Watching Daddy Shower and getting wet

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Watching Daddy Shower and getting wet
Every girl has a dark secret and in my case, it was sexual, as is normal but the dark part was, it was with someone close to home, and nobody comes closer to a girl than her father, especially if she was the instigator, as was the case with me.

Being the only c***d I was spoilt and preened over. Celebrating my twelfth birthday as my coming of age, I was treated to a day out, a nice meal, and two glasses of bubbly, what harm can two glasses of bubbly do to a young girl, after all, French c***dren are given alcohol in limited amounts as young adult, to teach them moderation and to remove any dangers of using alcohol as a forbidden stimulant.

To suggest I was drunk could be the case, I found the elation and euphoria associated with drinking an enlightening experience, and thankfully, the French approach in moderation worked.

I awoke from a very deep slumber with disturbing dreams. I had what some might classify a ‘wet dream’, involving the man of my life, my daddy and as if true to life, I was naked as was my father, ‘spooning’ me, his warm breath on my neck and the heat from his body sexually stimulating, but it was the other part, his erection between my thighs, pressing all my female buttons, as I crushed him between my legs, tightening and relaxing, moving in and out, all new feelings, and my wetness lubricating our union, as he slid in and out between my labia, crushing my clitoris, even now awake, I continued instinctively to hump daddy’s cock until I cummed, feeling his warm semen fill my hands and flood my crotch.

All the time daddy’s even breathing told me he was sleeping as I relieved myself on him. Slipping from bed and cleaning myself of his semen in the bathroom before returning to my own bedroom helped in the morning, to remove any stigma or shame of such an i****tuous act committed by a daughter with her father, my secret was safe, still a dark chapter in my early life, but more troubling, because it was my first wet dream, my first sexual experience and my first extremely powerful orgasm, three firsts, I wanted to experience it again, canlı bahis siteleri and every time my daddy was close to me, I felt it between my legs, I knew what he felt like and what it felt like and I wanted more. Little did I know that this dark longing was years off, six to be exact, and now as an adult, I was free to do as I pleased, and that particular itch needed to be scratched, only I was not aware of it at the time, an opportunity arose, and suddenly, the satisfaction one experiences when a jig-saw piece fitting into the shape presented, daddy and I were alone, under different circumstances, and that dark veil, was lifted and some very good sex was to be had.

The following year after my wet dream, circumstances had changed between my parents, and any dreams, wet or otherwise, turned nightmarish, and they parted. The animosity meant all contact with the man I loved as a girl was cruelly severed, and as time passed, I grew up devoid of a father figure and found myself seeking older men as poor substitutes.
By fifteen I was off the rails and had a small d**g habit, with pills and booze, parties and sex. At one point and taken into care, I rediscovered my thirst for knowledge and put my education back on tract and with good exam results I found myself on course for University and a surprise reunion with my father, after six years of no contact.

I was out celebrating my eighteenth with some girlfriends and having a ball, when one girl gushed about a guy she had just seen. We were all privy to her fancy and when I saw him too, their was a deep reaction inside me, I felt I knew him and a strange reaction was pulling me to him.
He was in his forties, a lean mean looking guy, fit, and very sexy, especially when you compared him to the puppy dogs lapping at out ankles, boys our own age trying to be men, and I remember saying to my friend, ‘If you don’t have him, I will’, there was something sexual that made me wet myself in preparation for sex, I wanted a fuck and I wanted to fuck him, so I added, ‘What about a threesome, do you think he could handle the two of us’?

Later tipobet güvenilir mi that night I watched her and him chatting and caught him looking across to me, our eyes connecting, that was when I drew my conclusion he reminded me of my long lost father, there was something about him, I quite could not put my finger on it, but my daddy in my foggy brain was more fuzzy and daddy like, this man was lean and mean looking, and when I saw my friend score as his hand was up her skirt before disappearing to do what adults do, I felt a pang of longing.

We rolled out of the bar onto Lothian Road at one in the morning and I went to the taxi rank and waited. Suddenly I heard my name being said and I turned to find this guy who had been with my friend, standing talking to me. I was drunk, I knew that, but I was happy to see him and then, he was telling me he was my father, I could not believe what was going through my head, it was too much to take in, I almost passed out.

We took a taxi back to his place and talked and talked, he was like the perfect man you always wanted, and the great father you missed and the fat we both were drunk helped to overcome any awkwardness, especially when he confessed to fucking my friend in the toilets in the bar, her smell was still on his cock, and I was OK with that, and I remember going across to him and embracing him and falling asleep with his scent and body odour filling my nostrils.

I don’t remember going to bed, but do remember waking up naked and in his bed, cursing myself especially when I heard the shower running.

I checked myself for any signs of sexual activity, but found nothing except a longing for the very thing I checked myself for.
I pulled on one of his shirts as all my clothes were in the living room, where I was undressed, and went to the bathroom and knocked on the door, ‘Daddy I need to pee’, I called out, and waited.

‘Come in’, he replied and I pushed the door open, trying not to peek in his direction, just keeping my eyes on the pan, and sat down and just let it flow.

I was filled with a sense of tipobet giriş wonderment and deep sense of sexuality, ‘Fuck it’, I thought and looked deliberately at him, his bronzed body looked smashing, even more so to a girl in her late teens, the water made it look oiled, he was still in shape, not pot bellied, but his cock, ‘OMG I wanted to reach out and grab him’, but better still, he was looking at me as I sat there in his shirt feeling horny and in need of a big daddy hug.

I stood up and flushed, ‘I’m coming in with you’, I said peeling of his shirt and showing my naked self to him as a full blooded female, stepping over as he moved back to the wall to make room for me, as I opened the glass door and pushed in with him, our bodies finally touching that I was actually conscious off, and immediately I put my arms around him, ‘I missed you so much’, I heard myself say, as I looked down and saw his instant response to my pressing my naked body hard against his, a full erection, a reaction I wanted, and as we soaped each other, I turned my back to him and reached behind, found him and slipped him inside and began to hump.

He had had my girlfriend last night and was now inside me, feeling the youth and vigour of girls enjoying the start of their sexual journey, firm and eager, kegal muscles that know how to grip a man’s cock for their own pleasure, the confined space in this shower cubical wont allow for a ‘Coitus Interruptus’ withdrawal, daddy was inside me for the duration, and I wanted to feel that surge of hot juice shoot inside me as proof positive, he loved me, as both a daughter and a lover, and if he did, then I would allow him access to my friends and even join in.

I was home at last, with the man I always wanted, and as long as I avoided the baby stuff, I could fuck whenever the mood struck, I am sure there are enough cucks out there I can hook up with later, but for now, it’s all about the great sex, not the plain old vanilla stuff, pumped into brain-washed women who prop up religious dogma, who’s priests fuck their c***dren (they know the good shit too), no, today’s girls look for better sex, put smiles back onto their brothers faces and give their mothers a sexual rest by allowing their daddy’s a free ride, no wonder the new fifty is seventy, and old men are enjoying the feel of slippery wet cunts that appreciate the old young combinations.

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