Laikoi dromoi. By Hristos Nikolopoulos. • 20 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Me Ton Erota Tha Klapseis – Manolis Mitsias. 1. Ah Aftoi Oi Erotes – Vasilis . FOR BOUZOUKI, GUITAR AND KEYBOARD. GREEK FOLK SCALES. VERY EASY TO LEARN AND PLAY THE FAMOUS GREEK SCALES! The basic and. Download Laikoi Dromoi for free. Laikoi Dromoi is a scale generator for Greek Music Scales, with a Greek and English translated interface.

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This freeware application runs on Windows, and provides an interactive reference to all popular modes used in traditional and modern Greek music and songs.

Greek musicians rely on the knowledge of these scales, especially those who play the Greek bouzouki instrument. You may eromoi that many of these scales are also used in other cultures, and may be known with different names.


The following YouTube video demonstrates the program in action: Also lzikoi is single click language switching, tonality filter: D Drooi width output: It’s like displaying notes on a fretboard on the same string horizontallysimplified output option: Also this option helps eliminate double sharps and flats which appear in some of the scales from certain keys, additional output preferences: This software is now free to install on your Windows computer.

Download from the following link, and then follow the installation instructions: His knowledge of Greek music theory and computers was the result of this program.

OUSAK is known in Greek music forums where he has provided years of help to others interested in Greek music, especially in regards to the scales. After getting frustrated with books liakoi online resources that only provided scale definitions from the D key, and in specific formats or language, he decided to create this fully transposable scale generator as a musical tool which will help those seeking to learn and reference the “Laikoi Dromoi”.


Laikoi Dromoi (free) download Windows version

This software was originally released 6th of January as shareware, and then re-released as freeware on 15th of August as a gift from OUSAK to you. Instructions provided within application for how to configure Windows to enable the Greek language.

Download latest version from this website to your computer Unpack liakoi, as it is zipped. Windows can do this, or alternatively use 7-Zip Run the installer and complete installation.

Laikoi Dromoi – Greek Bouzouki Music Scales

This will also create a desktop shortcut. Run the program from the provided desktop shortcut.

The Greek bouzouki music scale generator.