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I could feel his finger slide in my gurl pussy. Being instructed to push back on his finger was a new feeling. I could hardly catch my breath. Mark kept telling me what a lovely little pet I was being. He was telling me how glad he was that I walked through the door and as his words were washing over me, I felt a jolt and I felt something a little cold but much bigger press up against my hole. I grunted loudly enough for him to hear.

Mark just said to take some deep breaths and open wide, chuckling as he pushed harder against my virgin pussy. I could feel him twisting and every now and again, feel the cold liquid run down the crack of my ass. After what was probably a couple of minutes that felt like an eternity, the object slide in and my hold closed in around it. Now you are mine Mark said. Stand up. As I did, I could feel the object in my ass. Oh my God I loved it.

Grabbing my boy cock and balls in one hand, Mark led me into a small closet type storage area. I could see several small little body contouring dresses and a variety of lingerie hanging on hangers. I also saw quite an assortment of ropes, chains, cuffs and dildos and vibrators all lined up on various shelves. Mark had done this before. I felt helpless.

Marks went through the lingerie holding some up against me, thinking for a minute. Muttering to himself that something would look good on me or not. Finally he picked out a medium little bikini type bottom and instructed me to put them on. As I complied, he continued to rifle through the lingerie. He now held a black and red corset up against me and smiled. Put this on he ordered.

I explained that I didn’t know how. Mark scowled and whipped my shoulders around. Lift your arms little cunt. As I did, I could feel him roughly place the corset around my chest and waist. I could feel him jerking the laces tighter. I could hardly breath. Shit that was tight. I’m assuming that he finished and he spun me back around to face him again. He was looking me up and down again and I felt completely humiliated. Turning, Mark pulled a dark long wig out from one of the shelves and placed it on my head. Adjusting it slowly until ataşehir escort he seemed satisfied with himself.

Mark then stepped back and continued to look me up and down. Now go and pick out a black garter belt and stockings. They better look good on you my little bitch. I looked for the first garter belt I could find that was black and put it on. Mark watching me the whole time. Firing up a cigarette as he watched me fumble with the clasps. I also found a black pair of hose that had a design of little roses up the back. Leaning up against the wall, I slid one on then the other. Starting to hook the garter belt to the stockings, Mark grumbled to make sure that the belt straps went under the panties. I didn’t figure out why until much later that this was an important step.

Mark finished his cigarette and came back over to me. He put his hand on my shoulder as if to reassure me. We are almost there he grinned. Pulling off a black little dress he then instructed me to put it on. I started to reach out to take the dress and he said, “No.” I will do it! The dress was form fitting and looked very small. Too small for me. He held open the dress with both hands and I stepped in. Mark started to slide the dress up my body. He had to put a little muscle into it as the dress spread over my hips and eventually placing my arms in. Before he tied the halter top, he pushed me to the floor. He took breast forms that I hadn’t seen before and began inserting them into my corset. Oh my god the breast forms were big and against the corset, I could hardly breath. I could feel him struggling to get them in place. He was standing behind me so closely trying to work them in that I could feel his cock moving back and forth against the back of my head. He didn’t seem that big, I was relieved.

Finally he got both breast in and tied the halter in place behind my neck. Now stand up he commanded, As I did so, I could feel the tightness around my body. The feel of the lingerie on my skin, the fact that with the breast forms in place, I couldn’t see my feet. Mark was now looking me up and down again. I could see and feel him tugging on the dress. Smoothing göztepe escort it out, slowly walking around me. I could feel his hands slowly brushing over my ass as he walked around me. I saw his half cocked smile. I was proud that it looked like he liked what he saw. Dress smoothed out, I saw him look down at my little clitty. I wasn’t hard as I was too embarrassed but not sort either. He scowled and said we’ll have to fix that.

Mark then sat back down and fired up another cigarette. Now pick out your heels. I looked towards the floor in the closet.There were a couple of pair of black heals, all had to be four inches high or better. I picked a skimpy little pair and started to look for a chair to sit down as I tried to figure out how to put them on. I could not bend very much or very well as tight as the corset was and the dress. No, No Mark said. Come over hear swatting his thigh as to invite me to site on his lap. As I sat on his thigh, Mark continued to smoke and now he seemed to be watching my every move. Instantly I felt the shock of the plug in my ass as I sat on his lap. I must have jumped a little bit because Mark laughed. I was struggling with putting the first heel. It was hard to see my feet in the first place as well as bend down to close the buckles on the straps. I got on as Mark laughed at my predicament. Struggling with this simple task.

I hadn’t noticed until I had the first heel on that he was caressing my back. Slightly moving his hand down towards my ass. Not massaging but more caressing by ass and the outside of my thigh. I enjoyed this attention. The feeling of his hands on the fabric. the second heel was now on as I sat back up. His other hand placed his cigarette in the ashtray and he ran his hands all over my chest, stomach, back. I was looking at his face and saw he seemed please with his creation. After a few minutes he said now go over there and look at yourself.

I approached the mirror which was on the inside of the closet door. I couldn’t believe it, I hardly recognized myself. If I didn’t know any better…. I turned and modeled in the mirror. Admiring his work, my legs and ass looked ümraniye escort amazing. I loved it. I found myself running my hands over my body just enjoying the look and feel of the lingerie and dress. It was overpowering.

Mark came up behind me. Whispered in my ear, “You are a fucking hot little cunt.” He wrapped his arms around me, I could feel him press up against the tool in my gurl pussy. As I have know to be called a butt plug. The harder he pressed against me, the more tingles shot throughout my body. I was enjoying the plug in my little ass. Mark had my arms pinned to my sides and as he was whispering what he was going to do with me he would slip his tongue in my ear and kiss and nibble on my neck. It started to get me really hot. Not knowing what to do I slowly slid me hands behind me and towards the front of his pants. With a quick push that put me on the floor. Mark yelled that I was not told to do that and that and he turned and walked back to the closet. I sat up on the floor, I was mortified that I might have screwed this up and lost a possibly great Daddy.

Mark came out with an armload of a box. Get up he commanded. I struggled to do so but eventually was able to right myself. Mark sat the box on the table and sat down in front of it. Cunt come here a instructed. I carefully started over to him. Not being familiar with heels, it was an obvious struggle that he ignored. Show me your hands, as I did, he placed cuffs on my wrists that he brought out of the box. Once done, he brought out another pair that he placed on my ankles.

Mark now told me to come here. I walked carefully two steps forward and he said that this was now his time. He took both of my hands and placed them on the bench. He then told me to step back from the bench. He was between my legs sitting on his chair. I could feel him running his hands over my legs and ass. Up my back and over my stomach. It felt so good I began to relax. I think he felt that also. SMACK!!!

My ass lit up with fire again. I plug in my ass I thought was going to come up my throat. I’m sure I jumped and groaned loudly. Mark said, “You make another sound and I’ll stuff something in your mouth so you can’t!” My ass hurt and I wasn’t questioning anything at that point. SMACK again, again, again and again. My ass was on fire and the plug hurt more and more every time he spanked my ass.

Pt 3 to cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00353 515 73 20

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