Step Mother – Part 3

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Step Mother – Part 3

This story is in continuation to “Step Mother – Part 2”. More parts are yet to come. I am extremely thankful to fans who express their love and gratitude by expressing themselves by comments at the end of story. Comments over here and emails to me prove that lots of people like “Narrations about Love and Love Making”. Keep commenting.

Jaya’s convulsion was over. She was coming to senses. Her grips started loosen. Her body moved a little. Her right palm moved a little from neck to his head back; and started ruffle his hair. Her palm travelled from head back to front. She started caressing Prakash. Her left palm started moving from his neck to his shoulder and from there to his upper arm.

She felt well toned muscles of his arm. Prakash is a regular visitor to Gym. Prakash raised his head and looked at her face. Her eyes were still closed. She opened her eyes slowly. She looked at his face. Her palms hold his face with palm touching and caressing his cheeks. One palm caressed his head.

She let her palms move around his neck and from neck to his shoulders. Her palms glided to his chest and caressed there. He had sweat there. She wiped her sweat. She pulled him closer holding him from shoulders. Prakash let his chest touch her boobs and waited. Their faces were very close.

She kissed his lips tenderly and said you are my love. Prakash caressed her head and started playing with her hair. He said I love you Jaya. Prakash started moving his torso to let his hard cock enjoy the movement in her honey pot. Her pussy was filled with lot of love juices which were accumulated due to her multiple orgasms.

Jaya caressed his face again, looked in his eyes and asked, Prakash what makes you love me this much. Prakash caressed her face, brought his lips near her right cheek kissed there tenderly and moved his torso giving smooth in out strokes twice. Darling I remember my promise to tell you everything. Prakash said I have loved you since the day I have seen you.

Jaya was shocked hearing that. She was moved from within, but she didn’t show it. She could not utter a single word for few moments. She moved in rhythm to his torso movement and gave spasm to her pussy muscles as if welcoming his love statement. She gathered courage and asked when you show me first time?

Prakash adjusted himself a little between her legs and gave a light in out movements for couple of more times. Prakash said, first time means, when you first time came our home. Jaya, actually I was a day dreamer after death of my mother. In fact I have heard my relatives talking about my marriage.

Once I heard my cousin sister Pratima telling someone that we should get Prakash married to a beautiful woman, so that his life is settled. No one is going to offer a bride to Kantibhai at this age. Marriage of Prakash is much easy. This made me keep dreaming about a companion for me. Prakash kissed Jaya’s face while caressing her head and gave a strong push; Jaya gave a befitting response with upward stroke.

I know I was fool to think like that at the age of 15 years; Prakash continued telling his story of love. But I know early marriages were not new for our caste in villages that time. I also thought this to be the best solutions to all the problems at home. The day you came to our house I related it with the same and thought that you have come for the purpose of looking at me and my home. Prakash was aroused remembering all these. Prakash continued his torso movement with every sentence and use to get equal response from Jaya.

I thought Maya is your younger sister or your niece. You looked very young and small that day. All my cousins of my age when wearing saris looked just like you, so I believed you as a perfect match. I played with Maya just to give you time to look at my house. I was fully and very much impressed with your charms. He put his lips on her lips and started sucking lips; he pushed his tongue in her mouth. At the same time he started giving small pushes and pulls.

As I have lost my mother, who loved me from the bottom of her heart; there was total vacuum in my heart. You filled my heart with your behaviour during your visits in the beginning. Till than I was much mixed with Maya. He put his head on her busts and laid there as if exhausted by confession. Jaya started giving upward pushes to keep his mood alive and also caressed his head as if asking to savour her boobs.

It was too late when I understood that you have married my father. My father took place of my competitor in my mind. That is why my mind never accepted you as mother. I was still in love with you. The day when you did beat Maya, I was stirred from within. Prakash said while keeping his head on her boobs.

I thought if I stay here there can be big problems in future. I requested father to leave me in residential school. In initial years you stopped coming in my dreams. Later father started praising about you. He started telling me stories about you. He told me that Jaya is missing you too much. He used to say me that Jaya has sent request to come back home. All these developed a soft corner in my heart for you. I again started getting attracted to you.

The day you came to take me back home our exchange of kisses made me again thinking you as my lost love. Prakash raised his head and started giving her strong strokes as if remembering their first kiss. Jaya took his head between her palms and showered full face with kisses. Prakash responded with more strokes.

When Manukaka told me the essence of “will”, made me to think of you again as my real love. Your weeping at home after death of father made me insane, I wanted to rush to you and embrace to stop from crying like I did at hospital, but I could not muster courage due to people around you. That made me keep watch on you every night, least you are crying. I wanted to come near your bed and solace kaçak iddaa you but my legs use to become weak after standing at your door for few seconds.

And my sweet heart you know how you punctured my heart by entering through stomach. Prakash started giving her strong strokes. He pulled out his full length and pushed it again. This was too much for Jaya. His confession made her love flow from all her nerves for Prakash. She held him from his waist and started responding with upwards strokes to match his strokes.

Their powerful strokes continued for quite a long and both were on the edge of breaking the dams. Suddenly Prakash took her both boobs in his palms gathered them and started sucking them one after another. He had already crossed the limit but the first spurt was chocked somewhere.

Jaya was continuously caressing his back. Suddenly when she felt like climaxing held his bums to gather and started kneading them. This made his first painful spurt rush from his passage and sprayed in her. There after spurt after spurt were being sprayed in her. Prakash grunted with big moan and embraced her with his arms around her neck and Jaya too took him in full embrace.

Two lovers were pasted to each other fully from everywhere. Love won that early morning and darkness of evil happenings were defeated. Couple slept for couple of hours. First rays of day light eager to touch beautiful skin of Jaya entered through window glasses. Prakash though early riser was late to get up but earlier than Jaya.

Prakash found himself partly covered by Jaya. Jaya was sleeping to his left side with half of her body cuddled to his body. Her left boob touching his left nipple, her left leg crossed on his leg. Her left arm was resting on him with her palm holding his right shoulder.

Prakash brought his right hand towards her shoulder and caressed her. Jaya’s skin was very soft and pliable. Her face was touching his left shoulder a little. As he caressed her left shoulder her palm moved a little on his shoulder and glide from there to his chest. Body of Prakash is well toned; he has perfect muscles at the joint near his armpit.

Jaya caressed his chest. Hair on his chest got sensation of a woman’s touch. His hair came to life. His hair sent the sensational feelings to whole body. His nerves were alerted to increase hormonal secretion. His early morning erection became more erect with desires raised by hormonal secretion.

He turned a little towards Jaya without disturbing her body resting on his left side. He let his palm go to her back and caressed. He liked the touch of her soft skin. His palm moved here and there. When his palm reached to her waist he was pleased to find that Jaya has very lean mass at her waist.

He let his palm glide southward. She had perfect curve at her waist. He let his palm glide to deep shallow waist and from there let it move the upward slope. Prakash was able to see very little of her skin, but still can imagine how beautiful she is. His cock was hard when he awake, now his cock grew in girth. He felt his cock touch her thigh.

Jaya was still sleeping but not a deep one, her body moved a little. Prakash did not want to disturb sleeping beauty. He stopped moving for a movement. Jaya turned towards her right freeing body of Prakash pressed under her. Prakash raised himself to have direct look at sleeping beauty.

Prakash was mesmerised to see her beautiful body, structure, skin; everything was beautiful beyond compare. He looked at her face. She had a perfect happy smiling face. Even in her sleep her smile was attractive and calm. She had a perfect neck. She had wide and strong shoulders yet beautiful and slander.

Her arms were perfectly soft and shaped, yet they were saying that she is a hard working woman. He loved it. She had a perfect pair of round boobs, which were sticking on her chest as if half round cut balls. She had beautiful areola with a perfect pointed nipple, which were prompting him to suck them

She had a perfect tummy without any flab and fat. Looked like a perfect gymnast. Her belly too was beautiful. She had a perfect triangle with curves of her thighs highlighting her vulva. She had perfect thighs and legs; soft well shaped and glowing skin. Her feet were beautiful; he wondered that he had not seen the henna painted on her feet till now.

He thought it would have looked more beautiful with anklets which he had already purchased yesterday keeping it secret from her. He purchased it when Jaya was getting her beauty treatment. He thought to decorate her feet just now with it, but refrained and thought for some better time.

His hormones boiled by looking at his beautiful lover, whom he was seeing first time all naked in day light. He started caressing her. He started caressing from her feet and slowly went upward. He kissed her feet, kissed her fingers and the kisses trailed upward along with his caresses.

When he reached her triangle, he left it untouched. He continued kissing her belly, belly button and waist. He took her arm in his hand and looked at the softness and he caressed her under arm and opened her palm, he looked at the henna, it was beautifully decorated. He searched for his name, he could not find it.

He spotted JP written at two three places. He took another palm in his hand also observed the design, he spotted a flame painted and on two sides names of both of them written on it. He kissed both her palms one after another and caressed them with his palms first and then with his cheeks.

He raised her arms showing her armpits, they were cleanly waxed. He caressed both her armpits. Jaya started coming to senses when he caressed her armpits. She smiled at him and spread her arms as if inviting him. He said wait for a while. I have started kissing you from your feet and fingers; I want to finish kissing up to your forehead.

Welcome lover, I love it since very long. I was feeling casino firmalari it like a dream; just now I came to senses that it is not a dream and reality. She said darling come over me and continue whatever you are doing. Prakash positioned himself between her legs and lowered himself, their torso met with legs caressing each other with gentle touch.

He kept his body raised from above his chest caring not to crush her busts. He raised her arms again. Prakash lowered himself to her armpit. He sniffed and said, Jaya you smell nice. Jaya ruffle his hair and said, you told the beautician girl to convince me for waxing my privates? Prakash said hmmm.

She patted his shoulder and said, you naughty. Prakash caressed her triangle and said I like it smooth to lick. You want me to lick just now? Prakash asked. Jaya said no you enter silently. Prakash aimed his steel hard tool and invaded in her. When he entered his entire length, Jaya moaned and said, yes that is so nice. Now I don’t feel my life empty. I was feeling my life empty till your father died.

Prakash pulled out and pushed in while caressing her cheeks. Prakash caressed her armpit with his face and kissed there. He raised his face and after looking straight in her eyes he said. I have told my story; tell me your story Jaya. Jaya caressed his face with both her palms. She caressed his head and hair. Took his face between her palms, lowered him and kissed on his lips. Prakash was quick to give her a long smooch.

I started loving you after you left for hostel first time. That night I cried like a small c***d. Prakash kissed her face and caressed her cheek. Maya was on one side and your father on another side. He tried to console me, but my heart was betraying me. I was furious on him for not convincing you not to go to hostel. Prakash caressed her face and said in fact you are the cause of my progress.

If that day was not in our life, I would have stayed back home and I would have never done engineering or MBA. I am indebted to you Jaya. Prakash moved in out slowly while looking at her. Such loveliness of yours became cause of my love for you. Every time your father returned after meeting you. He used to tell me everything about you; especially about your growth, your studies and many things.

He used to console me by saying that Prakash loves you a lot. Yes, he was right Prakash confirmed. I use to tell him in plain words that I love you all. I use to tell him to tell you that I love her too. I use to tell you not to worry for me. Prakash put his lips on her lips and both exchanged French kiss, while he was moving to give continuous light strokes to please Jaya.

Jaya had drop of tear in her eye and said I use to believe his every words and started loving you more and more day by day. We were far away but mentally I was always with you. After Maya went to her ex-father my whole day passed in day dreaming about you. At night you frequently disturbed my nights by coming in my dreams. Prakash gave her strong long strokes continuing looking in her eyes and let his finger play with her hair.

I was always asking your father to take me with him. He used to combine his business trip while coming to meet you. Some time we decided against coming, due to exam in proximity and my coming there may distract your mind from studies. Yes, you are right, I would have been distracted. I thank you for that, saying so he gave few more strong strokes and kissed on her shoulder.

Jaya took his face in between her palms and guided his face towards her busts. Prakash increased pace of his strokes while sucking her left boob. Jaya started moving her fingertips on his scalp. This was driving him crazy. He started his in out movement like no tomorrow. Jaya while playing in his hair said, the day I came to your hostel. My heart was jumping like a rabbit. I was unable to control myself, so I kissed you that day.

Prakash gave few more hard strokes. He looked at her, caressed her face and said, thank you for your kiss that day darling. Jaya that scene is like a poster in my memory. After that day, whenever I use to remember you that poster use to be before my eyes and I used to re-enact both the kisses mentally.

Jaya embraced him tight with her arms around his neck and her legs around his legs. Same here darling, same here was only she can murmur. She had a short climax for a while. Sensing her climax Prakash started hard long strokes along with shower of kisses over her. He shifted to suck her right boob. He sucked it fully and continued long hard strokes. This was enough for her to climax, but she wanted to prolong it.

Jaya said, let me take the charge. Prakash was also on the verge of cumming, he too wanted to prolong it. He was happy to hear her offer and astonished for attitude of ex-village woman. Prakash disengaged and lay flat on his back. Jaya pulled a napkin from the bed side. She wiped off his tool and her triangle too. While taking charge she took handful of flowers by pulling a row of flowers hanging over head board.

Jaya spread her legs on both sides took the shaft in her palm and guided it in her. It was little awkward for her but was able to manage after initial struggling. She put flowers on his chest and crushed there with her palm, the paste made was applied to his face with both her palms. She lowered her face and inhaled his face and chest. Wow you smell sexy, my man. With that she started her ride.

Jaya was slow in beginning, but the way she looked while looming over his face was a matter of great arousal for Prakash. He was holding her from her waist as if to give her initial support. When she attained perfect rhythm he shifted his palms to first caress her boobs and then hold them. Jaya understood his desire. She lowered herself and pointed her right boob to his mouth.

Prakash played with her boob like playing with a ripe mango. He let his tongue move over her casino şirketleri pointed nipple, which was fully aroused with expectations. He left the right boob and took another. He played with it for few moments and then held it delicately and caressed his tongue on her nipple. Jaya started giving him strong strokes followed my slow ones to give him maximum pleasure.

Prakash took nipple in his mouth and started sucking it while playing with another boob. Jaya’s pleasure increased manifold. She started giving harder and harder strokes. Prakash also started giving powerful upward matching strokes. He sucked full boob and freed his hand from right boob to take embrace around her waist. Both continued giving pleasing strokes to each other.

Prakash was sucking both boob one after another. He was doing in such a nice rhythm that Jaya’s nerves started building pressure. Spasms in side her pussy was making Prakash understand that Jaya is reaching to her new peak. Prakash wanted her to have the best climax of her life. He concentrated more on sucking and also made them wetter.

When he found her to be nearest, he gathered both nipples and started sucking them and also made them wetter with his saliva. Jaya’s movements were interrupted due to her nearing the climax. She was moving up and down with more difficulty with every stroke. She was moving her torso in a way as if wanted to let his rod touch some special place in her cavity. Prakash co-operated in her efforts.

Jaya moaned with hmm and became stiff; her legs straightened and still she continued up and down movement. Her straight body moved as if she is doing her push ups for exercise. Her face tensed and lips pressed in her mouth. She continued moaning hmm repeatedly. Prakash increased his upward strokes to keep the movement going.

When Prakash moved his full face on her gathered wet boobs made her miss the edge and she felt like falling from the sky. Prakash sent first spurt of his semen to be sprayed in her deepest followed soon with spurt after spurts. She felt like saved from falling from the sky due to pleasure of juices of Prakash filling her womanhood. She collapsed on Prakash.

Prakash lost his touch with her boobs and she fell on him with her face in his neck. Jaya was so much spent that her breathe was not felt by Prakash. He embraced her with his arms around her neck. He turned his face to kiss below her ear. He murmured, Jaya you did it fantastic; may be Jaya was not hearing that.

They laid like that for quite a long. When relaxed, she raised her upper part and looked at her lover Prakash. She said that was fantastic. Yes darling you are right, Prakash responded. Prakash was still partly hard and they were in union. Prakash held her face in his palms and lower her. He looked in her eyes and said I feel proud to be with you. He kissed her right cheek, she kissed his right cheek. Both started showering kisses on each other one after another.

Prakash held her face again while looking in her eyes he said I have two gifts for you in commemoration of our first time. She stared in his eyes. She let her arms take support of his chest. You are the biggest gift of my life, that is most precious than anything else in the world. Still I would love to have, whatever you gift me. She kissed his lips and said, my lover is very understanding.

She embraced him again and again showering kisses over him till he felt like suffocated. When she calmed down from her vehement kissing, Prakash took charge to show how ardent lover of Jaya he is. Keeping their union intact Prakash turned downside up. They were disengaged from their genitals. Prakash raised himself a little and started kissing her face. He kissed her cheeks, kissed her behind her ear; kissed her forehead and kissed her neck.

His kisses continued trailing from neck to lower neck, to her arms, he took her palms looked at the henna and kissed her palms. Kissed her waist and continued up to her feet and fingers there. Jaya was enjoying the shower over her whole body and her eyes were closed. She felt the kisses stopped for a while. She opened her eyes. She found Prakash sitting beside her with boxes in his hand.

He opened the box, Jaya was anxious to see the contents. She rose to seat beside him. She looked in the box. She found a beautiful “Mangal Sutra”. It was made of Gold and diamond in addition to customary beads etc. Jaya’s eyes expressed astonishment. She extended her hand to take it. Prakash pulled it back and said no, I will do it. I will decorate your neck with it.

Jaya looked at his face; she had tears of shock in her eyes. She embraced Prakash and was sobbing of excitement and was saying something with muffled words. She separated for a while and said, Prakash you are a great lover and you are really a bad boy too making me cry with joy and excitement.

Prakash was ready with the ornament to make her wear in her neck. She let him bring it up to her neck. She said darling it is beautiful, I am sure this will suit with all my dresses. But sweet heart we will wear it before God after we take bath in the morning and then we shall be going to nearest Krishna temple. She embraced him again and said I do understand your feelings. I want to echo your feelings with equal values of our culture. Prakash too showered kisses over her.

What is in another small box, she inquired. Prakash opened another box and took out the ornament. That was the silver anklets with bells. Jaya’s pleasure increased manifold seeing it. She embrace him again saying wow Prakash you are so nice, darling I love you so much. Prakash it seems you are able to know all my wishes. I have been longing for this since years and years, you are fulfilling all my wishes.

You have brought both things, which are very dear to me. I have always wished to have best available in the market. Both are really very good. Thank you darling.

Thank you for your love for me. I wish, God keeps us happy for years and years to come and also we meet for next seven births. She pulled him in her embrace and made both of them lay in bed. They once again indulged in love making of afterglow of copulation.

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