Broadcom’s product portfolio serves multiple applications within seven primary target markets: data center, networking, software, broadband, wireless, storage. Tier one handset manufactures are announcing products this week at the Mobile World Congress that include the BCM with product. This IC Review report provides a technical snapshot of the device including: A device summary table – Photographs of the top and bottom of the package.

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BCM2045 BCM20730 BNM20741 BCM4330

Fully Qualified Bm4330 v2. Up to eight RF control signals are available to drive the external RF switches and support the addition of optional external power amplifiers and low noise amplifiers for either or both bands.

Two modes of operation are supported: Security Supports security key ptoduct chip random ID AIS05 Platform Features General Integrated voice-band, audio-band and base-band analog front-end Integrated full-featured power management unit User interfaces 5-row x 5-column keypad controller with More information.

The polarity of this signal is software configurable and can be asserted high or low.

IC Review of the Broadcom BCM n WiFi / Bluetooth / FM Radio

This timing information is provided to the IFS module, which uses it as a virtual carrier-sense indication. In ncm4330, multiple sampling rates are supported, derived from either the FM or Bluetooth clocks. Mono and stereo channel streams decoding sampling frequencies from 8 kHz to 96 kHz only?


Clock speeds are dynamically changed or gated off based on the instantaneous requirements of the system.

BCMSB2KUBG BCM For Samsung I WIFI Bluetooth IC From Kendy, $ |

Proudct polarity is active-high. During a low-power shut-down state, provided VDDO remains applied to the BCM, all outputs are tristated, and most inputs signals are disabled. Power-Up Sequence and Timing Host sets wake-up-wlan bit and waits 8 ms, the maximum time for reference clock availability. Power-down mode The BCM is effectively powered off by shutting down all internal regulators. The transmit and receive sections include all on-chip filtering, mixing, and gain control functions. One of the key feature of the PHY is two space-time stream receive capability.

For a comprehensive list of acronyms and other terms used in Broadcom documents, go to: BC04 has external Proudct information.

Timing for I2S Transmitters and Receivers Calibration occurs transparently during normal operation during the settling time of the hops and calibrates for temperature variations as the device cools and heats during normal operation in its environment.

Programmable independent basic service set IBSS or infrastructure basic service set functionality? The basic power saving functions supported by those hand-shaking signals include the standard Bluetooth defined power savings modes and standby modes of operation.

UART baud rates up to 4 Mbps? The PMU sequencer provides significant power savings by putting the BCM into various power management states appropriate to the current environment and activities that are being performed. This layer consists of the command controller that takes commands from the software, and other controllers that are activated or configured by the command controller, to perform the link control tasks.


Optimizes power consumption for low duty cycle asymmetrical data flow, which subsequently extends battery lifetime. I 2 S Receiver Timing Bluetooth Low Energy The BCM is forward-compatible with the impending Bluetooth Low Energy operating mode, which provides a dramatic reduction in the power consumption of the Bluetooth radio and baseband.

Configurable, freerunning counters running from the The device can signal an interrupt to the host indicating that the device is awake and ready.

Music and Audio The BCM provides superior total system current during music or audio playback and recording. ESD Specifications Table Music and Audio, on page The UART interface supports hardware flow control with tight integration to power control sideband signaling to support the lowest power operation.

Functional Multiplex Data Diagram Minimal external filtering is required for integration inside the handset. H4, a custom Extended H4, and H5.

Low asserting reset for the Bluetooth core.