The bra, sissy fag and now the major – Pt8

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The bra, sissy fag and now the major – Pt8
The major and sissy FAG…the major had numerous business interests and was not averse to using kink and sex to help oil the wheels of commerce. This latest young sexy kinky sissy faggot of Mistress Anne’s employ delighted him greatly. Her oral skills being the best he had enjoyed for quite some time and when he had watched some of the kinky shots of her in action to date he knew he could use her on his latest business venture to get the deal sealed. He negotiated terms with Mistress Anne to take and use Samantha and as they left for his manor he outlined the plans for the time she would be with him. You will be my hostess and also available in anyway my guests may desire. The business deal is important and play your sexy cards right my dear and there could be a big bonus for you, that is just between you and I as Mistress Anne’s take is already agreed.

Samantha had changed into a simple dress for the journey – her outfit being a knee length silk figure hugging little black dress. Her suspender clips were clearly outlined as she got into the car and the major enjoyed feeling the bumps as his chauffeur drove them back to the manor. He kissed her and felt her tits and nipples in her tight dress – braless nice idea sweet sissy faggot. You will do just fine – now here we are home and time to prepare for my guests.
The major showed her a boudoir room sumptuously decorated in pink silks and satins with a large king size bed and she noted fixing pints on the bed posts and wall and various items for pleasure taking around the wall too. This room is for your exclusive use whilst you are here – if requested by any of my other guests to entertain them you may bring them here and must allow them to use you as they desire. It is camera secured for my body protection officer to monitor all activity and if at any time you look to be in any danger or extreme harm he will come to the room and sort the situation.

Now the first guests will be arriving in 3ominutes so please put this dress on to greet them – it is silk-satin low cut bust line to show your hot tits full skirted with petticoat with suspender set and sheer stockings high heels and 1950s look – that is their kink. Submissive wife always eager to please their man. The two men were stocky mature and smelled divine – she greeted them took their coats showed them into the drawing room where the major introduced Samantha to them and handed them a large scotch each. She is available to you at any time day or night during your stay gentlemen and will be very obedient in every way.

There are another ten guests due for the business meetings to be held here over the next three days so you tow bursa escort bayan have first go so to speak being pleasured or rather enjoying the pleasure of your hostess.

The two men finished their drinks and suggested the hostess should show them a good time maybe. She saw the major indicate her room so she invited them to follow her – upon entering the room both men took off their jackets and shirts revealing tanned torso and biceps rippling.

Here slut kiss my lips and let my friend here have a quick fondle of your ass and tits whilst you show me how good a kisser you are. She offered her red hot gloss lips and kisses were exchanged tongues probed hands then began to wander over her dress and her bust and up her skirts and feeling her stockings. Her ass was patted then spanked as kisses continued. Her dress was unzipped and she was told to stand before them and show her sexiest wiggle. She obeyed and her petticoat flirted with her moves and they took that off her. She stood in her matching satin bra-panty-garter set before them.

Face down on the bed whore – she obeyed. They spread her legs and arms. Secured her ripping her panty off the two guys began their spanking and flogging off her and then whipping her ass with the various implements on display. I want that ass one cried – he mounted her and rode her and filled her with his cream – the second decided her mouth would suit him so he released her bindings and turned her over and forced his thick cock down her throat. The other guy played with his own cock and came as the face fucking guy spurted his cream down slut’s mouth and throat. They dressed and left her to recover and dress again.

She took a quick shower and wondered what to wear next.

She came out of the shower and found a short sissy dress and matching panty set with white hose and baby pink heels. A pink ribbon for the blonde curl filled wig was waiting with the outfit. The dress was pure l****a style. She would look young and innocent. Her make-up was to match the whole look of innocence and so she did a good job of toning down her eyes, lips and lightly rouged cheeks. A hint of perfume and simple necklace and bracelets. Her underwear was simple full bra to hold her now ever growing tits in place and matching panty to dress set with simple hold up white stockings. She returned to the parlour and found the major entertaining 6 new guests – but the men were butt naked sat around and chatting as if this was quite normal. Sorry dear we started without you, these gentlemen all know each other intimately and enjoy showing off their sleek tanned bodies.

The guys stopped chatting when she entered and a few stood to admire the sweet l****a – escort bursa one guy came to her and kissed her lips softly and placed his hand up her dress to feel around – yes guys she is as we want her to be – caged and innocent looking – as the major told us she is ours to enjoy so guys I say we party a while with her and see what pleasure we can have using her mind body and soul.

The gathered round her and watched for a reaction as each one displayed their cocks in hand playing with them, massaging them before her very eyes. She looked towards the major but he just smiled and continued to enjoy his scotch.

Six hunks, six cocks what is a girl to do?

Her natural basic sissy faggot instincts took over. She went down on her knees and took cocks in hand and mouth in turn rotating the pleasure giving. Enjoying each one in a special loving way and feeling each one grow to enjoy her pleasure giving by their throbbing pulsing sensations she could tell that all was going well for them and herself.
As she sucked from tip to stem each guy responded by thrusting hips forward to push themselves deeper into the l****a girl’s mouth and throat.

They were enjoying using her mouth and her manual dexterity was superb – then one by one they came – some into her hand others down her throat. Then one said – let us draw lots to see who beds the virgin bride tonight. She looked up at them wondering what they were now thinking of doing. Of course major we will need a virgin white satin bridal gown for our sweet l****a to wear for the ceremony and then to be bedded in – what say you sir?

The major wanting these men on his side for the business ahead announced the wedding would be at 10pm after the evening meal.

The guys gathered and decided who would get to be the groom. That done they adjourned to dress for dinner.
Samantha stood dazed and the major came over to her – now you must go and ready yourself for your wedding dear sissy faggot. This deal is most important to me as I said before. These guys are crucial to the success or not of it all and so I ask you to honour their request and be a good sissy fag bride after the meal. You can have you own meal brought to the room and one of my maids will help you dress and be a bridesmaid too.

So the l****a girl look had worked and now she was to play a virgin bride.

Back in her room she took off the dress and underwear and sat in just a simple satin robe wondering how the rest of this time at the major’s manor was going to pan out for her. Just then there was a soft knock on the door and when she opened it a sweet young maid in a pink uniform dress short full and sexy stood with a tray of food. Do come in and what is your name? Suzie bursa escort and she placed the food on a small table and did her curtsey. No need for such formalities with me dear as I am but the same as you here to serve and please as required. They shared the food and chatted then maid advised it was time to get themselves ready for the wedding. The showered together and enjoyed nibbling sissy breasts and teasing sissy clits as they did so plus kissing each other passionately as only two like-minded sissy faggots can.

Maid Suzie advise their outfits were delivered whilst they had shared the shower time.

On the bed was a silky oft to the touch figure hugging full length bridal gown in white liquid satin with a bridesmaid dress in hot pink liquid satin short mini skirted and panty stocking top showing. I have to bed the best man she advised.

They did each other’s make up bridal style hot look for both – bride just outshining her maid. Then just as they were dressing when the major walked in un-announced – just had to remind your two sissy faggots how important these few days are for me and my business whatever the guys want the get ok? Yes major the two sissy faggots replied in unison. Here sissy fag bride place this into your sissy pussy and then when the lucky groom takes your hot ass it will feel as though you truly are a virgin as this will break on impact with his cock. The soft pliable hymen fitted neatly and would feel good too as she walked up the aisle wiggling her satin ass.

The bride was laced into a white satin corset under bust to emphasise her tits and then stockings of sheer white with blue satin garter. Panty was white satin just covering her modest cage and her dress slipped on like a dream. They were ready and smiled at each other. Bride looked hot and radiant and her bridesmaid looked available and sexy and cute and very pretty. They both had flowers to carry to add to their femininity and allure.
They walked into the room they were directed to by the major.

Music played as they entered – the bridal march.
The room was decorated with flowers and silks and satins.
They walked side by side to the table where the major was stood before them with a book in his hand.
The lucky groom and best man were stood waiting – smart tailored silk suits and ties.
So this was her date for the night as his bride.
He was one of the more handsome guys and had the hottest cock if she remembered right.
The major introduced the proceedings announcing that the two to be married should take this matter seriously at least for the next 12 hours.

The bride and groom faced each other and said I will to the question of will you take any sex offered you this night.
The major announced them to be paired and married for the next 12 hours and anyone was welcome now to salute the happy couple and maybe have a grope before they went to their bridal suite especially prepared for them in the manor in the attic wing……

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