At Long Last, Six Years Later

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This continues the story of Rhonda, the curvy mature who met her true love late in life.

Two years after we became a couple, Tim asked me to marry him, saying he wanted me to get life insurance, and part of his pension, if something happened to him. I readily agreed, and we were married by a judge, and took a short honeymoon trip to Niagara Falls. The next 3 years were some of the happiest of my life. Tim was a good husband, good provider, and as I’ve told, a great lover. We had sex often, in a variety of places and positions. He never asked to do me in my ass, although I would have let him, but we explored many other fun things together. All that ended when he was killed in an accident at work. The days after were a blur, I was numb, but the night after the funeral, I cried and cried, for hours. I was devastated, I had loved him like no other man, and now he was gone. My employer gave me a week off, with pay, and that helped, but it felt like I was in a constant daze for several weeks. Time is a healer, and I’m a pretty strong lady, and as the months passed I came to grips with what had happened. I missed him, but decided I wanted to be happy for the time we had together, and get on with my life. Tim would have wanted me to do that.

A little over a year later found me still at work at the insurance company. I still worked the front desk, along with another girl, Sally. We had become good friends. Sally was, to be blunt, crude as hell, but I found her hilarious, so we got along great. She is a bigger gal, like me, but wears clothes that show off her curves. It was late in the afternoon, in the heat of the summer, when a customer came in. His name was Jaso, and he was from a small country in West Africa. He and several dozen of his people had come to the US to work at a factory in a small town 30 miles away. Housing there was scarce, so a majority had bought homes or found rentals in our community. Jaso was one of those who commuted, and was a good customer, always polite and paying on time, and often sending friends and relatives to our company. I liked his happy personality, and his voice with it’s lilting accent. He always greeted us with a big hello and an even bigger smile. He wasn’t a big man, less than six feet tall, but he was lean and muscular. In his mid 40s, his hair was showing the first hints of gray. He was a good looking man.

Today, he swept in the front door with his usual greeting. “Hello Hello, how are you to-day?” I looked up, smiling at his boisterous entrance.

“Hi Jaso. I’m fine. How are you?”

“Yes, yes, I am very good, thank you. I want to pay my bill, please.” I got up from my desk, and walked up to the counter. I bent over to get a payment from under the counter. When I stood up, his eyes were gleaming. He blinked, and gave me a huge smile.

“There you go, you’re paid up for another two months.” I said after counting out his change, and having him sign the receipt.

“Very good, very good, thank you. You are a very nice lady, thank you.”

“Aw, thank you. You’re very nice too.” When I said that, he smiled even bigger. For a second, his eyes darted to my chest, then just as fast looked back up at me.

Oh, yes, thank you very much. You are very nice.” With that, he gave me a nod of the head, and left. “Goodbye, goodbye.” he yelled over his shoulder as he went through the door.

“He cracks me up.” I laughed to Sally. “I wish all out customers were that cheerful.”

“Yeah, he is that.” she agreed. “He was also checking you out.” I whirled around and looked at her.


“You heard me, he was checking you out. When you bent over at the counter, I saw him lean over and look down, must have looking down your shirt, his eyes got big as saucers.” Then she gave a big cackling laugh. Like I said, Sally’s comments don’t bother me, but I had to give it right back.

“You’re nuts. he was probably looking at you.” Sally was showing a generous amount of cleavage today.

“No honey, he didn’t so much as look at me. All he could see was those girls of yours.” Then she threw her head back and laughed again.

“You are so full of it.” I said, acting offended. She finally composed herself, and gave me a mock serious look.

“Rhonda, it’s true, when you bend over, you can see damn near everything. And he was looking too, so don’t tel me I’m full of it.” She sat back in her chair with a smug expression.

“Well, so what if he did?” I was laughing at our argument, but at the same time, I was thinking, I had caught Jaso looking at my boobs. But, again, so what?

Later, when I was at home, I had a thought. Walking to the bedroom with my phone, I stood back from the full-length mirror, bent over, held the phone out over my head, and took a picture. I had to do it a couple of times to get the right angle, but when I did, I was kinda shocked. When I bent over, my loose fitting top hung down away from my body. At the same time, my boobs swung down canlı bahis and out from my chest, hanging straight down. My bra was for comfort, not stays or wires, so it went wherever my boobs went. My top also had a scoop neck, so the end result was, Sally was right, I could see nearly all my pendulous boobs. I thought about Jaso staring at them, and got a little bit of a tingle. Shaking my head, I shoved that thought to the back of my mind, and deleted the pictures. The next morning, I decided I didn’t care, and dressed the way I always did. My bosses had never said anything, neither did HR, so I wasn’t going to worry about it. Besides, Sally gave them a lot more to drool over, with her push-up bras and gaudy tights.

A week later, I stopped for groceries after work, and came home to find a truck and cargo trailer next door. The place had been for sale for a while. Hope they aren’t dirty or loud, I thought as I walked into my house. When I walked out a few minutes later to get the mail, I was surprised to see Jaso carrying a cardboard box into the house. He saw me, sat down the box, and came hustling over, waving at me. He was shirtless, wearing only a pair of sweatpants and sneakers. I gave a tiny gasp, he was very muscular and chiseled, dark brown skin shiny with perspiration. I couldn’t help myself, had to look, and a quick glance confirmed he had a sizable bulge inside his sweats.

“Hello Hello. I am renting this house. I am your neighbor.” He grabbed my hand and shook it, giving me a huge smile.

“I see that. Welcome to the neighborhood. Now, don’t forget to come to the office and change your address.”

“Oh yes, I must do that. Can you do that for me, nice lady?” The way he said it made me laugh.

“Of course, but only because you’re so nice. Your house number is 127, right?” he looked confused,then laughed and broke out in an other big grin.

“Oh, yes yes, that is the number, yes. And yes, I am nice to you also.” He continued to hold my hand, and for the first time, I paid attention to his face. Dark skin as I have said, close cut nappy hair with flecks of gray, mostly smooth skin with a few small pockmarks, a nice mustache, broad nose, and full lips. His sweat pants rode low on his hips, low enough that in front the top of his pubic patch was peeking out. He was a very good looking man, and very sexy too!

While he was holding my hand, and chattering, he stealing quick looks at my chest. I was wearing a top that showed a fair amount of cleavage, and his eyes kept straying to my boobs. It gave me a bit of a thrill, really, and I felt my nipples harden. His eyes opened wide, and he stopped talking, just for a second.

“Ah, yes, yes, ah, would you like to see my house?” I gently took my hand from his.

“Oh, thank you for the offer, but I need to get my groceries inside. I’ll come over another time, if that’s okay?” He looked disappointed.

“Okay, yes, very good. I must go, thank you, goodbye.” I felt bad as he turned and walked back to the box he had left on the sidewalk, it was obvious he was unhappy. But, my groceries did need put away, so I went inside. As I bustled around, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jaso. It upset me that I might have hurt his feelings. I also couldn’t get the sight of him out of my head. His muscular chest and rippled abs kept popping into my thoughts, as well as the big bulge in his pants. My god, how big could he be? Then I shook my head, I those thoughts weren’t going to help me at all. But, later that night, in bed, they crept back. I pictured myself running my hands over his chest, down his flat stomach, and under the waistband of his sweats, to find an immense cock that barely fit my hand. The fantasy in my head was making me squirm on my bed, and rub my thighs together. It had been so long!

I didn’t see Jaso for several days, he apparently worked second shift, so he was gone before I came home from work. When I would leave in the morning, his car would be in his driveway. Images of his hard body drifted into my thoughts at random times. Sally commented I needed a vacation, but she was wrong, I needed something else. A few nights later, I was soaking in the tub, letting the stress of the day melt away, and pondering why my new neighbor had me so hot and bothered. In my heart, I still loved Tim very much. I thought about him every day, and some days missing him would get the tears started. Then, slowly, as I turned the matter over in my head, I came to understand that I also missed something else. Tim and I had a very active sex life, usually 4-5 times a week. For me, it had been making up for lost time. I loved sex, and Tim was a great lover, always giving me at least one orgasm before finishing himself. Again, I felt myself getting wet as I remembered how his tongue felt lapping up and down my pussy, and rolling around my clit, and his big fingers felt when they would slide down over my belly and slip inside me. I remembered arching my back as the contractions bahis siteleri in my womb and pussy rippled through, then spreading my legs wide to receive his big cock. My hand stole down between my legs and my fingertip found my hard throbbing clit. All it took was a few quick rubs, and I came hard, splashing water out on the floor as my hips bucked and thrashed.

Later, lying in bed, I was more calm and rational. I missed Tim, no question, but I also missed sex, and something in my neighbor Jaso had stoked the fires. The question was, what to do? And, did I want to do anything about it? Should I? The questions ran together, and I finally fell asleep. The following morning was Saturday, and I slept in. When I woke up, I felt much better, and was making some coffee and toast when I heard a noise from next door. Stepping out onto the back porch, I heard a lawn mower roar into life in Jaso’s back yard. He has Saturday off too, I thought. Good for him. I’d finished my toast and was sipping at my coffee when I heard the sound of the mower cough and die. Curious, I made my way to the back porch again.

Between my house, and Jaso, is a tall privacy fence with some small trees and shrubs scattered along its length. But, my little house sits on a high foundation, high enough I can see over top of the fence, and into most of his yard. When I looked through the porch window, I could Jaso’s mower sitting in the yard. Then Jason came into view, carrying a gas can. Ah, that was what happened. Jaso was dressed in a pair of bright red running shorts, sneakers, and nothing else. Without thinking, I licked my lips as I looked at him bending over his mower, his black skin shining in the sun. His legs were just as muscular as the rest of him. Then he straightened up, looked around furtively, and dropped his shorts! I gasped as his cock came into view, it was long, and it was thick. He lifted it with his hand, and proceeded to take a leak, right there in the middle of his yard. The memory of Tim doing the same thing on the other side of my house cam rushing back. And like that time, I was transfixed by the sight of a big cock in plain sight, standing there staring, my hand over my mouth.

Jaso finished his business, shook his cock, and pulled his shorts back up, a big lump visible in front. He pulled the rope on the mower a couple of times, and he was back to mowing, unaware I had seen him in his manly naked glory. Now, my mind was racing, I was just as aroused as I had been last night. I poured another cup of coffee to steady myself, and to give me something to do while I collected my thoughts. I wanted to go next door, so I could look at him again, but I didn’t have the brass to just march over there. Sally would, I thought, and laughed softly. I recalled her claim that Jaso had leaned over the counter to look down my top, and also when he had been eyeing me on the sly when he was holding my hand. Was he interested, or just liked looking at boobs? What would he do if I flashed him, I thought with a grin, followed by the thought that he’d run when he saw my belly hanging under my boobs. I shook my head, and started to do laundry. But the thoughts kept coming back, along with the urge to see him. The mower had stopped and Jaso was inside, so I couldn’t spy on him. It was when I open the refrigerator that the idea came to me: I would take a house warming meal to him. I rummaged around and found the ingredients for a casserole, put it in the oven to bake, then decided to take a shower.

After my shower, I was drying my hair, trying to decide what to wear, and veering back and forth between provocative and conservative. What was I wanting to do here, anyway? I was taking him food, like a good neighbor, that was fine. Then what? What did I want to happen? Do I want to have sex with Jaso? I had to admit, the idea was very appealing, especially in my semi-aroused state. But then what? Did I want a boyfriend, or just a friend with benefits, or just a friend? Rationally, I knew I should take him the dish, and leave, and keep it on a polite basis, nothing more. But I kept seeing that muscular body with the incredible cock, and finally being honest with myself, admitted I wanted to see if he was interested, and if he was, go for it and to hell with the consequences. So put a little cologne in a few strategic spots, combed out my hair, and got dressed. That was the easy part, a simple t-shirt, and some plaid flannel sweat pants. No bra, no panties. I slipped on some flip-flops, put the casserole dish in a carrier, and walked over to his front door. I rang the bell and waited, my heart pounding. God, I was nervous. I’d never done anything like this in my life! You brazen hussy, I thought, and laughed.

The door opened, and Jaso poked his head out, a frown on his face, which immediately changed to huge smile when he saw it was me.

“Hello nice lady!” I held out the dish to him.

“I brought you some food, to welcome you to the neighborhood.”

“Ah, bahis şirketleri yes yes, please, please, come in.” He stepped aside and opened the door wide to let me in. After he closed the door, he led me to the kitchen, took the casserole from me and out it in the refrigerator. It was when he turned around and saw how I was dressed, that he stopped and stared. The thin t-shirt was very revealing. I had looked in the mirror, and almost chickened out, i could easily see my boobs under it, and my big nipples were very obvious. Now I was standing in front of this handsome black man, letting him look me over, knowing what he was seeing. And it was turning me on.

” Ah…ah…yes, thank you for the food, that is very nice.” he said, blinking and looking up at me. He looked a bit puzzled, but he glanced at my chest again, and this time when he looked up, I could see the gleam in his eyes, the same that was there when he checked me out in the office. It was confirmed by the growing bulge in his shorts. I noticed he had changed, and that he also smelled nice, very nice in fact.

“Do you still want to show me your house? I have time today.” I said, breaking the awkward silence. He gave me a blank look, which changed to another big smile.

“I did ask you that, but I thought you did not want to. I told myself, I had tried too much, but now I am happy, you are here, and yes, you should see my house.” He held out his hand. I hesitated, just for a second, then put my hand in his, and he led me on a short tour, including his back yard. I didn’t ell him I could see over the fence, just that I could hear his mower this morning.

“The landlord, he say, I must mow the grass. He give me a mower, show me how to mow, and say that I will pay less if I mow the grass. This, I am happy to do, I will work, if I can pay less.” He smiled, obviously proud of himself.

The tour ended at the small bedroom in the back of the house. Like the rest of the house, it was neat and clean, picked up, with the bed made. Still holding his hand, I said, “You have a nice house, and you keep it very clean. That’s nice, most men don’t.”

“Ah, yes, you see, I do not like, how is it you say, a mess?” I nodded. “I am happy that you like it.” he said. Once again, the conversation lagged as he took in my pendulous boobs under the thin material, the swollen nipples pushing out against it. I decided to take a chance.

“Yes I do like a clean house. I think you like something I have, too.” His eyes shot up, a wary look on his face. When he say me grinning, he relaxed.

“Yes, yes I do.” he said, the loud boisterous voice replaced by one that was deep and sensuous. “You are very nice, very pretty.”

“Aw, thank you, that’s sweet. But I’m pretty, really.” He took my hand in both of his, and raised it to his lips.

“Ah, you are wrong, you are pretty, very pretty. And also…” He stopped, dropped my hand, and with his, made curving motions. I knew what he meant, and smiled.

“Thank you, that is very nice of you.” Then, another awkward silence, neither of us saying anything, just looking at each other.

Without thinking, I moved closer to him, and put my hand on his chest, feeling the bristly hair under my palm. He didn’t move, just stared at me with hunger and need in his eyes. My hand moved on it’s own, I watched as it slid to the side onto the hard muscle of his chest, and my finger played over the dark nipple on its surface. Now he responded, raising his own hand and cupping my boob from underneath, squeezing it gently. I gave a tiny gasp as he rubbed his thumb over my nipple, sending shock waves through me and making my legs tremble. It was all I needed, I wrapped my arms around him and pressed my body against his. Our lips met, and his tongue shot into my mouth as his hand continued to squeeze and fondle my boob. His other hand grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against him, I could feel his cock press into my belly. We stood there, making out, his full lips seeming to engulf mine as his fat tongue fought mine into submission. It was very exciting, my heart was pounding in my chest, I was almost shaking. Thoughts of anything else were gone, all I could think of was how much I wanted to get my clothes off, and to have this hot sexy man on top of me, his cock pumping into me. I responded in kind, sliding my hands down to cup his muscular ass, pulling him into me, and grinding myself against his cock.

Jaso stopped kissing me, looked at me, then gently pushed me away. Fear shot through my mind, but only for a second, because he took the tail of my shirt, and pulled it up to reveal the expanse of my white belly with my huge boobs laying flat on it. “Off.” he whispered, and I lifted my arms, letting him pull the shirt up and off. He tossed it aside, and took a tit in each hand, lifting, squeezing, pressing them together, and rolling the nipples. I couldn’t help myself, I put my hands behind my head and arched my back, shoving my tits at him, loving the intense sensations he was giving me. Then he leaned forward and sucked in a swollen nipple, and I staggered, almost falling. He caught me before I could fall.

“Nice lady, are you fine?” he asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20