Sally’s Naked Bike Ride

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Sally’s Naked Bike Ride
Bob pulled up in front of Jack and Sally’s house. It was his third straight weekend to come down, and it was Friday late afternoon. The sun had gone down behind the houses on the other side of 18 th Street, and evening shadows were settling on the street.

Bob wondered if Sally would greet him the way he told her to in his email, but as he was getting out of the car, he saw her step out on the porch and heard her call to him. She was naked. Her call would have been heard by anyone within a few houses, and if they heard and if they looked they would have seen Sally. As Bob came up the walk, Sally came down the steps of the front porch and threw her naked self into Bob’s arms. He held her, felt her, kissed her. Jack, Sally’s husband, came out on the porch, and as Bob held and kissed Jack’s naked wife, he waved to Jack. Jack smiled and waved back.

“Do you like the way I’m dressed?” Sally asked Bob.

“You are very bold to be naked in your front yard before dark,” Bob said, still holding Sally. “What if the neighbors saw?”

“You told me to do it, so I did,” she answered. Already, she was teasing Bob, and teasing her husband too. Her eyes were bright with joy. She was glad for Bob to have her three weekends in a row. She was thinking about what they would do in bed in a few more hours.

“Do you always do what you are told?” Bob released Sally, and as she turned to go in, he gave her a smart smack on her naked ass cheek.

“Ouch! Are you going to spank me here in my own front yard?” Sally teased.

“You know you shouldn’t be putting ideas in my head.” He saw the redness rise in her ass and thought they would have to visit that idea again soon.

They walked up the stairs of the porch. Bob shook Jack’s hand. “Hi, Jack.”

“Hi, Bob. Sally was looking forward to you coming down again. She has been excited all day long.” Jack held the screen door, and they went into the house.

In the kitchen, Jack got a cold beer out of the fridge for Bob, and as Bob drank deeply, Jack unzipped his pants and pulled them down.

“Very good, Jack. Besides Sally naked, that is just what I wanted to see.” What Bob saw was Jack’s cock locked away for the weekend, at least for the weekend, in the molded plastic cock cage that Bob had bought for Jack last September. “That way we know who Sally belongs to while I am here.” Sally gave Bob the key, and he put it on his key chain.

They sat out on the deck for a while to give Bob a chance to catch his breath from the three-hour drive. Sally, still naked, sat in Bob’s lap in the chaise lounge as they talked. Bob caressed and stroked Sally as they talked. It was interesting to see how comfortable the three of them had become with the idea of being a threesome. Jack, in particular, had grown quite comfortable watching Bob with his wife and had come to appreciate how Bob had seemed to arouse in Sally sexual desire and interest that had before gone untouched.

Sally wanted to know what Bob had planned for the weekend. Not that he always had to come up with a plan, but he had clearly taken charge of exploring Sally’s sexual interests that he had tapped into. Since he had awakened those desires in her, it was only right that he should be the one to explore her sexuality further. They all agreed.

“Once we get later into the evening, I thought you and I, Sally, would go for a bike ride.” In his email, Bob had told Jack to make sure the bikes were ready to ride. That meant mainly that the tires were inflated. So Sally and Jack had known that much, and Sally wondered for several days what a bike ride with Bob would involve. She could not help that when she pondered this bike ride she got very wet.

They ate a light supper. Jack made sandwiches while Sally and Bob made out on the deck. It was dark now, and Sally was wondering when it would be late enough that Bob would say they could go.

“Now, Jack, go get matching bra and panties for your wife. They should be sheer, very sheer.” As Jack went in the house to his and Sally’s bedroom (of course, it would be Bob and Sally’s bedroom for the weekend), Bob began kissing Sally again and feeling her up. He caressed her between her legs and discovered she was wet. He rubbed her clit, and he could feel her heat rising as she lay on top of him in the chaise lounge. He slipped his fingers up inside her, and held her with the palm of his hand. Bob had grown to appreciate Sally’s slender body as he got to know her better. He loved her long, slender legs, the taut muscles in her thighs and calves. He loved her trim ass and shaved pussy. He sometimes thought he could caress the clear skin of her bare shoulders and the softness of her breast for days on end. She snuggled into him gave herself to the pleasure of being finger fucked. She let her feet drop to the sides of the chaise. She pushed up against Bob’s hand and moaned.

“I have been so turned on all afternoon waiting for you,” she said.

She was indeed very aroused and before Jack could get back with the bra and panties, Sally came on Bob’s fingers. Bob was deeply aroused by her arousal and wanted to be inside her. Jack came back out with the bra and panties for Sally. Bob lifted his fingers to Jack’s mouth. “Taste your wife,” he said to Jack.

Jack sucked Bob’s fingers into his mouth.

“She tastes good, doesn’t she, Jack.”

“Yes,” Jack said.

Bob held the bra as Sally slipped her arms in, and Bob hooked the bra. The bra had front hook. He held her panties open as she stepped into them, and he pulled them up snug.

“Now, let’s go get the bicycles.”

“Ohhhhhh,” said Sally, beginning to understand.

They went to the garage where Jack got out the bicycles. Bob made sure the tires were inflated. The bikes were nothing fancy, just decent ten speeds that Jack and Sally often rode through the neighborhood. Jack and Sally rode a lot, and Sally could easily put in a twenty-mile ride without too much effort. She thought she might even be able to outride Bob, though he too was in good shape.

“Are you ready?” Bob asked Sally.

Though she rode a lot, and rode in the neighborhood a lot, she had never ridden in bra and panties. She looked down at her almost bare body.

“Yes, I can see your nipple, love. But it is dark, and probably there will not be much traffic.”

Sally looked at Bob.

“That is how I want you to ride. You want to do what I want, don’t you.” It was not a question.

“Yes,” she whispered. And she hoped they would stay on the residential streets where there would not be much traffic now.

Bob rode out the driveway to the street. Sally followed. It was already 10:00. That it was getting later made Sally a little more comfortable as she and Bob rode out into the street. Jack watched them ride out into the street and wished he had another bike. He followed them out to the street and could see them as they went under the street lights toward Portland. Then, he went back in the house to wait.

Bob was in no hurry. He and Sally rode side by side up 18 th Avenue. Sally had no idea where Bob would take her. She just knew she was with Bob and she would do pretty much anything he asked her to do. She thought about walking into the Circle K naked last weekend. She was pretty sure she would be naked tonight before they returned home, and the thought of riding her bike naked made her wet reflex let down. They stopped by the curb at Portland.

Bob pointed toward the Circle K at the end of the block where Portland turned into Belmont. “We had quite an adventure last weekend, didn’t we, love? Turned you on to go into the Circle K naked, didn’t it!”

“Yes,” Sally smiled. “And it turns me on now to think about it.”

“Did you go into the Circle K this week?”

“No, I did not.” Sally shook her head.

“You really should, you know.”

Several cars went by on Portland as they talked. Sally thought that Bob was giving them a chance to see her. She knew Bob wanted to expose her, and she thought tonight it would happen. She just did not know how. Then, he told Sally to go up Portland toward 21 st Avenue the other way from Circle K.

“I will follow you,” he said.

Sally crossed the street so they would be moving with the traffic. She would rather have followed Bob, but with him behind her the cars maybe would not see she was nearly naked until they had passed.

At 21 st Avenue, they stopped again at the curb. “Let’s go across and on down Portland,” Bob directed Sally. They waited for the traffic to clear. Sally was sure the people in the cars could see she was barely dressed in the street lights, but she hoped they would think she was wearing a bikini. After the traffic cleared on 21 st , they crossed. Portland on that side is narrow, and Sally had to ride beside three cars waiting at the intersection. She passed so close to the cars she could have reached in the windows and touched the drivers. She was certain they could see her in the street lights, see she was in her bra and panties. She was embarrassed and excited. The thought that they saw her was like an aphrodisiac that went down her belly down into her sex, and she could not help the arousal in her pussy.

At Covenant Place they went north, passing all the apartment buildings. Sally was glad it was dark and she was in the light only when they passed under a streetlight. And she was glad he had picked a route, wherever tuzla escort bayan he was taking her, that was mostly residential and apartments. They turned west on Fairfax. Sally thought he was taking her further from the safety of home. It was easy to be naked at home even in the front yard as she had been earlier when Bob arrived. Now, she was a long way from home. Well, not like she was in California, but she was several blocks from home wearing only bra and panties and her tennis shoes.

She got herself in this sexual predicament because something in her made her want to do what Bob said. Even the sound of his voice aroused her. She trusted him to lead her into these new exciting sexual adventures. Fairfax was a busier street. More cars passed them both ways. She became more certain the passing cars could see her clearly in their headlights, see she was wearing bra and panties. The thought made her blush and made her wet. The leather bike saddle pressing up between her legs did not help matters either.

At the high school Bob stopped. They left their bikes at the steps of the front entrance, and Bob took Sally’s hand and led her up the steps to one of the pillars. In the darkness, he leaned her back against the pillar, holding her hands above her head with one hand and reaching into her panties with the other. He fingered her pussy, and Sally moaned.

“You like that, don’t you, love?”

“Yes, I do.”

“We are a ways from the house now, and I have made you quite vulnerable sexually, don’t you think?”

“Yes,” she said as he kissed her.

“It turns you on to be only in bra and panties, doesn’t it?”


He slipped his fingers inside her again, and she gasped. He knelt and pulled her panties down and covered her pussy with his mouth. She took his head in her hands and pulled him hard into her pussy. He pulled her panties down to her feet, and licked and sucked her almost to orgasm. But just before she could come he stopped and got up.

“Let’s go,” he said. Sally started to pull up her panties, but Bob said to leave them. She stepped out of them.

“We’ll get them on the way back.”

Bob was already on his bike, headed still further away from the safety of home. Sally felt the warm leather caressing her bare labia as she started after Bob. In her mind, she pictured her panties lying at the foot of the pillar, and she was pretty sure she had seen the last of them.

They were almost a mile from the house, and Sally had only her bra for cover. As she followed Bob now, she knew that shortly, maybe in just minutes, Bob would take off her bra, and she would be naked. Completely naked. And a long way from the house. Her face flushed. She knew it turned him on, and she knew very well that he knew it turned her on. Her bare pussy lips on the bike saddle, she rode down Fairfax further from home and became more aroused. At Natchez Trace, they stopped. Bob reached over and caressed Sally’s bare ass. He reached between her legs and discovered that her leather seat was soaking wet with her juices. He fingered her clit and leaned over to kiss her.

“Go that way,” he pointed, and Sally started up Natchez Trace. They had been riding an easy pace about forty minutes.

As they rode up Natchez Trace, Sally thought she finally knew where Bob was taking her. As she pedaled, her pussy lips parted and her clit pressed down on the narrow saddle. The rise and fall of her legs made her clit roll over the seat as though someone were rubbing her. She squeezed her legs together, but she was getting more turned on as they rode. She decided she liked the rubbing of the leather saddle on her bare pussy and thought she would have to ride this way more often.

They came to Blakemore and had to stop for the red light. It was getting close to 11:00 now, and the traffic had decreased a lot. But while they waited for the green light, two cars pulled up beside them. Sally did not look at them, but she knew that in the street lights they could see her. They could see she was naked except for her bra. Bob was behind her so they had could see her without him blocking their view. She knew that was what he wanted. She got off her bike and bent over to adjust her pedal, giving them a great view of her bare naked ass. And her bare pussy lips.

The light turned green, and as the cars went on, she heard “Nice ass, lady.” Bob heard too. And he was pleased.

They passed the football stadium at Jess Neeley Drive and then passed the Marriot. Now, there was so much light at the intersection, it was like daylight, and there was much traffic and many people saw Sally riding almost naked on her bike. A few honked their car horn, and some even whistled a catcall. At the light at West End as they waited for the green light so they could cross into Centennial Park, Sally rubbed her clit against the bike seat.

“Can I come?” she asked Bob, waiting behind her.


She pressed down hard on the saddle narrow as a dildo and rubbed her clit. The light changed, traffic began to move, but Sally’s eyes were closed, and she was now almost in her sexual ecstasy. She bit her lips and pressed down hard and came. And as she was coming, the light turned red again. New cars pulled up to the light beside her, and they saw her nakedness. Bob watched them looking at Sally, and he got hard. It turned him on to show Sally off. He had plans for her.

Finally, the light changed again, and Bob and Sally rode into the park. They were now about two miles from home. As they rode down the park road, they saw off to the right the volleyball courts both full of young men, probably the same young men who were playing last weekend. They rode down to the trees where Bob had taken Sally last weekend. Bob took her to the picnic table where he had taken her last weekend. In the dead of night he had taken her clothes from her and tied her down to the table. It had been such an erotic experience for her she had come without any physical stimulation. Bob liked that.

“Are you going to tie me down again?” she asked him.

“No, love, we will save that for another time when there are more people to see you.”

“What, then?”

“Give me your bra.”

“Will you help me out of it?”

Bob took hold of the bra, felt the softness of her breast, unhooked her bra. He slipped it off her shoulders, and she stood naked before him by the picnic table. He laid her bra on the picnic table. He felt her erect nipple.

“Does it turn you on to be naked here in the park?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“It turns me on for you to be naked here,” Bob said.

“You like me to be naked.”

Just then a loud yell went up from the volleyball court. The noise from the court had been there, but now they both became aware of it. Through the trees they could see the well-lighted courts and the young men playing and watching. Some of them were playing shirtless. Bob turned Sally so that she was facing the courts. He stood behind her and wrapped his arms around her.

“Yes, I do,” he said, “and tonight I want others to see you and enjoy your nakedness like I do.”

Sally knew he meant the young men at the volleyball court.

“I know. It is scary to think about.”

“But it turns you on too, doesn’t it!”


“You want them to see you naked, don’t you!”


Now Sally knew she was only minutes away from being exposed in her nakedness to those young men. Bob was going to show her off. She would do it because he wanted her to. He would say the words, and she would do everything he said. And just thinking it almost made her come.

“Let’s go for a bike ride,” Bob said.

“Oh,” Sally shuddered.

Sally did something she had never done before. She could not believe she was doing it, but Sally got on her bike, and rode around the pond and then down to the dog run and then back to 26 th and out to West End. It was about a mile around the running trail. Others were on the trail running and walking, not many but Bob was thinking not enough. It gave Bob great pleasure to know they saw Sally naked, but he wanted more to see her.

At West End, Bob stopped. They were at the intersection again where they had just been. Bob waited through several changes of the light. Cars went by them flashing their headlights and honking their horns.

“They can see you,” he said.

“I know.”

Then, they rode back into the heart of the park. “You like to show me off, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Why do you like to show me off?” she asked him.

He stopped riding and Sally stopped beside him. He wanted to answer her question.

He got off his bike and put down the kick stand. He made her get off her bike so he could hold her. Even in the darkness he could see the light in her eyes. A few cars went by them as they stood body to naked body by the side of the park road. She made no effort to hide her nakedness.

“Because,” he said. “I like to show you off because,” he paused, “Because you amaze me, Sally, every time we are together. You are the sexiest woman I know. I like to show you off because you are my friend’s wife, and I want everyone to know I am fucking Jack’s wife. I want them to know I fuck you more than your husband does. I like to show you off because we have discovered that you are sexually submissive, that it turns you on to do what I tell you. I don’t know if you would be submissive to anyone, but I know you are orhanlı escort submissive to me. I like to show you off because I know that it turns you on to do what I tell you and it turns you on to be exposed. Every time we are together I learn new things about your sexuality that arouse me even more. We are on a sexual adventure, and as long as you will go with me, I want to explore all the sex that is in your mind as well as in your body.”

Sally looked up into Bob’s face. “I will go with you.”

“I have a sexual adventure for you now,” Bob told her.

They got back on their bikes and rode toward the volleyball courts. They had ridden past the volleyball courts once. This second time they stopped at the edge of the ring of light around the courts. Sally thought they were very close to the courts and she wondered if the guys playing could see her.

“Do you think they can see you where we are here?” Bob asked.

“I don’t know,” Sally said.

Bob had her move more into the light.

“Can they see you now?”

“I don’t know.”

They moved further into the light much nearer the courts.


“Yesss. I can see some of them looking this way. Oh, Bob, they can see me.”

“I know,” he said.

Twenty-four young men playing six-man teams on the two courts with a number of others around the courts. They were the subs, or they were there to watch. Only now several had stopped watching the games and had given their attention to Bob and Sally. To Sally. Sally saw one poking another and pointing, and she saw several turn to look. Sally knew they were looking at her and could see she was naked. She blushed, and her body responded sexually as Bob knew she would. She thought about the five young men at the nude resort. Bob was thinking about them too and how Sally had responded to them.

“How did our young men on our volleyball team at the nude resort react to your nakedness?”

“They wanted to fuck me, and they did.”

Sally knew the time had come. She saw the young men looking at her, and she knew what Bob was going to ask her to do. Her body trembled with expectation.

“I will wait for you here,” Bob said. “I want you to ride by the courts. Ride close to them and ride slow so they get a good look at you. I want them to see you naked, Sally. Once you are past and on the other side of the courts, turn around and come back. Slowly. Give them a long, slow look at my naked Sally.”

“Oh!” Sally moaned.

“They will see you naked, and they too will want to fuck you.”

“Oh!” Sally moaned. “Do you want them to fuck me?”

“Maybe, but I do not know yet. Now, go!” Bob gave her a push on her bare naked ass, and Sally pedaled slowly toward the well-lit volleyball courts.

She looked back at Bob. He motioned her on. Sally rode into the light. The young men (she might have called them boys though they were all young men) stopped playing and turned to watch her. She was embarrassed and blushing because she was naked and they saw all of her nakedness. As she drew nearer the courts, she rode off the jogging trail onto the grass. Several came under the net toward the back edge of the court she was coming to, to get a better look. They stood in a line, and she came so close they could have touched her. Everything seemed to be happening in slow motion. Her bike was going so slow. She saw on the other side of the courts the trees where the picnic table was where Bob had tied her down and left her last weekend. What would they have done had they found her tied down to the picnic table?

“Hey, cutie, where are you going?” Someone called out to her as her bike finally made it past the courts and back to the trail. “Maybe you should come play with us!”

She turned and started back by all those young men, and she knew her turning around would only encourage them. An old passage from Walt Whitman flitted through her mind about a young woman skinny dipping in her fantasies with a group of young men as she watched them skinny dipping in the ocean from the porch of her house. Only this was not a fantasy.

She was just on the edge of the sand. More came to the back of the courts to get a closer look as she rode by. She looked at them as she passed by so close. She saw them looking at her naked body, saw them smiling, saw them enjoying her nakedness. She saw their light, nylon shorts bulging, and she lost her balance. She swerved into them, into the sand. The wheels of her bike sunk in the sand. She could not peddle, and her bike stopped. They began to close in around her as her bike went down and she fell into the sand. As soon as she fell, she was quickly surrounded by the closest to her, and the other twenty some-odd fellows quickly joined them. As Bob saw it, it was a scrum, and Sally was somewhere down in the middle.

They took hold of her hands and arms and lifted her up so she could stand. They gazed at her nakedness. At first, they said nothing, and Sally thought she could hear in the silence the thoughts of their minds. And she was very embarrassed. They were very reluctant to let go of her hands and arms. Some began to brush off the sand that clung to her naked body. They brushed her fine hips made for holding and her legs just made for spreading, her back and flat stomach, her supple breast. Her nipple.

Then they surrounded her with solicitations.

“Are you alright?”

“Do you need help?”

“We have a first aid kit.”

“Are you hurt?”

They continued to brush the sand off her legs and knees and naked ass. Long after the sand was gone. And they looked at and enjoyed her nakedness. Sally could feel their gaze cover her body like their hands now caressing her, and she was both embarrassed and aroused. She could not help herself, and she made no effort to hide anything. She was doing what Bob wanted. She let them look and enjoy. Bob would be proud of her.

“No, no. I am okay,” she said. “Thank you for helping me. I am not hurt. I am just so embarrassed.”

The fellows looked at each other. “Not because you are naked, we hope,” one said. The one who spoke was Ryder. By chance, in a few months he would meet Sally at the mall where he worked, and he would be not the only one from this group who would fuck her but the only one who would fuck her for weeks and months and finally for years. But not yet.

“No, what embarrassed me was that I fell.”

They were glad she got stuck in the sand. She might have ridden away otherwise. Their minds were filled with questions, and one spilled out. “What are you doing riding your bike naked in the park? Not that we mind.”

“It was a dare,” Sally said. It was not quite the truth. “That is my husband over there.” She pointed toward Bob. “We came for a late night ride in the park, and when he saw you guys playing, he dared me to ride by you naked. I didn’t mean to get stuck in the sand. I was just going to ride by.”

“Oh, we like your husband,” several said. “We’ve never had a naked woman interrupt our games before. Any chance you can come back again.”

“I will if my husband wants me to.” The touching had not stopped since they picked her up. She smiled. “I really should go.” She took the handle bars of her bike to walk it out of the sand. The circle of young men parted reluctantly. They did not want her to go.

“We have some beer and sandwiches. Why don’t you and your husband stay a while.”

“I have interrupted your games long enough. I should go.”

“Don’t go. We want to meet your husband.” They motioned to Bob to come over, and he did. While Bob was on his way, one of the young men took Sally’s bike, and the crowd around her moved her toward a picnic table on one side of the courts. Sally had no choice but to go with them. On the table was a wash tub filled with beer and ice and several paper sacks. They pulled out of the sacks sandwiches, and by the time Bob got there, they had put out a spread that would have fed forty or fifty.

They brought Bob into the group and treated him like an old friend. “We like the way you think, man,” they told him. “And we like your wife a lot.” Bob did not correct them. “Does your wife often do what you dare her to do? You guys must have awesome sex.”

Dare? thought Bob. What dare? And he also thought that he and Sally did have an awesome sex life. Only a few were thinking enough with their heads to see that Bob had no clothes for Sally to put on. They wondered where her clothes might be, but they did not spend too long pondering that mystery.

Instead, they invited Bob and Sally to party with them. “Grab a beer and some sandwiches. We have more than enough.”

Sally was the center of attention, so Bob grabbed a couple of ham and cheese sandwiches and a couple of beers and brought them to share with Sally. So Sally found herself the only woman in a group of twenty-plus young men and Bob. And she was naked. What do you say to a naked woman? This group of young men had no problem talking to her and Bob. What they wanted to know was if she was always so daring, so accepting of her husband’s dares.

So Bob made Sally’s nakedness the subject of conversation. He did not correct their misunderstanding about him being her husband. He was delighted to show her off and to embarrass her by talking about her sexuality. He knew the very embarrassment would arouse her. He made her stand in the center of that circle of male sexuality. He held one of her aydınlı escort hands above her head and made her turnaround slowly so they could each enjoy her female nakedness. As she turned, her mind was doing cartwheels. She could hardly believe what was happening to her and more importantly, what was happening inside her. Their focus was so intense, she thought she might come just from their visual taking of her. Bob was telling them something. What was it? Something about her.

“We have discovered something about Sally’s sexuality in the last few months. She loves to be naked. And she loves to be seen.”

Sally blushed as she stood naked in the center of the circle. It was as though Bob were stripping her mind naked in front of all these fellows, exposing her sexual secrets.

“She’s an exhibitionist,” one of the fellows said. Sally looked at them and thought they would all be in their twenties. Some of them must be married she thought.

“Yes, that is right. We learned, she and I, that she is an exhibitionist. She finds it sexually exhilarating to be seen naked.” Sally wanted to say it was because Bob loved to show her off so much, but she stood naked and quiet and let them look. She could feel her juices running down her thighs.

“We were here in the park last weekend, and we saw you guys playing volleyball. I knew then I wanted to show her off to you, and I knew how she would respond.”

“So you began planning this since last weekend?”

“Yes, and so here we are and here she is naked in front of you all.”

“So it turns your wife on for you to show her off to us?”


“How do you know?”

Sally blushed at the question.

“Sally, does it turn you on to be naked in front of all these young men?”

“Yes,” she whispered, lowering her eyes.

“Are you wet?”

The very question made her even wetter.

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Show them, sweetheart.”

As Bob knew she would, Sally spread her legs and gave them a good look at her pussy and glistening thighs. She looked at Bob, and he smiled his pleasure in her. Her sexual act made her juices almost gush from her pussy. A large drop of her sticky sex slowly dripped and hung down between her legs. One of the young men reached down between her legs and caught the drop of her sex on his fingertip. He rubbed it into his fingers. “So slick,” he said and then put his finger in his mouth. He was tasting Sally’s sex, and Sally shuddered with sexual tension.

“Sally, why don’t you touch yourself for these young men?”

She did not hesitate. Whatever Bob wanted her to do she would do. She began to run her hands over her body, caressing herself, her stomach, her breast, her ass, her thighs.

Someone said, “Wait,” and he grabbed his boombox and turned on some dance music. Sally closed her eyes and began to move in rhythm with the music. She did not know she was a dancer. It was another new discovery, and Bob took note. Her body swayed in time with the music, her heart beat in rhythm with the music, her breathing followed the beat, her hands danced over her body in rhythm with the music.

Slowly, she became the visible embodiment of the music, and the young men were mesmerized. The music was alive in her body and drove her. One of the young men jumped into the circle and mirrored her movements. She felt the powerful beat between her legs seducing her, driving her toward the young man until her body was only inches from his. Another of the young men jumped into the circle and took the place of the first. Her fingers played with her pussy lips and her clit. Her juices flowed as he went down to his knees and the music drove her to offer her pussy to his mouth. Now, a third pushed that one aside, mirroring Sally’s movements.

The music pulsed through her body driving her to offer herself to him. Her mind was filled with visions. She saw giant cocks like metronomes beating out the rhythm of sex until she became the one to take them all. Oh, the incredible pleasure, the pleasure of being naked, of showing her sex to these young men. The beat, the beat, the beat drove her. Her fingers went up inside her, and her hips thrust with the rhythm of the music, the rhythm of sex. They could hear her moans as she fucked herself in front of them. She thought the bulges in their shorts were beautiful. She was sweating now. She was close to coming. She needed to come. She wanted to come for all these beautiful young men. She could not help herself. She was out of control. She opened her eyes wide as her climax came over her. The young men were so close. They could have touched her, felt her. Her climax came over her whole body, and it overwhelmed her.

Toward the end her body shuddered and her knees went weak as often happened, and she started to collapse. But they closed in on her and grabbed hold of her and held her steady on her feet. Hands. All over her, touching, holding, caressing, hands between her legs, fingers inside her. So aroused. So turned on. She came again as they played with her body. Coming for them. Letting them be so close, their fingers inside her. She put her arms around someone and held onto him. His were the fingers inside her. She wanted to kiss him, and she did. She pulled his head, his mouth, to hers and kissed him with all the sexual passion that had risen up inside her. Kissed him and came on his fingers.

“Hot,” someone said. “She is so hot! Your wife is incredible.”

She laid her head on the guy’s shoulders and held onto him. She loved him. She loved all these young men. She loved being naked for them. She wanted all of them to fuck her.

“You know we want to fuck your wife,” one of them said.

She looked at Bob.

“Yes, I know. I want you all to fuck her, but I have to say not tonight, fellows. Maybe after we get to know you. I have decided that anyone who ever fucks her has to fuck her bareback so I have to know you are clean. They were all excited because Bob was saying they might indeed get to fuck her.

“What about now?”

“You guys know bukkake?

They did indeed, and they knew what to do. They picked her up, hands touching her all over her naked body, and carried her to the picnic table and laid her on it. They gathered about her, some on the benches at the side of the table. They stood over her, and her sexual display was so powerful, it only took a few minutes for them all to empty themselves all over Sally’s body – her face, her mouth, her hair, her breast and stomach, her pussy and her thighs, even her feet. The come of twenty something virile young men covering her. The smell of come was thick in the air.

Bob told her not to wipe any of it off.

They sat Sally up on the edge of the table and brought her one last beer. They gathered around her as they talked about what had happened. And they wanted to know when Bob would bring her back.

It was getting very late now, and Bob was thinking it would be better if they did not have to ride the bikes back to the house.

“Can one of you guys give us a lift?”

By the time things got sorted out, the bikes were put in the back of one van and Bob and Sally in another – Bob in the front seat and Sally in the back with four of the guys going along to make sure nothing happened to Sally. They had become her body guards. Bob talked with one doing the driving, telling him where to go.

Not much talking was going on in the back, but there was a lot of fondling and kissing and touching and fingers finding their way into slits and openings.

Bob had them stop at the bus stop on Portland, thinking it better they not know yet where Sally lived. And he waited till they were out of sight before they crossed Portland with their bikes and made their way up 18 th Avenue. The man was outside watering his yard, and as Bob and Sally passed by, he said he had hoped he would see Sally again.

Bob said as they neared the house, “Who is he?”

“I don’t know his name. But the night you made me walk home from the bus stop, he was watering his yard, and we talked.”

Bob tucked the information away in his mind for later use.

When they went to bed, they did not go immediately to sleep. Bob was so aroused from the evening, he made love to Sally until she came for him and then he lay between her legs on top of her. As they lay body to body, he could feel the dried come from all the young men on her skin. Bob was so hard inside Sally, and he fucked her hard. He loved to fuck her and wondered why Jack did not fuck her every day. As he plunged his hard cock hard into Sally, he was glad that Jack could not fuck her while he was here. Bob could and did … often. He loved being in control of Sally’s sex life. He loved having her completely for himself. For about three seconds he thought about going upstairs to wake Jack up so he could watch as Bob fucked his wife. But he quickly put that idea aside. It would mean pulling out of Sally’s pussy. What was the sense of that?

Sally loved the feel of Bob’s hard cock deep inside her. She wrapped her legs around his so she could take him deeper into her, and as he thrust into her she whispered, “I thought you should know the guys with me in the back seat on the way home made me come.”

Her words made Bob’s cock throb inside her. He thrust hard into her, this lovely and very sexual woman, Sally, Jack’s wife, who had become his to do with as he pleased. In his mind he saw her naked as he had shown her off before all those young men, saw how they had enjoyed her nakedness, saw how she had enjoyed submitting to his wishes. And he tensed and released himself into her. He groaned as he came, and his come filled her pussy.

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