DOCOMO, SYSTRAN and FueTrek Form Joint Venture to Develop wireless networks, including a nationwide 3G network and one of the. DOCOMO, SYSTRAN INTERNATIONAL and FueTrek will recruit Japan via advanced wireless networks, including a nationwide 3G network. SYSTRAN Mobile Translator for iPhone and iPad puts the power of automatic iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3rd Gen, iPod Touch with Microphone, iPhone 3G.

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Others Area Internet docomo Hikari. Leading up to the Tokyo Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, the number of foreign visitors to Japan, as well as the number of Japanese going overseas, is expected to increase dramatically.

Enable JavaScript if it is disabled. FueTrek is listed on the Tokyo stock exchanges. DOCOMO has a track record of providing top-tier translation services, including the Hanashite Hon’yaku automatic voice translation service. Media Center Press Releases The joint venture will be established in October.


Together, the three companies’ strengths will enable the development of highly accurate machine translation software capable of satisfying diverse 33g, from the translation of business documents to conversation-level communication required by tourists.

Overseas, the systrqn provides technical and operational expertise to eight mobile operators and other partner companies. The joint venture will initially develop technologies to translate between Japanese and three other languages—English, Chinese and Korean—with future plans to translate between Japanese and other widely used Asian languages such as Vietnamese and Indonesian.

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SYSTRAN Mobile Translator English-French por SYSTRAN

The joint venture aims to achieve the world’s highest level of accuracy for machine translation, sysrran multi-language translation engines developed by the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology NICT and machine translation technology based on natural Japanese-language processing technology developed by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation NTT.


The company serves over 63 million mobile customers in Japan via advanced wireless networks, including a nationwide 3G network and one of the world’s first commercial LTE networks. SYSTRAN is a world-leading translation software developer, while FueTrek has a proven track record of developing speech recognition and translation systems. Ownership Share by Company.

Development and marketing of machine translation technology and services. Since the foundation inSYSTRAN has been providing automatic translation, voice recognition, sentimental analysis, systan various solutions to US Government, French Treasure Department, and global enterprises based on the natural language processing technology that supports translation language pairs.