Two Lesbian Wives Let Husband’s Watch

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Two Lesbian Wives Let Husband’s Watch
Maureen and I led the life of typical middle-class suburban housewives, k**s, car pools, baseball games and school plays. No one would guess that I was bi-sexual and have been in a lesbian relationship with my friend Maureen for almost two years now. As crazy as this may sound Maureen and I met at a school PTA meeting. I was immediately attracted to this tall, attractive red haired woman. I introduced myself as Jane Sanders, President of the PTA. She said I’m Maureen Mahoney and of course you can tell by my accent that I just moved here from Ireland with my husband. I laughed and said my husband is Irish on both sides, he loves everything Irish and about Ireland, you’ve got to meet him. Maureen explained that she had just moved here from Ireland. I invited her over for coffee. I found Maureen to be intelligent, classy and stunningly beautiful, Maureen stood close to six feet tall, had beautiful dark red hair and green eyes. As I looked at this classic Irish beauty I was instantly attracted to her.

My mind wandered back to ten years ago to a time when I had similar feelings towards Carla, a fellow nursing student. Carla and I had a wonderful lesbian affair that ended when I accidentally got pregnant and had to get married. Why were these same feelings reemerging with Maureen, I just didn’t know? But we soon we became best friends.

I knew I was bisexual but both Maureen and I were both happily married to two great guys. We had money, nice houses, new cars and were “good girl” suburban house wives with five k**s between us. They all attended the same schools. Both of our husbands were Vietnam Veterans and they had a lot in common. All four of us really got along well and we socialized regularly.

A year after Maureen and I met we were both taking night classes at our local community college. After class we both went out for dinner or just coffee. I began to look forward to our school night evenings together. I even found myself getting dressed up and putting on full make-up like I was going on a date. I knew Maureen was doing the same thing. We both sensed that there was a mild sexual attraction between us.

Soon there was a lot of innocent touching, some hand holding and occasionally when we sat on a couch our legs were touching. We were so familiar being around each other that Maureen had no problem with me seeing her in just her bra and panties. We talked about lesbian relationships once, and I told her about my affair with Carla. Maureen replied “Jane, what was it like to make love to another woman”? I said “it was wonderful”. And then I let it drop.

We were all alone at my house one night and I decided to just risk everything and tell Maureen how I felt about her. We sat on the couch and I drew closer to her and put my arm around Maureen. I was surprised when she laid her head on my shoulder. Maureen then turned her head in a way that invited me to kiss her. I kissed her gently on the lips and she did not shy away. I said, I love you Maureen and then she turned and kissed me. Maureen and I decided that we would take our intimacy to a new level and that was our first kiss. We have been lovers for almost two years now. We make love and savor each other’s bodies whenever we could arrange the time to be alone together.

As the months went by both of our husbands were beginning to wonder what was going on between us? We were inseparable and frequently touched each other like we were two teenagers who had a crush on each other. It was getting obvious that Maureen and I were becoming more than friends. Plus the decrease in the amount of sex with our husbands in each of our marriages was evident.

Maureen and I talked about our marriages and felt why should we enjoy some guy putting his cock into us for ten minutes when you and I could spend an hour and a half making lesbian love and have three or four orgasms. Our husbands had become very boring. I was actually getting disgusted having semen shot in my mouth and swallowing it, I hated cleaning cum out of my pussy every time we made love. When Maureen and I made love there was no mess, just the sweet taste of her perfumed pussy in my mouth afterwards.

Then pendik escort one night my husband Tom brought home a bottle of expensive rare Irish whiskey he picked up at the duty free shop at the airport. Maureen and her husband Kevin were thrilled. We all decided to “break open” this bottle of fine rare whiskey. You don’t drink this kind of whiskey in a shot glass instead you sipped it out of a special small glass. All four of us had several glasses and we were really drunk. Maureen joked “I haven’t been this drunk since high schools in Ireland when we played spin the bottle.

Her husband Tom laughed and said “that’s sounds like fun, go get a wine bottle and put it on the table”. Kevin got a wine bottle and placed it on the coffee table in front of the couch. Kevin said “Tom you spin it first”. Tom spun the bottle and of course it landed on me. He and I were totally drunk and decided to show off and engage in a deep French kiss as he massaged my firm breasts. Maureen and her husband Kevin laughed and said OK, don’t get carried away now!

Then it was Maureen’s turn to spin the bottle. The bottle began to slow down and sure enough the bottle neck stopped right where I was sitting on the couch. Maureen’s husband Kevin said, “OK ladies, let’s have a do over spin”. Maureen said “wait a minute the bottle landed on Jane so I get to kiss her”. Both of our husbands chuckled until Maureen got up and sat next to me on the couch.

We both drew each other closer and just from force of habit we engaged in a deep French kiss. Then Maureen got so aroused she just didn’t stop. We wrapped our arms around each other and engaged in a long passionate embrace and my hand began massaging her breasts. She in turn began kissing me on the neck. Then as usual I unbuttoned the three top buttons on my blouse so she could kiss my chest. Both of our husband’s gasped at this spectacle and finally Kevin said, “OK girls you’ve k**ded around enough, time to stop”.

Maureen was so drunk she snapped at Kevin, “stop, are you crazy, we just started”. Maureen turned to Tom and Kevin and said “Maureen and I have been lovers for the past two years and you guys haven’t figured it out yet? Just sit back and be glad we’re going to let you watch us make love to each other. Tom was not surprised he knew I was bi-sexual when I married him and about a week ago he said he suspected that Maureen and I seemed a little bit to close. Kevin was more surprised and asked Maureen “how could you do this to me”? Maureen said “just shut up, sit down and watch Jane and I make love and you’ll soon figure that one out”.

Maureen was always the first to initiate things. She got up off the couch stood up right in front of everyone and took of her blouse, unsnapped her bra, and pulled down her skirt. She walked right up to me and I grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled them down revealing her well-trimmed red pubic hair. My husband Tom just said “wow, is she beautiful” your turn Maureen. I stood up and Maureen sat down. Now it was my turn to reveal my body to my lesbian lover like I had many times before.

I was wearing a full dress so I turned around and said to Maureen “unzip me” and soon my dress was lying on the floor. I stepped out of it and removed my panties. I was so petite I had very small breasts so I never wore a bra, what for? So here I was standing right in front of my lover who was sitting on the couch. I dropped down on my knees and put my head between her legs. I glimpsed at her beautiful well-trimmed tuft of red hair above her pussy, it looked wonderful. I turned to my husband and Kevin and told them if they wanted to get a good look they could come closer. They both got up out of their chairs and stood directly over us watching us getting ready to make love.

I began kissing Maureen all around her vagina. Then I started running my tongue up and down her vaginal opening. I knew from experience just where to find Maureen’s clitoris and I began to lightly suck her small white sensitive nub into my mouth. Simultaneously I flicked my tongue slowly back and forth across it. Maureen was moaning in pleasure. Soon the moans became more intense and her hips kurtköy escort began to move up and down. I knew from habit that this would lead her to her first small orgasm of the night. Maureen only had a small orgasm, so I knew she was not spent yet. I continued making love to her and she relaxed and calmed down a little. Maureen knew we were just beginning of our romantic encounter.

Then we both lay sideways on the couch and got into a 69 position so we could savor each other’s pussy at the same time. My head was buried between her legs and in turn Maureen began kissing my pussy. I loved it when she just kissed the area all around my pussy and inner thighs which slowly stimulated me.

My husband did not know I had become the “butch” in our relationship and I always took the lead when Maureen and I made love. My idiot husband had never figured out why recently I had cut my hair short. It was because I was the man, or the dominant partner in this relationship. I always decided how, when and where we would have a sexual encounter. I gave Maureen a small leather collar as a sign she was my woman. Maureen loved to wear it when we went out in public. Only a few women noticed it and knew its meaning.

As with my first girlfriend Carla and now with Maureen I had developed into a very skilled cunilinguist. I was on top of Maureen so now I was able to perfectly position my head between her legs. I began kissing her inner thighs, edging closer and closer to her throbbing pussy. I love to eat pussy, and began by licking the very bottom of her pussy lips and slowly kissing her inner and outer labia parting them with my tongue. Soon I had her butterfly shaped pussy lips totally open as they swelled up in reaction to my skilled tongue. I worked my tongue deep into her pussy. Occasionally, I withdrew it from inside her to suck and kiss her swollen clitoris. Then it happened, Maureen let out a soft moan as her hips thrust upward to meet my skillful tongue as she had her second orgasm of the evening. I heard Tom say “wow that’s incredible, I’ve never been able to give Maureen an orgasm like that”. Maureen said “No, you haven’t”.

Tom and Kevin watched as they learned the difference between regular sex with a man and lesbian sex between two women. From my years of experience at pleasing Maureen and Carla, I knew that there was a small area just under the clitoris which was very sensitive because several fine nerve endings were located there that led to the clitoris. I moved to the top of Maureen’s pussy and began lightly sucking on her clitoris taking the whole swollen bud into my mouth as well as the special sensitive area just under it. I gently licked and sucked my lover’s entire pussy into my mouth as she exploded into another deep orgasm. Maureen was in the throes of ecstasy. She screamed “Oh my god, don’t stop!!!” as her hips rose upward. Maureen’s whole body was writhing in pleasure as I sucked and gently flicked my tongue over her entire clitoris and sucked her pussy.

I continued to make love to her and she had one more long extended orgasm. She screamed at the top of her voice “my god I’m cumming, I’m cumming, please don’t stop”. And I didn’t, I continued to pleasure her for several more minutes. Her whole body trembled as she came again and again. All our husbands could see was my head moving rapidly up and down between Maureen’s legs as Maureen writhed in pleasure on the couch. Then Maureen fell back exhausted. Both Tom and Kevin could not believe what they had just witnessed.

I gently kissed Maureen’s pussy like I was saying goodbye as I withdrew my head from between her legs. Then I kissed Maureen softly on the lips as we held each other for what seemed like forever. I was totally in love with Maureen and just kept lightly kissing her. Then we just lay together on the couch and held each other for several minutes as we caught our breath.

After a few minutes rest I knew Maureen was ready to please me in that “special way”. Maureen got up and went upstairs to her bedroom and came back with a towel wrapped around her waist. In the meantime, I had gotten on my knees and rested my head on the back of the couch. My ass and pussy were kaynarca escort all right on the edge of the couch facing outward. My husband asked”what’s going on honey, aren’t you done?” I replied, “Tom were only half done”.

Maureen walked up behind me and removed the towel from her waist. Both of our husbands are gasped when they saw that Maureen was wearing our favorite eight inch strap-on dildo. I moved a little to adjust my body so that my pussy was lined up with the dildo. I said “remember honey just ease it in and fuck me”. Maureen applied some lube to my pussy and then I felt her faux cock enter my vagina. It felt really felt good and Maureen had become very good at pleasing me in this manner. Maureen thrust her hips slightly forward and the faux cock slid right into me. I loved it when Maureen fucked me.

Maureen started slowly fucking me; I was in heaven as the dildo slid in and out of my pussy. I moaned softly waiting for my first orgasm. But Maureen was going just to slow and I was only getting about half of the cock. I said to her “grasp my hips and fuck me, go ahead it won’t hurt, go a little faster”!!! I loved it when Maureen got a little rough with me. When I said I wanted it faster it that was our special way to tell her it was OK to fuck me hard. Plus, we both wanted to put on a good show for our respective husband’s.

Soon I was somewhat surprised when Maureen said “well if you want this cock, here it is”. She then increased the speed and intensity of the thrusts she made into me with her dildo. Maureen fucked me rapidly and shoved the dildo all the way inside me, it felt wonderful. My pussy was totally full and I welcomed every thrust of her dildo inside me. I looked back at my lover as she aggressively pounded my inflamed pussy. I whispered to her “I love you, honey”.

Then I turned my head and looked backwards. Maureen’s face was now different, and her voice was more authoritative. She said “Jane here’s a surprise for you, I’ve learned something new”. Suddenly, I felt the dildo hit my “G” spot. Maureen had figured out where it was and she was directing the head of the dildo right over my spot. Soon with every thrust the head of her cock rubbed my spot and soon I was writhing in pleasure on the couch.

I thought to myself “what is going on here”? Maureen had told me she had been watching some lesbian videos this week. Evidently, she had learned a lot from those videos. Maureen said in a gruff voice, so here’s eight inches, enjoy it honey. Maureen then began fucking me more rapidly as she shoved the whole cock deep into my pussy. She knew right where to place the head and it rubbed right against my “G” spot with every stroke. This was the first time Maureen had found my spot. Soon wave after wave of pleasure traveled through my body. I never knew Maureen would learn to love fucking me like a man would fuck a woman. Maureen thrust her cock in and out of my pussy faster and faster. Soon I was surprised to hear myself yelling, fuck me Maureen, fuck me harder, God, I can’t stop cumming!!!! Finally, a tremendous orgasm went through my whole body as I spasmed and shuttered as Maureen fucked me. I let out a loud scream as Maureen pleasured me in a way she had never done before.

Then this strange feeling took over that I had only experienced one time before with my ex-girlfriend Carla. I yelled “I’m cumming Oh my god, I’m going to squirt”! Sure enough a large six inch stream of clear liquid shot out of my pussy coating my whole vagina in clear fluid. Luckily most of it went on the towel.

Both Kevin and Tom were speechless. They had just witnessed their mild mannered suburban housewives having lesbian sex. Then Maureen and I got dressed and sat back down at the table. I said to Kevin and Tom well now you know, Maureen and I have been lovers for over a year and a half. I asked both of them if that was OK with them. I said Maureen and I still wanted to be married, but we are tired of having to sneak around and hide our bi-sexual lifestyle. I was a little surprised when both Kevin and Tom said “sure it’s OK with us”. Then we all agreed to these new ground rules. If either Maureen or I tell one of you “I’m going to be gone for the night” you’ll understand that we have decided to sleep together that night. They both agreed and Tom poured each of us another shot of whiskey. All of us smiled and we all toasted our new liberated lifestyle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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