The Carver Climbing Club facilitates access to the private property that the Carver climbing areas are on. To climb at the Carver cliff or the Carver boulders you. Looking for anyone who has a copy of the Carver Bouldering book from a few years back. Would love to be able to buy one off of someone if. I’ve visited the Carver boulders at the Carver cliffs on the side of the After this, I roamed around checking out routes in the guide for future.

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Here is another view of Mark O. There are two problems listed in the guide for this boulder on page 37, College Prep, grade unknown and Shop Class, V2. No glass containers and clean-up any litter you see in the woods. Portland Rock Climbs generally discusses popular and very local traditional style boudering sites guiide sport climbing sites, while the NW Oregon Rock book details a broader range of off-trail back country adventure crags or sites, yet also details an extensive fine variety of mixed sport climbing crags such as Enola and Area Posted by Brad Caldwell at 8: Sorry, but those rules are the wishes of the Land Owner, Mike Rosenbaum.

Or if there is going to be a local spot I could get my Portland family to go by and pick it up, that would work too. The boulders at Carver lie on private property. We also spread a bunch of bark around below some of the more popular boulders.

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Madrone Wallthough closed at present, is in a process of eventual park development through Clackamas County. This website is intended to inform the reader of local spots in SC, Western NC and Northeast GA, as well as a blog of my experiences climbing at these great spots. I’m a Portland boulderer, who’d like to do some, um, fact-checking of your current draft ; dietrich ayala autonome gmail.

The ivy still on the boulder was holding together an bunch of soil and therefore a lot of draining was happening. If you missed this trail work party, no problem; we’ll do it again! Don’t be left out in the dark this summer without this quality book. This site offers an effective means to practice and enhance the basic concepts of rock climbing and rappeling.


Links to this post Email This BlogThis! The crag is generally accessible during summer weather May to late October with a frequent light breeze that rolls up through the gouldering from the valley below the crag keeping the temperatures comfortable all summer. After just a few meters you’ll see the Bonzai Boulders. Illumination Rock is a challenging sharp profiled high altitude spire situated high on the SW slopes of Mt.

The Ivy Boulder with a lot less ivy than it has been used too. Don’t forget to be a patron of the Stone Cliff Inn every once in a while. Grayson Highlands Bouldering Guidebook: I don’t know about you guys, but every time I get a new guidebook I get new motivation and new excitement for bouldering About Me Spencer Williams.

Order Southern Appalachian Bouldering here. Think of the risk factors in the sport before taking a risk for a sport.

Carver Climbing Club

Quality is mostly dictated by Mother Nature. This place looks like it has more then enough to entertain for a few days. In the Columbia River Gorge interest for exploration expanded, in part, because of the building of the Columbia Highway, which began in Tuesday, April 1, Carver Bouldering. Once at the cliffs take one of a handful of small climber’s trails downhill to the boulders. If you look at the map on Page 27 of the guidebook, then this problem would be on the end of the Toe Boulder facing the parking lot.

Newer Post Older Post Home. But it s on its way.

Posted by Spencer Williams at 4: It looks like the Columbia River Gorge is getting some snow over the next week, so Beacon Rock and any of the other boulder areas within an hour and a half are out of the question for this trip.

The other option is to take the main trail that leads to the cliff band.

It is a concept in its infancy and still generally lacking stronger NGO effort in northwest Oregon. Posted by Spencer Williams guid After all of your hard effort to conquer I-Rock you will find that the summit block is a teetering boulder boudering few climbers will venture to stand upon. Hike a short distance to the obvious boulders on the uphill side of the trail. Once again, thanks again to Andy for the cleaning effort and congrats on the FA.


There is also a small website that post up info about the boulderingclick on over and check out the saga that has unfolded. You must sign the release form at the Portland Rock Gym or at The Circuit and be over 18 to boulder or rope climb at this area. Bulo Climbing opportunities at Bulo Point Read more. I’m across the country in the Carolina’s, but wanted to get a copy of the guidebook for when I visit family in Portland.

Thanks for your work on this project and boulderfield! This unusual rock formation represents some of the most difficult and committing alpine climbing in the entire State, and in recent years I-Rock has become the central scene of a whole new dimension in technically demanding alpine routes in Oregon.

Carver Bouldering

We offer a small selection of high quality free Ebook presentations that you can download for quick reference while at the crag. You must be over 18 and a sign the release form to boulder or rope climb at the Carver Bridge Cliff.

One advantage Portland ice climbers enjoy is immediate access to stellar ice when it forms in the Gorge via well-traveled highway corridors. This generic web site information should not replace additional methods for gaining experience at this sport, such as personal insight, other quality advice, beta consultation, common sense, caution, or instructional guidance knowledge taught by rock climbing instructors.

This blog will support the print version of the Carver Bouldering Guide which is being finalized. There are so many breweries in Portland to enjoy and the cuisine is absolutely incredible!

It was raining today, which made it a good day to walk the woods at Carver.