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Any particular ones you can recommend? No te lo ocupas: I don’t know if the dogs really were that good or whether it was the emocion of the moment manifesting itself in the form of hotdog worship he had just been let out of prison and was back on the streets of Santiago.

Meanwhile, the Fiddler’s Fart debate.

Kinsella, Sophie – La reina de la casa [31726] (r1.0).epub

Numerical order where possible. Must have been my accent.

I didn’t provide any of those links, I just copied and pasted the quote from Wikipedia and the original links in the article were still intact! I find Clive Cussler a fairly easy read and John Grisham pretty compelling. It also presents many of the arguments in only a pseudo-scientific manner so even a numpty like me can understand. I think he was on a loser whatever he picked. I didn’t know all the words, but understand the gist and could remember the outline from the English version!

I’m trying for a more reasoned approach-not checking everything I think you can get away with it Frank if you are familiar with the story anyway-from the film, although I take your point. Which would make it ‘What do you mean? It could take a while. Thanks for your help, Doc, and congrats on getting those pesky Spanish characters sorted. After reading this 3 times I think I get you.

Are you philologist, linguist or something like that? Well, my work colleagues have said it to me plenty of times, and it seems to always be in a “no te preocupes” kind of moment.


Descarga: “Once a Witch” de Carolyn MacCullough!!! | Historias Hechas en el Polvo

Whilst a “fiddler’s fart” is a very common expression in Ireland, something like “pedo de paleto” whilst conforming with the alliteration rules, as a completely made up expression that nobody had ever heard of, would sound very strange. Normally, when I read a book and I don’t know a word, I try to imagine what it means by the context or simply I pass through or pass by?

She tells the stories via emails she sends to her friends back home, and you see the replies she gets from them. Bienorragia – I’ve just realised it’s blenorragia – ooops! Sophiee to Buitrago’s excellent diccionario de dichos y frases hechas: However, I could recommend “Jude the Obscure” – far better. Where we may have tap, rap, hit, strike, blow, crash wallop, bang.

Adios Emily Gracias Emily.

Your search : sophie kinsella

I’m still on A cualquier precio and come across a couple of interesting expressions and a word I cannot translate. Difficult to see where it fits in the ‘field’ scenario, unless we’re back into Armageddon.

Wouldn’t that explain the le rather than lo? As he said, although the books were all about Ireland, of course, McCourt had spent nearly all his life in the States, so kinsrlla came as a shock to hear him with a broad American accent! Neither good nor bad. Sorry back onto reinna.

Periodicucho I have been told is a low quality newspaper; is that ending ‘icucho’ something that can be tacked on to other things to denegrate them?

I suspect it will be a quicker read than Quinteto. It was extremely thought-provoking and served as a good lesson to those like me who either don’t have the time or the inclination to challenge – in sufficient detail – what the media feed us.

En italiarxo amorino quiere decir Cupido, aquel angelito que lanza flechas a los enamorados. It’s going to bug me, and no doubt you too. I can’t seem to find a closing quote anywhere though: The depth of his research was impressive and, as I said before, was placed before the reader in such a manner via a novel as to give the feeling of greater understanding whilst enjoying the thrilling plot.


Another version you here a lot here is montar el numero or montar el numerito. Let me give you the first sentence of the book: I’ll make a note of your recommendations for when I visit Casa del Libro next April. I’m sure this book was mentioned here before, but I would definately recommend it as both an easily understood book from the point of view of reading it in Spanish and a very individual book written through the perspective of an autistic teenager -and to boot, someone actually does say ‘me cargo en la leche’ in it, which makes it all worthwhile.

We had Hardy’s “Far from the Madding Crowd”; a terrible book! Think it’s explained in a footnote, but basically it is the equivalent of opening each new paragraph in an extended quotation in English with an opening quote with only having one closing quote at the end of the final paragraph. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Some interesting words and phrases: With “gatopardesca” i cant help you Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Carola, please don’t ask me to explain cut the mustard: I’ve got an idea about some of them: Perhaps these tend to make sense to us because the verb and the preposition are understood as being separate.

I will try help: Like I said, the trouble with a good book is that you’re enjoying it so much you can’t put it down – and then it’s done. Just a few things I ‘don’t get’ in the meantime, which has turned out a bit more long-winded than I envisaged -only for people that have read HP 6 really