The Slave

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The Slave
Thoughts of escape had filled Jord’s mind these past weeks. He was intent on it. It was what kept him going. Kept him sane. Kept him alive. And most of all, it kept him out of trouble.

Now, trouble, it was easy to see, was never too far when you were a slave. And, Jord had to admit, that’s what he was. A slave, waiting to be sold.

Bandit slavers had raided the southern coast of his far northern homeland, and to his back luck he has been one of the people captured. Oh well, suppose you should call it good luck, since it hadn’t been his corpse in one of those holes they’d hastily dug before moving on.

In Jord’s case, on meant over the sea and far across the land. Not in comfortable conditions either, but he was not unaccustomed to discomfort.

It was of course huge humiliation for him, being a slave. In the north men were born free and died free without bending the knee. And he had been raised a warrior to boot. Not that he had any desire to actually be a warrior, as he was afraid of pain. And he was not afraid to admit it, either, although of course he never had admitted it to a single soul.

So far he had avoided battle or the threat of one, and had indeed only recently hit the age that one could finally call himself a man in his society. Adult. Not u******e. A man, not a boy. Old enough to drink. Old enough to kill. Old enough to fuck. Not that he’d ever done any of those things.

He took a breath, finding the remains of his dignity. Enough to stand straight, yet not defiantly so. It was not an easy feat, standing butt naked in front of a sales stall, but he felt he was making a valiant effort. At least he wasn’t cold under that scorching sun. The canopy above kept him from getting burned by it, but nothing kept the dry air from getting to his throat. They were given a scant amount of food and drink, the slaves. Only what was strictly necessary.

The large market place was abuzz with people, all things imaginable being sold. Cows, pigs, goats, clothes, fruit, crafts, looms, jewelry. . . And people. Trying to forget about his unfortunate place in it all, Jord observed.

People were strange here: dark haired and tall, woman and man alike, with olive-to-light brown complexion and angular, often quite nosey features. But it wasn’t the appearance which marked them strange. Rather it was their behavior, the way of carrying themselves. He could not quite put a finger on it. They all seemed to have the arrogant dignity of a royal. And the air about them was cold and mean-spirited somehow. Another strange thing was that while there were both men and women walking about, they did not really seem to interact. And at the side of the city through which he had been taken in had only had men in it.

Of course everyone he saw on this market seemed to represent the higher classes of society, so maybe that had something to do with it. Rich people were strange.

And a lot of those rich people passing by were shooting Jord appraising looks. He did not much care for those looks, so he tried his best to ignore them. Lecherous eyes licking his naked young form. And little wonder. He was in quite a good physical shape from all of the training he’d been doing since his voice started breaking. Warrior’s training. It did him no good here, except maybe for the way they taught you to shut out everything that threatened one’s concentration. He had almost gotten the hang of it.

“Than one almost looked like he was going to buy you. Pity, he looked like a charming old fellow.”

Jord softly shook his head. The fellow slave standing next to him, Orolf, was a real smart mouth for being property. Strange coincidence had it that he had ended up in the custody of the same slave merchant as another young man from his lands. Not that they’d ever once as much as heard of each other, but the familiar language was a enough to bring a modicum of comfort. Even if that language was used to convey mostly bad attempts at humor.

“I’m sure he would treat you gentle. Even feed you, at times.”

“If you have nothing of use to say, keep your mouth shut.”

Saying that, Jord glanced nervously at the slaver. The mean little man wasn’t totally strict about all talk, as long as it was subdued. The big guards next to them made sure of the slaves’ good behavior.

Jord turned to smirk at Orlof, the perfect comeback in mind.

A look alarm suddenly came upon Orlof as his gaze went past Jord. “Oh, don’t look now. You looked!”

What he had referred to was the group of women standing close to the sales booth. Their eyes toward the young men. Especially, it seemed, at Jord. Those looks were not promising. Jord averted his eyes.

“Ah, now one is coming over. We don’t know each other, alright!” And Orlof quickly faced away.

Jord looked again. True enough, one of them now came right at him.

He faced forward, trying to be somewhere else.

But the woman came to stand in front of him. Giving him a look-over, a smile on her lips. Not a nice smile. There was something particularly cruel about her sharp-featured face. Deep malice in those almond-shaped black eyes. She stepped right up close. Jord’s breath caught.

He glanced over at the woman’s entourage. The youngest of them could not have been much younger than fifty. The oldest probably at least a decade older than that. Wearing what in any part of the world would come across as expensive. They, he realized, were shopping. And it likely wasn’t for jewelry (they already wore plenty). Neither was it for goats.

The woman reached out and ran a long-fingered hand down his torso. He tensed. The hand then went further down, following her gleaming eyes, going for his genitalia. Reflexively, Jord shied back. The woman withdrew her hand with raised brows. Then gave the slaver a significant look.

The slaver barked something at the guard next to Jord, resulting in the huge man striking him. It hurt, and Jord got the picture. He stood still.

The woman gave him a triumphant, assertive look. Then reached out again, straight for his genitals. Those long fingers wrapped around his flaccid cock. Jord stood his ground but closed his eyes in chagrin. A woman had never touched him there, far as he remembered.

He then started a little as the woman peeled back his foreskin. But he had no intention of getting struck again.

The woman took her hand back to apply spittle on her fingertips, then reached to rub it in his exposed cockhead. Jord stifled a gasp. The woman grinned at him with white teeth. She knew what she was doing, and was clearly enjoying herself. She kept rubbing at him, the sensation almost intolerable. His cock grew a little at the stimulation, no matter how unpleasant. Then she stepped aside a little while holding the cock by the base, presenting it to her entourage. The women were nodding with smiles on their lips.

The woman shot him one more chilling grin, then walked over to hand the slaver a coin purse. He didn’t even look inside it.

Jord did not need to be a genius to know what had just happened.

He’d been sold.

“Wouldn’t wanna be ya,” said Orolf out of the corner of his mouth, still looking away.

The cruel-faced woman came over after a moment with a collared leash. She attached the collar around his neck and then pulled him after her. He had no choice but to follow.

“Pray it’s over quick!” Orolf bid.

The woman came to her entourage, handed the leash over to another woman. Then they started walking away with their new slave in tow. They had guards of their own: two massively muscular women. The expressionless guards walked on both sides of him. It was obvious that he would have to wait for a chance to escape.

But, he renewed his vow, he would escape.

They walked through the dusty streets under the hot sun. The women had parasols to protect themselves with. Jord had no protection at all, naked as he was save for his collar. They walked out of the market area and further out to what he figured was the east half of the city. He had arrived from the west. Soon the surrounding people consisted solely of women. So this was the feminine half of the city. In this, he certainly stood out. He shivered at the looks he was gathering. Lust and malice.

A nearly toothless crone passed the women, saying something to them with her eyes on their slave, and she passed Jord she shot him a lecherous looking over, and then slapped his ass painfully. She gave a dirty cackle as she kept going. The women laughed as well.

They walked through the town until arriving in a quieter neighborhood. The houses here were really large and ornamental. Then he saw that they headed towards a house so opulent it could have been called a palace. Probably the largest around. How wealthy were these women?

Upon entering, they walked through a lavish hallway and up a winding stairwell. Finally, they arrived at tall double doors. The guards were giver orders and parked themselves outside the door. And the women grinned at the naked young man. He kurtköy escort bayan felt true terror under their scrutiny.

They entered the room. Jord’s heart sank as he saw the ridiculously large bed, the last self-deception over the reason why they were here falling away. It was a metal-farmed four poster affair, lengths of rope with loops at the end tied to each poster. Jord’s heart sank lower at the sight of those, the purpose of them obvious.

The women immediately started to shed their clothes, and his anxiety grew exponentially. These were not the sort of naked female bodies she should be seeing. Most of the women were older than her own mother. The sight of their aging flesh was disturbing him. As if they had brought him here with the intention of absorbing his youth!

After undressing, the woman with the leash removed Jord’s collar. He felt extra naked without it somehow, like the last thing keeping him safe was take away. Then the woman roughly took him by the arm and pushed him onto bed. Hands took his arms and legs, dragging him to the center of the bed and spreading him out. These were not weak women.

His hands and feet were put through the loops in the ropes, and the loops tightened. When it was done, he laid there spread-eagled, so wide that he felt all stretched out, pain in his joints and muscles.

The women studied him with predatorily smiles on their lips.

Then they descended upon him.

Jord was not prepared for the shock from their hands suddenly being all over him. As soon as the women got onto the bed, they were groping, squeezing, pinching, and roughly caressing all over his naked flesh. Soon the attention focused on his most sensitive areas, as they plucked at pinched at his nipples, fingered the taint and anus area, groped his privates, pulling and squeezing his balls and, perhaps the worst part, eagerly kneaded, squeezed, and pinched his penis.

He gasped as the cruel-faced woman (not that all of their faces didn’t appear cruel when they hungrily ate him up with their eyes, as though he was a cut of prime meat) once again peeled back the foreskin. She went for the exposed, sensitive head (without lubrication this time), and he let out an involuntary whimper as he jolted. The women laughed at this, pressing him down against the bed as they kept abusing him. Again he noted how strong they were. The woman to his right clapped her bejeweled hand hard on his mouth so that he could barely move his head. She grinned down at him nastily while continuing to roll his nipple in her fingertips.

Cruelface relented soon, pulling the foreskin back up and getting off the bed. The relief, however, proved short-lived. The other two women between his legs took his cock over and forced the protective skin right back again. Then, with their spit as lubrication, used their rough fingertips (with plenty of long nails between them) to start mercilessly rubbing the cockhead. While this went on, the other two kept focused on his nipples, keeping up a steady stimulation of pinching and tugging.

Breathing heavily, Jord closed his eyes in desperation. He felt utterly violated and helpless! The attention on his nipples made his cockhead more sensitive to the assault, made him feel the abuse reverberate all across the abdomen and down to his toes. He had the notion that such feeling should have been pleasurable, but having them forced on you made it nothing but torture, plain and simple. And from the way the women visually devoured him while they worked, he could see that they were fully aware of his feelings. Wholly reveling in them. This, he realized, was what they had bought him for after all. For torturing.

The woman with her hand over his mouth said something to him. She removed the hand, gave his nipple a hard twist. She repeated what she said, harsher.

“Please,” Jord begged, “I don’t understand!”

The woman slapped his face. The rings around her fingers hurt as they hit. She said something else. They all laughed. Then, leaving his mouth free, she continued to play with his nipple, the nails of her other hand digging into his arm.

Cruelface returned on the bed holding a small vial. The other two women made way as she took his cock in her hand again, pouring onto it the clear liquid from the vial. The liquid was cold, and he gasped lightly at the feeling. Then Cruelface started rubbing the oily stuff in with her long, thin fingers.

Jord breathed deep at the almost overwhelming sensation of his cock in the woman’s tight grip. A strange feeling, like a strengthening tingle, started spreading out to his entire body. To his horror he realized that his cock was rapidly hardening. The women’s eyes gleamed.

He had a big cock, even flaccid but especially when erect: long and thick with a large and symmetrically shaped head. He was proud of it. He had been waiting for the moment when a girl first saw it. The look of desire in her eyes. Her smile. He had imagined the moment countless times when touching himself.

He had not anticipated this. These malicious old women at whose mercy he now was, the lecherous grins with which they regarded his engorged young sex organ. This was not at all how he wanted it to be. He could hardly believe it. But it was real. And he could not change it. They owned his body now. They owned him.

Jord’s cock rock hard in her hands, grinning Cruelface examined it like a trophy. She said something to her comrades. The other women replied with a malignant murmur of gleeful, and obviously increasingly aroused, laughter.

Then their hands were all over him again.

Jord closed his eyes. There was no describing the utter sense of helplessness he felt with all those rough hands invading him. Rope chafed the skin on his wrists and ankles as he involuntarily strained against his binds, so intense were the sensations forced upon him. His cock aggressively stimulated, with the attention on his nipples increasing the penile sensitivity, and his balls and anus fondled, the combined affect made his breath come in gasps and whimpers. His entire body was permeated with this odd tingling sensation which had steadily grown. And finally he was loathe to identify the feeling: it was arousal, powerful arousal! Albeit that it felt like the inverse of it, like pleasure turned into torment. His mind seemed to rebel against it as well, reacting to it as though he was being subjected to pain.

This was somehow the doings of the liquid, he understood. Witchcraft! Some kind of dark magic which perverted the functions of his own body and mind. He recognized that what this feeling overwhelming him was supposed to be was supreme sexual pleasure, but his mind could not interpret it as anything but torture.

And there was nothing for him to do but to endure it. Though as the feeling yet grew, that seemed to become increasingly difficult.

In addition to the ongoing stimulation, he was every now and then touched in a way that made him jolt. Some pinch or a certain extra sensitive spot of his cock found. The women seemed to greatly enjoy seeing this reaction.

Then suddenly, the woman with his right nipple pinched it with her long nails, and he cried out. The woman on the left then took her turn and pressed a violent hand over his mouth, pushing his head back down. She whispered some words into his ear in her serpentine language, then grinned with a whole mouthful of yellowed teeth. She kept the hand pressed hard over his mouth as the merciless m*****ation went on.

The nearly intolerable sensitivity of his cock only seemed to grow. His body kept twitching as Cruelface’s hand twisted relentlessly around the head. Ropes kept him spread out. Hands kept him down. And hands kept feeling him, and feeling him, and feeling him. And he started to feel he might soon lose his mind.

His mind told him he was being killed from within. All he wanted was to escape. To imagine he was somewhere else. But the moment kept him right where he was. He could not help but feel everything. There was no escape.

Oh please, oh please-

The woman to his left suddenly let go of his mouth. She then turned his head in her direction and proffered her large, pendulous tit at him. His eyes focused in the big, brown nipple. The woman motioned with her mouth. Suck it.

Hesitatingly Jord took the nipple in his mouth. He closed his eyes and did what he thought to be his best. She held him by the hair as he did. Pulling harder once in a while, which he took as indication to put more effort into it.

After a while, the woman to his right then grabbed him by the head and turned it in her direction. Sticking her own smaller tit with nipples just as dark in his face. His mouth got to work.

Yet a while later the first woman took him back. In his mouth the nipple went. He felt humiliated but there was little else he could do.

He was doing his best to focus on his mouth instead of his cock, albeit with great difficulty. But then Cruelface let go of his penis. kartal escort bayan He almost looked over to see as to why, but a hard tug on his hair kept him sucking.

Out of the corner of his eye, he then saw Cruelface move up on the bed, positioning herself over him. When she took hold of his cock again, that’s when the nipple came out of his mouth and his head whipped in the woman’s direction. Cruelface was spreading her cunt with the fingers of one hand, guiding this cock in with other.

“No!” Jord found himself crying out, with a futile jolt against his binds. Trying to rise. He did not want her to-

The women in both sides grabbed him by the head, his jaw and his hair, and pushed him back down violently. Incensed words were hissed at him. He reluctantly relented.

Hopeless took over. So this was how he was going to lose his virginity, ****d by this horrid woman. And, he knew, after her the rest of them would take their turns. He felt he would not be able to take it!

Panic and helplessness filled his heart. Yet it was no use trying to fight this. It could only anger them.

Cruelface smiled as she then lowered herself on his cock, taking him inside. Her cunt felt as though burning him. He’d never known a feeling like this before.

What he felt like inside was like crying and screaming at the same time, yet he simply laid there, trying to contain his anguish. The women clearly saw all this. And it was obvious that they loved it. Monsters!

Catching his nipples in her fingertips, Cruelface started riding him, grinding to and fro on his cock. The woman on his left sill had him by the jaw, the one on his right by his hair. Made it feel as though all three were r****g him at once. Meanwhile the other two kept busy with his balls, ass, and thighs. Squeezing and clawing.

He closed his eyes. He’d wondered so many times how it felt to be inside a woman. He’d always imagined it would feel wonderful.

It felt terrible! Like the most vulnerable part of him was trapped within some hostile life-form. The sensation starting from the tip of his cock and rippling up and down his whole body. A dirty sensation. Like being consumed.

The woman to his left released his jaw, then rose to position herself squatting above his face. She rubbed at her sex with one hand and, catching his eye, touched his lips with the other. She motioned with her own mouth: open up and stick your tongue out!

With a stab of chagrin on top of what he already felt, Jord felt he had no choice but to follow the wordless command. The woman smiled at him nastily as he lowered her hairy cunt to his mouth. He tried not to gag, both for the feeling of having his mouth filled by her flesh and hair, and for the taste. He never could have imagined the taste! Salty and bitter. No doubt partly resulting from lack of washing.

The woman pulled at his hair to get his attention again. Then she made an eating gesture with her mouth. Closing his eyes, Jord tried his best. The taste of her, and the all that hair. It was so very difficult not to gag!

The woman then started rocking her hips while keeping hold of his hair with both hands. Jord fought to keep his breath steady, women riding his cock and his mouth. Hands still all over. His tied-up body tensed. All he could do was to close his eyes and hope it would be over soon.

He could still barely believe that he was being ****d! But that was the reality.

They took their turns on him, each riding both his cock and his face. He survived, even if the feeling of his cock devoured by their cunts one by one was as if his soul was slowly sucked out of him. The eating was more or less the same with each, except that the woman to his right also made him lick her asshole. He could not keep from gagging some then.

The last one to straddle his mouth was Cruelface. She was the most unpleasant of them all, or at least the roughest. After mimicking with her own mouth how she wanted his, lips pursed open-mouthed, with the tongue out flat, she grabbed his hair painfully hard and started to grind her odious sex against his mouth. And not just the mouth, but his nose as well. The smell of her filled him. He had difficulty breathing. He barely even paid mind to the woman on his cock, or the pinching of his nipples and other parts, as he struggled to keep his mouth in such a position as to incur the woman’s anger. If this was them having fun, he did not want to know how they were when mad.

Finally, after who knew how long, the woman seemed to climax, judging by her moaning and the way she tore at his hair even harder. She slowed her grinding, focusing her cunt more clearly on his mouth. Legs squeezed so hard around his head it hurt. Her liquids running down his throat, Jord was struggling to swallow without gagging or choking.

Once Cruelface rose, the last woman was done with his cock as well. They had all seemed to have several orgasms abusing him. You might think that they were satisfied.

The women repositioned themselves around their heavily breathing, thoroughly violated victim. Jord prayed that they were done with him now.

As Cruelface went for his cock.

And they continued.

Dimillah’s cunt still tingled from her third orgasm, the one she’d had on the boy’s mouth. Not that he had any skill with it (such skill would soon be forced upon him) but rather it was the arousal over his helpless state which had triggered the climax. It was those first sweet moments when a boy realized what sort of purpose he had been bought for. His humiliation and anguish for being utterly overtaken and used by women much older than him. The fear over what depravities they had in store for him (they had plenty!) Together with her own anticipation of the things they would still do to him, all of those things were enough to make any Mucenian noblewoman orgasm. And of course it always felt good to feel a boy’s mouth and face against your cunt.

Now they were done r****g him, and she was back to handling the big, delicious piece of meat between his legs. Alisefeh and Lenarta played with his nipples, Gimali cupped his balls with firm hands, and Ferrah nearly penetrated his asshole with the knuckles of her fore and middle finger.

Dimillah smiled. She couldn’t decide if the boy struggled not to cum or not, but he certainly strained hard against the ropes around his wrists and ankles. Whimpering so sweetly. She was well aware that he was being overwhelmed by sensation. That was, after all, the whole point! The elixir twisted his mind so that the strong arousal and the greatly increased sensitivity it caused were experienced as deeply unpleasant. In skillful hands, the resulting sensations were very interesting, to say the least. And, of course, those culminated once he inevitably came! Forcing them over that threshold was always great fun.

As dedicated practitioners of the Art, the ladies played this beautiful boy like an instrument. What music they would still wring out of him!

After delighting in his reactions a while longer, Dimillah then stopped stroking his cock. “Have you been enjoying your stay with us so far?” she asked. Alisefeh took a handful of the boy’s hair and roughly raised his head so that his eyes would meet with Dimillah’s. She grinned at him. “You have given us such pleasure and delight already, and our life together has barely begun! To keep things interesting, let’s play a little game, shall we?”

The slave, obviously not understanding a word, tried to say something, but Alisefeh squeezed his cheeks roughly. “Your mouth is only there to be used, boy!” she hissed. “Not to speak.”

“Cries are alright too,” Lenarta pointed out.

Murmur of laughter.

Dimillah continued. “We are still going to torture you . . . for real. And there’s nothing you can do to stop that. We own you now, body and soul. You are our property, to do with as we please. And it pleases us to inflict pain and discomfort on you. Suffering is the gift required of you. And of that there’ll be plenty!”

Everyone grinned wide at the sweet, helpless boy. Anticipation for his coming torture so delicious!

“Tell you what. Let us make a deal. We will next attempt to make you cum. Your job is to try to keep it from happening. If you succeed, we will be done with you for the day. You will be shown to the slave quarters and will get to rest until tomorrow. Should you fail, however, we shall take you into the torture chamber downstairs, and there teach you the meaning of pain. Understood?”

Of course he didn’t understand. He looked ridiculously confused.

Dimillah smiled. “Good! Let’s begin.”

Jord was on the verge of tears. That feeling, that dark churning of anti-pleasure inside him which the intense stimulation caused did nothing but increase. His entire body had become hypersensitive, a conduit to this evil which consumed him. And he had figured out what the women wanted from him. They wanted him to cum. They would not stop until he did. And so he tried kaynarca escort bayan to, even if his mind recoiled from the idea. It would surely be a ghastly sensation, the climax to this torment. But it was his only hope. The women kept repeating some words to him. Urging him to cum. He knew it.

And though it terrified him, he tried to, just to make the torture stop.

Dimillah loved watching the boy’s anguish. The big hard cock helpless in her hands. It would not last much longer, and he would be over the edge. He could not stop it even if he tried. Even if he did.

Gimali was helping her with the penis, stroking the shaft while she focused on the head. Ferrah was working the balls, with the forefinger of the other hand simultaneously fucking his ass. Alisefeh and Lenarta had his nipples, the latter with a hand firmly over his mouth. The hand muffled his lovely whimpers.

“Don’t cum!” the ladies kept telling him. “You better not.” Taunting him, even if he could not understand. Well, he understood all he needed to. The language of his body they were fluent in.

Dimillah smiled. Thinking about the evening ahead. She would absolutely love torturing this beautiful boy’s delicious cock. As they all would.

Not much longer now.


Jord had no control over his body. The spasms, the shaking, the whimpering. He was crossing the threshold. Oh sweet gods! It was too much! It was too—


Dimillah’s smile spread wider as she then felt the head swelling in her grip. The boy was about to cum. This was also evinced by his body’s growing rigidity, his whimpers’ increasing, and that adorable shaking and twitching that took his limbs.

And then he came with a mighty jolt. Lenarta had to use strength in order to keep the crying boy’s head down. Semen squirted out onto his flexed abs, down Dimillah’s still grinding hand. She did nothing to slow down; vice versa, she squeezed her hand extra hard around the head as she kept the circular motion going. The other women held down the keening, struggling boy, the ropes biting into his skin as he fought uselessly. He was shaking like crazy. His lovely young body all tensend muscle. Slick with sweat. It was gorgeous!

“Aw, you didn’t make it,” Dimillah cooed. “Don’t feel too bad, there was no way you could have. We would have simply gone on as long as needed. I’m afraid we are a little bit evil that way.” She giggled. “Hold still, I’m not done with you!” To help keep him put, Gimali sat on top of his stomach. Dimillah kept pointed attention on the glans. Fingertips. Some nails. “How sensitive your lovely cock is!” She giggled again. “How fortunate . . . for us.”

The muffled words he tried to repeat again and again under Lenarta’s hand were the ones in his language that they would be learning well. “Please”, “don’t”, “stop.” Something in that vein. Oh, the sweet urgency of his useless begging!

Dimillah laughed at his distress. “Ah, don’t fuss! Soon we shall be doing things to you to make you wish I was still stroking you. We have such delicious ways to play with your most sensitive bits!”

The women snickered in aroused delight.

She kept going until his struggling settled down to more subdued sobbing. His limbs still twitched and shook with her fingers exploring the hyper-sensitive cock. Then finally she relented, releasing the still rock-hard organ.

The grinning women traded looks. Caressing the shivering mess of a boy at their mercy. They smiled wider at what they were all thinking.

It was time to take him downstairs.


The experience of the so-called orgasm that Jord had suffered in the merciless hands of these terrible women had left him deeply shaken. It had been even worse than having his virginity stolen in a gang-****, which had certainly been traumatic enough. As Cruelface had been relentlessly stroking his cock afterwards, he had actually had moments of certainty that he would not be able to survive this. It was just too horrible!

Now, still alive, he walked between two guards, with the women walking ahead. The women were dressed again. Rich folks’ finery of silk and leather. It made them no more appealing.

They were headed downstairs. He assumed they would show him his room. Or most likely a cell. He was, after all, a slave. He didn’t care at the moment. As long as he could sleep, and at least try to recover from what had just been done to him. He’d need some privacy, at least, so that he could cry. He would not give them any more satisfaction. He had given them way too much already!

His cock still stood hard between his legs, that arousal yet keeping him in its thrall. How much longer until it went away? It made him sick to his stomach!

Jord dared to think that he would get some relief. After all, he did do what they wanted him to, right? They did not at least seem as if they had any intention to **** him more. He dared hope that what he’d just suffered would be the worst it would get. He might be able to live though this, after all.

Finally they stopped by a sturdy iron door. Yes. Definitely a cell.

Jord shivered, cold after sweating. It was so frigid down here. Were they going to give him any clothes? He would catch his death in this!

The door opened and they ushered him inside into the darkness. For a cell, it sure seemed big!

One woman threw a lever on the wall, and suddenly the room lit up with dim light. He felt a brief touch of wonder. He had heard of this strange way of lighting rooms instead of torches. Electricity, it was called. It did not exist where he came from. What kind of magic created it?

That wonder was short lived. It was soon overtaken by something else as he got a look of the room.

It was indeed large, and full of things. It was the things which ignited the terror within Jord’s heart. Chains and shackles on the walls, hanging from the ceiling, and bolted to the floor. At the back, a wooden cross and other contraptions meant for attaching a person to. Whips of all sorts hanging on the walls. Tables laden with sinister looking instruments and strange equipment. A brazier with metal rods sticking out. By the door, a sturdy table with leather straps.

There was no doubt as to what this room was. Not a cell at all. A torture chamber!

Panic set in, as Jord understood the situation. He did not want to be tortured! He was terrified of pain!

He quickly swirled around toward the door with the desperate intention of escaping. But she only ran into the fleshy wall of the guards. He heard the women’s laughter behind him as the guards handled him as easily as if he were a c***d. They seized him and turned him back around. Cruelface stepped forward and slapped him hard across the face. One of the other women grabbed him hard by the balls. Another by his hair. He cried out. They grinned maliciously.

Then Cruelface barked an order and he was lifted by the guards. With ease and grace, even with him kicking and screaming, they carried him onto the sturdy table, setting him onto his back. Then straps were attached. His hands above his head, his legs spread. Straps around thighs, abdomen, chest, and neck.

As he was being attached, as he yet struggled, he could not help begging. “Please, please, please, don’t hurt me!” he cried urgently. “I’ll do anything! Please-”

His begging was cut off as a gag was stuck in his mouth. That was the last thing attached. And he was secured tightly. Utterly helpless.

The women stood around him. Smiling sadistic smiles. They were truly hideous, monstrous creatures!

And he was theirs completely.


“That was neither a nice nor a wise thing to try,” Dimillah said with mock anger. “And here we were going to go easy on you.” She clicked her tongue, taking the big juicy cock by the base. “But now I’m personally going to make sure to cause you as much pain as possible. And that is a lot!”

She accentuated her last words with finger flicks to the cockhead. The boy jolted and cried, and the ladies around the torture table were grinning with glee and anticipation.

Then she walk over to a table to the side to pick up a vial. She came back, and poured some elixir onto the cock. Rubbing it in. The cock started becoming flaccid. “Let’s give your prick a little rest. We’ll return to play with it soon enough.”

And, laughing, the ladies withdrew. Left him waiting for his ordeal while then went for some food and wine. A good torture session would make the sweetest dessert!

As they left, they turned off the light. Leaving the boy in darkness.

In the cold and dark, Jord shivered and sobbed into his gag. Naked and almost completely immobilized. The sense of helplessness he felt defied words.

They had left him for now, but would soon be back. And they would hurt him for their amusement, and no amount of begging and pleading was going to deter them. If anything, it was vice versa. This was what got them off, after all.

What thoughts of escape he had entertained just a moment ago were rapidly fading. A certainty of their futility was rapidly taking over his mind. Growing desperation and terror. He knew this was end of the line for him. His final destiny. Life of **** and torture.

He would never leave this place alive.

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