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ERC SCHOTTKY-BARRIER. RECTIFIER DIODE. PRV: 40 Volts. Io: Amperes. FEATURES: * High current capability. * High surge current capability. diode+D83+ datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf Abstract: KX 18NMB esa scc d-sub Souriau FCI NFC Fuji, ESAC, HER, Rectron, Rectron. Fuji, ESAC Philips, ESAD , STPS30L45CW, STMicroelectronics, STMicroelectronics. Schottky Barrier.

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Updated to match PRD version. Trotta ImperialM. Substancially extended pages with analysis of end-to-simulations of systematics further confirming the results. D 90, Latex pages, revised with updated author list and minor modifications. Nonlinear cosmological consistency relations and effective matter stresses.

Martin Kunz’s articles on arXiv

Relativistic N-body simulations with massive neutrinos. CO ; Instrumentation and Detectors physics. FigueroaMartin Kunz. Constraints on dark-matter properties from large-scale structure. CMB power spectra from cosmic strings: Constraining topological defects with temperature and polarization anisotropies.

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CHANGES Summary of Changes

Type I Abelian Higgs strings: D 92, We added both a MCMC analysis including Planck priors and a Fisher matrix analysis, discussed the significance of lensing detection, and included two appendices. Replaced by the accepted version for publication, as part of a package of papers describing first results of the Planck mission The paper with figures at full resolution and full color tables can also be downloaded from the ESA site this http URL.

Minor revisions to match published version. De PetrisG.

CHANGES Summary of Changes

Probing Dark Energy d3-004 Scale Dependence. Does small scale structure significantly affect cosmological dynamics? Distance-redshift relation in plane symmetric universes. CO ; Astrophysics of Galaxies astro-ph. LiddleJoshua A.

Direct detection of gravitational waves can measure the time variation of the Planck mass. The High Frequency Instrument data processing. Citations added, text and figures updated to match version accepted for publication.

CHANGES “MVS/ESA SP V4 System Codes” IBM Library Server

Ancillary files changed after Erratum PRD 95, This paper is associated with the Planck release see this http URL. Astrophysics astro-ph ; High Energy Physics – Theory hep-th. CO ; Applications stat. Matches version published in JCAP.


BassettNadeem OozeerMartin Kunz. Can dark energy viscosity be detected with the Euclid survey? BassettEdmund J. RiessMasao SakoDonald D83-0004. The phenomenological approach to modeling the dark energy. Comptes rendus – Physique 13pp.

Minor clarifications in the text, new references added. Constraining the dark fluid. CMB power spectra, likelihoods, and robustness of parameters.

Domenico SaponeMartin Kunz.