Shanti – Seductive Adulteress Ch. 08

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She was waiting for him on the terrace of the Main Building in the College Campus, it housed the big daddies including the Principal’s office when he finally got through his never ending part-time chores in different College holds. She led him silently to a secluded area in deep shadow between two huge concrete water storage tanks. Without further ado she slipped out of her clothes and virtually tore his off his body. Her hunger was naked and obvious and she went at him like a tigress, as if she wanted to devour all of him.

She knelt and sucked his cock, and already she was astonishingly good at it. When he pushed her away, she begged him to tongue-fuck her and there was no way he could refuse. She sat on his face, her head flung back, her face turned to the silver moon, moaning and gasping deliriously as he probed her cunt deep. When they were ready, she turned on her hands and knees and presented her delectable buttocks to him again, spreading her legs wide, begging him to fuck her from behind

They fucked for nearly an hour. She wanted to try every position and he was hard put to slow her down. She seemed to be unusually knowledgeable about them. He was awed by her skill and the intensity of her driving lust. She came as he fucked her on all fours and then she turned him on his back and mounted him, astride his hips, impaling herself on his cock. She had come half a dozen times already and this had to be the last – till the next day. She sank lower, biting her lower lip, her face contorting in a rictus of lust, a soft gasp hissing from clenched teeth as he held her hips and jerked her down onto his penis.

“Ohhhhh Adi … yes … OHHhhhh god yes yes OHhhh uhhh *hanh*!” she moaned, jerking on his penis.

Their bodies glistened with silver beads of sweat that sparkled off them as they rocked and swung together in mounting frenzy. Her breasts swung and bounced and she squeezed them in delight as he fingered her anus, making her writhe on his cock. When she exploded, he timed his own orgasm to perfection and, thudding up into her, spilled his seed yet again into her craven cunt.

In the days that followed, they fucked like randy honeymooners at every opportunity, and Shanti’s lethal skills quickly grew. She had a natural aptitude for it and, with practice, she learned how to prolong her orgasm to achieve mind-blowing intensity, how to torment him with her lips and tongue and breasts and fingertips and cunt till he surrendered.

Shanti could think of little else. She longed for it and waited impatiently till they could be alone. Saturdays were the best, for they had the entire morning free – she had no College, and the rest of the family was out. But, equally, Sundays were miserable, crawling with maddening slowness to the night when at last they could meet on the terrace. They took to fucking all over the Cottage in his house when they were alone: in his bed, on the floor, in the canteen kitchen, on the dining table, in the bathroom and even in the open balcony, screened from the prying eyes of the inquisitive neighbors only by the creepers on the trellis. She loved that especially, the danger of being found out adding an erotic thrill to the sex.

He was really good with her: knowledgeable, skilled, blessed with a good, taut body and a satisfyingly large penis, he could torment her till she was moaning and keening like a rutting bitch, begging him to fuck her. He would alternate between great tenderness and masterful roughness in his handling of her, and the combination was like sugar and spice and drove her wild.

Shanti introduced him to dirty videos. Adi thought they were fantastic, an immense turn-on. They watched them in the living room, just the two of them, naked, filled with lust, hot and hungry. Adi sat on a couch his legs spread wide, Shanti on the floor between them. Ordinarily, he was not permitted to use the furniture; but they had found that reversing their daily roles excited both of them. She enjoyed having him dominate her treat her as sex-slave. She looked up at him and reached back for his hardening penis.

She tilted her head back and reached up for his cock. She took his cock-head between her lips. He grinned and slid his hands down the craned column of her throat and cupped and fondled her breasts. Her nipples were rigid. Her legs split open and her knees forked. He could see dewdrops of her cunt-juice glistening on her pubic fuzz. She slid a finger into her crack and began to masturbate. The sight aroused him. His cock grew hard and slippery in her fist. She turned over and buried her face in his lap. He gasped and flung his head back as she took his cock deep in her mouth. On the screen, the sex-vixen was getting herself laid by a dark, hugely endowed man. He had an impossibly large cock.

“Look, whore,” he muttered and pulled her away.

Shanti turned around and gasped. The man’s cock was incredible over ten inches long, correspondingly thick, with huge balls. He had the woman on all fours and he was ram-fucking her relentlessly from behind. canlı bahis The girl’s face was contorted in a rictus of unbridled, un-faked lust and she was moaning and whimpering in joy.

Shanti’s cunt tingled with excitement.

She rose and turned around to sit on Adi’s lap, her back to him. She took his cock in her hand and guided it to her cunt hole. She eased herself down onto the cock-head. She fondled his balls gripped his cock and slowly, un-flexing her buttocks, slid lower. The rough shaft rasped against her inflamed clitoris and she gasped, tossing her head back, arching her back. He squeezed her breasts.

Her cunt spasm on his cock and it was incredible as always.

“Take it!” he cried. “C’mon, whore! Sit on my prick! Take it all!”

“Oh ma … uhhhh … OHHHHH!” she gasped and slid lower still, impaling herself deeply on his cock. It was wonderful, and seemed to fill her to the brim.

Gasping and panting, she began to rock and buck up and down on his cock. He grunted and bucked his hips beneath her. They gaped at the screen.

The woman was now being fucked by another man, who was as heavily endowed as his predecessor in her orifice. She was on her back and the man was thumping away, his cock glistening as it stroked and piston in and out of her cunt. Her legs were drawn up high and locked behind his back and the camera showed, in mind-boggling close-up, his cock and her cunt and anus as their loins crashed together. Their voices were loud and their cries obscene and guttural.

Shanti went wild. She bucked up and down on Adi’s penis like a woman possessed, gasping and crying out, arching back to kiss him and thrust her tongue into his mouth, bouncing up and down on his lap, her breasts tossing wildly. She squeezed them in her hands and moaned. Faster and faster she went and soon lost control, tumbling head over heels in the throes of a tidal orgasm.

“OH OH OH OH OHHHHHHHHhh Adi yes yes yes ohhhhhh god yes OHhhhhh uhh OHHHHHH uhhh *hanh* uhhhhh uhhhhhh Ohmauhhh *hanh* uhhh uhhhhh Ohma uhh ohmaohma uhhhh OHHHHHHH!” she cried.

Adi crushed her swollen breasts in his hands. “Take it! C’mon whore, take my cock! *Le … le rundi le … le mere* *lund* ko UNHhh *hanh*!” he grunted.

Adi pushed her off his lap and on all fours on the floor and mounted her from the rear, a position she had grown to dearly love. She moaned as he slid his cock into her again and began to fuck her quickly. She turned her face up, rocking gently to and fro beneath him, watching the screen as she ran her cunt back and forth along the length of his shaft. Her breasts swung to and fro and he leaned forward to squeeze them, pinching her rigid nipples.

“Yes … ohhhh uhh yes … fuck me … *chodh mujhe* … fuck me, Adi … fuck me hard! *jorse chodh*!” she gasped like a whore.

“Take it! Take my cock, whore … *Lele rundi* … *le* *mere* *lavde* *ko* … *hanh* uhhhhh aHHHhhhhh … OHhhhh uh OHHHH uhhhhh *hanh* uhh OHH!”

His buttocks flexed and un-flexed powerfully and his hips swung rapidly to and fro, back and forth. He gasped and flung his head back. Shanti whimpered and dug a hand under her body to cup his balls. He groaned as she squeezed them and rammed into her hard, slamming his balls against her buttocks.

“YES!” she cried. “Ohhhh yes yes ohhh god yes!”

He hammered violently at her, stopped started again stopped again. He pulled out of her and flipped her over onto her back. She spread her legs and lifted them, drawing him between. He bent over her and she groped for his cock, guiding it to her hole. He thrust into her smoothly and she arched under him, gasping winding her legs taut about his lean hips.

He moaned and began to fuck her heavily and deeply. She murmured in pleasure and bucked under him. Their bodies streamed with sweat. Slowly he took her to the edge and held her there, quivering and moaning and whimpering, while he stroked gently in and out of her. His enormous cock was incredible inside her. Her body flamed with lust.

“Come on come on come on,” she rasped, gritting her teeth in tension.

But he would not be hurried. He forced her over the edge first and as she arched and gasped, clinging fiercely to him, her cunt biting down sharply on his cock, he stroked swiftly in and out of her till she was thrashing wildly in her orgasm. Then he drove deep into her again and again and came hard, shooting thick wads of jizz deep into her cunt. She arched to him, loving the familiar feel of his spout warm and sticky inside her, knowing that he would then pull out of her cunt and give her his cock to suck, his seed to swallow. It was a routine she loved, and he never disappointed her.

They had time this afternoon, and when they were done, they lay together for a while and her body flung half across his, and drifted into a light sleep. The tape hissed to an end just as Shanti woke. She thumbed the remote and rewound it and began to watch it again. It was incredibly sexy. She watched a pretty young girl being butt-fucked bahis siteleri by a man with an enormous penis. Soon, he was joined by another, and then by a third. Her every orifice was plugged.

Shanti throbbed with excitement. If only she could have three men thus …

Adi groaned as he felt her lips on his nipple, slowly trickling down to his loins again. The girl was a nymphomaniac … no matter what he did to her, she never seemed to get enough of it… He sighed and relented. He was strong enough to come again. Asher warm mouth engulfed his penis he crossed his arms behind his head, his eyes closed. Let her work a bit for it. His cock rose slowly, thickening and swelling between her lips till it was rock-hard again.

He opened his eyes and looked at her. “Haven’t you had enough slut?”

He giggled and shook her head. “I can’t ever have enough, lover.”

He chuckled. “C’mon … sit on my dick … backwards …”

She knew why he liked her to mount him thus. It enabled him to finger-fuck her ass. She loved having his finger in her butt. It was only a question of time before he put his cock into her ass and she was waiting for it, wanting it. She turned, her back to his face, and, straddling his hips, impaled herself slowly on his cock again. Her buttocks split open, and Adi pressed his fingertip to her anus. Her sphincter spasm and yielded and he slid it in. Shanti chewed her lower lip in excitement. It felt so good, so very good …

She began to rock to and fro and up and down on his cock. His finger slid gently in and out of her anus as she bucked on his crotch. Her breasts bounced and jiggled heavily. Her mind filled with visions of several men fucking her together, taking her in the ass and cunt and mouth together flooding her body with their thick, warm jizz.

Now Shanti was going wild beneath him sweating and tossing and heaving frenetically, her lovely face flipping from side to side and contorting in paroxysms of ecstasy. Her silky hair was awry, strands clinging damply to the nape of her neck and her brow. She crushed her breasts in her hands and her hips bucked and heaved up and down under him, devouring his penis greedily. Her gold necklace tossed and slapped on her honey skin. He groaned and flexed his buttocks, driving down harder and deeper, skewering her with a wicked roll of his hips that made her gasps and arch and cry out.

Faster and faster they went the Professor and the daughter of the slut Geeta, their hips crashing together in a frenzy of naked lust. Her voice rang in his ears. She pulled his head down and thrust her tongue up into his mouth. Her hips bucked and lurched beneath him and, as his immensely swollen, throbbing, searing cock piston in and out of her torpid flesh, rasping against her inflamed clitoris, Shanti spun over the edge and orgasm hard.

Her back cambered, the breath rushed out of her throat in a shuddering gasp, her mouth tearing open. He changed his tempo, thrusting into her hard, holding fast, then slowly withdrawing to plunge in again and again till her tidal wave of her orgasm ebbed. She was ravenous, insatiable incredible.

Shuddering and trembling, she un-wrapped her legs slowly from about his waist. His cock was still rock-hard and throbbing inside her. She caressed his sweaty back dreamily, slowly drawing her finger down his spine to his buttocks. She teased his anus with her fingertip and he grunted and squirmed, rolling his cock inside her cunt. She murmured her pleasure.

She kissed him again, and began to writhe her hips sensuously beneath him, grinding round and round, her cunt muscles expertly spasm on his cock and goading him on to take her again. She arched a slippery breast to his lips and sighed in pleasure as he sucked gently on it.

“I win, whore,” he grinned.

She smiled and tongued his ear lasciviously. “Don’t you want your reward?”

By now, they had reached a stage where their copulation was daily contest, to see who could hold out longest. It was a game in which there were only victors.

He chuckled and slid smoothly out of her and waited, kneeling on the floor, his proud penis thrust out, his thighs spread. She turned around and bent over before him, taking his cock in her mouth, sucking it slowly. He tossed his head back and groaned in delight. His hard belly rippled with excitement. His hips pumped and he bent his head to watch her head rocking to and fro between his thighs. He began to move her head back and forth to suit his pleasure, aroused by the sight of his cock sliding in and out of her face.

“Mm … yeh … suck it … suck my cock, bitch … yeh … c’mon … suck harder … oh fuck yes … that’s it … *choos*, *rundi*, *choos*! *Jor* *se* *choos*!”

Her tempting buttocks were thrust up ahead of him and he bent over and pressed his finger into the cleft between them. She grunted and her hips writhed, her thighs splitting open. He slid his finger into her sodden crack. He finger-fucked her gently for several minutes, her body shaking and juddering bahis şirketleri as his palm rocked to and fro at her buttocks.

Her eyes glittering with renewed excitement, she rose and turned around on all fours, with her back to him. One hand groping between their legs for his cock, the other on the floor, she backed herself onto his lap, her thighs outside his, maneuvering his cock under her cunt-lips. Her succulent breasts dangled pendulous.

Adi waited with his legs folded beneath him, on his knees. Holding his rigid, throbbing cock delicately by the cock-head she guided it to her hole. She paused, trembling, with his burning cock-head at the portals of her wet haired cunt. Tensing, her head arching, she squeezed his cock-head into her slit. It was huge distending her cunt-lips painfully wide open, hot and throbbing, pulsating powerfully inside her.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she moaned in a low, lust laden tone.

“Mm … yeh … c’mon … take it … *chul* … Shanti *chul* …” he murmured softly. “*Chul*, *rundi*, *chul* … c’mon, whore take it!”

Her cunt was like a furnace, hot and wet, clamping and sucking, spasm almost uncontrollably on his penis. She released his cock, and leaned forward on both hands now. They both paused for a long moment, savoring the exquisite delicacy of the sensations in their loins. Her head was arched, her back and lovely spine arched deeply inward, her buttocks flexed and taut as her cunt spasm and clamped and sucked hard on his cock. He caressed her gently his hands sliding up and down her flanks and back and torso making her shudder in delight. He reached around her and tweaked her rigid, throbbing nipples. His lips pressed hot at the nape of her neck, and her face turned to one side, her lips questing for his.

He kissed her deeply, thrusting his tongue into her mouth. She sucked on it. They broke apart and again his hands were venturing all over her superbly contoured body, exploring her flesh, now at her cunt-lips, fingering her clitoris, now between her buttocks, lubing them open and teasing her puckered anus. She moaned thickly, overcome with lust.

“Mm … yes … ohh uhh *hanh* uhhh … yes … ohhh yes,” she mumbled.

Her hips began to writhe, undulating and rolling in heavy, slow circles, churning her cunt-flesh with his massive penis. He gasped and leaned back on his buttocks, his hands pressing her buttocks open, his eyes riveted by the sight of her expanding cunt-lips gyrating and slowly descending on the monstrous enormity of his penis. Her breath came in short, rasping gasps as her cunt sank and sank and sank, slowly descending down the length of his cock, his penis dark and hard and thick and long disappearing inch by glorious inch into her incredible love grotto.

Again she paused, and now only a third of his cock still protruded from her impaled cunt. Her shoulders hunched, her head sagged and she gasped her body heaving and shaking with tension, her belly and loins on fire, her breasts hurting delightfully. Gasping, she began to move before him, rocking back and forth on her hands and knees. Her buttocks rose and fell, her spine dipped and arched her gold necklace tossed and swung. His cock emerged and disappeared between the lobes of her buttocks, her cunt rising up its length, then slithering down again. His hands on her hips, he guided her motions, keeping her rhythm steady. With each downward thrust, her cunt slid down deeper and deeper on his cock. He himself did not move, letting her do the work. Her buttocks flexed and un-flexed, her belly drew in with the strain and now she was moving rapidly, jerking faster and faster up and down, back and forth, to and fro, faster and faster and faster.

“OH … OHh … uhh OHhhh … Uhhhh … OHhh … uhh OHma uhhh Ohma uhh OHhhhmauhh ahhhh uhh ahhhh uhhhh ohhhh … Adi ohhh uhhh Ohhh … OH … Oh-OH-OH … uhhh ahhh … uhh … ahhhh … uhhh … ahhhhh … uhhh … OHHh … uhh … OHHH uhh OHHHHHHH!” she wailed.

She was gasping and panting, her head now arching, now sagging now arching again, her voice ragged already. He fondled her expertly, his own belly sucked in, his hips utterly still, his head bent, watching her buttocks come down deeper and deeper onto his dick. He pursed his lips, his nostrils flared, heat and jizz surging in his loins, his cock hard and hot and throbbing, the thick veins standing out angrily along its length rasping against her inflamed clitoris.

She reached down again with one hand, her long finger coiling around the bulge of his shaft and the lower rim of his cock-head as her cunt glided up and down on his penis. She held it with elegance even then, at first with her fingers and thumb curled beneath the cock-head, then with the forefinger along the underside of the shaft, the other three fingers on the other side. She fondled his cock, jerking and squeezing it with increasing fervor, moving it round and round inside her juicy, dripping cunt.

At last, she thrust down hard with a long, low cry and her cunt sank down deep, swallowing his sword smoothly to the very hilt. Instantly, he held her pinned, and the breath hissed from her fiercely clenched teeth. Again he fondled her breasts and kissed her. She teetered on the brink of an orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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