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The end result is an accurate reliability prediction technique giving engineers the ability to design more reliable products by avoiding known modes of failure [14]. Next, send the low voltage AC through a rectifier to make it DC and use a. The profile through which the control board assembly will undergo is described in Table The blue highlighted rows indicate locations that were also included in the connector board measurements while datasheft orange highlighted rows indicate the locations that were solely used for the connector board.

Initial emissivity calibrations indicated that not all components of the same material exhibited the same emissivity. It was ultimately determined through this process that the DSP dissipates 0.

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The temperatures of all components on the control board were assessed with the emissivity set to 0. Medium-range motor drives, those whose power requirements fall within a few kilowatts to a couple megawatts, are seen in applications involving transportation, wind generation, pumps and starter-generators [4]. Furthermore it can be seen that a significant thermal gradient appears across the board that is most likely caused by the larger heat dissipating components, such as the transformer and passive devices, on the power board.

Data points were taken every two seconds for the duration of testing and were stored in files containing up to a million data points.

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A schematic of the friction brakes that exists in cars is shown in Figure 27 Conventional disc friction brake. The results are presented in tabular format and contain both estimated times-to-failure and estimated number of cycles to failure based upon the loads defined in the LCPM.

Infrared Thermography Infrared thermography was used to obtain surface temperatures of datasbeet component on all boards. Therefore, the IR camera was constantly moved and arranged so that all components fr904 be seen. Like State 1, the system is in State 3 for approximately 45 seconds.


Although there are a total of 31 failure mechanisms the CalcePWA software is capable of screening for, only six of them were applicable for the components on these assemblies. They are placed approximately 0. Located just underneath the top casing of the motor drive, this assembly houses the brains of the power electronics system.

These studies have suggested that copper would be more resistant to shear failure due to its higher yield strength. Figure 17 Tantalum capacitor leftglass body diode right Plastic Encapsulated Microcircuits Plastic encapsulated microcircuits PEMs exist both on the control and power boards.

McCluskey discusses the dominant failure mechanisms, specifically those related to interconnects within the module, substrates, die attach and planar interconnects [20].

This is likely due to the large temperature ranges through which each of these components would experience during continuous power cycling. Figure 66 shows the thermal profile using this estimate. A finite element model was created by identifying the geometries and materials of each component.

Figure 23 shows the comparison of the control board to the CalcePWA model, while Figure 24 and Figure 25 show the comparison of the power board and This allowed a failure assessment to be performed in relation to the solder joints.

IR power board load back bottom left Figure 90 Appendix: Both the safety switch and the fuses are shown in Figure 33 Transformer, switch and fuses. While this image displays an example of the data gathered during testing, the complete data sets will be included in the Appendix of this report.

Figure 58 shows a number of the larger sized and higher powered components on the power board while the motor drive is idle. These needed to be For this project, only the last method was used.

Fg9014 example, the Pyrometer Instrument Company manufactures a line of infrared cameras that measure surface temperature and emissivity at the same time [55].

The system is in this state for approximately 45 seconds.

However an area measurement, shown in Figure 56, is more useful when taking thermal measurements of larger components. The DriveWindow Light software provides a means for controlling the cycle profile of the drive, therefore benchmarking and accelerated testing that can take place as various power levels.

D A Initial Load Testing of Magnetic Brake System Prior to any extended testing on the drive, it was important to both ensure proper functioning of the magnetic brake system and to assess the load levels that the magnetic brake can generate on the motor drive. In order to distribute the fluid flow rate across all three boards in the simulation, a division of the flow rate was implemented according to Table The small difference can be attributed to measurement error and changes in ambient temperature between measurements.


Technologies do exist that provide a means for accurate emissivity measurements. To show that there is negligible temperature rise in the control board between the idle Figure 54 and full-load condition, the surface temperature of the DSP is assessed. Figure 44 Thermocouples measuring the top of the control board The testing was conducted so that four different current levels were tested 1.

The power switching module dissipates more power as the load increases, however the fan does not run while the drive is idle.

Component List [F] page 41 :: Oxygen Electronics, LLC

Figure 52 shows the thermocouples used to measure the boundary temperatures of the power and connector boards. These values were then used to derive power dissipation using the CalcePWA thermal simulation software. Although the centers of the motor and brake shafts were aligned as concentrically as possible, any deviation from perfect alignment will result in vibrations. To make a simple linear power supply, use a transformer to step down the VAC to a lower voltage.

IRFR MOSFET P-CH 60V A DPAK Vishay IR datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from

This may also serve as the basis for prognostic measurement techniques in future iterations of this method Future Work This subsection describes tasks that may be implemented in future iterations of this assessment method. However, the motor drive experienced significant heating while idle. The thermal analysis tool was run and Figure 65 displays the results, showing the thermal profile of the backside of the control board.

The user datadheet specify the type of boundary clamping condition and can perform analysis using either random vibration or shock inputs [29]. This study assumed that the fan was fully operational and exhibited an airflow matching the manufacturer specifications; datashet the