The Courtesan Empress – Chapter 8

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The Courtesan Empress – Chapter 8
Thea liked sex and did not see why being pregnant should make her give it up. Thea’s husband and lovers felt different and wanted to coddle her. Since Thea was empress, she won but she did compromise a bit. Bouncing up and down cowgirl style on Marcos’s cock whilst Anna, her maid was fondling her tits and Sisa, her lady in waiting, nibbled her labia was as naughty as it was allowed to get.

Admittedly to an outside observer the fact that the envoy from the Jumah was being screwed by Lord Sorros, newly appointed deputy commander of the palace guard and the bath maids were daisy chaining in an orgy of sapphic pleasure in the baths would not have been seen as staid.

Bathing and screwing complete they returned to her suite and were lounging around eating breakfast. There was nothing like sex to get up an appetite. They were gossiping but with matters of state interspersed. Again, this was normal behaviour.

“Our ambassador in Koshel has informed us that the young king would like to make a state visit. Apparently, he is looking for a suitable wife. Surely, he knows that we are a bit short on royals around here.”

“See if the daughter of one of our high nobles is acceptable. After all some of the baronies are bigger and more powerful than Koshel.”

“Yes, that might work I will send a fast courier back to enquire and confirm we would be pleased to have Janos visit.”
A relay of couriers on fast horses ensured that despite the considerable distance that the Imperial ambassador to Koshel had his instructions inside twenty-four hours.

“I like the way you put that Thea, visit it sound like coming around for a bite to eat and a chat. By the way have you heard about what our Lord Chancellor and Justiciar have been getting up to with their wives.”

“No, what have they been doing that is worthy of the attention of your slutty little mind Sisa.”

“They have been having a foursome.”

The idea of her stately and serious high officials doing any such thing seemed ludicrous. But Thea realised that appearance were deceptive after all she could appear refined.

“How did you get this information?”

“When I had dinner with my mother yesterday. Mother came up from our estate to do some shopping. Mama is so different, she feels a lot younger now. Anyway, she now likes gossiping with her daughter. Mum is so much happier and more fun. I think she has always tried to do what is expected and now what father expects is for her to be a horny fun loving tart. It sits well with her now she has accepted it.”

“Get on with the story, though I am surprised and pleased with the change in your mother.”

“Well she’s friends with both ladies who are equally delighted with the change and confided in her that they and their husbands had a private dinner. The four of them have been close friends for years but now of course are two couples rather than Carmana being married to someone else. Well the result was that they were rather more open about past games.”

“What games exactly?”

“Well Carmana and Cassia have known each other since they were teen-agers and apparently the two ladies were in the habit of sneaking out for a ride from their respective estates, meeting and playing with each other. No chance of getting pregnant with another girl.”

“Thinking about it having met Carmana I can imagine it. So they bat for both sides do they?”

“Oh yes, let’s face it a lot of us girls do. Well they got talking about it and this turned the men on, which encouraged the ladies to offer to demonstrate. That offer was taken up with some glee. Of course, seeing their wives making out got the men even more randy.”

“They are old enough to be my father.”

“What has that got to do with it. Anyway, the men joined in first with their wives and then with each other’s. They may not have kept it up as long as we do but they still had a nice little orgy.”

“I wonder who else knows.”

“Oh nobody, my mother deliberately only told me and she is the only one who they told. I get the impression that the story was meant to get back to you Thea.”

“I am glad they are on our side because that is very devious sending us that intel that they know about us and do the same. I wonder if they want to join in.”

The whole thing had made all of them hot and steamy. Thea and Anna were using dildoes on each other. Azeena was sitting on Sorros lap being screwed by him as he squeezed at her tits. Time for a bath with all of them going together which just meant the bath maids joined in as always.

The bathing arrangements were a large pool of water heated with water from a hot spring. The place was just made for debauchery and the girls who manned it were selected for their enthusiasm in joining in.

At her morning cabinet meeting Thea discussed the matter of the state visit and the reason behind it. Up until now foreign affairs had been the preserve of the Emperor or recently the Lord Protector. Ambassadors were appointed at their personal decree and were often to pay off political debts. Thea thought that this was a weakness in their system, it might have worked when the empire was smaller but at its present size a more professional system was required.
“I am of the opinion that we need a foreign service like the way we deal with public servants at home.”

Generally, the lords ran the bit of the empire they had control over but increasingly the larger cities and some areas that no lord could dominate were administered by the imperial civilian service.

“To that end my lords who do we to head things who is both trustworthy and won’t upset the balance of the various factions.”

“I would suggest Somon Vashti, he was mayor of Byzantos a couple of years ago and managed to avoid a run in with the Lord Protector so definitely has diplomatic skills. Also, he trades anything with everywhere so knows people throughout the known world. Add to that he is very rich canlı kaçak bahis but lives modestly giving a lot of money to charitable causes and we have someone who cannot be bribed. At the moment he is not a noble but I suspect would love to be one.”
“Is he totally without vice, I have difficulty believing in such a paragon.”

“Oh very far from without vice, he likes wearing women’s clothing for a start. But even so he prefers women to boys and he has a g
irlfriend in pretty much anywhere that he regularly visits. But for your purpose my empress he is perfect.”

When he was in the city Thea had arranged for Tymos to attend their meetings discretely. The palace guard did not know what he did but were well aware that he was implicitly trusted by both their superiors and the Empress. As a result, he could go anywhere without comment. Having your spymaster attend cabinet meetings was very useful.
Vashti was invited to the palace and the task was explained to him. Not only did he accept but he was willing to pay many of the costs. Apparently what Thea proposed would make trade far easier and allow for treaties to be negotiated that would help the merchants.

“In fact, your majesty. Byzantos will go from being big and powerful but only moderately wealthy to the richest and most powerful state in existence. A great deal of trade comes through us but with a properly organised service dealing with diplomacy and trade then we will attract so much more.”

Azeena who apart from being Thea close friend was also envoy for her country confirmed what Vashti had said. Thus it was Lord Vashti who left the palace with a writ to start organising.

Sisa suggested that they invite their new lord along to one of their private parties that is to say orgies. From what Tymos had said he was just the sort to enjoy them but how to achieve it. You didn’t just go up to him and say fancy coming along to an orgy tonight. Valeria would normally have been able to help since she was still madam to the most exclusive brothel in town and unofficial guild mistress of the not existent guild of courtesans, prostitutes and brothel owners. Apparently however Lord Vashti made his own arrangements.

How to bring him into their arrangements solved itself with the arrival of Thea’s new lady in waiting, Lady Marta Muros. Whatever Thea had been expecting Marta wasn’t it. Whilst having a suitable size escort for a woman of her rank the normal baggage wasn’t present and instead of a litter she rode into the city on a horse. Not some gentle little palfrey but a huge great b**st who looked as though he was more suited to being a war horse rather than a lady’s mount.
As for the lady herself she wasn’t a delicate little thing but fairly tall and clearly used to taking exercise, that having said she was also rather attractive. A nice figure, bronzed skin and topped by a mass of curls a shade of light brown that was almost yellow.

All this Thea observed from a window fitted with pierced wooden shutters that overlooked the main courtyard. The window was designed to allow an observer to watch what was going on without being seen. All the better as Thea hadn’t finished dressing, or more accurately had her make up being done whilst being starkers. This often took some time more than necessary as Anna tended to fondle Thea’s breasts and Vella had got in the habit of joining in.
So it was three naked women who were all interested in their own sex as well as men who looked down on this robust but very tasty women below. They were not the only ones who had noticed her as Somon Vashti was arriving at the palace for the morning meeting.

Somon decided that he liked what he saw and was going to make her acquaintance. Deploying his considerable charm, he greeted the latest addition to the imperial household and quite circumvented the official greetings party. Outmanoeuvring Lady Carmana was no small undertaking but with a raised eyebrow the chief lady in waiting allowed it.

“My lord, would you care to take Lady Marta up to the imperial apartment where one of the staff will show her to the baths. I am sure that she would like a bath after her long ride.”

“Somon got a chance to impress the young lady which he did with aplomb. Once at the imperial apartments they were separated as it was Lea who had been sent to conduct her to the baths.

When Marta was at the baths the maids who served there got her undressed. Lea was amused that under her dress she was wearing breeches like a man. Marta might be a bit of a tomboy but she was all girl when it came to bathing.
“I think I will join you” said Lea undressing and getting into the water.

The bath maids soaped them and confirmed that the new comer was quite happy with female attention so dived beneath her legs. Another was girl doing the same for Lea.

“Ooh this is nice I haven’t tried girls before.”

“Neither had I until very recently. I decided that if this sort of things was good enough for the empress then why shouldn’t I enjoy myself. The funniest thing was that when I told my father rather than getting stressed, he admitted he had a mistress. Divine knows why he kept it a secret they are both single and fairly serious about each other.“

The two women lay back and enjoy being fondled. Then there was a flurry of activity and a guardsman checked the bathing room for intruders only smiling at what was going on. This was Phanus. the guardsman whose life Thea had saved when he nearly died protecting her. For him anything that the empress did was acceptable behaviour.

“Ah you are Marta, I am glad to see you are getting into the style of things here.” Thea was openly smirking as she doffed her robe and lay down on a marble slab for a massage. It was already warm because a heated bag of grain had been laid upon it to remove the chill from the stone.

Anna and Vella just dropped themselves in the bath and soon had perabet giriş girls eating them out. They reached over and kissed whilst sneaking a look at the other two girls in the bath to see Marta reaction. This was that Lea, kissed Marta. It was difficult to judge, but the new girl seemed quite happy with it and was kissing back with enthusiasm.

As the bevy of soap covered beauties played, the newbies as enthusiastically as the experienced lezzers, Thea thought. The massage was relaxing and smoothed out the muscles that were aching.

Thea considered the Marta she had met with the women she was expecting. The two did not seem to match up, the real Marta was quite a bit brighter than suggested and seemed to take a delight in shocking people hence the breeches and the open taking of lovers. That was fine but Thea decided that she was going to shock this young lady herself. More seriously was she a plant, a possible spy?

Morning cabinet was delayed as Thea was greeting her new lady in waiting in this novel fashion and when she arrived, she was dressed very informally. Lord Taxillos, the Lord Chamberlain raised an eyebrow.

“Oh come on, I know that the lot of you are more than used to seeing underdressed women and not always your wives.”

“Ah so that came back to you did it. Carmana thought that it would and wanted you to know for some reason.”
“It did. Now you can keep on ogling whilst we get on with things.” Thea quite deliberately opened the robe to reveal her luscious body.”

“Well my lady, I think we need to announce your pregnancy since even to my inexpert eye you are beginning to show dressed like that.”

“You are probably right. I think we will warn the Patriarch first as he will want to say something, I am sure. Probably one of his passive aggressive digs at the snootier clergy. Next item”

“I have confirmed the extent of the plot to assassinate you my lady. It was purely one person, the dowager Lady Carlern. None of her family are involved. In fact, her c***dren are almost estranged from her, the oldest son who is the current lord is far more of your persuasion than anything and he has an ongoing war with his mother who is a nasty piece of work.”

“Right in that case I think we will go and confront the old bat. Have a large troop of cavalry escort me and you can hide amongst the entourage. First of all we will give the new lord a bit of a scare that he and his family are going to fall along with his mother. Once we accept his protestation of innocence, he will be so relieved that he will fall over himself to be loyal. I will help; him along by being utterly charming and gracious. Do you think I have got the psychology right?”
They all agreed that this was an excellent plan. It would take some days to arrange everything but then a visit followed by a trial would occur. The evidence against the mother was conclusive so she would be sent into exile even though she deserved to be executed. Killing old women however unpleasant they were, did not give the correct impression.
At the formal dinner that took place that evening, in aid of something deeply inconsequential Thea arranged for Marta to be placed beside Lord Vashti. As she suspected they got on like a house on fire. So, when the time came for the imperial entourage to retire, he did not have difficulty insinuating himself into the party. What was more surprising is that Carmana Taxillos asked if they could come along. Surprising because she clearly knew what was going to occur next.

In the private rooms Thea sat on her husband’s lap as did Carmana on hers. Azeena and Sorros followed suit. The spare girls cuddled up on a large sofa. This led Marta and Somon unseated. Thea waved at a chair giving clear permission to do the same and happily conformed.

The look on Marta face when she realised that her august mistress was setting her up with this rather charming older man was amusing to see. The others were watching and Anna and Vella were starting to play around so then Lea and Sisa did as well.

Alexandros and Valeria joined them to enjoy the fun and were soon seated. The four girls were kissing and cuddling and disarranging each other’s clothing. Marta was looking a bit spooked she was used to being the naughty girl who did the daring things like riding a war horse or sleeping with whomever she liked. But here she was the innocent. This was of course exactly what Thea wanted as she had worked out that the girl was not nearly as stupid as she made out and enjoyed shocking people.

Beyond that there was no plan but they were in an atmosphere where sex was on everyone agenda. As the girls got increasingly outrageous the various couples started to react the same.

Amazingly the first women to have a tit out was Carmana who clearly enjoyed her husband fondling it. The smile on her face was interesting, apparently Marta was not the only one who enjoyed being shocking.

Lea who was out of the top of her dress looked at Thea and smiled.

“How would you feel about getting Dad and Mira joining next time.”

“Why not all it would then need is our Justiciar and his lady wife.”

“They would thoroughly enjoy themselves I can tell you. You my dear empress have removed the shackles that prevented us admitting just how sexual we were, even now we are older. Oh my darling, don’t stop, more please. Yes, yes oh divine yes.” She got after incoherent after that as she climaxed spectacularly.

Marta having got used to the idea that she was being included in a very raunchy orgy with the highest in the land got thoroughly involved. Having been stripped she was proceeding to give Somon a blow job. Thea decided that whilst enthusiastic she wasn’t very good at it.

“Move over, I will show you how to do that properly.” Kneeling beside the girl Thea deep-throated Somon’s respectable sized cock. The younger woman’s eye bulged with surprise as the member perabet güvenilir mi went right down the former courtesans throat.

“The trick is to relax so that you don’t get the gagging reflex. Somon is a good choice to try for your first time as he understands to let you have control.”

“Only and idiot would interfere when being pleasured by the greatest lover in the empire.”

“Flattery will get you at least to cum.” giggled Thea.

“Ooh yes that feels good.” Marcos had come up behind Thea whilst she was kneeling to deliver the blow job and entered his wife’s wet pussy. It was Marta’s turn to squeak with surprise and pleasure as Sisa had donned one of the new strap on’s. A quick feel of the new girl’s pussy revealed that it was nice and wet sop Sisa had in turn entered her.
The delighted Somon had two girls alternately taking his cock in his mouth and sucking. Marta again proved she was not really stupid by learning fast and taking his cock down her throat at the third attempt. Admittedly she nearly bit it off when Sisa bought her to orgasm but he appeared to quite like it.

Across the room Anna had joined in with Lord and Lady Taxillos. Carmana was thoroughly enjoying bouncing up and down on her husband’s lap whilst passionately kissing Anna.

At some stage Azeena and Sorros had sneaked off somewhere but not very far as by now Thea recognised the sounds of her friend cummin. Thea wondered how she would handle the diplomacy involved in a foreign envoy marrying the second in command of her palace guard.

The remaining two girls had joined Valeria and Alexandros and were again getting a lesson in the finer points of love making. Valeria as a semi-retired courtesan and madam was an ardent and competent teacher. Alexandros had long since learnt to let the girls take control for maximum pleasure.

“My empress would you give me the honour and pleasure of screwing your fabulous body.”

“I think the empress will take particular pleasure in the granting of that request.” The evening had gone particularly well if not quite as planned.

The plans to arrest Lady Carlern were in place and Thea and her sizable escort set out. Alexandros came along as did the Lord Justiciar. The trial was to be short, fair but with justice swift.

At the palace Sorros was to be left in charge of the guard but they would not have a quiet time as Sorros had made arrangements to have the security of the palace tested whilst Thea was safely away. After all they did not want to risk a real interloper getting in since the guards had been warned not to kill intruders. Just to add authenticity Azeena would occupy the royal bed.

Arriving at the Carlern estate they were greeted with respect but also caution. So large a troop of armed men and the unexpected arrival of the empress was far from the norm.

“Lord Carlern, we require to see you lady mother. We have matters we wish to put to her.”

Lady Carlern was brought before Thea and challenged with all the crimes her action amounted too. The old woman did not attempt to deny them but instead stood defiant before her empress and her family.

“You’re a harlot who doesn’t not deserve to sit on the Throne of the Golden Pheasant. If your line dies out so be it there are plenty of noble families who can take your place though I fear my own is not one of them. My c***dren would be as depraved as you if they had the gumption. Lord Carlern looked as though he was considering running his mother through before she could be brought to trial.

“So, you do not deny you plotted against the Empress Thea and sort to bring about her death then?”

“I am not a coward, you can cut me down in front of my weak c***dren and their equally pathetic spouses.” The young lord’s wife had to be physically prevented by her husband from attacking the old baggage.

“Death can and should be the only punishment.” Said the implacable justiciar, Alexandros went as far as drawing his sword.

“I do not wish the blood of a twisted old woman on my hands however much she might deserve it. You will be sent into exile with only your clothes and sufficient money to fund a voyage far from the empire. In fact, you will be going to somewhere I have been told of, called Europa. It is a long way to the west and someone I trust is going there, who will ensure you arrive and do not come back.”

Thea managed to stay calm and cool though in fact she wanted to rend the old women limb from limb for putting those who serve her at risk.

“Your imperiousness, might I as far as is possible make up for the women who gave me births treason and if you are so inclined provide an additional punishment.”

“I am curious, what do you propose.”

My brother and sisters all enjoy making love together, not to their siblings mind, but to their spouses and each other’s. I am led to believe this is something you enjoy along similar lines. Have the old women who I refuse to call mother. tied up and gagged so that she can watch us as we enjoy ourselves.”

Thea stood with a straight face and composed herself considering this outrageous suggestion. A look at Alexandros and the Justiciar got nods so she agreed. So that evening the guard was placed around but out of site and the family feasted with their guests. The servants were sent away and Lord Carlern’s sister filled their goblets whilst Carlern and his younger brother firmly tied their mother to her normal chair but now placed at the bottom of the table, a napkin was tied around her mouth to keep her quiet.

Carlern went up to his wife and kissed her before pushing the dress of her shoulders and down to reveal her breasts. Carlern’s two sisters who were both un-married squirmed out their dresses. One went over to Alexandros wiggling her hips and the other to the Justiciar. Carlern’s younger brother and his wife also disrobed.

Before long both hosts and guests were naked and making love. Carlern and his wife paying all their attention to the empress though occasionally the young wife looked at her mother in law and smiled sweetly. Of all of them she was enjoying herself the most. Thea wondered if this had been her idea brought up when an opportunity presented itself.

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