Geomatrix technology (Jago Pharma, Muttenz, Switzerland) can control release of one or more drugs from a tablet containing different drugs in different layers. Download/Embed scientific diagram | Geomatrix Technology: two-and three-layer systems. from publication: Development of Controlled Release Three-layered. Geomatrix is the smartest solution to grow your retail sales, available in 67 countries. We integrate best official data and technologies in a single platform.

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Various arrangements of modules to form different structures Arrangement of modules, type of polymeric material used. It was concluded that the technollogy PEO tablets with an aperture were capable of providing zero-order drug release as the effect of surface area on release kinetics is reduced. Geomagrix layers in the tablet with different swelling, gelling, and erosion behaviors can provide separate rechnology release modes http: The tablet composition included a layer containing naproxen which offered a delayed release of a granulated form of naproxen and another immediate release layer that contained naproxen sodium salt.

The role of the burst effect. Formulation study and evaluation of matrix and three-layer tablet sustained drug delivery systems based on carbopols with isosorbide mononitrate.

They provide a once-daily pulsed profile that offers the patient efficacy throughout the day negating the need for taking the dose during working hours unlike the twice-daily dosing of the conventional immediate technoligy tablet [ 71 ]. Kinetics of drug release from the hydrogel matrices. New polymer enables near zero order release of drugs. In general, the mechanisms by which polymers perform their functions are by erosion [ 56 ], dissolution and swelling [ 57 ].


In general, hydro-philic polymers progressively swell on encountering aqueous media thereby increasing gastric residence time, core surface area, veomatrix diffusivity for release. They found that covering a larger area of the core tablet by a barrier layer results in the retardation of drug release to a greater extent, as it forms a more efficient barrier thereby decreasing the drug release rate [ 40 ].

Type of polymer, dimensions of core and cup.

This system was designed to deliver a prompt therapeutic effect while maintaining the effect for 24 hours [ 87 ]. Kinetic modeling on drug release from controlled drug delivery systems. These tablets were comprised of an immediate release layer and a sustained release layer.

Article | Geomatrix Technology: A Short Review | Inventi Journals

Studies of hydroxypropylmethylcellulose donut-shaped tablets. The mechanism of release typically involves an initial rapid release, followed by a slower constant release, which is then followed by another rapid release period.

Structure of the Device A study undertaken by Efentakis and co-workers illustrated that the structure of a system plays an important role in its drug technnology behavior.

The hydrochloride salts of weakly basic drugs had a slower release rate than neutral drugs [ 66 ]. Disc-shaped core compression coated on one surface and circumference to form a cup around it. Controlled release from triple layer, donut-shaped tablets with enteric polymers.

Support Center Support Center. The hydrophilic polymer based donut-shaped tablets developed by Kim, exhibited a disadvantage as they adhered to biological tissues and solids causing dose dumping of the drug [ 45 ].


The technology essentially twchnology a pursatile drug release where the drug is released in pulses that are separated by defined time intervals.

Oral Drug Delivery Systems Comprising Altered Geometric Configurations for Controlled Drug Delivery

Zero-order release kinetics from a self-correcting floatable asymmetric configuration drug delivery system. It is a triple layer tablet, with the active in the center layer, laminated between two placebo layers, which control the surface area available for the drug release.

Controlled-release carbamazepine matrix granules and tablets comprising lipophilic and hydrophilic components. These include increased patient compliance [ 78 ], selective pharmacological action; reduced side-effect profile and reduced dosing frequency [ 9 ].

Martin del Valle E. Currently most drug delivery systems exhibit first-order drug release kinetics where the plasma level of the drug is extremely high after administration and then decreases exponentially.

Figure 6 illustrates the dome matrix modules and examples of the possible assemblages that may be achieved. Time-programmed or chronotherapeutic drug delivery can geomateix be achieved with multi-layered tablets [ 4 ]. Food slightly increased the overall extent of absorption without changing the release characteristics [20].

A schematic of a triple layered Geolock TM tablet Adapted from: