The Ahiara Declaration. By Emeka Ojukwu. Markpress, Geneva, (for the. Government of Biafra), No price. These three books are General Ojukwu’s own. The Ahiara Declaration and Ndigbo. “Today, Monday January 16, in Ahiara, Imo State, we are commemorating an epochal event that. Ahiara Declaration was all about doctrines, philosophy, teachings and preachments about what a good government should be and do for the.

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The day they make this basic concession that day will the non-Anglo-Saxon nations tell Britain to her face that she is guilty of genocide against us; declaraton day will they call a halt to this monstrous war. We must pursue an enlightened dynamic policy which will concentrate on employing our primary products in various domestic manufactures.

We know the facts because we were there and the things that happened, happened to us. One cannot recount the many areas of marginalization of Ndigbo by the unwritten law of those bent on keeping Nigeria underdeveloped, but truly one stands out: Our people have continually been subjected to genocide. Nigeria was made up of peoples and groups with very little in common.

He will be to the People the symbol of excellence, the quintessence of the Revolution.

Our nation will encourage the training of scientists, technicians and skilled workers needed for quick industrialisation and the modernisation of our agriculture. Those who govern must not tyrannize over the people. Is there anyone here afraid of the People – anyone suspicious of the People? For this and for the many miracles of our time, let us give thanks to Almighty God. The desirable changes which the Revolution aims to bring to the lives of the People will first manifest themselves in the lives of individual Biafrans.

The Biafran Revolution upholds the dignity of man. It came into being two years ago when we proclaimed to all ahiqra world that we had finally extricated ourselves from the sea of declarayion that was, and is, Nigeria. English View all ceclaration and formats Rating: The so-called South by contrast has so far clocked less than fourteen years in the presidential saddle.

Zik, as he was fondly called, accepted the leadership of the legendary Yoruba political activist, Herbert Babington Macauley to form and abiara the first truly significant national political party — National Council of Nigeria and Cameroon Ahaira. He zhiara resist the temptation ahisra erect memorials to himself in his life-time, to have his head embossed on the coin, name streets and institutions after himself, or convert government into a family business.


At no stage in those wars did the white belligerents carry out a total blockade of their fellow whites. Recently this has been the case with the reported disappearance of some white oil technicians in the Republic of Benin. Today we are involved in a task of building a New Society with new values and new outlooks. They belong to ajiara. Write a review Rate this item: Sun, 16 th Xhiara Although almost all the speakers at the occasion seemed to have shieded away from the fact that the popular Ahiara declaration gave a quick and unexpected psychological blow to the Biafran Revolution, it still remains a fact of history that the declaration actually brought a setback to the “people’s Revolution.

But Ahiara declaration was, after all, given a communist cum socialist bent, thereby making the wealthy Igbo elite to feel ‘frightened’ or ‘betrayed’ by the same Biafran government that was crusading for their survival. Some people are frightened when they hear the word Revolution. It is too dangerous. Below is the speech:. I talked to you of the background to our struggle and on the visions and values which inspired us to found our own State.

From the middle years of the last century Christianity was established in our land. Every society is changing all the time. Those who find themselves below at any particular moment must have the opportunity to rise to the top.

He must be ready to tackle tasks which other people might regard as impossible. This has exclusively been denied us over these decades.

Ahiara Declaration, & The Struggle For Igbo Emancipation

Shamelessly, our enemy has moved from deadline to deadline, seeking excuses justifying his failures to an ever credulous world. We know why Nigeria was given that image. They have been accused of corruption, bribery and inefficiency. Despite the fact that this sector has great strategic attraction for the vandal hordes, being a gate-way, as it is, to the now famous jungle strip of Biafra, and the scene of the bloodiest encounters of this war, it is significant that the enemy has made no seclaration throughout this long period.


Since that fateful decision, the very worst has happened.

We are the latest victims of a wicked collusion between the three traditional scourges of the black man – racism, Arab-Muslim expansionism and white economic imperialism. Fellow country men and women, for nearly two years we have been engaged in a war which threatens our people with total destruction. Today, Igbo blood is still being poured all over Nigeria – especially in the North.

For over three and half centuries, it suited them to transport and transplant millions of the flower of our manhood for the purpose of exploiting the Americas and the West Indies. We knew they were going to be ruthless and implacable in defence of their age-old imposition on us and exploitation of our people.

Nigeria: Ojukwu, ‘Ahiara Declaration’ and Biafra

The will of the People meant nothing to them. My name is Emeka. Above all, I stand here before you, Ndi nwem, and before the God of all – our one and only king – to pour out my gratitude to God for His mercies to us all in our journey in Nigeria and in life.

Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: The composition of the person acclaimed to have won the first position was not played before the panel of judges, and the person to whom they sold the second position happened to be one of the judges in the panel – a rule birthed in injustice against Igbo; mine, rigged to the third position, was the only played anthem before the judges which Africans also voted the best online. Our struggle is not a mere resistance – that would be purely negative.

The single individual is the final, irreducible unit of the People.

He has the will to transform his society into a modern progressive community. Power is not given to him to turn him into a big man, to enable him sit inside huge American cars and build himself palaces.