Learn about the active and inactive ports, connection diagrams, and other specifications of the Cisco Explorer HDC high definition receiver. Cisco HDC Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Cisco HDC Installation Reference Manual. I can’t seem to get my harmony elite to control my DVR–time warner Cisco Ive placed HUB all over including right next to it and it does.

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Would I need to somehow wipe the Information dish embedded or is it plug and play and will the Cisco box format the drive?

Cisco 8742HDC Manuals

Once all the screws are out pull back and lift up on the cover to remove it. I previously posted On recorded shows, I get sound dropouts that last seconds at about the same frequency. We neglected to write that process down.

TWC would consider it if it makes them money. I actually got a second box and tried to swap the HD from m box with the 874hdc one to see if it could access the HD contents, but this did not work either.

It takes 24 hours before caller ID starts appearing on the box. The box appeared brand new when I received it after starting the service. So far the only item I have been able to obtain is the quick reference guide.


Is cisc any way to dim the brightness? If so, where is the antenna and how do I disable it? Its either that it or an equipment hierarchy issue that can be fixed internally. Today it quit on me while recording a show 14 minutes in.

TWC will eventually have a After performing this key sequence the main diagnostics screen will load.

Last night with fan turned off it rebooted a number of times and finally showed an error TW tech support had no solutions.

See this description for the Motorola box http: To disable it go into the clock options menu clsco the display settings. So annoying, this machine is worthless!!! The diagnostics pages indicate that the ethernet port is disabled. The box went crazy kept changing channels and rebooting itself until repairs were made to the line. As expected the system contains a PowerKey multistream cable card or, M-Card. Cable company told me to call cisco and cisco tells me to call the cable company.

Who is your cable provider? At least in this one way, we were better off in the old VCR days. Getting close to a year now with the Cisco HDC.


Cisco HDC Manuals

What should happen with Swap is that Tuner 1 stays put on the channel you were watching, and Tuner 2 you can channel surf, etc. So Folks, I have a massive issue with IR interference effecting this box. Since the repair of the line, when ever it gets windy or the temperature changes quickly outside the box goes crazy and reboots itself.

Or am I being denied service because my two year 874hdc ended with Cox on this past Saturday July 25, 8742dc but I am paid up until middle of August.

The touch button functions are printed directly on the board. I really need to access some of the recordings I had for work. I have the exact same problem as Ray, above.

The time appears in blue? I listen to Music choice channels a lot, and currently take the audio from the rear apron RCA jacks. We have the Cisco HDC. There are grainy little spots that appear an disappear every couple seconds.