UK Bollywood Nights (BBC Certified Hot-wife)

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UK Bollywood Nights (BBC Certified Hot-wife)
The Friday night Surprise,  one day after work, I Came home, My Husband, tells me, “My dreams are about to come true tonight”

My Husband organised A Friday night special for his Lovely Wife Nasima.

My Husband showed me the mans Profile, on a Swingers App, he showed me the males Profile we was going to meet tonight. This Man had really good verifications, from other members that have met with him using the same App. I saw His Penis was very well Endowed. his Body was so Fit. This Gentlemen was also recommended by another couple we had met at the Swingers Clubs.

I was going to get what I have craved for so long. A Hot Black Gentleman, making love to me.  I’ve has some dirty thoughts about Chocolate Men, for some time. I was extremely nervous and scared. I kept thinking I don’t really want to do this for real.

(“Really, I was going to have sex, with a stranger in our bed”)

I know, I wanted it, at the same time. to make it more weird, my Husband was going to watch us committing this Naughty Sin, He was really excited about watching this black guy, fucking his Traditional Indian-wife.   (“My Husband was ready to fulfil, my B.B.C fantasy”).

I decided to wear a sari (Indian Dress), without wearing the blouse underneath, My Big Boobs, showing through my sheer Blue Sari.

(“I hoped The Stranger visiting tonight, likes my dress”)

I looked sexy and I felt like a naughty Indian slut. ready to be my Husbands Hot-Wife, I was ready to let a Stranger, make love to me, all Night.

(Nasima was wondering, if this man, was anything like her Friend Dwain). I wasn’t why my Husband, picked a Different Man for tonight Either.

I was about to enter the world of Hot-Wifing, my Husband was ready to be the perverted Cuckold Hubby. Nasima was about to commit another massive Taboo tonight.  (This naughty, Indian wife was ready to commit A dirty Sin tonight).

I have no idea, what this man was like. When he knocked on the Front door, I peaked through the Window, he was tall, dark skinned, nice Body frame.

“Oh Yes, my Chocolate Man looked sexy & he was dressed and well groomed for me”he looked like a Naughty fucker. Perfect for tonights fun, making my naughty Dreams a reality.

Nasima panicked, I felt really shy, I changed my mind, I made my  husband open the front door, instead of me doing it.

The Black Gentleman came into the House and came into the Living room. where Nasima waited for him, Wearing the sheer Blue Indian Sari. With no blouse on, my Boobs and Nipples exposed, Through the Sari material.

My Husband introduced the fine Gentleman,  I greeted him, with a cuddle and a shy kiss. (your Welcome Sexy man) I asked the Man to take a seat next to me. He was loving me up,  He loved my Indian Sari, he told me his, always dreamed about making Love, To a Indian Women. he turns to look at my Husband, to say, Thank you and he also thanked God.

The lovely Man gave me so many Compliments , He sat with me on the sofa. My Husband gave him a glass off Brandy the Man sipped his drink and focused his vision back on me. Complimenting me some more.

This time he puts his hand around me and he kissed me.  He kisses me and then I started to unwind, slowly his hands move and he touches my Boobs, He kissed them gently, over my sari. he was Touching Nasima Boobies,(Admiring, my curvy body and Nasima, 36EE Boobs). His kisses were gentle. His hands all over my Indian canlı bahis şirketleri Boobs.

We French kissed. My Husband sat on the opposite sofa, watching his naughty Wife, with a sexy Black Gentleman. My smooth Indian Pussy was already dripping wet.

(I still felt, so shy).  

The gentleman stood up and started to remove his belt, removed the top button from his black trousers and he bends over to play with my Boobs, he removed my Sari and started to kiss me, he then kissed my Boobs trying to peel the Sari away from my Succulent Boobies.

(My Boobs exposed, sat on the living-room sofa, as my Husband watched, His Naughty Wife)

He stood up, pulled his big Black cock out from his boxers. He bends over to kiss me, this time he takes my hand and slowly guides Nasima to his big Black cock. Hanging out from his boxers, first I touch his cock, Nasima getting a good feel, I felt so shy doing this, looking up to the tall Black man, I started to massaging his big Black cock. 

(looking at my Husband, he asked “if I like it, I told him I love it”). 

I was playing with my Boobs stroking his big Black cock. I started to lean closer towards him, intimidated by size of his cock, I nervously started stroking his Black cock, (I looked up at him. He said, “Nasima he needs a good Kiss,  His been waiting for you all-day Baby”.

“I am ready to be your Husbands Black Bull. Give his Indian wife a good treat tonight”.

I kissed the tip off his big Black cock, rubbing the tip of his cock over my lips, I took a deep breath, I slowly allowed his big Black cock, to slide into my mouth. I suck his large fat Black cock, he was already rock hard, his thick cock barely fits into my watering mouth. I was so horny, Nasima was hungry for some Ebony loving.

I wanted to suck his Black cock and make my Husband watch, his naughty wife. Nasima was trying her best to please the charming Black Fella. My Husband watched on, taking pictures with his camera. Getting excited watching his wife doing naughty things with the Black stranger.

I carried. On sucking his cock sat on the living room sofa, my Sari was hanging off my body.  I licked  his Black balls,  I sucked his black cock, his hands was rubbing through my long brown curly Hair,  my lips sliding up & down on his big Black Shaft.

I was so horny we was ready to take the action to the Bedroom, the lovely Gentleman started to touch my Boobs, he sucked my Brown nipples, the man then grabbed his Brandy glass, he takes a sip, he then takes my hand.

My Husband and The Ebony Gentlemen spoke about going up the Bedroom.

I showed him to our bedroom, my Husband followed behind us. The Black Gentleman was groping my Big Indian Arse going up, the stairs. and the cheeky Man, spanked my Bum a few times heading to the Room.

The Bollywood music playing in the background, My Husband, takes his seat, the Man sat on the bed, He placed his glass on The bedside-table.

I do a little dance and remove my Sari. Putting a show on for my Husband and the Black male. I sat on the mans lap as we kissed, the Black man was ready to bless me with his big Black cock.  Nasima was ready for him.

Pushing me down onto the bed,  his touching my body, the sexy Man licked his lips, giving me the Yummy-yummy look.

(“Nasima, you ready to be blessed by the big Black cock”) 

The tipobet güvenilir mi thick black cock throbbing, his cock was longer and harder then my husbands, he pulled me towards him, has he spreads my legs wide open, Pushing my legs up in the air. he was grabbing up my big Indian Arse, with his firm hands, the gent then kisses my pussy lips, suddenly Nasima felt his tongue circling around the Pussy Hole, he licked me nice and deep, he was eating my wet Indian pussy out, lapping up my sweet pussy juice.

This man was very experienced with his Oral skill’s,  Oh Lord, he found my G-spot.

Licking my Soaking wet Indian pussy, his long tongue, turned me into a Wild Slut. My pussy was oozing sweet Pussy juices, Nasima was so wet, he kept on going, licking my pussy so deep, licking in all the right spots, thrusting his tongue around my wet juicy Pussy, lapping up My Pussy cream he made me feel so good. (‘O.M.G he was fucking, amazing”)

Nasima, wasn’t shy anymore. Instead I was Hungry for his big Black Cock, Nasima was ready for him to Dip you know what, into My Wet Pussy. He made me Cum, but he doesn’t stop, he just carried on licking my soaking wet Indian pussy.

His well Built black body towered over me. he moves his cock towards my BBC Virgin Indian pussy. the fine Gent, slaps my wet pussy with his Long, Very Thick hard Black cock. The Cheeky Bastard was making me so Horny. Nasima had serious cravings for his big Black cock.

“are you ready for some good Black loving, Nasima, Safe-sex only Baby” he Shouts out,

The Black Gent grabbed the condom box and the Lubricant wasn’t required. for this occasion. My Indian pussy was already soaking Wet and ready for some good Vitamin D.

I decided to put on another show for the guys, while my Black lover gets himself prepared. I spread my legs wide open, I rubbed my soaking wet Indian pussy.  I started to Masturbate for the men.  Nasima was getting ready for his big Black cock.

(My Husband was watching and taking more pictures) of his Black cock loving, Filthy Hot-Wife.

the Black guy tells me to apply the condom, he tells me to Slide it on for him. first I kissed his cock-tip, I Sucked his cock, i sucked him deeper this time taking more of it into my mouth. and he made me Gag on it. he was standing on the Bed. with his legs around me. I licked all over his hard cock, I then put the condom on for him. tasting my dripping Pussy Juice of his Hard cock. really got me going crazy.

I called My Husband over, I asked him for a Kiss. I wanted him to taste how wet This black man made my Pussy I encouraged my Husband to lick me down there.

The black guy Tells, my man take a good look, at his wives, beautiful juicy pussy, he mentioned, “how good my Indian pussy tasted”, his Lips were dripping, with my pussy cream, all over his mouth.

(you can tell both Men, Loved the taste of my, sweet Indian pussy)

I wanted him to see how Horny his Wife was. This Guy made me feel like a Naughty Bitch. I also made him Kiss me one more time, before we was sent back to his chair. for the grand love making. He rubbed my wet Pussy, slapping my pussy with his cock.  rubbing his big cock between my pussy lips. I was soaking wet.

Nasima was so horny, moaning like one crazy bitch. The lovely Black gentleman poked his hard cock into pussy.  my BBC virginity, was finally broken when he thrust slowly at first and then in a rhythm, my pussy was dancing tipobet giriş in joy, my hot, spicy, soaking wet, Indian pussy was on fire. my Hand gripping his Firm black Arse. He thrust hard and harder this time, and he pumped my pussy faster and faster.

I’m coming simultaneously, he pulls out and taps his cock, and slaps my pussy with his hard Black cock few more times. he gently slides his hard Thick Black cock back into my soaking wet pussy. my pussy was oozing out love juices he made Nasima squirt all over his Black cock.

The gent calls my Hubby makes him kiss, my pussy, he then tells my Husband to look at him, then he told my husband to lick my Pussy we tells my Husband to have a good taste. he tells him how much she loved black cock

The Man told my Husband. “Nasima pussy was so hungry for black cock, lick her Pussy have a good taste Cuck”.

My husband sits back in his chair after giving me a good pussy licking after this lovely gent fucked his wife’s Indian pussy and made me Squirt all over his Black cock and the Bed was Soaked too.

I wanted his cock deep inside me, my minds is in a fantasy world. its too much but not enough at the same time. He was rough and fast and hard, I loved it and my pussy definitely showed it. We fucked in different positions, first I was riding on his big Black cock.

I loved it so much, I watched my husband, I just enjoyed riding on the black mans cock The gent pulls his cock out again , I took his cock into my hand I sat on top of him. like a naughty Cow-girl. My Pussy sliding down his Long Hard Black cock. pushing up and down on his cock he took me to heaven and back. he tells me Push his cock back into my Wet Pussy I ride his cock slowly he pulls out again.

My husband getting a close up watching my pussy sliding up and down on his black juicy cock

My husbands looking really closely.  He makes my husband Lick my Pussy  we changed position. I bend over, both men take turns giving me a light spanking.  moving into doggie style the position.

The gent makes my husband lick my pussy, he was told to take his seat.

Nasima was bent over on the the Bed, we now fucked in doggie style,  my pussy loved it. he pumped my pussy from behind.

my BBC virginity was broken and I really couldn’t go on anymore.  His cock was to big, long, he was very thick and so tight Indian pussy could not take any more Black Dick.

He held his cock deep inside my Pussy, he made me feel him deep inside me.  he fucked me in slow motion for a while, talking dirty to me. telling me “how much, he loved my Tight Indian Pussy and My Boobies. spanking my Arse fucking in the Doggie Style position.

“I was horny, I begged him, Please stop fucking me, its hurting me”

That session was amazing and an experience in itself. We finished off I sat there shy, and embarrassed, yet we just fucked, He slides the condom off and I sucked his cock clean.

Nasima stroked his cock, dripping with my Juices. he Shoots his cream deep into my mouth, his Cum was dripping off my lips, his cream was all over my mouth and dripping down over my boobs.

I fell back on the bed I needed to rest, my husband gave me a towel he kissed my Pussy I had cum all over my mouth, the man gave me my wine glass, boy I needed that drink.
we all sat down on the Bed, we chatted for a while, and we called it a night.

The Bulls Verification

What a Super Fantastic meet, They new to the lifestyle, but once we got started the shyness, went out, and the heavy screams came in, Priya is stunning, she has a Hot body, super skills, tight forever, cummung pussy, and now her BBC Virginity has truly been broken, round two awaits you?

New Naughty Swingers, Approved Hot wife, & BBC certified! 

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