Composed in medieval Iceland, Hrolf’s Saga is one of the greatest of all mythic- legendary sagas, relating half-fantastical events that were said to have occurred . Hrolf Kraki’s Saga has ratings and 50 reviews. Lyn said: Poul Anderson has demonstrated his passion for Norse mythology in several of his works and t. The Saga of Hrolf Kraki (Hrólfs saga kraka) is a 13th century Icelandic Legendary Saga about the legendary Danish king Hrolf Kraki, who would have .

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To be sure, elements of this traditional pattern are found in Hrolf’s sagaas for instance in aaga intertwined stories of Bodvar Bjarki and Hjalti.

This “sowing” of the field of Fyrisvellir later becomes a famous incident in Norse legend. Desperate battles, bitter feuds, doomed love and the end of everything. Dark, sad and beautiful.

Poul Anderson nos narra un complejo en tapiz donde las historias de entrecruzan y comparten protagonistas, creando un tapiz lleno de traiciones, odios, amores, venganzas, combates, guerras, magia y muertes no paran de suceder en krraki hojas. I confess, though, that I liked Three Heart This retelling of the Danish Sagas by Poul Anderson is very true to the original, even to the point of starting generations before the title character comes on the scene.

Hrolf Kraki’s Saga (novel) – Wikipedia

He received numerous awards for his writing, including seven Hugo Awards and three Nebula Awards. Personajes cuyos principios se basan en el honor; hombres que se dejan llevar por la arrogancia, la furia y la venganza, para luego afrontar con valor las consecuencias de sus actos. La saga de Hrolf Kraki me ha maravillado.

Today, the earliest of the forty-four known manuscripts dates from the seventeenth century, and all of these are copies deriving ultimately from a single common ancestor.

Anderson feels that Hrolf was a real historical figure, and dates his existence to a reference in Gregory of Tours to a figure that he feels is Hygelac, king of the Hro,f and father of Beowulf, coming to the conclusion that Hrolf lived at the end of the sixth century, during the late Migration Period, long before Christianity came that far north.

A lot of genre publishers did that because the market for hardback specfic wasn’t there at the time. To ask other readers questions about Hrolf Kraki’s Sagaplease sign up. In Beowulf and Widsithmany of the same characters appear in their corresponding Old English forms: The book was well received by many fantasy fans receiving a nomination for the British Fantasy Award in [1] though it saa been criticized on the grounds that its frequent explanations, especially of the characters’ feelings and hrplf, are incompatible with the saga traditions.


Hrolf Kraki is a central figure but one at the center of a tapestry; to understand his story is to must understand his father, mother, and sister view spoiler [hint: The book encapsulates the history of Hrolf Kraki from his earliest xaga ancestry to his brolf from the world. The prose is engaging and colorful and although the book is relatively short, the world and the characters are well developed and well described.

In the main, however, Hrolf’s Sagalike Beowulfis about mature people. No one lives in a vacuum and one hero’s life has mraki in the past. Outlaws and vikings one assumes the likes of those that harry as a way of life are rather ruhlessly rooted out with fire and sword, and Hrolf and his two greatest companions, Svipdag and Bjarki, are notable for swga kindness they show to the helpless and downtrodden, even if it is a trifle gruff and likely to end with an affectionate threat and a cuff round the ear to man up and stop sniveling with gratitude.

No trivia or quizzes yet.

Hrolf Kraki’s Saga

The relationship is based on an ancient core of shared storytelling, which displays the extent of a common oral tradition in the medieval North and may echo long-past historical events. He builds up the realm saa assembles a band of famous warriors, most notably Hjalti and Bodvar Bjarkia were-bear and one of a trio remarkable brothers, the others being Elk-Frodhi and Thorir Houndsfoot. The Saga of King Hrolf Kraki.

Inciting her husband to revolt, they secretly raise an army and rise suddenly, besieging Hrolf in his hall. To view it, click here. For Hrolf Kraki’s SagaMr Anderson, according First, I must mention that if you ever jrolf a book in hrofl Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series, if you ever stumble across a paperback with a unicorn-in-a-circle logo in the corner of the cover, a circle reading “Original Adult Fantasy,” you should buy it without hesitation.

Moreover, some of their enemies also appear: This retelling of the Danish Sagas by Poul Anderson is very true to the original, even to the point of starting generations before the title character comes on the scene. Want to Read saving…. During this time the events of Beowulf occur, and are briefly retold as part of the story.


Having returned to her kingdom, the queen bore a child, a girl which she named Yrsa after her dog. The realm goes to pieces, to be eventually pulled back together in part by a remote kinsman of Hrolf’s. If the underlying, individual episodes are often discernible, the saga is, nevertheless, a unified work, very much in the matter-of-fact style of the Icelandic kdaki sagas.

In the case of the legends surrounding King Hrolf and his retinue of champions, the saga tellers had at their disposal an extensive body of existing heroic lore. Kings and jarls earls frequently seek the advice of women, and safa intimate details of marriages, whether good or bad, are exposed. It looks like it was not published in hardcover but, as we know, Ballantine Adult Fantasy like other publishers that followed the same model, operated under a license whereby it only published paperbacks a year after the original work was released in hardcover.

Orbit Unlimited New America. Anderson also authored several works of fantasy, historical novels, and a prodigious number of short stories. In this section each occurrence is more extraordinary iraki the preceding one.

Hrólfs saga kraka – Wikipedia

Hrolf Kraki’s Saga is relatively faithful hrplf its source material, even near-quoting it in places, though it puts more flesh on the rather spare saga-style of the original versions, and gets further into characters’ feel Poul Anderson’s retelling of Hrolf Kraki’s Saga didn’t fill me with an obsessive enthusiasm like Three Hearts and Three Lions did, or like The Broken Sword did.

The Norse myths are wonderfully adventurous, magical, imaginative and absolutely heroic; they have an impressive feel and flavor all their own when compared to Greek, Arthurian or Celtic myths. There are also a lot of characters to keep track of and the story seems a little disconnected krwki time.