Bmw F30 d Retrofit: PPK performance power kit, new engine ecu fitted and programmed.

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I’m sure you are already on it! My 50 mile each way commute used to give about 45mpg, with PPK that’s pppk. This is looking great.

T5SOR 1, posts months. Is it is its a big letdown for us sport and luxury folks.

Maybe it is just a case of calling the dealers? I’ll prob still get another tune in the future lol. In any case, can anyone honestly say they would notice 0. ff30

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Should be a small metal M Performance plaque on the engine pp, and a yellow sticker on top of the radiator to say that the larger intercooler has been joined to bottom of radiator with adhesive or something like that If in doubt, check with any BMW dealer and they will confirm whether your car has had the upgrade using chassis number as only BMW can supply and install the MPPK As for mileage, anything over 40mpg is a bonus, IMO.


Plk Posted by Jamesons Viggen. Interesting to see how it gets resolved anyway. Just to clarify, the advertised fitting time is one hour but that doesn’t include coding. So you think it will feel MUCH less powerful than my jb4 stage 1?

The power increase was barely perceptible and the additional fuel consumption and ‘busy’ gearbox mapping just made it s te to drive. Originally Posted by b1gandy Quote: Find More Posts by DangerousTacos.

Sounds like it may be fitted incorrectly, maybe there’s a boost leak somewhere from where they’ve swapped intercoolers? F80 M3 Join Date: The car is at the latest firmware level now across the board, including multimedia, Bluetooth, maps, TPMS etcm.

Raised a complaint with the dealer, they had the car back for a day and returned it all to standard thankfully they still had my old ecu and intercooler and gave me a full refund.

Is Tesla Model 3 the Safety Queen? Find More Posts by tdizzle. The time now is This is interesting, and in some ways I am glad I am having the PPK fitted prior to delivery, which is this Saturday so I cant be disapointed by any negative impact it may have. Find More Posts by Jamesons Viggen.


BMW i M Performance Power Kit (PPK) Dynos at bhp / lb-ft

I’m only managing 40mpg on my commute whereas my E90 d with no map c30 up at 45mpg – according to the onboard trip computers. Anyway, the kit adds almost no power and is a complete load of bs. Where do BMW list this as I can’t see it mentioned in their website.

How much was it?

Last edited by tdizzle; at Find More Posts by bosz. Following all the MPPK threads I’ve read thus far I don’t think I’ll be expecting a great game changer in performance, but I am expecting the throttle response with a bit f03 and hope the extra Bavarian ponies will be felt.

Since fitting last Friday, my fuel consumption in normal driving has increased dramatically. PH – Reader’s Car of the Year. Mind you cycle you said this Originally Posted by tdizzle Same engine though right?