Preduzeće za proizvodnju i preradu lekovitog i začinskog bilja i etarskog ulja visokog kvaliteta. LORDS čajevi u objektima MAXI maloprodajnog lanca. Od danas u maloprodajnim objektima MAXI maloprodajnog lanca možete naći LORDS čajeve Kisgeci, J. and Adamovic, D. () Gajenje lekovitog bilja. Nolit, Beograd. pp. Lenchés, O. () Matricaria recutita L., in Bernáth, J. (Ed.) Wild Rowing.

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Journal of Medicinal Plants Research, 4 10 ; Proceedings of the Agronomy Society of New Zealand, Australian family physician, 39 6: Lekovite sirovine, 14 14 Sodininkyste ir Darzininkyste, 19, 3 elkovitog Except where otherwise noted, the content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

User Username Password Remember me. Abstract This paper examines the influence of agro-ecological conditions and plantation periods on the occurrence of planting dates of flower stalks, offering fresh and dried valerian root.


Priručnik za sakupljanje i gajenje lekovitog bilja i pečuraka – Branimir Marković – Google Books

The aim of this paper is to solve one of the technological unknowns in primary production of valerian roots, where one group of manufacturers base their production on fall plantation, whereas the other group applies spring plantation.

Lekovtog experiments were established in a randomized block design with four replications in the period of tree years from toon the soil of marshy black type. In the first year of experiment there was a significantly lower number of flower stalks than in the second year.

The number of flower stalks were lower when planting was done in spring. Primary reasons for such results were a shorter vegetation period and a larger number of warm days. ggajenje

gajenje lekovitog bilja pdf

The higher yield of fresh roots was realized in the first year due to the lower number of flower stalks, better distribution and larger amounts of rainfall. Overall, twice the yield of fresh valerian roots was recorded in the autumn plantation The result of our research has confirmed some of the benefits of establishing an autumn crop of valerian.


Obtained roots with rhizomes from autumn planting dates were bigger and brighter compared to those from spring planting dates.

Keywords valerian; Valeriana officinalis; planting dates; flower stalks; root yield. Council of Europe, 7th edition Ph.

Erboristeria Domani, ; 3 Bernath, J. Patron Editore, Edwards, S.

Presses Universitaires de France, Racz, G.