The Popular Girl

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The Popular Girl
This Is My First Time: So The Author Kindly Demands You Please NO TROLLS   

It’s the beginning of the new collage year and I’m sitting impatiently at my desk with only five minutes of the day remaining, but to me that five minutes feels more like five hours. Spectrally it’s the first Friday of the new collage school year and with this particular Friday I’m excited to drive the new car that my parents just bought me for the new collage school year. However fortunately my assigned desk for the year is right next to the window, and from that the view is beautiful. But it’s not the view that is on my mind as I steer blankly out the window.

Professor Bull: Miss Stacy Tart would you please read the next paragraph and translate it.

I was so focused on steering out the window while stroking my pen and pretending that it was a cock. Well you see in our collage we don’t believe in relying on one hundred percent on technology to learn. And fantasizing that I was getting fucked right out there on the field I did not hear my teacher Professor Bull Call my name. Well you see I have the reputation of being the biggest slut ever. And it all started when I was 18 and in high school, one of my friends invited me to a sleep over. And at that particular sleep over a bunch of us where laughing and giggling and doing all of the girly sleep over stuff like when we where k**s for old times sake, that you may have heard about. Then all of a sudden out of the blue we started talking about boys and which ones we would fuck, and not just the boys in high school either but also celebrities and the male family members in each other’s family. I was naturally hesitant at first, but eventually I don’t know what came over me but I started loosening up and said that I would fuck all of the people that was presented to me. As you can guess from there they all looked at me differently. Then eventually when I went on first date, the guy that I was dating wanted to have sex. And so, when he asked I said ‘yes’ I don’t know what came over me. At the time I was so nervous I decided to make him a deal. And the deal was that I would go down on him and give him a Blow Job on this date, and that on the next that I would allow him in my pussy. I did that for two reasons the first was of course I wanted to make sure he prepared a condom, and the second reason was so that I could have enough time to get over my nerves and prepared myself for my first and certainly not my last fucking. I was lucky he agreed and decided to drive us somewhere and pulled over and parked, that is where he wanted me to go down on him, at the time I don’t why but I agreed. I unzipped his zipper and saw that he had a semi hard cock already. As soon as I started it grew, but then he stopped me and zipped back up.

I tried asking him what was wrong then that is when he had that grin on his face. I tried once again asking but all he said was. To trust him and to follow him. He opened his car door and got out I did the same, and that is when he took by the wrist and lead me to the well-lit area, and sat down, and procced to gently guide me to a kneeling position. Just like before I proceed to unzip his pants. But only this time when it was unzipped it was fully hard, I looked up at him not knowing what to do. And just like any good teacher or tutor he used his hand to help teach me on what to do, sure I have seen those girls in the porn videos before. But right that moment I forgot everything and froze. First, he started with the hands then he proceeded by gently grabbing my hair and guided me to his meat.

Then as I got the hang of it I started to bob my head up and down on his meat without him guiding me. Then without noticed he pulled me up and turned me around and started stripping my clothes off me, since we were along or so I thought I allowed him. I even gave him what I thought at that time was sexy seductive strip tease, but looking back at now it was so amateur. After when I was stripped completely naked he started licking his lips and held out his hand so I could take it. And I did, and when I did he pulled me close to him roughly but gently. My back collided with his handsome cheat, he leaned in and kept whispering in my ear to trust him. His breath was so hot on my ear I couldn’t refuse, not that I would in the first place. With both of his hands he gently grabbed both of my hips and started to lightly caress it, he did the same as he made his way to my ass. When he got to my ass he started messaging it by roughly grabbing it and squeezing it.

As he was doing all of this I was taking deep breaths and giving long seductive sighs. After a while he started kissing me with passion, as he was kissing me passionately my breathing got louder and more rapid. I was so in to it that I did not noticed him spreading my ass cheeks, and inserting his cock but it not stay there for long. Because he pulled out and guided me to the table, and preceded to climb on top of it and laid down. I joined him on top of the table before I got the chance to lay down next him, he grabbed my wrists and pulled me down. And before I knew it he was fucking me n the ass ‘Revers Cowgirl Style’ I was bouncing up and down on his hug and it felt incredible as soon as I got over the intimal pain. His cock slipped out of my ass a couple of times, so I had to guide it back in with my hands and started bouncing up and down on it again. I started yelling and screaming for more and saying…

POV: Ohhhhhh yeah! Yeah! Yeah GOD Y E a H!!!!!

I even started pinching and grabbing my nipples and breasts. I didn’t know how long it lasted but when he came he came in my ass. And up until that point that was the feeling in my life even better than the roller coaster ride ‘The Monster Twister’ I rode on as a k**. After when he came in my ass I don’t remember much after that everything just faded away like it was some kind of weird sex dream. The only thing that reminded me of that night for first little while was the literal pain in my ass, but I somehow managed through it without anyone noticing that I just got fucked up the ass.

I don’t how but the following Monday pictures of me where circling around the high school giving head and doing ‘Reverse Cow Girl’ to some total stranger to them on top of the table, because the guy I was dating at the time did not went to the same high school. And it wasn’t just Pictures of me but also A Video File of me too, that circled around. You could tell that it was me because you could clearly see my face. It seemed that everyone received a copy, and even I somehow managed to get a copy. And even to this day I still have and treasure those copies, because they remind me of my first ass fucking. You would think that I would be impressed, but I wasn’t in fact quit the opposite I was proud and that was when my reputation of being a slut began. And that was also when I realized that I was a true slut from that date on………My memory’s where interrupted once again by Mr. Bull calling my name…….

Professor Bull: MISS TART!!!!! I’m sorry is this class boring?

POV: Hum Huh? No, not at all.

Professor Bull: Good so could you please read the paragraph and translate it?
As I was opening my mouth to read the bell rings talk about save by the bell.

Professor Bull: Miss Tart could you please stay after class?
POV: Um Sure no problem Mr. Bull Sir?

Professor Bull: Now I realized that this is only the beginning of the new collage school year, but you are way behind in class and I also realized that, this is also Friday but it’s just Fridays it seems that you are distracted in class every day. Is there something bothering you at home perhaps, or with someone at collage or perhaps in one of your other classes?

POV: Oh No it’s nothing like that,

Professor Bull: Well whatever it is you better shape up, or otherwise I’ll be forced to fail you and but you.

POV: I’ll do better I promises.

I Begged him with puppy dog pleading eyes.

Professor Bull: Good I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, I’m going to give you a month to shape up or otherwise I will have to fail you.

POV: I will I promise.

Professor Bull: Good now get out of hare and enjoy your weekend, and remember a month.

As he said those last words I was walking out the door with the words “One Month to Shape Up” echoing in my head. I didn’t get very far down the hall when I was slapped on the ass by someone, by who? I don’t know the perp did not make any more moves beyond that. But as I turned around and scanned the crowd I couldn’t tell who it was, no one in particular stands out at that very moment. But I’m glad he did because not only that distracted me from my troubles in class, and at the same time brought me back to my memories of my first time. You know when thy said that you’ll never forget your first time well it’s true Well at least for me anyways. Because after all the cocks I had in me the only one that I cared for the most was the first.

Flash back to my first. When I was 18. It was the next Friday night the night that my cherry was about to pop as they say for the very first tine and obviously not the last, or so I thought but at the very last moment I had a wicked idea. I wanted to make him wait, for just one more week. That night when the doorbell rang I beat my parents to it and opened it just in case he had an ‘I’m going to take your baby girls cherry’ face on. I didn’t even give him the chance to enter the house, and right away I placed my hands on his chest and shoved him out the door. While at the same time I notified my parents that my boyfriend is hare that that I was leaving to go on my date. He was so excited that he partially ripped my arm off as he dashed me to his car.

And when we got in he pulled out the condom and asked what hotel I would like to go to loss my virginity, right away I snatched the condom from his hands fearing that both my parents were watching, luckily, they weren’t. when he drove off I started telling him the deal that I thought up, and luckily, he agreed.

The deal was that I promised that he could fuck me the next Friday and when he did he could be as rough with me as he wants to just as long as he doesn’t leave any visible marks on me. And not only I would allow him to film the first time that I lost my cherry, but also, I would also allow him to pick the place that I well loss my cherry for the first time, just as long as it’s not at home when my parents are there. I also gave him the permission to pick a public place, and that he could also bring two other friends with him just as long as they also wear condoms. Then that is when my mind skipped over to the following Friday.

The Friday that I was about to loss my virginity for the first time, I but on a heavy coat of make-up. And the outfit that I choose was the smuttiest one that I could find in my closet which was. A white shirt that did very little to hide the shoulders, with a picture of a Cheery on it. I thought that it was fitting because of what I was about to do later that night. And the tightest fitting jeans that I could find. Luckily my parents just bought me pair of flat high heel shoes for my 18th birthday.

When it came to my hair I wasn’t sure what was sluttier up or down. While I was in the process of deciding the doorbell rang. I dash down stairs nearly tripping down the stairs to answer it, I got lucky that both of parents were too busy to be at home tonight, because had they seen what I was wearing they would have ground me and sued his ass for trying to get into their little girl’s pants. My mother was at a retirement part for one of her coworkers and my dad was at the bar to celebrate the stock market or something. When I reached down the stairs I nearly tripped putting my shoes on. As soon as we entered the car I tried asking where we are going, but he didn’t answer at first, I thought he was still pissed from last week.

After driving for a while he finally answered and by saying “Trust me”. Then ten minutes later we finally arrived. It turns out the location which he chooses that I well loss my virginity was a gas station restroom. When we obtained the key from the gas station attendant he yanked me all the way to the restroom as soon as we were out of sight from any prying eyes including the gas station attendant. Just before opening the door he kissed me hard and at the end of that hard kiss he slapped me hard on the ass, which thrilled me at the time.

When we entered the restroom, we kissed but only this time he reached his hands down and all over my breast both of them. He then turned me around and pulled out his camera and stared filming. He started kissing me again but only this time from behind, and just like before he started rubbing my breast again. But only this time he reached under my shirt and started squeezing both my breasts and pinching my nipples. Just then we heard the knock on the restroom door, he opened it and in walked tow of his friends, he handed the camera to one of his friends to film.

He started gripping my breasts again, after while of that he roughly turned me around and spanked my still clothed ass about three or four times, while whispering how he and his two friends well fuck me. That is when he pulled me roughly by the hair. And with the same roughness turned me around and grabbed both of wrists with the force and turned his head to the one friend that wasn’t doing anything and motion for him to approach. He did while licking his lips and rubbing his hands together like he was about to make a lucky draw. I guess in a way that is true for him he was about to get lucky soon enough.

When he finally made his way towards me and standing only just inches from he, he immediately knew what to do. He grabbed a hold of both of my wrists and held them above my head. While my boyfriend roughly grabbed my breasts one last time through my shirt. Before pulling my pulling my shirt up exposing my white silk bra, he roughly squeezed them as well and then proceed to undid my bra and started licking my right breast then he did the same to the other one too. Then he bit down on one nipple then the next, and that forced a bag gasp of pleasure from me, after words when he was done with my nipples he lowered into a kneeling position. And placed both of his hands on my jeans and reached around and with his hands he grabbed my ass with them. Then he reached to the front and unbutton and unzipped my jeans.

When he had my jeans unzipped and unbuttoned he roughly and swiftly yanked them down to reveal my pink panties and after admiring my wet spot for a while he pulled them down as well. And once when he had them down he sampled my sweet virgin juices, then after words he got up and unzipped his pants and when he did I wanted to pulled them down myself by trying to reach my hands over to reach it, but with little success.

As I tried to do so I heard one of the other two men saying and complementing on what a greedy I am. I did not know when but when I looked around to see who had made canlı kaçak bahis the comment I noticed that both of their pants where around their ankles as well. And when I looked backed me towards my boyfriend he was leaning over me and whispering dirty things me. He first dug two then three fingers in and started to thrust in and out. And that is when I started to breath more heavily and more rapidly. He pulled out just before it got too much for me and got down to the main event, by ripping the condom wrapper and slid it on his beautiful cock, after when he was done with that, he began the festivities. First, he looked towards the camera and winked and then towards the other guy that was still holding my wrists tight, as if to say ‘Ok boys let’s deflower this virgin slut’ when I looked around again the other two boys where jacking off their own cocks as best they can. As for my boyfriend he wasted no more time and just slammed right in without a care on rather I was ready or not, as soon as he slammed right n my hymen broke., I screamed.

POV: OOOOOOOH!!!! Oh!!!!!!, oh my god, oh my god, (Heavy Breathing.)

I felt like he just he just inserted a light post into me and was going to kill me with it. After inserting his cock into me I was surprised he just left it there for a while, at first, I thought he just wanted me to get used to it, so that I would enjoy sex in the future. It turns out that I was wrong it turns out he just wanted to dip his finger on my hymen blood and taste it, then after tasting it he dipped his finger in hymen again but only this time he smeared it all over his face like it was war paint.

His other two friends did the same I was presently surprised that I had that much blood in my hymen. He finally started pulling out after what felt like hours but in reality, it was only five minutes. But he did not pull all the way out, he stopped just at the hilt of his cock. Then slammed backed in and in and out in and out in and out and each time that he did I was screaming wildly and my breasts where bouncing up and down up and down. and by this time the camera changed angles and now it was filming the bouncing breasts and the face that belong to those bouncing breasts.

He didn’t stop he was fucking me like a mad man in heat, all the while his friend that was holding the camera started groping my breasts and the guy that was holding my wrests let go and also started fondling my breasts. While both of them where doing that I used my free hands to grabbed a hold of my boyfriend’s ass and started guiding him into my pussy like, it was my life support. He gave three more hard thrusts and grunted on the last thrust and came into the condom, he then proceeds to take the condom off and hand it to me and instructed me to drink the cum out of it. When I reached over and took the condom from him I noticed that the camera was now zoomed in on my face, I guess they wanted a close up shot of what a slut I was?

To their surprised I not only emptied the condom but I also licked every inch of it inside and out, when I was done I playfully placed the condom under my nose to make a condom mustache. I then saw the camera change hands from the guy who originally had it to the guy that was holding my wrists before I guess now it was that it was his turn? He ripped the condom off rather quickly I guess he couldn’t wait? Just after putting the condom on he teased my pussy with his condom covered cock a little bit before plunging in slowly that drove me insane I wanted him to go fast and hard just like how I was fucked before. I tried to encourage him but he wasn’t having any of it he just kept on fucking me slowly.

When I turned my head to the side the camera was now focused on my facial expressions before focusing back on my bouncing breasts and pussy. And back up again by the time it focused back my face I was tilting my head back in ecstasy, the only words that I could from form my mouth where not non-sense. After a while he finally came in the condom. When he pulled his cock out like a starved crazed woman I leaped towards him and yanked the condom off of him and delved right in to the sperm inside the condom.

Then finally it was the third guys turn to fuck me, he walked over to me while passing the camera and stroking his cock at the same time. At first, he knelt down on his knees and started licking my freshly fucked pussy, and when I came all over his face he stood back up and savagely teared the condom open with his teeth, and tossed the wrapper my way it landed just on the ground right beside me.

Without a care he just started slamming me roughly just after putting the condom on, without giving me the chance to recover. Right from the get go he started slamming me fast and rough, I couldn’t help but scream like a mad woman. When did he cum? I don’t know, because after all of the fucking that my virgin pussy got tonight I was almost sore. The only indication that I got that he was cummings was his low grunting followed his him stiffening up and a scream. That I swear could be heard all over the nation. Then when it was all over and he pulled out the camera was now focused only on my face, which was now sweating and my make-up all runny. He handed the condom to me and instructed me to drink all of his cum, I took the condom and held it up in the air and allowed it fall right in my mouth some of it landed on my nose and fore head, took the remaining sperm that did not land in my mouth and played with it by smearing it all around. Then with a surprised turn of events I looked towards the camera and said.

POV: Look mom look dad I’m a big girl now.

As I said that I had a teasing grin along with the still wet cum running down my face, the other two boys zipped up and lift the bathroom leaving me with my boyfriend. He turned off the camera and helped me clean up after when we were both clean and presentable. He slapped my ass playfully as we were exiting the bathroom. And on the way, we both ran into the attendant he wants to make sure that we were alright, my had a tight hold on my ass as he was answering for the both of us.

Flash forward back to the present almost a month later I’m now getting a Revers – Cow-Girl-Style fucking behind a trash ben, and also without me knowing Mr. Bull was watching from somewhere from a fare. It has finally been a month and unfortunately my grades haven’t risen one bit at all. So once again I was called to stay after class, however I thing I have the advantage because I noticed that Professor Bull was steering at my chest and looking down my shirt whenever he got the chance.

Professor Bull: I’m disappointed in you miss Tart, your grades haven’t improved one bite.

POV: Oh please Mr. Bull I’m trying my best.

Professor Bull: It doesn’t look like your best is good enough., so you leave me no choice but to hold you back.

POV: Oh, please I’ll do anything please just don’t fail me. Please I’ll doing anything any thing

Professor Bull: Anything?

POV: Yes anything, including my breasts I’ve noticed that you been steering at them for a while.

Professor Bull: Oh, I want more than just to see your breasts my dear you see last week, I have caught you fucking behind a dumpster like the little whore that you are!

That is when he stood up and made his way towards me and when he was with in arms reach he roughly grabbed mine and started foundling both my breasts, I did not resist I missed the rough treatment. When he was done with that he roughly lifted my shirt and started pinching each nipple one at a time. Just when I was started to get turned on he stopped and pulled my shirt back down and told me that would do for now and that I should stay after class starting from tomorrow.

On what he calls ‘Special Tottering’ so later on that night was so excited think about the aspects of this ‘Special Tottering’ entails, in the mean time I stood in front of my full-length mirror and lifted my shirt up and started playing with both of my breasts and pinching nipples just like how Professor Bull did earlier that day.
The next day after when everyone else has filed out of the class leaving with just me and Professor Bull I stood up and started approaching Professor Bull, when I reached him he also stood up. At first, I did not know what he wanted to do first, so I started to take my shirt off assuming he wanted to play with my breasts again bur I was wrong.

At first, he circled me like a shark and then when he made his way back to the back of me he placed his hands on my jeans and started unbuttoning them, after when that was done he proceed to the zipper on the jeans, once when both of those goals where accomplished he roughly yanked my jeans down to my ankles and got back up, then proceed to slap my ass once hard. After when he was done with my back he made his backed to my front and kilted down once again to inhale my pussy scent. That made me gasp deep when he had enough of my scent he got back up and leaned in as close as he could and plunged two fingers in my pussy and started fingering me and laid out the teams of our arrangement.

The terms where that I was to be at his class at the end of each day rather I had a day off or not excluding on weekends and long Holidays those are the only days that I did not have to be at his class. And that I would do whatever he tells me to do, so to sum it up just as long as collage is opened I would have to be in his class and be his slut at the end of each day for the rest of the year. As he was laying out the terms and playing with my pussy I was milting and getting hot the more he does it the more turned on I am it seems. By the end he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and placed his fingers with me cum on it to my nose and wanted me to smell it.

And so, I did then right after words he roughly shoved those very fingers in my mouth for a taste.

He pulled his fingers out of my mouth after about two minutes of being in there, and grabbed a hold of my arms and guided it downwards to his pants, and when he had it where he wanted it to be he started to rub his growing erection with it through his pants. After when he was done with that he kept it there I was about to move my hands but he stopped me and whispered in my ear.

Professor Bull: You know what to do slut.

I looked down and started to undoing his pants starting with his belt then moving on to his zipper and finally his pants. When I yanked hos pants down I gasped at the size of his cock, the feeling of it through his pants didn’t do it justice.

He then reached his hands around to my back and squeezed my ass before reaching into his Blazer pocket and pulling out a condom. I took it from him and piled off the wrapper and slid it over his cock, he then yanked me closer and kissed me on the mouth hard once. Before garbing my ass once again and lifted me up in the ‘The Ballet Dancer’ fuck position. To be honest I only been in this position one other time, and I couldn’t remember what to do. Mr. Bull noticed my hesitation and decided to guide me without any words by garbing one of my legs and lifting it up. And that allowed me to leap and wrap my legs around him at the same time. How did I know this? I wasn’t sure but then I remembered that I studied up on it before the first time that I tried that position and it have been stuck with me all this time.

It’s too bad that it wasn’t that same when it came to collage work otherwise I could have avoided this situation, but on the other hand I have never fucked someone for personal gain before. It’s much more exciting, I have always envied those office workers or students that are forced to fucked their boss’s or their teachers for their own gain, and now I am one of them. When he first entered it hurt because I have never fucked someone so big before he was at least a ten incher or at least that is what it felt like.

Once when he was in he reached his hands behind my ass again and started guiding the rest of our fuck. And when he came he came with a scream fallowed by a mon.

Professor Bull: AHHHH OHHHHH. Yeah OHHHHH!!!!! Memmi……emmmmm…Emma…me.

And when he came I creamed to.

POV: OH GOD OH GOD!!!!! Oh god ohgod!

When it was all over I was terrified that someone might have heard us, but by the time that I put my clothes back on and opened the door to leave the halls where mostly filled with loud chatter and other noises.

For the next couple of months not only my grades have been improved but also, I finally have something to look forward to after school, fucking Mr. Bull. After that day fucking anyone else just seems a little routine. Right around the Christmas time rumors surfaced that I was fucking a teacher for better grads, and that wasn’t conformed until early the upcoming year. On that particular day Mr. Bull wanted me to fuck me in the ‘The Cat’ position so he does what he always does when he wants to fuck me in ‘The Cat’ position he points to the floor and tells me to lay down, after stripping me and smelling my always wet panties. He prefers to strip me himself, it makes him feel like I’m his slut alone.

But I don’t mind some of the guys that I fucked are the same way. After having me on the floor just after being stripped naked he kneels down and the first thing that he devours both of my breasts, first with his eyes then with his mouth. A low sigh always escapes my mouth when he does it.

POV: Oh Ahhhhh. Yeah…….

After a few tender kisses to each breast, he starts to get a little rough by biting my nipples like he’s trying to draw milk from them, then he squeezes both of my breasts tightly at the same time like they are stress balls. Then he gets back up leaving me laying there breathless and wanting more but he was having none of that. The first thing that he does after getting up was to go to his pants and retrieve a condom. He tears the condom wrapper with his teeth while at the same time strokes his cock a little to make sure that it stays erect. When he is satisfied with that he slides the condom on himself, and gets back on me once when it is on. He doesn’t mount me right away, the first thing that he does after remounting is spread my legs apart enough so he could eat my pussy. I tried to stifle my approval. Sometimes I manage and at other times it comes out as.

POV: Shiitt….

But on this day, I barely managed to stifle it coming out as uncomplete words. He was always being a gentleman enough to let cum first by eating me out. Then after when I had my climax he kisses his way back up to my mouth. But when he got to my breasts again he would kiss each one and then proceeded to my neck then finally to my mouth. Then just like you would stab a knife into someone he would stab me with his cock, hard.

POV: OH FUCK!!!!! (Heavy Breathing)

He always makes scream, try as I might I could never stifle that pleasure I’m just surprised that no one burst in hare to make sure that everything was alright. He always had a rhythm going it was thrust, thrust stab stab again thrust, thrust stab stab. Usually at this point I would start playing with nipples and breasts. To minimized canlı poker oyna the chances that some might hear us I would bit my lip as tightly as I can without making it bleed. And it would always come out as.

POV: Yeah, mmmm….mmmm….

The closer that he was to cumming the more the rhythm changed, from thrust, thrust stab stab to five jabs then a brief pause, then finally from jabs and brief pauses to five jabs and then a longer pause, by the end both of us are very sweaty and out of breath.

Professor Bull: Ah! Ah1 AHHHH!!!.

Just as he was about to cum I was so much in ecstasy that I didn’t noticed, that is until I saw him toss the condom right front of me just after taking it off. After when accomplish that goal he slammed his cock back in my ass and started humping me again, I was so charged at this point I reached down the best I can with one hand and started playing with myself, but he beat me to it he came before I even got the chance. When he was done he pulled straight out with a loud “BLOP” he then stood back to not only admire his handy work but to also watch me in action. By the time that I was done Professor Bull handed me a bag of tissues and instructed me to clean myself up, I just accepted them and turned around and attempted to kiss him but he would have non-of that =, and said.

Professor Bull: Suit yourself slut, but what would your other teachers think? If they catch us I would fired and you would be expelled from this school.

He then took a single tissue from the tissue bag that he offered me before and began cleaning himself up. And when he was done he pulled his pants back up and leaned in and silently stroked my hair while breathing in my sweat and post lust. I stood up on shaky legs and started walking out of his privet office, and started getting dressed, when I was done I staggered towards the door and by the time that I opened it, there was only a less than a handful of students hanging around. I started towards the Lady’s Room and along the way I passed by this small group of girls they gave this ‘you slut’ look but over the years I have learned to ignore it. I walked in to the Lady’s Room and there were only two other students in there besides myself, they too gave me ‘you slut’ look I just smiled and entered one of the stalls.

When I had the door shout I just sat there to catch my breath and while I was in there I heard their whispers about me. When I finally was ready to come out they were still there, I decided to check myself in the Bathroom Mirror, and I looked like I had just been masturbating in the Lady’s Room and if one of the other teachers or Academe Staff had caught me I’m hoping that is exact ally what they would think. Not soon after the two other girls left the Bathroom I fixed my hair and my clothes the best that I can, before also leaving the Lady’s Room.

I was still hot by the time that I left the Bathroom and luckily for me this one guy started hitting on me, as soon as I walked out the door. I can’t remember what he said all I remember was leading him to a secluded place somewhere behind the Staff Parking Spaces, and allowed him to fuck my brains out.

Flash forward beginning of May of the current school year I received a phone call from my mom asking if I was so kind to chaperon my cousin, to whom was graduating that year in his high school. I agreed I guess as k**s we where best of friends and that is why I agreed to chaperon him to his graduation and his prom. Since the following day was a Saturday I called my aunt to tell the good news and at the same time discussed the terms and conditions with her about my graduating cousin. The terms and conditions that she laid out where your usual keep an eye on him, don’t let him get into trouble, and don’t let him get another girl pregnant etc. But however, the only other term that she laid out was that I must keep him in my line of sight. And that if I must leave to go to the Lady’s Room for any reason that I must make sure that someone else keeps an eye on him.
The last prom that I went to was my own and that prom dress was a rental, from a shop that is now since become novelty t-shirt shop, they didn’t stay in business for long a year at best. So, I decided to go shopping next Saturday, I can’t do it today because I already made plains to get gangbanged later on. But first homework and preparation for that gangbang.

POV: OH SHIT!!!! OH DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN goddamn it!!!!

I screamed and scolded at myself just after hinging up, by the time that I was finishing talking and discussing the terms and conditions of my cousin’s prom with my aunt. I only had about an hour may be two if I’m lucky to complete my study’s and another an hour and a half o perp for that gangbang. And now I only have less than that time thinks aunty.

Flash forward to the following Saturday, when I awoke I was lying next to Steven the quarterback of the football team. When I stood up to get my shopping done, he was still fast asleep I must have worn him out last night after all we were fucking until early in the morning. I got up and I decided to take a peek under the covers, so I creeped to the front of his side of the bed, and gently lifted the cover just after making sure that he was still asleep and wasn’t going wake up. And he wasn’t, after when I have gently lifted the covers his cock was already awake before he was, and I had this evil grin on my face. Before lowering my head gently giving him a blowjob, but not soon after he too woke up, and he indicated that by running his hands in my hair as I gave him his morning blowjob. I started to go deeper and faster almost to the point where I’m deepthroating him. When he was getting in to it again he grabbed a hold of my hair and started guiding me on the blowjob. He soon gave a huge grunt and blew of what was left from our fuckings from last night and in to the early mornings into my mouth, and when he did he held my head in place so that I would be forced to swallow all of his cum. And when we were all done I stood back up and headed back to my side of the bed and reclaimed my bathrobe, and when I did he looked over to check the time. And shoot up like his ass was on fire, and started gathering up his clothes and dressed, while informing me that he was going to be late meeting his girlfriend and that if he was late again she would kill him. I on the other hand started getting dressed as soon as I he dashed out of my dorm I was fortunate enough that I wasn’t sharing my dorm with anyone. After when I have showered I headed to my dresser to pick out my outfit for the day.

At first, I could not decide what to wear, but I ended up picking a ‘Hallo Kitty’ T-Shirt and a pair of cut up to the thighs jeans.

And underneath I choose to wear a pair of matching light green bra and panties. As soon as I got into my car I noticed that my gas tank is running on low, so I figured I better fill up first before I head down to the mall. When I got to the gas station I noticed that there was this old guy staring at me the whole time that I was there filling up, so I decided to tease him a little buy wagging my ass a little in front of him. I figured that it was harmless since that I also noticed his daughter or nice or whomever that little girl was to him waiting patiently in the for him to finish filling up his car.

I then met up with him again inside the gas station to pay for the gas. When I went on he was looking for a sweet treat for that little girl. But as for me I headed straight for the gas attended to pay for my gas, and he soon followed, after when I had paid for the gas I slightly and teasingly brushed my ass passed him excusing myself when I was ready to leave. As soon as I walked out of the door I gave myself a little teasing smirk. And got back in to my car to head to the mall. As soon as I entered the mall my stomach reminded me that I forgot to eat breakfast before leaving the dorm this morning. So obviously my first was the food court, after when I have ordered my food which was, a salad burgers and fries and a large soda to wash it all down.

And when I sat down to the closes empty table made for two, I noticed these two creeps that where staring me I was used to it so I ignored it. They were both staring at me on and off while I was having my meal. Then after when I was done the first place that I hit was the dress shop.
At least that was the plain when I all of sudden spotted a half off on selected items at one of my favorite places to shop. So, I headed in to take a look and what I ended up getting was two pairs of tight fitting jeans, one was plain and the other had a lip print on the right ass cheek in sequent.

And when I exited to head to my next destination I noticed the same two creeps that were staring at me back at the food court. My initial thought was that those two just wanted to get a good look at me and stare at my ass or whatever and go home and jack off to the memories of me, which I imagine what most males do any ways so I once again ignored them and continued on shopping. But yet again with each store that I lift they were there outside waiting, following and staring at me the whole time. The last store that I decided to hit is the dress store for my prom dress. By the time that I arrived at the dress shop for the dress, it was crowded it was prom season after all.

I had to push and shove the other ladies out of the way to get to the rack that I want, unfraternally that was the most crowded rack in the entire store. The only good part of it being crowded was that those two creeps had lost sight of me, but unknown to me that did not stop them, they were still outside waiting. I was elbowed in the face once and in the right breast twice at least and been grabbed my back collar and yank out of the way. I myself however got a few good shoots myself for payback, I even managed to scratch a few women. The store manager and the stores employees tried to regain some sort of order but they were not as successful as they would have hoped. So, they decided to just let the stock to run out and the crowed to thin out a little before restocking the new arrivals. I was lucky enough by the time that I finally found the perfect dress and ready to pay for it not only the crowd has thinned out a little, but also, they decided that the crowd was thin enough to roll out the new stuff and restock. And when I saw that they were rolling out the new stock I sacrificed my place in line along with half the women that were waiting in line with me. To take a look at what new they have and to see if it’s worth switching, for me anything would be better the one that I have now, which was a long thin golden dress.

When I took it to the full-length mirror in the fitting rooms the only thought that kept running through my mind was that I looked like a big breasted Bell French from Beauty and The b**st going to her prom. As soon as the employees cleared out we all were knocking into each other in attempt to get the best dress.

In this round I was only scratched once and knocked to the floor once, and was almost knocked against the rack once. When the smoke cleared in my head I found the perfect one it was long purple dress with a V neck in the breast area that went down to the belly button, and the majority of the back is exposed just my kind of style.

By the time that I finally paid for the dress that I wanted those two creeps were still there waiting but this they enough courage. To finally hit on me, since I didn’t recognize them and at the same time I have heard of this exact thing happening in this exact mall just last week. In that case the creeps hit on a woman and she ended up sexually assaulted. I swung around and was about to tell those two creeps to go fuck them self s it’s all they’re going to get but a mother and her son was just walking by us, and in her mind, we are just a trio of friends having a disagreement.

And when she was finished passing one of the friends got smart and told the other one to give up and that they should just leave. When they were out of sight harassing someone else I started my journey back to my car, on the way someone was bold enough to make a grab at my ass and that gave a post to my mood so I decided to just let it slide. By the time that I got back to my dorm it was almost getting dark lucky for me I live off campus otherwise I would have just made curfew.

After entering my dorm and putting my bags down on the bed a quick flash of those creeps ran through my head, after shacking it off I resumed my doing what I was doing. That was the plain anyways when all of sudden my stomach once again reminded me that I need to eat something. So, after eating the left-over lunch that I did not get to finish because I was still a bit full from breakfast at the food court at the time. After when I was full and had cleaned I went back to butting the rest of the thing that I bought today at the mall, but when it came to the Prom, Dress that I bought I decided to try it on one more time. Unfortunately, the only full length-mirror in my dorm was the bathroom and that is only a half mirror. So, I had no other choice but to examine myself with the Prom Dress on in the bathroom, now you may be wondering with such a wide V-neck line, low could it conceal everything that is supposed to conceal? Well that is easy the V-neck part also as an inner layer that is heavier than the outer layer and is made of deferent marital then the outer layer. After putting the Prom Dress on and examining myself in my bathroom mirror I had another flash of those two creeps in my head again. That is when I noticed that my lower regains where wet, and it was confirmed when I took the Prom Dress off and toss it aside so that I don’t ruin it before my cousin’s Grad. I was about to reach my hand down to feel it but when I looked in the mirror it was already comforted for me.

So, I took my wet panties down and brought it up to my nose and took a big weft of it, and tossed it in the hamper.

I then thought to myself that since that I already had my panties off mind as well take bra off too. And after when I have done that I sat on the toilet to take a piss naked, and while on the toilet I started getting flashes again but this time it evolved into a full-blown sex fantasy. And in this fantasy, when those two creeps hit on me I turned them down by telling them that they could fuck themselves it’s what they are good. And was about to make my way back to my car when one of them suddenly grabbed me by the right arm and yanked me towards him, to the other we just look like a pair of lovers in an embrace. But just as quickly and suddenly he swung me around so that I was facing his friend, his friend walked towards me and when he was losing enough he lifted my shirt and bra up to play with my nipples for a little bite. Before they both lowered my shirt back down but not my bra before they both dragged me to somewhere solitude so they could have their way with me.

We ended up in an unused stairwell do to it being “Out of Order” and internet casino the workmen and women where the workmen and women where not working at the moment. They covered my mouth as so that I did not make any noise not that I would anyways while they dragged me to that stairwell. One of them would kept a hold on my mouth while the other kicked opened the door.

So that they could can access to the abandoned stairwell. When we entered one would hold my throat in a tight grip as if to chock the life out of me while threating me not try anything ‘stupid’ and do as they say, while the other would close the door and made his way back towards us, and when he did he started once again playing with my boobs through my shirt and already lifted bra. The one that was holding my throat in a death grip started leaning in and started giving me a deep forceful kiss. At this point the other started reaching his hands inside my shirt and started messaging my breasts. After a while of that one would hold me n place while the other stripped me of my shirt, and the reversed happened when it came to stripping me of my pants. My panties where roughly yanked off of me they both took a big sniff of it to sample my scent before stuffing it in my mouth. At this point I was screeching and shacking my head back and forth at the same time I did not know when or how they did it they both suddenly had their pants off. One would hold me down while the other would fuck me dry with no lube thus forcing me to scream into the make shift panty gage. The first guy came in my pussy with a huge grunt and what might have felt gallons of sperm, when he was done they switch places but the second guy did not want to fuck my pussy like the first guy did. Instead he wanted to flip me on my stomach so that he could fuck me in the as again no lube. And before they took the panty gag out of my mouth they threatened me that if I made any noise they would kill me, and they demonstrated this by one of them grabbing a strong hold on my throat, while the other would deliver one strong slap to my face.

At this point the one that had his hand on my throat started forcefully pulling my head towards his cock indicating that he wanted me to give him a blow job, and since I had no other choice I willingly opened my mouth and started sucking for all that I was worth and when he was about to reach his second orgasm he pulled out and started jacking himself off with the other hand and came all over my face with the rest of his cum. When he was done with that he and his friend seamlessly switched places without letting go of my hair, and he too forcefully guided my face towards his cock so that I could also suck his cock dry. And just like his friend when was about to cum he forced me to pull out and started jacking himself off and plastered my face with his cum. And when they were both done with me they just took my clothes including my bra and panties as a souvenir and just left me there naked my face plastered in both there cum and at the same time having both of them cum drying in my pussy and in my ass respectively. Not soon after the work men that where working on the stairwell returned, and when they first entered at first, they did not know what to do or what to think, when one of them started walking towards me to see if need help the others did the same, and before when this fantasy was over I sucked every one of the workmen and they all came on my face.

By the time when that fantasy was over I was hyperventilating and sweating and when I pulled my fingers out I noticed that I have cummed all over my index and middle fingers without them even moving. When I got up I was on shaky legs and stared to make my way towards the living room to watch some TV to calm myself down when I noticed the time. I’m secluded to call my aunt three minutes ago to talk to her about my day and about her son’s graduation. Our conversation didn’t last for very long an hour an hour six tops. Before hanging up I once again apologized for my delayed phone call the excuse that I gave was that I just got out of the shower, and she under stood. The I was secluded to call my mom next for our weekly chats frontally there was no timed seclude to which I was to call my mom to have our weekly conversations she knows that I was busy and that I would call her as soon as I can. Just as long as I called, we talked for hours I informed her playing the role of chaperon for her sister’s son her nephew’ graduation and she was proud of me welling to give up sometime out of my life to make sure that one of our own family members is safe and having a good time. By the time that our conversation ended I was still horny and the images still ran through my head, I turned to look at the clock it was late. But fortunately, I have a few phone numbers for this exact situation so I sued them, however I was only able to get a hold of two of them the others were busy. We agreed to meet somewhere safe and public, we decided on meeting at a nearby house due to be demolished and rebuilt.

We recreated my fantasy as best as we could by having them start off groped me just outside of my dorm and then moving on with them driving us to the site and, when arrived they would each carry me into the most secluded spot and they would proceed to **** me.

Just like in my fantasy with those boys, and they were done it would be agreed that they would just take my clothes and my bra and my panties and just leave me there naked for an hour, before they would come back and pick me up.

I was surprised that with all of the noise that we were all making that we didn’t attract any attention, not even the police. For fulling this particular fantasy, I would not only allow them to **** me, and I would not only give them the best sex that I had ever gave them, but also, I would promise them that I would take both of them in my ass wearing whatever they want me to wear. It turns out they wanted me to dress like a sexy teacher with a pair of see-through bra and panty set underneath, to which they allowed me to keep after when we were done with it. But with the exception of the cum stains in the inner layer of the panties, to which I have never and would never wash off. I have kept it as a souvenir from that day I had never nor would I never wear them again it is too prized for that.

Flash forward to the night of my cousin’s graduation/Prom in the aftermath of fucking Professor Bull that day I hurried and my things including my clothes and dashed out the. By the time that I was dressed and out the door, I was a mess and Professor Bull was too out of energy to even care. It was obvious to anyone that I ran by what I had been up to, I went into the Lady’s Room to make myself presentable like I always do, and when I came out I was stopped by one of the other Lady Professors that I have befriended earlier that year.

She noticed that I was sweating and that I was out of breath and I’m sure she saw the way I looked going into the Lady’s Room. She started asking questions and I answered them the best way that I could and as quickly as I could, the excused that I gave her to get out of it was the truth, that I would love to stay and chant but I needed to get going and ready to pick up my cousin for his grad and later prom, and that I was his chaperon. She understood and allowed me to leave, I was almost the door when I rammed into one of the other girls in my class I think her name is Sue or something I never really bothered to learned anyone’s names.

Sue: Aurg, what a slut?

I heard her whispered to herself. As soon as I got back to my dorm I tossed everything on the kitchen table figuring that I would deal with it later but for now I would have to get ready. Just before classes this morning I hung the Prom Dress that I bought on the dresser door so I wouldn’t have to waste time hunting it down in my little dorm. The first order of business was to shower to wash off the sweat and the cum smell out of my body. For make-up I choose a very simple Dark Pink almost red Shade Lipstick to apply to my lips, then the only other make-up that I decided to apply was to paint my nails a simple shade of dark yellow, I know they don’t match but this is still a high school prom and that I’m still playing the part of chaperon after all, and besides my head was still spinning with all of the questions earlier Professor friend earlier. Then next came the choice of what I would wear underneath, not like that matter no one would see them any ways, so I just choose some random colored panties and a light pink bra that clips in the front. The next was to choose the type shoes to wear, and since that I was driving and I most likely would be on my feet all night or at least most of the night.

I figured that high heels would out of the question which is unfortunate because high heels would have been the obvious choice, I ended up choosing a pair of plane flat shoes with color matching the dress. Then finally I finished off with the dress itself I didn’t have jewelry at my dorm nor would I choose to wear any with good reason on both.

I arrived at my aunt’s house at around six just into time to drive him to his graduation ceremony. When his name was called I stood up and applaud my loudest because I was so proud of my cousin, essentially after what my aunt told me. In addition, I was instructed to take pictures for my aunt and the rest of the family. After when the graduation portion of the ceremony was over I met him out in the halls for more pictures, he thanked me and asked if he could go off with his friends. I agreed so I told him to be careful, and off he went. Not too long after I caught him having altercation with one of the boys he attended school with, this year.

I ran over to break it up and to see what was going on, he screamed that it was nothing and jerked his arm free of my grip and ran off. That reminded me of my own experience when I was younger so I let him be, because when and if he was ready he would come and find me to talk about it. When most that did not want to stay for the Prom portion of the celebration left he came and finally found me sitting at the benches talking to one of his teachers that he had this past school year about him, turns out that he was good student when he wasn’t distracted it turns out that he is easily distracted in class. I was bout to stand up and walk around at the same time to hunt for him and at which point he found me and explained to me what was the altercation about. It turns out that altercation was about me and how that other boy wanted to bend me over my own car and fuck me and impregnate me or that is how I understood it.

POV: I see? Listen there is one thing that I have learned and that is, when you start to leave hare and go out into the real world.

There will be assholes like that and you shouldn’t them piss you off, because if you do those assholes would win.

So, do you still want to stay for the prom, because if you don’t I could make some bull shit up saying that you changed your mind and decided not stay for the prom?

He that he wanted to stay I guessed my pep talk worked, the prom was held in the school’s gym. By the time that we made it to the gym doors everyone was already starting to file in, we were one of the last to enter. When we got in there the music was already blasting over the gym speakers, everyone was dancing and having a good time as the night went on. At one point I was reminded of m on prom not too long ago, I was waiting near the punch bowl with a cup and surveying the festivities and keeping an eye on my cousin all at the same time.

So as the night went on I was hit on by every horny guy in that prom imaginable, of course I had no other choice but to turn them down, for my cosines reputation sake. But in my head, I was imagining that I was getting naked in front of every one of them and fucking all of their brains out. But back to reality after when I have shoot them all down a lot of them had the courage to take a chance and started groping me all over the place, I pretended that I did not enjoyed it for the same reason as before, but in my head, I did. The rest of the night went on with not much change, somewhere dancing to the beat of the music and others were mingling with each other, and as for the rest they were doing their own thing coming and going. And as for my cousin he was the mingling type, I once again found myself at the punch bowl station and was about to pour myself another drink when suddenly I had to take a piss.

At this point my cousin was on his way-out he looked in my direction and waved me over so I did, turns out that he just wanted to inform me that he just wanted some air. So, we left together and when we were clear of the noise of the prom in the gym. That is when I took the opportunity to inform him that I needed to use the Lady’s Room. I asked him where it was he pointed that there were two one on the second floor I can’t miss it. I didn’t even give him the opportunity to point the others out and dashed for the second floor one.

The high school that I attended was not this one there was one closer to my house at the time. When I entered, I took the closes stall and did my business, and when I was done I flushed and exited the stall and was in the mist of washing my hands, when I heard footsteps naturally I thought it was a fellow female so I pay no attention to it. I didn’t even look until I felt a hand on my ass and rubbing it over and over again I thought it was another ballsy senor trying to get to get naked. I was about to turn around and tell him that he could also go fuck himself, when suddenly I heard a formula voice. That voice instructed me stay quit and not turn around and to hold still. And so, I did, then just as suddenly I felt those very same hand go for my dress and pulled both the layers of the fabric away to expose both of my breasts. And once when that was done that hand started to message both of breasts at the same time, before going back to rubbing my ass. I creamed myself just by having that hand rubbing on my ass over and over again or maybe it was all of those horny males hitting on me tonight in either case. I screamed in ecstasy.


When I was done I was permitted to turn around and that hand and voice belonged to Professor Bull, when I asked him what he was doing hare the only answer he gave was to play with my boobs. When he has grown bored he squeezed both of my breasts as hard as he can three time before instructing me to get down on my knees and unzip his pants and give him a Blow Job right there on the bathroom floor. So, I did what he instructed and got on my knees and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He then placed both of his hands on each side of my shoulders and gently guided me through the Blow Job, and when he came he held my head so close that I could feel his cock in the back of my throat, I was almost Deep Throating him at this point. When he was done he zipped himself back up and left the Lady’s Room, while was laying on the floor where I had just given my teacher a Blow Job, cover in sweat and smelling of cum both his and mines and not wanting to move.

And what happened next you may ask? Well I ‘ll that to your imagination.



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