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Information Technology and p35[Persian].

Stress in the 95 percent confidence level and loyalty and job satisfaction in the 90 percent confidence level are associated with knowledge workers productivity. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

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Relationship of stress and knowledge workers productivity in Mess-Sarcheshmeh Company. Ayok A, Entesharate nasle noandish, Tehran,vol 3[Persian].


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Index of /modiriyat bazargani/modiriyat sanati

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Technological Unemployment” International 4- Raesi P, Tasire esters bar amalkard va bahrevari Conference on the Social Impact of Information modirane bimarestanha va metronhaye parastari, Technologies in St. Khajepour G, Entesharate sazmane modiriate sanati, Tehran,vol1[Persian].

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Click here to sign up. The aim of this study reviews the relationship between stress and productivity of Knowledge santai at the Mess-Sarcheshmeh company. The findings of this study indicate that not only stress has harmful effects suffering of people to emotional and physical diseases. But also, it affects on the productivity of managers and knowledge workers. The biggest chalange” California Robert E.

The group of Computer Programming has highest productivity and job satisfaction, and stress in this group is more desirable.

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Kleiner, ,” Management Review,Vol. Data in this study were extracted through interviews and completing of performance measurement questionnaire, stress measurement questionnaire and Knowledge workers productivity measurement questionnaire. Stress is higher among Knowledge hesabxari because of the nature of knowledge work based on the santi and high focus, aside from the Millennium Challenge is the productivity of Knowledge workers.


Stressor, Diagnosis, and 9- Ram? Help Center Find new research papers in: Raitano and Brian H.

Corresponding author Department of Industrial Engineering I. Deal with it, which need for proper proactive planning in this area, who should participate in planning the annual interest adhered.

Job satisfaction has sanatii effect on knowledge workers productivity. Department of Industrial Engineering I. BoxTehran, Iran, jahanshahi gmail.