CA – Report Painter | SAP TRAINING COURSES. CA BO – Reporting with SAP BusinessObjects BI Solutions for SAP NetWeaver BW | SAP. Goals. Explain the relationship between and configure a reporting table, library, report, and report group; Create your own Report Painter reports. SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (SAP ERP) Training. Report Painter ( CAv) · SAP ERP Financial Master Data (WNAMD2-v) · Report Writer .

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Basic Functions of the Report Painter? Structure of a Report Painter Rep. Structure of a Report Painter Report? Section and Column Blocks Day 2? Reports in a Live System? H Finance and Administration Fiscal year: Key figures Basic key figures Cost Centers Absorption costing Characteristics Cost elem.

Activity type key figures xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx Cst elem. Costs Cost center Qty Orders Internal orders Characteristics Cost el. Actual Actual 1KSL: Plan Key figures Plan 6O Cost elem Total Actual Plan Var. Report group C Report group B Report group A – Basic key figures Value fields in selected data records – Key figures – Reports with related content Combinations of characteristics and basic key figures! As a template, you have to refer library 1VK.

First delete the selections for all key figures and then those for all basic key figures. The characteristics, basic key figures and key figures that you require are listed as below: Column Basic key figures Characteristics Characteristics: Criteria for selecting database records Basic key figures Value and quantity fields in selected database records Characteristics?

Key figure l a Char. Key figure Cost element C. Plan Wages Salaries Inc. You have been asked to create a report that contains the following information: Use the Report Painter to build this report. Name the report Z1 description: Create your report for your own library Z.

Define column 1 using a key figure. Define column 1 using ‘ Basic key figure with characteristics’. Use the following cost element groups in next page: Description Wages Salaries Inc.


Define Formula Total Row? Define Column 1 – Actual Costs? Define Column 2 – Plan Costs? Define Formula Variance Column? Define General Data Selections?

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Check and Save the Report? Assign the Report to a Report Group? The report should contain automatic subtotals due to the fact that cost element groups are used instead of row formulas. Use the appropriate explode level to obtain this row structure. Name the report Z2 and assign it to report group Z2. Use the library Z. The report should have the following appearance. Actual Costs …. The general selection criteria that will apply throughout the entire report are the controlling areathe current fiscal year, and the periods 1 – Name the report Z3 and assign it to report group Z3.

Use the library Z again Instructions for defining the report Z3 Create a new report that focuses on the cost elements. The report should have the following structure.

What impact does this have on the input screen? Using the following variables in the report: Use the table below as a guide to the information you should display.

Direct labor costs Ind. XXX Column model stat. Employee Telephone costs Square meters Stat. Name your column model Z -APV. Use your library Z. Build a new report Z4 using your new model. The general selection criteria that will apply throughout the entire report are the cost center group GCBD, the current fiscal year, the periods 1 – 12, and the controlling area As these general selections are to be kept variable, use the same variants as in the last unit exercise 6.

The controlling area contains the constant value Create a report group Z4 with from Report Writer and insert your report. Generate and execute your report group. Activity types Direct labor hours Direct repair hours: Section 1 Actual Plan Var.


Costs ‘ Section 2: Total Employee Section 3: You must also ensure that when this report prints it will cause a page break between breaks in groups of columns. Create Z5 by copying Z4 Make the relevant changes in your new report.

Szkolenia SAP

Assign report Z5 to report group Z5. Use your library Z for this purpose. Act …. Define New Column Block? Assign the Report to Report Group? Name this report Z6 and assign it to report group Z6.

Name the New Sa; Create the report shown below and call it Z6 base it on Z6 Select Cell needed for calculation? Add the New Formula Column? Assign Report to Report Group Z6? Create report Z6 base it on Z6 Mark the cells that you will need to perform the calculation in the new sections.

Select Cells Personnel Costs: Hide Personnel Costs Row? Create a Calculated Key Figure Section?

Report Painter

Assign the Report to Report Group Z6? Cost elements Direct labor costs Ind. Modify your report Z6 so that you can try different layout settings. Create a separate standard layout Z -NEW and assign it to the report. Use standard layout SAP to copy to the new standard layout Modify your report Z6 so that you can try different layout settings 68! Report layout ‘ “‘ 71 Cost elements Direct labor costs Ind. Section 2 Section Postn. Expand cs705 whole line Drill-down.

Reduce the width of the Variance column costs and show zero decimal places. Increase the size of Actual and Plan columns costs and show 2 decimal places. Update Format Group 1 Information? Update Format Group 2 Sp

Emphasis Subtotal Rows with Lines?