The Wedding Present

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The Wedding Present
What a great day this is. Joe here, I’m 28, about 5’10” and, guess I need to include this, have about almost eight inches of dick. Oh, and I stay in pretty good shape.

Today is my wedding day and I’ve finally caught the woman I want to spend my life with. Jill is around 5’5″, nice B cup tits, a wonderfully shaped ass and very nice, strong legs.

She was a wild one in her younger days but after we met things changed as things became more serious. Guess it was time for both of us to grow up.

I’m still in shock that she said yes when I asked her to marry me. What a day that was and now it’s going to come true. Oh boy am I looking forward to our wedding night.

There were the usual parents, relatives and friends at the ceremony and we had the reception at out place. Once we knew the wedding was on she and I bought a house.

Eventually the party calmed down, people said their good-bys and offered us their best wishes. That included both sets of parents and I could tell the mothers were wondering when the first grandc***d would arrive.

It’s a mother thing you know. What they didn’t realize is that we already were planning for that. Since we had been together for a while Jill and I decided to start our family right away. She stopped taking birth control and we timed our wedding to be around 14 days into her cycle. Should give us the best chance of getting her pregnant.

As the party wound down everyone left but one guest and the three of us were pretty well sauced from the drinks. That one person was a long time friend, who was moving across the country and would leave the next day. Ralph was a 6′ tall black guy that I’ve known since c***dhood. We were always friends and worked together for many years until he found a great opportunity that caused this move.

Have to admit that he always had an eye out for Jill ever since I introduced her to him. And I’m noticing a bit of fire in her eyes when she’s looking at him. At this time we were sitting and talking about old times as well as Ralph’s future. The odd thing was that Jill was squirming casino siteleri just a bit, something that told me she was getting really turned on.

Finally she headed for the bathroom.

Have to admit I really enjoy interracial porn and thought many times how wonderful seeing a guy’s black ass moving in and out between Jill’s legs. As this might be my only chance to see it come true I took the initiative get things going.

“Ralph, I’ve noticed that you always have that look of lust when Jill’s around,” I said.

He seemed a bit embarrassed but I told him not to worry. I mean who could blame him for wanting her.

“So I’m thinking of giving you to her as a great wedding present. If she’s okay with it you can fuck her as long as I get to watch,” I said.

Ralph got this big smile and asked if I was serious. And in the fog of the day I said of course I was.

“Thanks man, this is totally unexpected,” he said.

Then Jill emerged from the bathroom and I went over to her. By now she was pretty tipsy and I put my arms around her.

“How would you like a special wedding present?” I asked.

She looked at me and asked what it was.

“I’ve noticed how you’ve been looking at Ralph and since he’s leaving tomorrow I figure the best present for you would be him. And you would be a great going away gift for our old friend,” I said.

Well she looked a bit stunned and said, “Are you sure?”

I told her I was and added that the fantasy I mentioned about seeing her with another guy will finally come true.

Jill thought about it for just a second, smiled and said, “okay.”

Men aren’t the only people that have lustful thoughts.

I walked her over to Ralph and said, “Well I wanted to give you something special as a going away present so here she is. And you’re her special wedding present.”

He first looked surprised then had a huge smile. After getting up he wrapped his arms around Jill and gave her a long kiss, which she responded by wrapping her arms around him.

As they kissed she was rubbing herself against him while Ralph rubbed her back and squeezed her perabet güvenilir mi ass. After that it was off to the bedroom for the big show. Soon she was unbuttoning her shirt, then he reached around, unzipped the back of her dress and lifted it off of her. After that his shirt came off and Ralph loosened his belt, dropped his slacks and stepped out of them while took off his shoes.

Jill kicked off her heels while he reached around and unsnapped her bra. Now they both were in either shorts or a thong. Soon he began to kiss her neck and backed her up so she wound up sitting on the bed. Jill let out a gasp when she saw his dick, a bit longer but thicker than mine.

Always nice when the woman finds out her pussy is going to get stretched while having sex.

Soon she was sucking his dick as he got fully erect. Have to say his hard on looked pretty impressive

Then Ralph gently pushed her back and put her in position on the bed. After that he began to kiss her neck, rub her breasts the stared rubbing the lips around her pussy. By now Jill was breathing heavily and soon had her first orgasm. Then he slid down between her legs and began to lick her pussy while taking one finger and making a circular motion at the entrance of her vagina, needless to say at least two orgasms followed.

Then it was time as he began to slide up her body. Jill looked over at me and I gave her a big smile. Yes the fantasy was coming true although it was risky for her.

Seeing my approval she gave me a smile and started wrapping her arms around Ralph as he began to slip his dick into her pussy. After that there were some gasps, and “ouch,” as well as “easy boy,” as well as some muffled hisses as he got further and further into her pussy.

Once he was all the way in it was time to pause and let her relax as Jill was dealing with a combination of new sensations of being stretched, some pain and pleasure. After a few moments Ralph began his in and out as well as some up and down motions. What a great sight to see his black ass moving between her white legs, perabet giriş it was as exciting as I had imagined it would be.

As the intensity increased Jill hung on harder and wrapped her legs around him. She was matching his movements with an opposite motions and I image squeezing him inside as well. Finally he pushed as far as he could and let out a gasp as he unloaded his baby batter into her pussy. As for me I was wondering if the seed would find an egg or not.

Once they finished both were breathing heavily then he slid off her, started to hug and stroke her body so he had some time to recharge. Then he asked, “Seconds?”

“Sure, what the hell it felt really good,” was her reply.

The encore was just as fantastic to watch as the first time. Once again he unloaded another batch of baby batter into her. Then they rested as he kissed and rubbed her. Jill for her part was buzzing from the after sex glow.

Soon he got up and helped her stand up. What a great sight to see some cum leaking between her fingers and running down the inside of one leg as she headed to the bathroom. Ralph got dressed and thanked me for the very special going away present. Later Jill came out dressed in a robe, hugged, gave him a great long kiss and thanked him for her special wedding present.

Ralph moved away and we carried on life as normal. Then about three weeks later Jill started to feel a bit strange. I was struck by the thought her special present might be very different than planned.

Maybe I should have been a bit more careful with my wish.

As I feared or hoped it turned out she up knocked up. The bit question is who was the father and what color will the baby be. Guess we’ll have to wait about eight months to find that out. In one case Ralph not only got his wish to fuck Jill but he might also may have knocked up a married white woman that’s going to have his baby.

On the other hand the baby might be mine but no matter we’re going to welcome this c***d into the world. However there might be some explaining to do with both of our mothers if it had dark skin or is black.

Thinking about it maybe I should have been a bit more careful what I wished for. Still I got to see a fantasy come true, one I might never see again.

Unless, of course, I can find another special occasion that Jill’s is willing to participate in.

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