The New Sales Girl – Part Eight

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The New Sales Girl – Part Eight
The New Sales Girl – Part 8

Whew. It only took a minute of looking at the window shoppers to realize that this was one way glass. They only saw a mirrow but I could almost reach out and touch them. I was liking this now. I was riding this sybian and getting way turned on and I was digging the feel of almost being on display but no worries about the cops.
I’ve never been on one of these machines before and I’m not sure but I think this one was a high horsepower model because it was really pumping and rocking. I was really wet and about ready to cum when Keith slowed it down for a while and then speeded it up and each time I was about to cum he reversed gears. It was torture. I wanted to cum so damn bad. He could see it in my eyes and he knew he could keep me horny as hell with no release until he decided to allow it.
I started trying to move around on the big dildo trying to reach a much needed orgasim but not quite getting myself where I really needed to be.
Meanwhile the clamps on my nipples were starting tuzla escort bayan to really hurt and my butt was buzzing with the vibrating plug and I was completely at Keith’s control and he was loving it.
He stopped the sybian and came over next to me and took hold of the clamps and stretched my nipples which made tears roll down my cheeks and I was trying to scream but the gag only allowed me to drool and make a****l like noises. I was crying and drooling and Keith was getting very, very excited by his power over me.
Finally he said, “IF you’re a good girl I’ll remove the nipple clamps. Are you going to be a good girl for me?” I nodded my head yes with all my heart and then he removed the clamps.
Actually I thought I had been a good girl for him all day but I was ready to do whatever he wanted with a very eager to be good attitude now. I just didn’t want anymore nipple torture.
He held the nipple clamps up again and said, ” YES? ”
I shook my head no and pleaded with him with my eyes. He started rubbing oil all over orhanlı escort my tits and was squeezing and rubbing and then he reached down and started rubbing my clit and he asked me, “Does my good girl want to be allowed to cum?”
I nodded my head enthusiastically and drool ran down all over my oiled tits. Keith picked up the control box and got that dildo pumping and I was rocking on it and Keith reached out and held me in a firm grip by my throat and he said, “Not until I give you permission, do you understand me slut?”
I shook my head yes and pleaded with my eyes to be allowed to cum. Keith just held me tighter by the throat and looked deep into my pleading eyes and finally he said, “Ok my nasty slut, you may cum now.”
On command I had one huge, intense, orgasim followed by a series of after shocks. I was feeling so fucking good right now and I realized that Keith had broken me and it excited me to know that he knew it too. He now had me in his power. I was obedient to him because my husband and Robert told me to be but now aydınlı escort it was somehow different, now Keith knew he had no real limits with me now and he knew that I knew it too. It was scary and fucking exciting all at the same time.
I did realize that Keith still had to respect any limits my husband had set with regards to my use but I really didn’t know what Mark had laid out and I suspected he told Keith to test me and use me without really causing any harm pysically but mentally I think I crossed an unseen threshold with Keith.
My husband will always be my love and my only true master but I had discovered that I could experience more than just roleplay with other masters and it was a powerful emotion I was feeling for Keith right now. I felt like I had become his slave, at least for today.
He could feel it. See it in my eyes. He knew he had conquered me.
After removing my ball gag he said, “I want you to suck my cock and I don’t just want a blowjob. I want you to worship my cock and show me what a submissive, nasty, slut you can be for me. For ME DeAnn.”
I looked at him and I said, “Please Master, rub it all over my face. I want to feel it and taste it and I want you to slap my face with it. I need your cock so fucking bad Master. Please, PLEASE SIR.”

– Continued in Part Nine

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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