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Thinking that our life ‘will never be the same’ was an understatement. You make a decision, maybe spur of the moment, and take one step in action while thinking you can manage the effects. In reality, it can be like sitting down at the top of a water-slide and pushing off. A simple decision and a simple act. Then you find yourself holding your breath for the next moments as you experience one thrill and screaming delight after another until you finally splash into the pool below. There is no slowing down; there is certainly no going back. When you come to the surface, you can’t believe how you feel and you want more of it. That’s what happened to Bo and me … okay, that’s what happened to me and I can only assume the reaction on Bo’s part because he was a constant and enthusiastic participant. The rest became inevitable, not that we wanted anything else.

The rest of the day had to continue. There was always much to do when the act of continuing to live is by your efforts alone. I did, however, make the decision to remain naked and barefoot. A nagging concern for me was clothing. When all this happened, I had my backpack for a hike the following week, but I always packed light, accepting wearing dirty clothes over having to carry too much. But, it wasn’t much. An inventory of available clothing confirmed my concern: the cut-offs, t-shirt, socks, boots, bra, and panties I had been wearing; jeans, t-shirt, socks, bra, and two panties from the pack; the fatigue uniforms of the two guards which I kept except for the underwear shorts (I allowed that for them to be buried in those); and three lab coats. The uniforms were much too big for me but I figured they could be used as outerwear in the colder days and the lab coats similarly used over that on even colder days into the winter. I wasn’t confident that would be enough for winter, though.

That was behind my thought to remain naked when the weather allowed. At some point my clothes were going to wear out and I had only one pair of appropriate boots, although it might be possible to wrap my feet in cloth strips and use the men’s boots in the winter for short efforts.

That was the logical, practical reasoning to be naked. There was, however, an emotional reason that pushed my consciousness to look for the logical reasoning: Bo. After orgasming twice under his tongue and bringing him to climax with my mouth, my body and soul were tingling with the effects of the experience. A fire had been lit within me that I didn’t know if it would ever go away, and that would be fine with me. The experience was far and away more than I had ever before experienced and I wanted more and I blatantly wanted him to know it.

I moved around the camp doing the things that needed to be done and then in the next moment blatantly displaying myself to him like a bitch in heat, which is the way I felt. I was flirting with him in the rawest sense and he responded with his own teases of recognition. He would give me swipes with his tongue on my ass or hip or thigh, whatever might be available as I move by. Then, as I was bent over the edge of the water securing a baited fishing line to a stake driven in the ground, bent over and my ass in the air, he came up behind me and nearly caused me to fall into the water as his tongue went between my slightly separated legs and licked the length of my pussy. I fell to my elbows and moaned as his second lick parted my pussy lips and traveled over my vagina and asshole. His third lick was concentrated on my asshole, either deliberately or accidently, and until that very moment I had never had a consideration of being fucked in the ass. I had the thought then, however. And that thought made me blush at what was happening to me so quickly.

That night I gave all our remaining meat (fish and rabbits mixed) to Bo, and I settled for a diet of nuts, berries, roots, and greens. I felt the variety was sufficient but I was looking forward to a large steak meal, which meant a large a****l. That was the order of the day for next the several days until I was successful.

That effort occupied some of my thoughts as night settle in, the sun set behind the mountains, and the world grew quiet with the darkness. The fire was blazing and I was leaning against ‘my rock’. It had become my spot by the fire. I sc****d the ground smooth in front of a rock that was angled comfortably for a back rest. Bo was frequently lying next to me but would predictably rise to investigate a stirring in the grass or forest edge beyond. Initially, these times seemed partially consumed with wondering about what had been and what might be happening now. I wondered how long it might have taken before our disappearance was even discovered. Surely the computers would have picked up a spike in the system, but the computers came through the portal with us. Was an upload to a Cloud server or a network server instantaneous or timed? It could have been as long as 10 hours for the next guard shift change.

I wondered if they might be preparing to mount a rescue of some kind, but they would have no clues as to what had happened, how it happened, or what to do about it. It could take months or years to rebuild and successfully duplicate the environment. Then, logical thinking kicked in and it was clear that when they rebuild the system it would likely be at a more secure location. There had been complaints by some in the government that this location had been too difficult to manage and control, that this facility had not been built for this application and research of this scale and significance, and it shouldn’t be left to being forced into some currently available facility. There were even rumors that a new, much larger and more complex facility was already being constructed.

My thoughts seldom dwelled on the times ‘before’, as I now thought of it. We give names to periods in history for convenience and easy reference, the same thing bursa escort bayan happened naturally in my thinking: time ‘before’ and time ‘after’. My history was now in ‘After’. My life was now at 1 week and 4 days After. I recognized at a base level that it wouldn’t be long before I would stop even thinking about time After. There would be no Before or After. There would only be now and the future. Nothing else would matter.

I found some hardwood and was working a piece into a meat roasting spit. It required smoothing the shaft and creating a sharp point to pierce a piece of meat for roasting over the fire. It would eventually lose strength from being charred repeatedly, but hardwood lasts longer. I was working with my camping knife, which was smaller in size than the combat knives the guards had carried. I was working on the fourth spit in confident anticipation of a successful hunt. Whatever meat we couldn’t consume quickly would have to be sliced and dried, essentially making jerky. A large a****l would mean a considerable amount of time spent cooking and storing for future consumption. I hoped I had the method correct because Googling or YouTube searching was out of the question.

I was distracted from my musing and my work on the spike by the fire popping, sending sparks shooting up into the night’s blackness before disappearing, like fireflies flitting around the yard on a warm July night. Following the sparks up and watching them die out safely, I was again overwhelmed by the sheer majesty of the heavens fills to brimming with stars when the night is not infected by stray light from man’s civilization. It made me wonder, though … how crazy would it be … I looked up into the sky and searched right where the Big Dipper should be … and found it. I followed the edge of the cup, just as all k**s are taught, and located the North Star.

I looked up into the vastness of the night sky, recognizing it as the same sky that I might see on one of my hiking adventures. I looked across the lake into the dark void at the mountains I couldn’t really see, but knowing that those mountains are different, that the mountain behind me is without the concrete structure that I knew, but that so much seems so similar but also different. How is it that this is a different physical place, but it has the same night sky, the same sun, the same moon, but be different?

This wasn’t a verbal effort on my part so Bo didn’t have the benefit of my musings and ponderings. Instead, he was persistently bumping one shoulder or another, licking a shoulder or hip or knee. He came up to me and licked my shoulder, neck, and cheek. I slid a hand to the side of his face, giggling at the feel of his licks on my bare skin. I turned my face up to his and was presented with a sloppy kiss on the mouth. It was a long swipe. And he just stood there at my side, his snout close to my face. My hand on the side of his head, I leaned in to him and kissed his mouth. He licked me in response and I presented my tongue to him. My mouth opened and his tongue moved just inside, then retreated and mine followed by seeking his mouth. I made contact and he softly closed his mouth on my tongue, similar to an action I had given him.

I slowly pulled back and gazed up at him, searching his face and eyes. I wanted to discount it, but it felt so real … it was like he was seducing me, his naked woman who he had shared pleasures with earlier in the day. I gasped at the feelings … my heart pounded with renewed anticipation and remembrance of earlier sensations … my upper chest and neck flushed from uninhibited expectancy … and I felt my pussy respond by moistening, my body preparing on its own initiative for a next step … and I blushed deeper still. He had no reaction to my heart rate increasing, my blushing, or even my nipples hardening. He did, however, react to the scent given off by the reaction from my pussy. Perhaps only an a****l could pick up that change, I certainly couldn’t, but he was an a****l and becoming very confident.

He licked my neck, repeatedly, and a shiver went through me. I again turned my face to him and we kissed, already that action of touching tongues and mouths was perceived by me as kissing. There was a gentleness and tenderness that belied even my feelings of dogs. He left my face and licked my shoulder to my arm, then my breast and I shivered again when he hit my nipple. He licked down to my hip and to my knee, first on the outside and then shifting in front of me and licking the inside, gently but firmly pressing my knee open. He sniffed to my scent and licked at my pussy. I moaned and moved the knife and stick I was working with to the side and out of the way. I loved his long tongue on my pussy, the way it started at the bottom and dragged up the entire length and flicked the clit at the end.

He moved forward, licking first my abdomen, then up my stomach and chest until he was lying on top me, his snout stretching up to reach my face. He was licking my face, anywhere he could reach and squirming against me in the process, full of excitement and energy. It was providing me with plenty of energy, too. His body sliding over mine; his fur against my naked skin. In the playfulness, he surged forward to get to my mouth as I played with him and I felt his protruding cock bump my pussy. I went rigid as the tip of his cock played over my pussy lips and I involuntarily jerked as his cock slipped just inside my lips and traveled up the length before rubbing across my clit. My rigid reaction seemed to cause him some concern and he stopped, but I held his head in my hands, massaging the sides of his head as I brought my mouth and tongue to him. He relaxed on top of me and I moaned.

With gentleness and reassurance, I encouraged him off me, but kept my hands on him. I sat up and planted a kiss right on his snout.

“We’re going to do something different and you are going to like it.”

I rolled to my knees and I went to my escort bursa hands and knees, my ass pointed at him. I looked over my shoulder at him. He was watching, looking at my ass and then at me watching him. I patted my ass and he moved to me and started licking my ass cheeks. I separated my knees more and his tongue found my pussy. I groaned loudly. Not that that lick was more than any previously, not in itself, but what it meant in my position and intention. I patted my ass, again. He looked at me, maybe not quite understanding or believing. But, he finally did. He jumped up onto my back and almost instantly his hips were pumping. He hard cock tip was hitting each of my cheeks without going between. It had to be 5 or 6 times before he jumped off and circled me. As he passed me in front, I reached out and stroked him, I reached underneath him and gently touched his cock swaying beneath him. He returned to my ass and jump up, again. This time I reached between my legs to try to help and minimize his frustration. It was then that I realized in my soul just how much I wanted this to happen, not necessarily just for him or just for me, although either would be sufficient, but for us so we would be mated and joined, the two of us completely together in this new world.

I felt his cock on my hand and I moved it to guide it, to let it slide along my hand to my pussy. With a tilt and a shift of my hips, he penetrated me. I think it might have overwhelmed him slightly, like it did me. I didn’t know if he had ever mated before, but if he hadn’t, I wanted this to special … for both of us.

Once inside me, he pushed forward and thrust repeatedly, then released his grip around my waist, moved himself forward and driving his cock deeper into me. I gasped at the feeling finally being realized after the fantasizing and imagining and wondering. He was in me, my trusted companion, my constant support and security when I needed someone, he was inside me. And it felt amazing. It felt more, so much more. It felt beyond my imagination. The different shape was a wonderful bonus that I wasn’t prepare for. The pre-cum provided lubrication that made the wild, frantic pumping of his hips easy and smooth.

And, inside me, I felt his cock change. It grew inside me as he thrust and pumped into me. He grew in length and size. I felt him reaching deeper into me and I felt him filling me more in size. I arched my back into him, testing different angles for penetration and feeling. It was all good and beyond good. It was quickly becoming mind-blowing and my mind melded with my body in singular awareness of the pleasure emanating from my core, from my pussy. I thought I was building to an orgasm, already, when I felt something bumping into the outside of my pussy. Each thrust resulted in a feeling of something pressuring my pussy lips to extend, something growing and becoming larger with thrusts. My mind cleared just enough to recall a****l anatomy and specifically that of dogs … the knot. The knot was forming and would be pressed into me, tying us together. I knew the physiology of dog mating. Even thinking about Bo doing me, absently in my mind, I had forgotten that aspect of canine mating. Being tied together.

The knot was being pressed into me with each thrust, slowly and surely it was spreading my lips, pressing, stretching my pussy for entrance. The entire experience was overwhelming. I was moaning, groaning, and gasping constantly and loudly. I had mental imagines flashing through my brain; not just of being tied to a dog, to Bo, but of an orange being pressed, forced into my pussy. But, the imagery was nothing compared to the reality. The feeling of being stretched beyond my poor body’s limits, yet desiring that very thing to happen. I want not only his cock, but also his knot inside me. I wanted to experience it all. I wanted to experience being his. I wanted to be his. I wanted to be truly and thoroughly fucked and mated and bred by Bo, my dog. And, I was. There was no question that all that was happening to me or would be realized very shortly.

Alongside the fire we were illuminated to everything or everyone who might be aware. And I didn’t care. This was a new place, a new existence. I didn’t even know that much about it, yet. All I knew or cared about was that I was sharing it with Bo and in all ways possible.

The experience was just at the point of feeling that my vaginal opening would be torn by the stretching required by the knot. I knew, rationally, that that wouldn’t be the case, but the experience was different and caused the entire effort that much more consuming. My body was on the edge of intense and overwhelming stimulation and pain, at the same time. Which feeling I might associate with this seemed to be balanced as if on a knife’s edge: pleasure or pain. Focused on the pleasure was pain just underneath; focused on the pain was pleasure just underneath. But, I trusted that the first time was the critical time, the moment of understanding and acceptance that the pain was temporary and ultimately insignificant compared to the experience and that physical damage, despite the sense, was not going to occur.

So I pushed back. I pushed back onto Bo as he pressed forward into me. Both of us now intent on the same action, the same result, both of us determined to achieve our mating. With a final and deliberate effort from both of us, the knot passed suddenly past my stretch pussy lips and his cock drove deeper into my body. Suddenly and abruptly, his cock was filling me deeper and more fully than I would have ever guessed in my wildest imagination. For once he was inside and tied to me, it was as if that was the final physiological trigger and both his cock and knot grew and expanded inside me. When I thought I was filled by both at the very moment of complete penetration, I found how wrong I was. The knot felt like a ball had been pressed into me and it felt huge, but it grew and expanded and filled bursa escort me and stretched me inside even more with each short and awkward thrust of his cock. His cock grew wider and longer and it seemed to continue to touch parts of me inside that had never before been touched.

It was all too much and if I wished or thought of a joint orgasm with Bo for the first time, it wasn’t to be. All the newness and rawness of this experience was beyond me controlling and holding. I lost control of anything but experiencing what was happening to me. My arms and legs locked into position, my body erupted. From the core of my sexuality, my body shook in an orgasm. My pussy lips clamped down around the knot and my vaginal canal squeezed the cock inside me. My muscles throughout my body shook and quivered; my arms twitched with muscle responses I had no control over. My head hung down and my mouth opened, emitting a low, guttural sound that was more a****l than human … and completely appropriate. I felt in that moment completely a****listic and the feeling was extraordinary.

After the first shocking wave of orgasm, my body was again aware of the fucking still happening. Bo thrust into me with more frantic effort than even before and I thought that was a strange and wonderful experience and nothing like any fucking I had ever known. Now, the knot inside me, he thrust hard into me but his pulling back for the next thrust was restricted by the knot trapped by my pussy lips, clamped tightly around the base of his cock. It felt like the knot stretched out my pussy inches as he prepared for the next thrust, but I would never see it to know … I would just have the sensation. And it was an experience and sensation I was now committed to reliving; it was an experience that I might now be addicted to.

I felt his cock twitch and jerk inside me. I felt everything engorge even more and his front legs clamped around me became even tighter as he pressed firmly against my ass. I was still in my orgasm, my body still feeling the waves of pleasure and pulsing release through my every being when the first spurt of his cum hit the walls of my pussy, the furthest and deepest parts of my pussy. I felt that first spurt, not just the twitch of his cock, but the fluid, the stream of cum suddenly filling me. And, I went back over another edge and on top of my present orgasm I crashed into another, one orgasm on top of another. This time, though, my body couldn’t support the effort and my arms collapsed as the shaking rendered them useless.

My face was planted into the ground and my breasts pressed into the grass and dirt, being pressed slightly forward and back by the urgent and powerful pressing of his body at mine as he tried to get deeper into me with each new spurt of cum. I thought I was filled with the first spurt, but he continued and each spurt felt huge. I remembered the volume of cum when I sucked him dry earlier this day and amidst the moaning and groaning coming from my throat, I cooed. A bizarre satisfaction in being filled to overflowing with the cum of my new lover and mate. Overflowing it was, too. Despite the knot clamped inside me by my spasming pussy, clenching and releasing and clenching, around his cock and knot, I felt the trickle of cum escaping my pussy on the inside of my thigh. And certain that if I had the energy to lift myself and check, I would also see it dripping to the ground between my knees, lost in the matted grass beneath us.

I remained as I was, my upper body pressed into the ground and my ass in the air, tied to my dog … tied to my lover … tied to my mate. I felt him drag his leg over my lower back with a slight scratch. I even smiled at that feeling. Scratched by my lover … a mark of our mating. I almost hoped so, somehow a mark of our union. I longed to feel his body on mine to continue longer, but my mind recalled that canines turned to be ass-to-ass for defensive reasons in case they should be threatened. I resigned to being ass-to-ass and was determined to have him remain on top of me sometime when we were safely in the shelter and mated. For now, I relished the feeling of his testing the knot stuck inside me by frequently pulling, stretching out my pussy lips. What an amazing feeling it was and I was soon pulling myself, not to test the tie, but to experience the feeling of the tie.

Just before I could feel that the knot was shrinking enough to start pulling out of my clenching pussy, a jolt was sent through my body from inside as the knot pressed against that very sensitive spot … the g-spot. On its own my pussy lips clenched around the knot as if not yet willing to lose it, not yet ready to feel the emptiness of its withdrawal. But, escape it did, but not without a moan of frustration from me as my pussy went from deliciously filled and pulsing around the still dripping cock to being vacant and gaping open but still pulsing around nothing but escaping cum once trapped by the missing knot.

I allowed my body to completely collapse onto the ground. To my side I heard slurping and lapping. I forced myself to rise slightly, enough to look, and found Bo lying nearby and licking his cock clean. I crawled to him, pushing his head away and replacing it with my own. I was impressed by the size of his cock that had filled me and remembered vividly the feeling of it growing inside me. Seeing the size, it had attained, I was stirred by the recollection of the feeling. I sucked the last remaining cum from his cock tip, then licked his cock and knot, which was diminished but still present. Once satisfied that my lover was cleaned, I moved to his snout and I moved to kiss him. He greedily licked my messy mouth of the juices from our mating that came off his cock.

I moved coals from the camp fire into the fire pit located in the corner of my shelter and encouraged Bo to join me. Once settled on the crude bedding, I drew a lab coat over us and curled into his back, spooning him for a final sensory feeling of oneness of his furry, strong body against my naked front. With a final sigh of contentment and whisper of devotion and commitment, I fell into a sleep of satisfied serenity.

* * CHAPTER FIVE will follow * * Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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