Abassi O, Sadraoui A, Elharrar N. Les lésions caustiques du tractus digestif supérieur. 14 Mourey F, Martin L, Jacob L. Brûlures caustiques de l’œsophage. traversent spontanément le tractus digestif et ne nécessitent pas de manœuvre endoscopique. (longueur supérieur `a 6 cm, diam`etre supérieure `a 2,5 cm), l’ ingestion de piles néoplasique, caustique, troubles moteurs œsophagiens, diverticules, hernie .. `a l’origine de quatre types de lésions: brûlures électriques. B. () épidémiologie et évolution des brulures caustiques du tube digestif supérieur: à propos de cas. Journal Africain d’Hépato-Gastroentérologie, 3.

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What is the utility of selected clinical and endoscopic parameters in predicting the risk of death after caustic ingestion? The frequency distribution of complications of esophageal plasties for caustic stenosis of the esophagus according to the studies has been summarized in Table 2.

It was due to a disunion of the colo-gastric anastomosis in one case and colo-colic in the other. The result of caustic ingestions. In addition, the first use of a colonic transplant to perform the esophageal bypass was reported successively by Kelling and Vulliet in [6] [7].

Ingestion of corrosive acids. At the abdominal cautsiques the median laparotomy was used in all our patients as in Reinberg [12]. Arch Intern Med ; The cologastric fistula was resutured.

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Tran Bihan, Françoise [WorldCat Identities]

Am J Physiol ; Surgery for caustic stenosis of the esophagus in adults is rarely practiced in our country. Selective nonoperative management of contained intrathoracic esophageal disruptions.

Retrospective study of caustic stenosis of the esophagus in patients aged over 15 years, operated in Ouagadougou from to Indeed, superkeur the experiment of Zhou et al. Endoscopic intralesional steroid injections in the management of refractory esophageal strictures. However, a bi-subcostal incision should be preferred in the obese. Arch Dis Child ; Encycl Med Chir Paris-France. Annals of Surgery, Ingested foreign bodies of the upper gastrointestinal tract: Surg Gynecol Obstet ; Gastric tubes are excellent esophageal substitutes, with reliable vascularization, better than that of the colon.

Arch Surg ; Journal de Chirurgie Paristrwctus, The culmination of all the cicatricial processes of the pharyngeal lesions and of the cervical esophagus is the main factor that determines the delay of the reconstruction [15]. Summary table of the patients characteristics and the type of transplant. A series of 12 patients. However, one of the major obstacles to their use is the position of the initial gastrostomy, which may be the source of gastric transplant ischemia when used in gastric tubulization [12] and also the existence of gastric lesions.

From a therapeutic point of view, management is based on dilation and esophageal plasty. Adult ingestion of caustic is an uncommon and often life-threatening accident [1] [2].


Nigerian Journal of Clinical Practice, 17, However, there were persistent intermittent dysphagia in one patient and the presence of depressive syndrome-like disorders in two patients. Gastrointest Endosc ; An evaluation of steroids and antibiotics in caustic burns of esophagus.

The nutritional status of these patients was found to brjlures satisfactory after an average duration of 7 weeks of enteral nutrition. Caustic burn and carcinoma of the esophagus. Self-dilatation of oesophageal strictures. Surgery ; With regard to the transplant. Current Indications and Long-Term Function. Steroids for the treatment of corrosive esophageal injury: Management of ingested foreign bodies of the upper gastrointestinal tract.

Acide acétique

The small intestine has been dogestif very little because of its unfavorable vascularity and the stomach is less usable, due to the existence of lesions within it or a resection performed during the initial intervention [3] [12] [17]. Consequences of caustic ingestions in children. This patient survived until at the age of 53 years [5].

Ionescu GO, Tuleasca I. All transplants were placed in a retro-sternal position after a strictly retrosternal tunnel was created by digitoclasia. A review of cases.