these effects, which include:. The hearth may be hemispherical in shape, or in an eccentric bottom tapping furnace see belowthe hearth has the shape of a halved egg.

Furnace lining; furnace bottom; furnace cover ladle ladle car and cable handler heating bride and guide roller device heating furnace and lifting device furnace transformer shortnet argon blowing system water-cooled system hydraulic system low-voltage electric control system PLC automation control system high voltage system the rated volume: Slag usually consists of metal oxidesand acts as a destination for oxidised impurities, as a thermal blanket stopping excessive heat loss and helping to reduce erosion of the refractory lining.

A lot of potential energy is released by the tonnes of falling metal; any liquid metal in the furnace is often displaced upwards and outwards by the solid scrap, and the grease and dust on the scrap is ignited if the furnace is hot, resulting in a fireball erupting.

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Initially “electric steel” was a specialty product for such uses as machine tools and spring steel. Hot arms can be made from copper-clad steel or aluminium.

Other furnaces can be charged with hot molten metal from other operations. However while a tubular leak is immediately noticed in an operating furnace due to the pressure loss alarms firnace the panels, at this time there exists no immediate way of detecting a very small volume spray cooling leak. A spray cooling piece of equipment can be relined almost endlessly; equipment that lasts 20 years is the norm.