Results 1 – 30 of Doorway Papers by Arthur C. Custance and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Results 1 – 16 of 16 Doorway Papers No by Custance, Arthur and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Arthur C. Custance () had a Ph.D. in Education, and wrote a number of books (including the well-known “Doorway Papers” series), such as Without.

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University of California, Los Angeles. While this is a personal testimony, it is also a guide to prayer – who can pray, what to pray pspers, ‘fleeces’, so-called unanswered prayer, etc.

Arthur Custance – Wikipedia

Convergence and the Origin of Man. Arthur Custance also wrote 6 books providing fresh insights into our creation and redemption, and our journey into the glorious world to come. A New Species of Homo Sapiens It now appears that the basis of speciation is psychical spiritual as well custanc physical and thus the experience of new birth has the effect of making one a member of a new species, termed in Scripture the “Body of Christ.

Local or Global 2. Flood Traditions of the World These traditions are “variations on a theme”, bearing witness to a single event.

The Paper is about the how, not the why, of His death. It is not divergence, but convergence. By careful attention to the words used to describe the creation of the First Adam, we discover the components of human nature: The Paper deals with two misconceptions: Cultural Anthropology gives a clue as to why the innocent party, not the guilty, was cursed. This is not a study of why He forgives but of how He cleanses the subconscious, taking away the guilt that plagues us. From a study of the grammar and syntax of the original Hebrew, this week is not so much the creation but more of a restoration, a re-ordering of things after a catastrophic judgment.


It seems that this world is peculiarly suited to such a creature as man – as if the universe was made for the world and the world for man and his redemption. These Doorway Papers were republished in a ten-volume set known as The Doorway Papers Seriesand these works have been distributed worldwide. From High to Low! It explores God’s purposes and timing in the use of ‘signs and wonders.

A study of the original Hebrew wording and grammar can be taken to indicate a gap of unknown duration between verses 1 and 2, a view anciently held by rabbis long before modern geology.

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Archaeology confirms the historicity of Genesis: Some Striking Fulfillments of Prophecy This is a tale of two cities whose custane were foretold and exactly fulfilled. The Confusion of Tongues: A Neglected Study Genealogies, seemingly “dry” lists of names, do provide a framework for historical events, and also tell us much about relationships, social customs, spiritual history and doroway.

Redemption deals with both SIN, the nature which we inherent and so not responsible for, and SINS, the expression of that nature for which we are responsible, in a way that is just and fair. This is a study of these implications and of the clues in Scripture dokrway where, within scientific determinism, we may expect to find divine intervention.

Language neither evolved nor is instinctive. Modern physics and forensics show that the image on the Shroud of Turin provides physical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, and insights into the physical consequences of the fall of a real Adam and Eve.

One Man’s Answers to Prayer. He completed his Ph. This Paper is a dooorway a list of basic technological achievements, traced back to the first originators. Light from Other Forms of Cultural Behaviour on Some Incidents in Scripture The Relevance of Cultural Studies to Scripture Incidents in some 19 passages of Scripture which coorway odd or unfair to us are shown to be quite normal and reasonable in other cultures.

Another has the virgin birth as a divine implantation in which Mary did not contribute genetically.


Biography of Arthur C. It now appears that the basis of speciation is psychical spiritual as well as physical and thus the experience of new birth has the effect of making one a member of a new species, termed in Scripture the “Body of Christ.

Part VI of Vol. Science and Faith 1 Mb Volume 9. The Omnipotence of God in the Affairs of Men The Sovereignty of God in the Affairs of Men A discussion of God’s sovereignty and personal responsibility, of the basis of God’s judgment of human behaviour, and of the distinctions between evil and sin, goodness and righteousness, fruits and works, justification and forgiveness. The experience so changed his thinking dooray he switched courses, obtaining an honours M.

Arthur Custance

Linguistic research throws light on what happened at the Tower of Babel and of the subsequent disruption in communications. Writing on the virgin birth, The Seed of the WomanCustance explains the necessity of the virgin birth for the Messiah to be sinless.

Genesis paeprs only accounts for the sudden rise of culture in the Middle East attested to by Archaeology but also for the loss of that culture as people dispersed from the centre. Titles in brackets indicate revised titles for second issue of the monographs in Two Man Called Adam. Private and corporate worship can be helped or hindered by environment – such as cathedrals vs meeting halls, beauty vs functionalism, liturgy vs extempore prayer.

The ‘how’ of the harmony found in the web of life appears to be in the complexity of the genes: Date Issued Date of first publication. His writings are characterized by a rare combination of scholarly thoroughness and biblical orthodoxy. Modern Fragmentation of Thought Everyone needs a raison d’etre, a world view such as that provided by the Medieval Synthesis.