Wife’s Birthday Gift BBC

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Wife’s Birthday Gift BBC
The morning of my birthday dawned brightly – while the temperature was cold, I breathed a sigh of relief that my birthday wouldn’t be a rainy one. The day was finally here. I was finally going to meet you for the very first time in person, as we had decided that my birthday would be the perfect day for me to realize my fantasy of having my pussy stuffed full of a beautiful black cock.

I arose very early, the first person in the house to stir. I didn’t even wait for my 5am alarm to wake me, I hadn’t slept much the night before, waffling between excitement and fear about this new adventure. I quietly made my way into the master bath, stepping over the two sleeping dogs in my path, careful not to wake the husband just yet. I was always the first to rise, then wake the rest of the household in order of their individual schedules.

I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror, willing the knot in my stomach to go away as I eyed my image reflected. I was glad you had wanted to take things slow when we first started communicating online, it gave me a chance to step up my workouts to finally shed most of the extra weight I’d been hanging onto for years after my daughter’s birth.

My determination had paid off, while I wasn’t back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I had finally shed the extra roundness to my belly, and liked my profile better. I admired my hourglass shape, lifting my heavy full breasts and brushing my fingers over the large nipples, sucking in my breath as I felt my pussy twinge in delight from the light touch.

I hoped you would be pleased with my body, I want you to devour my sexy curves, hungry pussy and tight ass. I ran my hands over my mound, making sure it was nice and smooth. I had finally gotten up the nerve to have a Brazilian wax done, when you and I first started communicating online, and you mentioned you were turned on by a nice smooth pussy.

The irony wasn’t lost to me – this being my birthday and I was planning to give the gift of my body to you. My pussy spasmed with the thought of your beautiful black cock parting my smooth pussy lips and easing your hard member deep into my tight depths. I briefly wondered if I would be able to take your entire length, it had been far too long since any cock had entered my silky pussy, let alone one so amazingly large.

I had taken my time the night before preparing my body for my first time with you, soaking in a hot bubble bath, shaving my legs and resisting the urge to make myself cum like I like to do while relaxing in the tub. You wanted me to save my orgasms for our first time together, so when I did cum it would be the most intense I’d ever had. I smiled at the thought, looking forward to you taking great pleasure in my willing body.

I had even subjected myself to an enema to make sure my ass was squeaky clean and ready for anything, since you had mentioned you would love to feel your cock buried deep in my tight hole. I shivered in anticipation, since only twice had my tiny hole been invaded by a cock – the first time fizzled out before it got started, my former boyfriend’s clumsy attempt failing greatly. I had only one other experience after that, with a different former boyfriend who forever after made me crave to feel a cock buried in my ass again to see if I could have the same intense orgasm I did that particular night.

Unfortunately the husband is not an ass man, he prefers jacking off on sexy feet, leaving my pussy wanting more. I was grateful the husband was enthusiastic about allowing me the indulgence of extra cocks to keep my pussy happy – this would be my first cock outside my marriage, and I would also be fulfilling my biggest fantasy to have my tight white pussy filled beyond my imagination with a gorgeous black cock.

I involuntarily licked my lips as I thought of your beautiful cock, in the pictures and videos you had sent me it looked enormous. My pussy spasmed yet again, I could feel my inner core on fire. The anticipation was already making my pussy wet – I could feel my juices starting to run down my inner thighs. I shook my head to stop daydreaming so I could get everyone up and out of the house on time.

After having my usual coffee with my husband and sending him off to work, I got the k**s up and ready for school. The morning rush commenced, school lunches were made, lost shoes and homework found, and the mad dash to get through the car line before the tardy bell sounded after the k**s dragged their feet out the door. When both k**s finally exited my vehicle I exhaled and headed back home to get ready for you.

There was a chill in the air – that, coupled with the anticipation of what lay ahead for the day, my nipples were straining against the lacy fabric of my bra. Since we were meeting for the first time for coffee that morning, I opted for casual attire, slipping on my favorite pair of boot cut jeans topped with a black lacy sleeveless top, and to keep my arms from feeling the chill, a fashionable cardigan with a handkerchief hem that gave a boring old cardigan feminine flair. I pulled on my favorite pair of sexy ankle boots, then stood and double checked that my long blonde hair was smooth and silky, and began to apply lip-gloss to my mouth.

I noticed my hand was trembling as I applied the shiny gloss to my lips, and once again the knot in my stomach had returned. bostancı escort I wondered how amazing your giant black cock was going to look with my lips stretching around it, trying to take as much in as I could. My pussy spasmed again, the juices flowing at the thought. Taking a deep breath, I gave one last look in the mirror, went downstairs and donned my long leather coat, doled out treats to the dogs so they wouldn’t bark as much as I exited the front door and I was off.

As I pull into the parking lot, I see you standing near the entrance, scanning the lot for my vehicle. When I stepped out of my car, you break into a big grin, and the butterflies in my stomach seem to be fluttering overtime.

I walk up to you, my stomach doing flip-flops and my pussy keeps spasming like nobody’s business. You open your arms wide for a hug. I quicken my pace and willingly enter your embrace. Your strong arms envelope me and feel so good wrapped around my frame. You stand at least a foot taller than me, so I find my cheek is resting on your muscular chest within your embrace. I sigh with contentment as I realize my butterflies have all flown away.

You wrap one hand in my silky long blonde hair and gently tug to have me look up at you. Your eyes were smiling along with the rest of your handsome face, I smile up at you as you press me against your long hard body, and I can feel your cock twitching against me through our clothes.

“We better go in and get our coffee, or I’m going to be tempted to rip your clothes off and take you right here,” you growl, your voice thick with desire. “Probably a good idea,” I tease.

We sit in a corner booth facing the rest of the restaurant and sit side by side. We order coffee and chat for a while, small talk, really, as we’re both distracted by the instant chemistry we feel towards each other. We talk about my hubby’s desire for my pussy to be fucked by as many cocks as I can handle, particularly a nice big black one.

You grab my hand and place it on the large bulge throbbing in your pants. “You mean like this one?” you ask with a mischievous grin. “Well, I suppose that will do,” I said with a wicked grin. You press my hand against your throbbing cock harder, so I can feel how much you desire me. Your other hand cups my mound and you note that there’s an extreme amount of heat emanating from between my legs.

“Your pussy wants me, doesn’t it?” you hiss in my ear. “Oh most definitely!” I reply, breathlessly. You continue your kneading and feel the heat from my pussy radiating through the denim, and you know that it is no doubt dripping wet.

“What time do I have you until?” you ask.

“I need to be in the car line at the k**s’ school by 2:00”, I reply.

“Then we better get going, I want to make sure you get your fill before you have to leave.”

I smile at the double meaning and nod in agreement.

We had decided to take both cars, I would follow you to the hotel where you had made reservations. That way we wouldn’t have to stop enjoying each other too early, giving us plenty of time to pick up our k**s at their respective schools.

We enter the hotel and head straight for the room – you have already secured a room so there was no need to go to the front desk. Once inside the room, you push me against the door and crush me with a kiss. Your body is pressed against mine, your hard member rubbing against my belly through our clothing. Your hands are entangled in my hair as you kiss me, tongue fucking my mouth expertly.

My knees are weak, there are so many delicious sensations happening at once I am glad you are holding me up against the door for fear I would crumple to the floor.

Your hands slide down and cup my breasts through the fabric of my top, kneading them and seeking out my erect nipples. You pinch my nipples through the fabric, eliciting a guttural groan from the back of my throat as you continue the sweet assault on my mouth. You keep one hand on my breast, the other you cup at my mound and start kneading it with your fingers, feeling the heat and knowing you would be bringing me close to climax.

You break your kiss momentarily to pull my top off and toss it aside, then drag my bra down below my breasts, partially releasing them from their confines so you can fill your hands with their fullness. Your hands feel so warm on my skin, I loved seeing the contrast of your dark skin as you milk my breasts with your beautiful strong hands, then lean down and capture one of my nipples in your mouth, gently sucking and swirling your tongue around my now hardened nipple.

I gasp at the sensation you’re creating, as you suckle and massage my white globes, the heat and pressure you’re putting on my nipples travels all the way down to my pussy, causing me to spasm and get even wetter. I moan at the sweet sensations running through my body and reach down to capture your face between my hands, drawing you up to explore your mouth with my tongue.

With your hands still full with my breasts, you welcome my tongue in your mouth and begin to assault my mouth with your tongue, diving and exploring the depths as I match you stroke for stroke. I can feel my pussy convulse at how expertly you wield your tongue, and can’t wait to feel it buried in my depths. You are twisting and pinching my nipples, causing my pussy to spasm, making me want so badly to cum.

You break away ataşehir escort bayan from me, your breath ragged but still holding me tightly, stroking my hair, my full breasts pressed against your chest. I’m trembling softly, kissing your neck, my breath as ragged as yours.

You guide me over to the foot of the bed – I’m lost in your scent, and your touch feels electric on my skin as you run your hands over me, reaching back and expertly unclasping my bra and letting it fall to the floor.

You capture my breasts in your hands again, kneading them, feeling their heaviness in the palms of your hands. You lean over and start to suckle on a nipple, I gasp and clasp the back of your head to steady my trembling body and racing heartbeat. You nibble on my nipple, lightly tugging at it with your teeth.

My hips involuntarily start to thrust, my pussy is dripping wet in need. You linger on each nipple, teasing, taunting, suckling, nibbling until you see I can barely stand. You suddenly retreat, enjoying the sight of my nipples hardening even more as your hot breath is replaced with the cool air rushing across the dampness from your tongue.

You reach out and undo the button and zipper of my jeans, sliding your hands inside to push them down over my hips. When they fall to the floor, you steady me as I step out of them and kick them to the side. You cup my mound through my lace panties, teasing, taunting, and reveling in the heat and wetness.

You slide your hands under the lace and allow my panties to fall to the floor at my feet. You cup my smooth mound again, this time without a barrier, dipping your middle finger between the folds. You suck in your breath sharply as you feel how hot and wet my pussy truly is, and can’t wait to feel your cock buried inside me.

I reach out and slowly unbutton your shirt, marveling at the broadness of your chest. I run my hands over your smooth skin, peppering your muscles with kisses as my hands wander freely. You groan as I circle your nipples with my tongue, and reach around to grab my ass and pull me against you so I can feel your cock straining to be released from its confines.

I slowly kiss my way down your firm belly to the top of your waistband, kneeling before you, then look up at you as my fingers work to release the button and zipper of your pants, holding my breath in anticipation for what was in store.

You grin down at me as you help slide your pants over your hips and let them fall to the floor, lightly steadying yourself with your hands on my shoulders as you step out of them and kick them aside, waiting for me to slide your boxers down next. Your manhood is fully erect, creating a tent effect in the front of your shorts.

I rub your steel rod through the fabric, finding myself licking my lips in anticipation as I slowly set your cock free from the material and let your boxers slide down your legs to the floor.

I suck in my breath at the sight of your cock standing fully erect in front of me, gasping at the sight, as I’d never seen a cock so huge and beautiful up close and personal. I could feel my pussy contract with desire coupled with a twinge of fear at the prospect of having this magnificent rod buried deep inside me. My juices were flowing nonstop at the thought.

As I kneel before you, I’m in awe and place my hands around your thick hard shaft, marveling at the beauty before me. Slowly at first, I traced my tongue around the engorged head, running my hands along the length of your shaft. I kiss the head of your cock, running it across my lips before opening my mouth and just taking the head in to suck and tease with my tongue. You groan in pleasure and wrap your hands in my hair, holding my head steady as I start to slowly inch your cock into my hungry mouth.

I alternately run my tongue up the side of your shaft, followed by my hands stroking, and sucking and licking the engorged head of your cock. I moan in pleasure as I feel you throbbing, and taste the sweet precum at the tip of your cock. My pussy is convulsing with desire, wanting so badly to feel your beautiful black cock buried deep inside.

You buck your hips forward and shove your cock into my mouth as far as it could go. I gag a little, trying to take your full hardness, but my mouth is small and your cock is very large. You hold my head and pump your hips, fucking my mouth trying to get your cock in as deep as possible. You can tell I’m enjoying sucking your cock by the muffled guttural moans I’m making as you fuck my mouth.

Your cock spasms and I think that you’re getting ready to shoot your load down my throat, but I’m disappointed when you suddenly withdraw and pull me up to stand in front of you. Your cock is so big and engorged, it dances between us and rubs against my belly as you step closer and trace your finger along my pussy lips. You notice my body jerk with excitement.

You tease my pussy lips for what seems like eternity before you slide your finger between the folds and suck in your breath at the incredible heat and wetness that your finger finds. You push me backwards on the bed and spread my legs open wide.

First one finger, then two, then three, you continue your finger assault on my pussy, delighting at how my juices are flowing freely. “You have such a hot little white pussy, don’t you? I can’t wait to bury my big black cock in here!” göztepe escort bayan You feel my pussy convulse around your fingers as I gasp out “Oh god yes!” You grin, knowing that you were in for the ride of your life.

Suddenly your tongue is at my clit, and I gasp and with this new sensation. “Oh my god, I’m going to cum!” I cry out. I’m clenching and unclenching my hands, trying so desperately not to explode. You start fucking my pussy with your tongue, your hands pulling my hips into your face. You pause only briefly to say “Give me your cum, my sweet slut! Give it to me now!”

I see stars as I allow the orgasm to take over my entire body at your words and oh so talented tongue and fingers. You feel the juices flowing like a river, and feel my pussy tighten around your fingers, which makes your cock strain for release. The head of your cock is purple, wanting so badly to dive between the sweet pink folds of my pussy.

You gather my juices in your mouth, then slide up my body so your body is completely covering mine, then drizzle my pussy juices from your mouth into mine. I grab your head and suck on your tongue, loving the taste of my juices from your mouth. You groan with excitement, I can feel your cock pulsing and dancing against my skin.

As our tongues are wrapped around each other’s, your knee is pushing my legs open wide. My breath catches as I feel you sliding the head of your cock along the slickness of my pussy lips. You slide the head up and down several times at the opening of my pussy, covering the head of your cock with my sweet juices. My hips start bucking wanting to feel you slide your beautiful member inside me.

“You want this big black cock, don’t you, my sweet slut?” You growl.

“Oh god yes!! Please give me that big black cock! My white pussy needs to be full of you! Fuck me with that monster, PLEASE!” I beg.

You grin, and push the head of your cock through my pussy lips, you pause for a moment relishing the wet heat, then rock your hips forward to feed my hungry pussy what it wants.

I arch my back and thrust my hips towards you, trying to capture your throbbing member faster than you’re feeding it to me, but you taunt me by slowly pulling your cock out so just the head is inside, then rocking forward to inch yourself further into my silky depths with each thrust. You groan as you feel the walls of my pussy contract around your cock.

“Damn!” you exclaim. “You are one hot, tight, wet little slut!”

I feel like I’m being ripped in two, and your cock isn’t even halfway inside me yet! I can feel each ridge, every vein as you feed my hungry pussy inch by inch. My hips are thrusting, my pussy is swallowing your cock deeper and deeper. The sensations are incredible, I have never been as full of anyone like I am with you at this moment, and I feel like I’m floating.

You slide your arms beneath my legs and lift my knees up so I’m open even wider so you can get that beautiful monster in as deep as possible. I groan in sublime pleasure as the head of your cock makes its way inch by inch, my pussy slowly stretching and opening like a flower for your beautiful member.

You pull your cock out so just the head is inside, then thrust forward again, inching in a little further. You continue to slowly pull out then thrust back in hard, getting your cock in deeper and deeper with each thrust, until finally you are buried balls deep. You hold yourself still for a moment, relishing the tightness of my silky pussy wrapped around your cock. You want this feeling to last as long as possible, the walls of my pussy vibrating in pleasure, the tightness is incredible. I can feel your cock pulsing and throbbing as you hold yourself deep, my inner walls are pulsing in unison.

“Oh my god your pussy feels so good!” you exclaim. “So fucking tight and hot!”

“Your cock is as amazing!” I reply. “Fuck me hard and deep! Fuck me with that beautiful cock!”

You start to thrust faster, causing me to writhe in pure pleasure underneath you. You push up from me and spread my legs even wider, thrusting in and out, watching your cock get slicker and shinier with my free flowing juices. You feel me adjusting to your enormous size, welcoming the invasion deep inside my pussy. You continue to thrust in and out, we can hear my juices with the friction and your balls are getting covered with my sweet nectar.

“Look at that! This is what you want, isn’t it? Look at that big black cock buried in your lily white pussy! This is what you need, isn’t it? You like being fucked by a black cock?”

I look down and marvel at the sight of your cock disappearing into my hungry pussy. “Oh my god yes! This is exactly what I need! I love your black cock!” I exclaim.

I love seeing your beautiful black cock buried deep. I have never felt so full in all my life, I never imagined I could take a cock that large deep inside me. I wondered if I would ever be able to walk again, but in that moment I didn’t care.

I feel another orgasm building, I’m in sensory overload with how amazing your giant cock feels sliding in and out of my pussy. “I’m going to cum all over that beautiful thing!” I gasp.

As I give in to the ultimate release, you feel the walls of my pussy clamp tightly around your cock, and you can’t hold back anymore. You start to ram your cock into me faster, tense up and feel the rush as your balls tighten, then let your cum explode deep inside my tight white pussy, making my orgasm that much more intense.

“Fuuuuuuck! Oh my god!” I scream in ecstasy. You collapse on top of me and we feel our hearts beating in unison as we come down off that amazing high.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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