The Tutor and Jenny (Part 2)

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The Tutor and Jenny (Part 2)
The Tutor and Jenny (Part 2)
by Claude van Feinbode

“Help me,” Jenny said. She was crying silently.

“It’s all right. Let me help you….” I said.

“Oh…god. I didn’t want…I mean, what….your hands are cold.”

“Yes. Let me help you stand.” I said.

Jenny still had not noticed that her skirt was above her waist. The cold air in the room had made her cock smaller than when I saw it in the briefest of flashes when she toppled backwards in her chair. Now I got a good look and saw that she had no pubic hair. She took care of herself as meticulously as her long nails. If I just lowered our clasped hands just another inch they’d be resting upon her beautiful spire of sex.

As I was forming these horny thoughts in my mind, Jenny finally noticed that her clothing was revealing more than most young women her age. A sudden gasp and then a small laugh escaped her lips.

“I guess….the class is over?” Jenny said. She made no move to cover herself. A long pause……. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you Mr. Feinbode. I guess you’ll report me to Dr. Baker.” She had stopped crying. Tears still stained her checks and there was a look of resignation on her young, beautiful face.

As Jenny was talking, I helped her back to her feet. She was blushing a deep red. And there was a hint of fear in her beautiful grey eyes. Could she really believe that I would report her for being a young man in women’s clothes? Nobody would believe me anyway. She was absolutely a stunning bahis siteleri sight to behold. Or maybe her fear was that I would report to the university authorities that she checked the wrong box on a stupid form? No way.

“I don’t’ know what you mean, exactly,” I said. “Look, Jenny. It was an accident. And as far as I’m concerned… I mean….if you’re worried about me seeing you naked, then you have nothing to worry about.” We were still holding hands. Her perfume was lovely, too.

Jenny smiled and took her hands from mine. She smoothed over the fabric of her grey skirt that had been wrinkled in her fall. I watched her hands move slowly but deliberately across her butt and then down the front. My imagination was running wild as I was trying to keep a professional attitude. I wanted to push her back down onto the floor of the classroom, kiss her deeply and suck her cock until it was nice and hard. No, what I really wanted us to be doing was sucking each others dicks until we came together….oh, man…did I ever! My imagination continued its wild ride and I imagined that Gina and I would suck and lick her cock to a spurting climax that would cover our lips. We would then share the cum together with her…….(!)

“Mr. Feinbode?” she finally whispered.

“Yes, Jenny” I said softly. My heart was beating as hard as my cock was in danger of becoming.

Her words came out in a rush. “I am sorry that I caused so much trouble. I just wanted some help with my biology class. Nobody bets10 güvenilir mi except my relations knows that I am a boy. I’ve been dressing in girls outfits all my life. Please…don’t tell anybody….please….”

For a moment I thought she was going to start crying again. Maybe it was shock. It’s entirely possible that when she fell over she might have really hurt herself. And….


We both jumped. The lights went out in the room. Then I noticed that it had started raining outside. And what we both heard was thunder from the lightning strike that must’ve hit somewhere close.

For a moment we both were standing close together in the darkness. Occasionally a lightning bolt illuminated the classroom and Jenny’s silhouette would become visible.

“Jenny. It’s all right.” I said in the darkness. “I will never tell anybody unless you told me it was ok with you. Besides, my girlfriend Gina would kill me if I did.”

“She sounds like a wonderful woman. I’d like to meet her sometime.”

As if on some kind of cosmic cue, my phone started playing Bowie’s tune Let’s Dance. Christ. It’s Gina.

“Hello darling,” I said, answering the phone.

“Claude! Are you still working? Don’t you know the weather is crazy and classes were cancelled for the rest of the day?”

“Yes, I am still working,” I said. “But I’m at the tutoring center now. The power went out here a few minutes ago. My tutoring class just ended with a bang”

Jenny smiled at that. That was a good bets10 sign.

“Are you taking off soon?” Gina asked.

“Pretty quick. Hold on…”

I looked at Jenny. “Do you need me to wait for someone to pick you up? Or would you like me to drive you home?”

“Could you drive me home? I can’t walk home now with all this rain. My parents said that they wouldn’t be back until tomorrow.”

Gina asked, “Who’s that you’re talking to?”

“It’s my last student. She walked to campus and doesn’t’ have a ride back. I could give her a ride and then be home in ten minutes.”

“Ok Claude. Is she cute?”

I know what that means. My girlfriend is always horny. The image of the three of us in bed was burned in my mind like the lightning strikes that were flashing. THERE IS A GOD, I thought. Thunder crashed.

“Yes. Yes, indeed.” I said.

“Why not invite your young student over for coffee? You haven’t done that since that young man….”

“Ok, my dear. Your command is my desire. We’ll be there as soon as I lock up here. Love you.” I hung up.

“C’mon Jenny. Dr. Poldanz invited you over for coffee.”

“Dr. Poldanz? Gina….I mean, Dr. Poldanz is your girlfriend?”

“Yes,” I said.

“But she’s the dean of the school of medicine! One of the most famous physicians in the world. I’ve seen her on CNXXX. She’s beautiful…” Her voice trailed off.

“That’s true,” I continued. “It’s ok. Don’t let the public image scare you. Quite the contrary, she’s just like us. Like you said, I’m a fortunate man.”

Jenny smiled broadly at that and said, “What’s your first name, Mr. Feinbode?”

Lucky. I thought. My name is Lucky. And I didn’t even win the Lottery. But I did win the Disneyland sex ride free pass .

“Claude” I said.

(End of Part 2)

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