Unfortunately, the Kolbrin Bible has no authority beyond that claimed by its original publishers. On the Web there is no reference to “The Kolbrin” or “The. The Kolbrin Bible is a 2-part, book secular anthology. The first six books are called the “Egyptian texts” and were penned by Egyptian academicians following . The Kolbrin Bible: Millennia ago, Egyptian and Celtic authors recorded prophetic These predications are contained in The Kolbrin Bible. WATCH FOR FREE.

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The waters brought forth fishes and creatures which move about and twist themselves and wriggle in the waters, the serpents and the beasts of terrible aspect which were of yore, and reptiles which creep and crawl. Then Habaris frwe a strange fire with stones, unlike any fire seen before, and when it burnt low he plucked out that which is called ‘child of the green flame’ and he beat it out so it became a blade.

It is only far fetched because you have been brought up to believe otherwise, and discard it as ridiculous. Overview Music Video Charts. It would seem that throughout history the Kolbrin has always been on the brink of extinction, yet it has survived, safeguarded by a few who barely knew what it was all about, who were neither intellectual nor wealthy and for whom the practicalities frwe life took precedence.

Above and below and all about there is nothing beyond your reach; all, with one exception, is yours to attain”. Irrespective of origins or contributors, the Kolbrin as a whole and in its present form has been adequately validated bjble endorsed by Higher Authorities as being a body of wisdom conducive to spiritual enlightenment. He could not drink its waters, for he had no mouth, nor could he feel the cool winds upon his skin. Then came the grim dead silence and black red lit twilight of doom.


The Kolbrin – PDF Drive

This we give you, The Hidden Books containing the accumulated harvest of wisdom and Truth garnered over the generations, the bread and oil which sustained us and never diminished. He gave them the Laws of Weal and Woe and established the folkfeasts of harvest-tide and seeding-tide.

People who conduct their lives according to the precepts of the Kolbrin, in association with others of like mind, will know just where they stand in relation to these others. Then from out of the unfathomable heights and from behind the impenetrable veil, God came down above the Altar and He breathed into man the kolbdin of Eternal Life.

The Kolbrin Bible, among many things, narrates the story of human creation and even mentions the existence of ancient cultures Civilizations that lived on Earth before the arrival of Adam and Eve.

Such men lack insight and seeing only the bare letters say, “These tell me all, there is nothing more”. The spirit of man is now severed from the whole and cast again into unconsciousness, and it too shall long for reunion with the whole. There were also times of great upheaval in terms of environment. Let fate deal with it as it will, we have gathered the seed, flailed and winnowed it and kept it with every care.

What man is now he owes to these, may he learn to be duly gratefol. Had man not been created, who would have known God’s wisdom and power? So Fanvar and Aruah lived in contentment amid boimty and fruitfulness, with freedom from afflictions and sickness.

Earth was not yet in existence, there were no winds with the sky above them; high mountains were not raised, nor was the great river in its place.

The Kolbrin Bible: A 3,600-year-old text that could rewrite history

None might drink from this save Fanvar and Aruah. In any event, it was believed that these ‘heretical works’ were destroyed, and as it happened the fire proved to be a good cover for their preservation. Now we are but two precarious points of life in a hostile wilderness, but what might we be in a hundred generations?


These and many other things were taught by Habaris, but many of his teachings displeased the people of Krowkasis who were then as they were before Herthew’s forefather was led away. Those who did not die in this manner were smothered under a cloud of red dust and ashes, or were swallowed by the yawning mouths of Earth or crushed beneath crashing rocks. To the fortherance of all things conducive to the betterment of individuals and the advancement of humankind.

The older the fool the bigger the fool”. Within his heart he knew destiny lay beyond the squalor of his environment, he stepped out nobly, gladly accepting the challenge.

It was the custom of Maeva to wander there in the sunshine and Lewid also went there; so it came about that they met among the trees. In the quiet stillness madness broke out among men, frenzy and shouting filled the air. They fled to caves and were buried and, taking refuge in trees, they were hung. There are other explanations, but the vmter is in no position to express any positive or worthwhile opinion.

The answer would be “yes” if this life were all, the beginning and end, complete in itself. Dadam said to the woman, “What have you done, for what has happened to us cannot be unless the things which are forbidden have been done”. They said, “None would object if she were treated as a woman with no standing, mate but do not marry, for marriage would grant her undue status, and is marriage so necessary?

Their eyes were wild and their limbs trembled, their bodies shook and their tongues lacked control.