Purchasing some sexy outfits to surprise Victor

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Purchasing some sexy outfits to surprise Victor
Home alone again and wishing to purchase some sexy lingerie outfit to receive my beloved hubby when he would come back from his trip…
As soon as I entered the lingerie shop at the mall, a very attractive mature woman approached me. She greeted me with a warm welcome to her shop and enquired how she could help me.
I was very impressed with the attractive and sexy way she looked.
That beautiful mature lady was the owner. Her name was Ursula and she looked to be in her mid-fifties. She was very elegant, dressed like a business woman, with a straight black tight skirt, white blouse, dark nylons and four inch heels. She was obviously wearing a girdle under the skirt.

When I told her that I was looking for a new sexy outfit, she said that if I could get two outfits, I would pay only one…
I was wearing a thin summer dress and a tiny cotton thong as underwear.
Madame Ursula helped me to select several bras and panties before leading me into a changing booth in the back of the store. She left a young girl in charge of the store.
When we were inside the booth, Ursula proceeded to measure me very carefully, using a plastic tape. She measured the ribcage under my boobs and my chest including my round heavy breasts. bursa escort
She even stuffed her hand inside my bra cups to adjust my tits.
Ursula smiled with every touch of our bodies. She took every opportunity to feel my tits as she helped me trying on each of the brassieres. Soon I felt my cunt was virtually dripping wet.

The mature lady measured my hips while kneeling in front of me, close enough to be able to smell my crotch. She even wiped her finger across my cotton covered vulva. She smelled her finger, while smiling up at me.
Ursula also managed to rub her hands all over my butt and vulva. I even managed to avoid an orgasm from her touch. But she continued touching me and then I closed my eyes and almost melted, as I moaned through an intense orgasm. When my orgasm subsided, I stood there facing her, with that soaked cotton thong wedged between my wet pussy lips.
I knew Ursula could smell me…
Then I closed my eyes again and leaned forward a little, pushing my wet cunt towards her face. She placed her hands on the backs of my thighs and buried her nose in my pussy. It looked so erotic looking down at her.
It was amusing to me, and I almost laughed, until I felt her tongue probing my cunt through my thong. She did things with her tongue that görükle escort bayan drove me crazy. I had to place my hands on the walls to keep from falling.
Then I experienced a second brutal orgasm. This time I could not help but scream in pleasure as my legs were shaking without control…
I thought that Ursula had finished with me and would allow me to get dressed, but she turned me around. I had to place my hands on the wall in front of me, as she made me bend forward, causing my butt to stick out. She placed her hands on my ass cheeks and spread them apart.
I felt her warm breath on my asshole. Then she licked my tight rosebud and stabbed my asshole with her tongue. The bitch was really driving me crazy.
Ursula slipped a hand between my legs, and her long fingers played with my clitoris, while continuing to rim my asshole until I had a third wild orgasm.
I was moaning loud enough that anyone in the store could hear me.
When I recovered, Ursula helped me get dressed. As soon as I was presentable, she led me back to the checkout counter, where the young girl clerk put the outfits I had purchased in a nice store bag.
Before leaving, I told Ursula I needed to use a bathroom. She again led me to the back of the store. She entered with me and I bursa escort bayan sat down on the toilet, with my thong down to my ankles.
Ursula made no effort to go out and leave me alone there.
This time the sexy mature woman lifted her tight skirt up her waist and showed me I was wrong: she was not wearing a girdle; her hairy labia were nicely exposed and she had a pair of legs to die for…

I ate her cunt, burying my nose into her soft dark bush.
Ursula moaned softly as I licked her cunt and clit; but then she pushed her crotch against my mouth and she came crying with pleasure…
When she recovered her breath, she left the bathroom. I was disappointed that she left so quickly. But then the door opened again. It was the young girl attending at the counter. Her bright eyes were sparkling as she knelt in front of me. Then she started eating my pussy. I sat there on the bench stroking her hair, until I let out a howl and came in her mouth.
The girl smiled up at me as she stood up, lifting her skirt.
I looked directly to a tiny black thong. I just put it aside and found she had her pussy lips smooth and shaven. I could see her little clitoris was sticking out like she had an erection. I couldn’t resist sucking on her clit, until that sweet babe finally came in my mouth.

When I came home, I felt that still I needed more.
I had a warm shower and buried my own fingers deeply in my hungry cunt, fingering myself until I came for a fourth time.
My loving Victor would have a nice reward that same night…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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