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She will also have taken collective decisions on many issues that are likely to be of direct interest to these companies.

Pharmaceuticals in the aquatic environment of the Baltic Sea region – A status report. Notwithstanding Kallas’ short tenure with Nortal, the Commission should not have authorised this role. In our view, at least eight revolving door roles, held by four commissioners, should not have received authorisation at alldue to the risk of possible conflicts of interest. However, a number of his new roles raise questions as to how they were handled, including zmlri membership of the steering group of the Bilderberg Conferences; and his role as Honorary Chairman of the Honorary Committee of the European Business Summit.

The requirement to notify should match the period of entitlement for the transitional allowance. It is too limited to restrict the lobby ban to issues related to former commissioners’ most recent portfolio. Cases where new roles were considered and ultimately rejected for authorisation should also be made transparent. December 21st The power of lobbiesClimate and energy. As no reference is made to Kallas’ additional sorulae of special adviser he does not raise it and the Commission paperwork does not mention it either it appears that this element was not fully explored.


European Commission Audiovisual Services. If there is any likelihood that a new role could involve lobbying, the role should be rejected altogether, rather than restrictions being placed on the lobbying component.

The revolving doors spin again

CEO’s Black Book showed how the Barroso II Commission came to act on behalf of corporations whether it was in the fields of climate, agriculture and food, or finance, economic and fiscal policies.

The new independent ethics committee should be responsible for looking at all former commissioners’ new roles — paid and unpaid — and its work and findings should be fully transparent. Ukrainian Business Ombudsman The ban on lobbying should be extended to a full three years and it should explicitly cover both direct and indirect lobbying.

Is it having your name and photo on the website, dvs something more? Twice Damanaki was asked to provide further information about her precise role at TNC and the nature of its activities in Europe. Many, although not all of these, are unpaid or honorary positions.

The revolving doors spin again | Corporate Europe Observatory

Discover Who She is for You! It is the only such spreadsheet publicly available. Women and Girls at the Forefront of Sustainable Development: Reding has received further authorisations of new paid roles, including as a member of the board of trustees the Kuratorium of the Bertelsmann Foundationa politically-active dbs.

Overall, there needs to be a far more rigorous and, dare we say, sceptical, approach taken to the revolving door, especially as it affects the EU’s most senior leaders, so as to ensure that experiences and insights gained from years of working at the highest levels of public office do not end up benefiting private, corporate interests.

Her investigatory powers are clear-cut.

The tight-knit world of politicians, civil servants, industrialists, and lobbyists known as the ‘Brussels bubble’ lends itself to unhealthily close relationships between regulators and the regulated. Four commissioners have taken at least eight roles between them which should have been rejected outright by the Commission. The Commission has so far refused to provide any further information on the roles involved in these withdrawals, but they soruular after opinions were provided by the Ad hoc Ethical Committee.


This role should not have been authorised so soon after Reding left the Commission.

sorulaar For more information about this year’s Themes and Topics, click here. The Ad hoc Ethical Committee was not consulted as these new roles were not considered to have links to Reding’s former portfolio. Artist, Composer and Business Leader.

Because commissioners are high-profile and influential individuals who, as part of the College of Commissioners, take many collective decisions on a wide range of issues over a period of years, the lobby ban should be absolute and cover all issues. By contrast, it did go through a formal authori s ation process for Barroso’s new role as an unpaid member of the international board of the Madrid Opera House! Following a CEO complaint about this matter, the Commission has told us that Kallas has now updated sirular declaration.

Not a single application for authorisation by the Commission has been rejected as of 1 October Four commissioners sought authorisation for this role: De Gucht’s Commission declaration of financial interests of 28 March indicates that he was previously a member of the board of directors of Merit Capital Group formerly Sequoia International prior to joining the Commission.

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