Rubber Magnate

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My name is Todd Holiday and I am kind of an asshole. I know this because I’ve heard it whispered in the hallways of my company, Infinity Tire and Rubber. my wife yelled it at me while walking out the door and several of the service staff at my home have mentioned it while they quit. At one time, I saw it written on the women’s bathroom on the executive floor of my office building in Santa Monica.

My business; and I call it my business because I built it and, though it’s publicly traded, it lives and dies on my decisions, I think that makes it mine, was headquartered in Cleveland until two years ago when I picked up and moved to LA. This inconvenienced a lot of people at the time. Several people lost their jobs and while the members of the board and most my executive moved with a little grumbling, it caused havoc in the Cleveland Suburbs, a lot of secretaries and drivers lost their jobs. This is not something I care about.

I do want to tell you this story that took place only a few months after I moved out to Los Angeles. We had just fired the director of corporate communications (I had just fired her) because I was seriously unhappy with the bad press we were getting around moving the corporate headquarters. Some members of the board and I had interviewed several candidates and were meeting later that day to discuss the problem.

Somehow, one of her main staff members, the Communications Coordinator had gotten on to my calendar and arrived at that moment.

She walked in exactly on time. I’d never noticed her before, may never have met her. She is striking. A tall pale woman with light freckles and flowing light brown hair.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Holiday, thank you for making time for me.”

“It’s a pleasure, always nice to talk to employees, especially when your department is in flux.”

She sat down confidently on the couch in my office, as I had gestured. I sat in an arm chair across from her.

“That’s exactly what I want to talk to you about Mr. Holiday. As you know, I’ve been the acting güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri department head for the last few weeks.”


“Though it’s been a limited time and I’m not traditionally qualified for that position, I’d like to sort of throw my hat in to the ring, as it were.”

“Not traditionally qualified.”

“I recognize that I don’t have the number of years of service, etc. that you expect,” She said politely. Here, I noticed her legs careful. And I leered at them. She wore no stockings and here smooth exquisite legs were alabaster and toned to the nines. She must run. “but I know all the agencies that we work with, I’m familiar with the brand and I’m already commanding the department, so they’re used to responding to me.”

I asked, “Do you rule that department with an iron grip? You’re a very beautiful girl.”

“I’m firmly in charge. I’ve already noticed that they don’t invite me to lunch, I hear that’s good for the boss. And thank you, I try to take care of myself. But I’m not sure if that’s an appropriate compliment,” she said, somewhat coquettishly ,I thought. I considered this my in.

I didn’t have a real candidate for the job that I was happy with and I know that one of the stronger board members had a good candidate in someone doing a similar job at IBM that we could lure away with money. I decided to make her my candidate at that moment. But I also decided to see where I could take this conversation.

“Ms. Thompson-“

“Mrs. Thompson,” She said, still sounding flirty.

“You attended New York University?”

“Yes, I majored in Psychology, but I have a Masters in Communications.”


“From the University of Ohio’s school of business communications.”

“I think that you have made some points about your appropriateness for the job and you have the aptitude if you’ve risen this far. But with your educational background and… undistinguished credentials, I would really have to fight the board on this. I need to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri know that, if I put you in that position, you’d be incredibly loyal to me.”

“Sir, I have nothing but respect for the way you’ve built this company and the way you rule it with an iron fist.”

“That’s all well and good,” I moved to the couch, “but I need certain things that a lady such as yourself can provide, from time to time.” IT was an unnecessary bargain, I began to realize, she was moved by my power not anything I was holding over her head. She was a corporate animal, like me.

She leaned in for a kiss.

I yanked her head toward me and probed her mouth with my tongue. I wanted this one so fast.

“remove your clothes.”

She stood up and unhooked her blouse. She wore a dark blue power suit and an orange blouse.

She removed it immediately. Her breast were round and just large enough to squeeze out of her bra. I made a mental note to tit-fuck her later.

She shimmied out of her skirt and sat down to remove her heels. I ran my hand over her thigh and gripped it tightly, moving my hand up her body. I leaned over for a real kiss, parting her soft lips and stroking her tongue with mine. As I brought my hand up to her pussy lips I could already her feel her moistness dripping down her leg.

“Mr. Holiday you’re teasing me.”

I parted her lips with my finger and stroked her clit. She leaned back and I stroked her neck.

“You’ll be mine for the taking, soon enough.”

“Oh god yes,” she yelled. “Oh god yes.”

I rubbed her clid a little harder as she grinded on to my hand. She let her legs flail quickly and they landed on the coffee table kicking a water glass that I hadn’t noticed before.

She came so quickly and so hard and so fast, that I couldn’t believe it.

She started to relax and breath deeply, but I yanked her up by her arm.

“You haven’t forgotten me have you,” I said dragging her by her arm to my desk. I put her arms on it and güvenilir bahis şirketleri she leaned her slim frame over the from of the desk and I spread her legs. I rounded the desk and pulled some lube from my desk drawer. I came all the way around again. She was still breathing deeply, but eying me suspiciously.

Standing behind her, I undid my belt and let my pants and underwear drop. I kicked off my shoes, no sense in letting $1000 loafers get our juices on them.

“Mr. Holiday, sir…”

I lubed my cock, harder and longer than I think it had ever been and spread her ass cheeks with my finger.

When exploiting an employee for sex, it’s important to establish the chain of command early. If she though I was going to fuck her, or let her off with a BJ right now, she might start thinking she could make demands or arrange things for her comfort.

I pushed my lubed finder slowly inside her light pink asshole. It was tighter than any I’d ever felt.

“No, please,” she said, but didn’t resist.

I immediately removed my finger and placed my dick at the entrance. I pushed forward through the opening, slow but steady. She cried out in pain, I never heard such a yell. Then she bit down on something and groaned. I pushed forward slowly, never wavering, she groaned and then said, “It’s so much bigger than any that I’ve had up there before.”

When IU got all the way, she fell forward on the desk and said, “Oh god yes. Oh, it fucking hurts, but fuck my ass.”

I pulled back and forth increasing my pace, she reached under her body with her right arm and stroked her own clit as well as she could.

I pick up the pace, I was in heaven, it was the tightest ass I’d ever felt, at least on a white woman. I fucked her ass, and she began to breathe in and out deeply even moaning in pleasure but squealing a little in pain.

“Mr. Holiday, fuck my ass. yes, I’m your little whore.”

She said the magic word. With a few quick strokes, I started to come, pulling out quickly from her ass and yanking her off the desk. I shoved my dick in her mouth and came hard. She was touching herself and moaning and I let my dick soften in her mouth. She came again, softly this time, on her knees with my softening dick tasting of her ass in her own mouth.

I knew I’d have no choice but to recommend her to the board.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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