Road Trip: Hook, Line and Sinker

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Road Trip: Hook, Line and Sinker
Fresh water trout fishing is a very relaxing but ultimately a singular activity. The challenge is man versus fish on the fly. Casting a nearly weightless handmade fly successfully requires years of skills like perfecting the art of reeling in a women with your charm at a bar, dance venue or gym.

Brandon Ayres had the patience, the knowledge and unfortunately the time since his recent divorce after two years of marriage to Pauline. A twenty five year old guy should have been back in the saddle but he had been hurt and was pretending to make the best of unsatisfactory solo….at least for the moment…isolated on his seasonal ritual fishing trip.

He was really enjoying himself in nature actually. The challenge and the skill was in flicking, jerking and whisking the rod and line and landing the lure naturally on the top of the still lake water and the persistence in reeling in…playing the rainbow trout…and once he had a meal….engaging the rest of the early morning or late afternoon in catch and release.

However; this afternoon the mayflies were out in the heat; skimming across the shallow natural highland lake as the temperature soared. The trout were jumping to gobble the natural feast as eager as young college dorm women prowling for group sex.

Brandon was feeling the heat in his full waders…probably the most unsexist look possible. Combined with a floppy sun hat…but hell…this was a man’s world…a male domain…the provenance of guys…full stop. Pauline had never accompanied him. Women at a fishing lake: well never.

So as he rounded a natural secluded outcrop to one of his favourite secret positions… a shallow sheltered bay; where the trout came to nibble near a grassy knoll that gently sloped into the cool water….even in summer…the sight of two naked young women nibbling on each other’s breasts altered immediately his preoccupation with fishing and created a fast uncomfortable, tightly trapped boner under his pants and wadding gear.

Brandon had seen some good looking women in strip joints but he had never before seen such a pair of delightfully naked female forms together. The angelic blonde had tits handcrafted by the goddess of sex. They were fulsomely perfect. The athletic brunette was well stunning. Tall, statuesque proportions and she had those erect upwardly pointing nipples that guys just have to feed on.

They had obviously descended into an intimate private closeness as their bikinis lay crumpled near their bodies.

Ayres with difficulty eased his waders down and released his own personal tackle and for the first time, in a very long time was enjoying a steady self stroke. The heat was in the day but that was nothing to the warmth being generated by two bush nymphs on the grassy bank. There was lust in their roving hands as they started to finger each other between their stunning exposed genital flesh and their tongues found each other’s mouth in steamy slutty passion.

Brandon had been a later starter with sex. Twenty –two when Pauline got her hooks into him. Hers was the only female body he knew and in the end he hadn’t known the attached mind. And Pauline was fun before they got married in a way for a guy who’s never had sex; hand jobs in a dark parked car and one blow job on her parents back porch late at night when he asked her to marry him. The married sex though was always under the sheets and in the dark.

He had tried to get in the shower with Pauline once but she nearly got really upset. Brandon drifted back into the trout fishing season alone a couple of years back and his wife took up with the local Barista manager.

Ayres was currently enjoying looking at cute perky breasts, pretty soft tummies, trimmed coochie perfection and lightly tanned skin. And the blonde…well she tipobet had a sexy high ponytail to die for. The girls weren’t aware they were being watched which is the real treat. Though the way they were libidinously finger fucking each other now, they wouldn’t have had the willpower to stop, even if they were caught out.

There is something compelling about a pair of naked females building orgasms in each other’s bodies which fascinates guys…especially when they crank up the action and hit the mutual munching sixty nine…tongues flicking, arses prodded, legs wider and still wider spread, bodies moulding into each other and the soft moaning that joins together as counterpoints of identical pleasure rising. The sensuous pricks of delight revealed in their tell tale writhing which holds the gratification encapsulated for two.

A rainbow trout did its leap and insect catch to the right of Ayres…high and splashed back into the water …the sound aroused the lasses to sit up or maybe more likely it was the soft…”Aw shit “ from Brandon because of his lack of focus on his supposed really quarry …a really big fish had got away.

“Well hello” it was the sexy and confident brunette …not at all concerned about being caught out making out.

Brandon had gone mute ….because instead of covering up the athletic brunette had opened up her legs, revealing her private pleated, saliva glistening, shave perfection: as she continued: “Sit here”…indicating with her hand…the grassy patch between the pair…as the angelic natural blonde revealed a stunning light fuzz of true strawberry fair pubes above her pinkish open twin winglets of flesh as they separated to create a space between them for Ayres.

Brandon who had been caught with his pants partially down, was now fumbling to pull them up and push his dick back in.

This was nonsense for two aroused fun seeking females. They were in the shallows on both sides of Brandon and happily directing him to the grassy patch. Where he dropped his fishing rod; while his private rod was brought to full attention.

The blonde miss had her cute lips around his aroused pecker. She had those lips that are blessedly defined in memory as cock sucking extraordinaire.

The brunette was more methodical; she eased his waders off, then his pants, then his undies, while she saw her fair friend was gobbling cock with her usual self satisfied conviction and wasn’t sharing at the moment, caught up in the surprise of a cock in the wild.

Brandon’s eyes were transfixed on the sweet lips, sucking his cock like it had never been treated before…her hand around his shaft and a finger slipping down to arouse his nut sack…her tongue flicking under his glans occasionally…then her lips bobbing up and down in repeated delight along the length of his so happy pecker, never losing her sequence as he was eased down on the knoll.

He wasn’t aware of the brunette’s movement till her pussy was above his own open mouth. Then they met as a designed interlocked pair…his tongue tip spearing into her delectably tight sweet opening and sweeping across her pleated crinkly labia and then zeroing in on her aroused pleasure nub…as she really sat of his face…only occasionally allowing him to gasp for air.

Brandon was gasping alright as the blonde straddled his cock, knees bent, in a perfect squat, so she could flex her body up and down off his hardness…she had the moisture, she had the tightness but above all she had the rampant desire. The petite angel was sliding up and down off his cock in a smooth sure swiftly building motion. He was hooked into her.

She had that minute where she savoured slowly the piston before it was rapidly pump into her. That minute when she was fully in charge. That minute when her pussy was so tipobet güvenilir mi comfortable just embracing and holding cock. That minute before she lost control to lust.

The brunette was satisfied for the immediate moment it seemed …as she got up and went behind the blonde…but that was the instance when Brandon’s pecker entered a zone of pleasure it had never previously encountered…the brunette had the blonde by her hips and was regulating a slow dreamy full length cock teasing squat delight. The pony tailed fair nymph had his cock swaddled: she held the pleasurable frictional movement of two.

Then the brunette ramped the action…forcing the blonde forward on her knees and Brandon knew it was time to pump the angel full of jizz…but the cute sweetie was a slut…as she moaned loudly as the intense coupling began.

The fisherman thought it was his stud work…but realised the brunette was fingering the angel’s arsehole…heaven currently in residence between the charming young woman’s legs.

The brunette was way ahead of Brandon …as she grabbed one of his hands and guided his finger into the blonde’s butt hole…the fisherman now in new depths of experience. His finger edged in and out; lining up her arsehole repeatedly.

He then plunged even deeper as the brunette dug a finger up to the knuckle in his own butt hole…boy was it exciting…man oh man… it led him to thrust deeply into the writhing blonde’s pussy and get his finger way deeper into her tight back crack.

It got better as the angel started pounding her clit into his pubic bone as he thrust up into her and it was spectacular because she wasn’t faking her rising orgasm…the girl knew how to cum.

When the brunette’s finger was out of his arse…Ayres had that momentary sensation of acute pleasure denied…until her tongue was lapping over his ball bag and rimming his arsehole: Brandon knew he was about to cum soon but somehow held his load from exploding in the now loudly moaning blonde …as she let out a repeated series of pitched pleasurable moans as she climaxed.

The brunette got her off Brandon just in time to get her mouth open just above a jizz fountain…fuck did the fisherman unload a wad and man did the brunette enjoy it in her mouth and over her face. Cum stuffed and sinking down her throat.

Brandon was relaxing… his cock so hard still…it was refusing down time yet because it was savouring the unfolded pleasure; when he turned his head like the two women…as clapping near them became a third female voice.

“You bitches…you could have called me down here… but a nice show…I came to get you for lunch…but I can see you have already eaten… couldn’t wait for my snags eh…had to gobble your own hot sausage?”

Brandon saw a red head in a black bikini…he didn’t know what it was but she oozed sex appeal naturally…a body designed for immediate sex… and that was saying something because both the blonde and brunette were stunning…there was way too much fem flesh in one place for one guy.

The trio he found out later were holiday travelling in a combi van and had random stopped at the lake last night.

Off course he took up their invitation to lunch minus his wadders and floppy hat…and the barbecue revolved around endless hot sausage jokes as they gave him a good feed, a cold stubby and plenty of provocative poses in their skimpy attire…before the red head decided Brandon was going to be desert for three.

The red headed Chas, the blonde Beth and the brunette Erica knew already they had Brandon…hook, line and sinker …caught in their sexual net and reeled him in leisurely and Ayres took all the bait greedily.

Yeah fishermen tell tall tales…and no one believes them…well no one was going to tipobet giriş believe Brandon’s lakeside afternoon…you’re lucky to get your cock into one perfect tight arse in a lifetime…but three divine arseholes in a frickin wriggling exquisite peachy butt row…unthinkable…undreamable…not possible…and all three; their cracks so constricted but pecker defining and welcoming.

Brandon knew in truth they were all nicely rear broken in. But he was the guy with the pucker feast …and his cock had the poise; having jizzed off before lunch he had the stamina now to manage working through a triple banquet of skin tightness; truly tighter than the proverbial tight fishes arse. It was the sexual equivalent to the decadent triple chocolate cake his grandmother used to make. The devil’s food alright. Arse piled on arse for one; under a warm outdoor afternoon sun.

Here was a trio of satiny white arse like melted milk chocolate. Three crimped pouty winking pink arseholes; a finger dipping delight like creamed buttery whipped chocolate. Then the layers…you had one…then got another…then a third.

Well image that chocolate delight as arses…yeah Brandon got their flutes and boy did they respond as he played them with his rigid pipe.

The blonde, Beth had the sweetest of holes…made more delicious by the butter wouldn’t melt in mouth…look on her face. His cock arse cramped. He saw he rilled pink arse furrows crimp and flex holding his rod as he tugged out and pushed back into her cavity, feeding her need and his pleasure. Then the brunette called time, otherwise the blonde would have locked her arse ring on Brandon’s cock permanently.

The brunette, Erica was so damn athletic…she arched her body…Brandon couldn’t believe the depth he got into her poop shooter …yet she was contacting around his meat at the same time. It was the equivalent of deep sea diving, he discovered the equivalent of the Mariana trench in a woman’s crack cavity. Fuck her arse was puckered as he gaped her. Puckered and then winking at him, the bitch had flex control. So he jabbed into her. Dug into her.Shoved into her.
Nothing gentlemanly here; it was not like catch and release on the lake: he had her arse caught and he never wanted to release it or remove his cock from her anal lure. The red head though called time. Authority in her voice.

She had been cooking lunch. She had been the voyeur. She had been the smutty joker over lunch. She had waited patiently it seemed. Chas patient; Brandon , well, he didn’t know this one; she could wait, but only long enough to build insane sexual tempo.

The redhead, Chastity; well he got her arse last…they say you wait for good things…he had been doubly spoiled in arsehole excellence already …but the red head had a compelling finesse for the absolutely filthy being oh so natural. A derrierre devilette. Clamping his cock in her arse.Making her arse and his boner inseparable, gregariously intimate in the dirtiest way. A cozy, snug, flesh-knitted pairing. Bound together like bondage. She was arse perfect because she was vulnerable moany feminine each time he eased outwards and base a****l instinct each time Ayres rammed in.

“Yeah deeper you stud horn” she yelled, as he jagged in.
Then she yelped in a whimpering delight as he eased back tugging her arse rim with his cock head.
Next as he ransacked her aching needy starfish, she demanded; “Jag it, jag it, flay my arsehole.”
As he pulled her delectable sensitive internal pinkish lining back, she was fleshy putty; reduced to murmurs of total appreciation.

Her potty mouth knew her arse was getting the cream; she could feel along with Brandon, his cock flex and stiffen before his buffeting release.

“Fill my arse; you arsehole; fill it, fill it”; she insisted.

And as he jizzed into her; Chas squeezed her sphincter muscles and then Brandon watched in wonder as his cum dribbled back from her awesome internal being to the wider world. Dribbling then in globs to splat on the ground. A man could ask to see no more.

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