Taking Care of Business

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It’s hot and humid. You sit at work with your shirt halfway unbuttoned while your co-worker is detained with a slashed tire. I find my way to your room, slinking down the hall in my one-size-too-small grey pencil skirt and dark plum sky high heels and a low cut v-neck white tee. For a few moments, I stand in the doorway and watch a droplet of sweat roll down the back of your tanned and muscled neck before approaching silently behind you.

Sensing the change in the air and the aroma of my perfume, you start at first then slowly sit up knowingly. I smile, knowing you know, and step around you while I turn your chair to stand before you, stance wide. In one swift motion, I hike up my pencil skirt to my hips and lower myself into your lap.

I moan, pleased with the pressure of your hard-on against my clit then indulgently rub myself on your lap ever so slightly as my full weight comes down. Then I untuck my tee and pull it off, my warm, plump, heaving breasts directly in line with your face. Your nose and mouth caress over the roundness of each breast and linger momentarily in the valley between them before firmly taking canlı bahis my hips and lifting me to your desk.

Our breaths have deepened and our senses heightened. You can smell me and reach down to discover that I’m not wearing any panties. You run your finger from the base of the slick crevice to my clit with a moan of anticipation, your face close to mine looking into my eyes with heated intensity.

I lean away from you and slowly but purposefully pull your shirt from the waist of your pants, the gentle pressure of my hands working and the fabric sliding around your pelvis sending electricity to your center. After I pull your shirts off, my pace quickens as I unbutton your pants and tear open the zipper. My legs wrap around your backside and pull you firmly to me. My hand slides between us as I pull down your boxers and use you to rub up and down my slick crevice and circling the opening.

You quickly unsnap my bra and toss it aside as you take my breast into your mouth and I continue to stroke myself with your erection. When my hand moves downward, you take the opportunity to thrust inside me, taking me bahis siteleri by surprise causing me to gasp a moan. My head snaps to the side of yours, taking your earlobe between my teeth and stroking your ear with my tongue in time with the slow, sensual thrusting of my hips, hungry for the sensation of you sliding in and out of me. I moan pleadingly into your ear and the reverberations tickle you from your head to your pelvis, making you melt and give me what I want, that you had been playfully denying me.

You finally thrust deep inside me, then again, and again, and again, increasing in pace and intensity. I throw my head back as my torso arches backward, my breasts rising and falling with the quickened pace of my breath. When I am on the brink of exploding, you pull out and rapidly flip me over. You take hold of the zipper at the back of my skirt and bend over to breathe hotness onto my neck and in my ear as you unzip my skirt and let it fall to my feet.

I step one foot out of the skirt to spread my legs wider, arch my back, and press my ass against your pelvis, signaling my hunger for more. This time you do bahis şirketleri not hesitate to oblige me and begin to thrust with urgency. I scream louder and louder until I’m suddenly silent except for a stifled moan as my body tightens and writhes with my release. You pull out slowly, milking the moments of my heightened sensations that spread buzzing warmth throughout my lower region.

You slide from the bottom of my crevice upward, leaving a trail of wetness, heat, and electricity and circle lubricant around the tightly closed opening before slowly penetrating. I take a deep breath and sigh as pain turns to pleasure and you begin to move more freely. I start to thrust back and send you deeper and deeper inside me, demanding harder and harder thrusts. My whimpers become gasps and gasps become prolonged releases of pent up moans and shrieks. I put one hand to the wall and the other on your hip to take you closer, deeper, tighter.

Your thrusts send a shock through my flesh on my ass and you lean back slightly to take in the sight. You begin to feel your pleasure rising to the brink of no control. You swallow hard and thrust faster. I let one more moan and your name escape my lips before the tension in my body silences me and you, too, feel a great load release from you, your hands tightening on my hips as our orgasms wash over our bodies.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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