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I began tossing and turning in bed around five ‘o’ clock in the morning. I’d woke up sporting a hard on, and thinking about my upcoming visit to the glory hole I’d been visiting, going on now for over six months!

I was wearing a rigid, black plastic, cock ring, which tended to force my balls forwards more and more as my cock would get firmer and firmer; and I’d chosen to wear it for the last three days, never taking it off, not even to shower; but I liked sensing it’s presence throughout the days, and it’s reminder of my return to ‘Jack’, the older guy who had the glory hole at his house!

Though I’d never told Jack this, but wearing that cock ring was, in a sense, my own way of expressing my growing bond with him (even though he insisted on anonymity as the basis for our acquaintance), but, that’s the way I come to feel about our ‘relationship!’

So, even though it was hours before I’d be seeing Jack again (after almost a month since the last time I’d been there!), I laid there, in the darkness, giving my cock slow, teasing strokes with the middle finger of my right hand, just barely, barely stroking across my frenulum; essentially a man’s version of a woman’s clitoris, and, as I did, my cock would occasionally become so aroused by that, that if I kept going, I’d end up ejaculating ataşehir escort all that sperm I’d been diligently holding onto for Jack; and so, struggling to maintain my ‘chastity’ for him, I’d stop stroking, and my cock (and so extremely close to ejaculating) would twitch and jerk spasmodically; minus the explosion!

I laid there doing that to myself repeatedly for nearly forty minuets; and so I was in quite an erotically agitated state of mind; and yet, in spite of that, and actually because of that, I’d resume teasing myself like that yet again. Yet I eventually had to stop doing that. If I continued, I’d spoil the orgasm, and it’s ejaculation of sperm; which I’d been so faithfully preserving for Jack, and for ONLY Jack! I knew that I really didn’t have to do that. How would Jack ever really know that I’d had an orgasm prior to coming over? He wouldn’t, of course, ad yet…and yet…I was determined to be ‘chaste’ for him, in spite of the fact that my efforts could never be fully appreciated by Jack! So, ultimately, it was for my benefit that I observed these long, drawn-out, chastity observances! But even so, my dedication was to Jack, and if by remaining truly chaste (and not just in word, but in actual deed), pleased him in some fashion—then that’s what motivated me the most!

Later, when göztepe escort I finally arrived at Jack’s glory hole, I was so primed and ready to blow my load, that I could hardly keep from feeling shaky with anticipation of that moment!

As usual, Jack gave me another tremendous blow job, and the orgasm that resulted (after he had teased me himself for a while longer!), was ‘epic!’ There’s no other way to really describe it than that. Towards the end, he kept his mouth around my cock as I ‘fucked’ it, just as if his mouth was a woman’s pussy (something I hadn’t experienced in decades)!

“Oh, JACK!” I said, as I felt the orgasm building up. “I’ve MISSED this SO MUCH!!” And at that same moment, I shoved my cock towards the back of his throat, and I began shooting my LONG, LONG pent-up load of cum; and it seemed as if there was never going to be an end to it; and it just kept spurting out, over and over and over again!

I could hear Jack reacting favorably from the other side of the glory hole, and that merely increased my own pleasure, knowing that my long chastity observance was, at last, paying us both off with significant dividends!

As usual, Jack swallowed every last drop of my cum, and knowing that that very intimate part of myself was now IN him, and would remain there with him, even after ümraniye escort I was gone, left me feeling exhilarated, and deeply satisfied!

“Oh, God, Jack,” I said, leaning up against the plywood divider panel, as he lightly licked and kissed my now very sensitive cock head, “that was…that was FANTASTIC!!! Thank you SO much!”

“Your welcome! I heard him reply. “That was one hell of a big load. Did you really remain ‘chaste’ all this time since the last time you were here?”

“Yes I did,” I replied, feeling unmistakably proud of myself, largely because it was the actual truth!

“Wow,” he said in reply. “What can I say but ‘Thanks!’ ”

“That’s all you need to say, Jack. I want you to have my cum. All of it! I mean that. I really do.”

“I’m flattered. Yeah, I’m very flattered! It’s great!”

Later, as I was driving away, my balls ached, and, they sort of ‘hurt’, but in a good sort of way; and I knew that was because of the powerful expulsion of my orgasm a few moments earlier! I knew I didn’t have to observe any sort of chastity for Jack, but doing so gave me such a feeling of…of focus, of directing all that sexual frustration I put myself through between seeing him, towards HIM! He was the focus of my sexual energies now. No one else. I preferred that. I preferred having that kind of intense focus and commitment.

That, more than anything else, meant something to me very significant, deep, deep down inside. Now it was back to chastity; back to the long days and weeks that would precede yet another…Soul-gasm!

The End 

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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