Ride me good.

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Ride me good.
I had now been with daddy for over a week, and i have been used/trained almost every minut`s of the day.
Latex outfits was now a part of my daily life, either full covered or just stockings, dress, top, gloves and most impordent, the sissy boy latex mask and i just loved it.

Peter had some expectations to my skills now, so he was more demanding on what i had to do to please him.

Peter called me into the bedroom, Sissie bitch, come here!
I entered the bedroom, daddy was laying on the bed all naked and a stiff cock. Come here a take daddy`s cock in your mouth, i wanna teach you once again to swallow all of it, deep down your throat.
But i don`t want you to make any resistance, so i cuff you, so hands behind your back.
I turned around so he could tighten the bracelets i had on always, mostly closed together when daddy wanted something naughty.

I was now helpless and i was pulled into güvenilir bahis siteleri bed with daddy. Are you a good girl bitch he said and face slapped me, are you?
Yeah daddy, i am a good girl and he slapped me again and again and again, i was turned on now.
I loved getting slapped by daddy and now he pushed me down to his cock.
Kiss daddy`s cock, show daddy you love it, show daddy that you love sucking cock.
I licked and kissed the cock before i took it into my mouth, gently i was sucking and played with my tongue, i knew he felt teased by it, so it was only a matter of time before he lost control off himself and would facefucked me hard in my mouth.

STOP daddy said, and now he stood up, cock pointed right at me and he laid his hand on my head, and now the deep throat training started.
He pushed my head down on the cock, inc by inc daddy`s cock vanished down my throat, i was bedava bahis gagging a lot at the beginning, and every time i gagged, he slapped me, both sides of my face, something that made me pretty horny.

Show daddy you are a good girl, show me your skills in cock sucking and he removed his hand. I really had to force daddy`s cock deep throat every time. After some time daddy pulled out and almost jumped down the bed, ride me he said, come sit on daddy`s cock and ride daddy.
I crawled up and sat on daddy, and i got daddy`s nice cock inside of me.
The cock went deep inside of me and i started riding him, and i could hear he loved to be inside of me.
Damm it felt good, i loved the feeling of cock inside, so i did my very best going up and down.

Uhh baby, you are a good girl, you know what daddy like, don`t you bitch, you like it hard and deep, don`t you?
Yeah daddy, i bedava bonus love your big cock inside of me, it feels so good, you have a nice cock daddy and he laid his hands on my shoulders so he could push me harder down so that i really could feel it inside me.

You gonna ride me until i cum deep inside of you, it want be long he said.
Daddy asked me to stop, he was squishing my girly tits and then slapped me, i started riding him again. Every time he slapped me, every time i started riding him, and at some point, it felt like he slapped me all time, again and again and the harder i was riding him, i could hear daddy was close the cumming, so i raised the speed and then i felt the explosion of cum got shut deep inside of me, now it was my time to tease daddy. He was now sensitive for every movement, so i took my time while smiling to him.
I could tell he loved it and daddy pulled me down for a kiss while he stayed inside of me, let`s just stay here daddy said, it feels nice, so even tough i was feeling hot with all the latex i had on, i was laying on daddy.
He released my hands so that i could hold him, i just love the moments after a good time of sex.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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