Practicing For Him Ch. 03

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He sat stunned as he watched her enjoyment…her orgasm….watching her pussy become wetter. Damn but his cock was hard as he reached down and rubbed it, finally freeing it by slipping out of his clothes.

He sat back in the chaise, sipping his wine, and….watching. The passion within his body causing him such wondrous torture….as her moans became louder and louder. He glanced at the camcorder and smiled….ahhhh to have these moments captured forever… and yes, to be able to view them with her too…watching her…as she watched herself cumming…seeing the expression on her face as she saw herself as he now saw her… beautifully intoxicating with her unleashed passion at it’s most intense point she has ever known.

His cock was throbbing….yet still…he would not disturb her…as he continued to watch… mesmerized by her. His hard cock reacting to her orgasm as her body jerked as she cum over and over again….her love juices soaking her fingers….coating her fingers and sliding down her still open legs. He did not want to cum though…not yet.

Rising he walked quietly over to the bed as she started to remove the blindfold. He smiled as he whispered close to her ear, “Exquisite my dear…now, my turn.” He could feel the excitement course through her heaving body. He had never seen anything as erotic as he had tonight…watching her…in total abandonment of all her inhibitions. He knew that she would enjoy tonight…he knew what she liked….and he planned on bringing out more of her inhibitions before the night canlı bahis was through.

He talked…his voice slowly hypnotizing her further and he reached for her hands, lifting them over her head.

“Lie still my love…let me kiss you….taste you…” his voice trailed off as he held her arms, his lips found hers…..they were trembling….and they tasted so sweet. She opened her lips to his kiss…to his probing tongue. Allowing him full access.

Her body was still shaking as he held her firmly. He knew exactly what he was doing to her…and he wanted to drive her over the edge again. Her moans slowly escaped as he moved away from her and with silken scarves tied her arms above her head.

“Shhhhh,” he softly secured her hands and began to kiss her body…starting at her lips and then moving down slowly. He turned the clit vibrator back on which she had stopped after her orgasm. “ahhhhhhhhh….” She moaned…as her hips moved against his hand. He smiled….as she moaned…wanting more.

His lips found her breasts. He began to slowly lick them…avoiding her nipples which instantly became hard. She tried to move closer to him…wanting him to tease them.

“Baby…please…I … I…need you….”

He began to lick her nipples…teasing each one….caressing her swollen breasts while he continued to tease her. Her entire body rising to meet him …she began to cumm…as she pulled against her restraints…wanting to be free…

Her cries of passion exploded as her cunt juices poured from her…he had to watch bahis siteleri again for he would never tire of seeing her intense orgasms. He moved to her outstretched legs and slid his finger…and then …another inside her….bringing even more orgasms….and moans from her as his fingers worked their magic inside her swollen lips.

“Yesssss Baby…cum for me…that’s my girl…mmmmm…”

Her body bucked against his fingers as she begged him …for more. Her body now still from the intense pleasures, he sat beside her…caressing her lightly….watching the chills rise upon her soft skin while he licked his fingers…tasting of her sweetness which caused his own need to begin to mount even more.

He reached up…untieing her secured arms…and removed the blindfold. He smiled as he watched her blush and timidly smile. Even the simple act of her tongue licking her lips, made his heart beat faster.

“Now my dear, I want you to pleasure yourself again for me….while you watch my reaction and see exactly how you excitement me.”

She looked startled for a moment….as she listened to him…watched him.

“Lie back again while I remove the egg and clit vib Baby,” he said as he moved closer to her. She felt his probing fingers inside her wet pussy…could feel how her inner walls grabbed at his fingers making him chuckle and smile as his eyes met hers. “Soon Baby, soon…”

After removing the toys he instructed her to reach under the pillow…he had placed another toy for her there. With surprised eyes, she bahis şirketleri looked at him and then to the pillow. She reached her small hand to find the new toy. She pulled out another vibrator that was designed specifically for her G-spot. Her eyes looked to his as she watched him sit in the chaise across the room.

“Show me how much you like your new toy Baby.”

She opened her mouth and began licking the vibrator…her intent to make sure he knew how much she was excited. Her eyes darkened as her tongue licked the entire length and back to the top of it. She slid it inside her mouth as she looked from his eyes…down to his cock which was growing harder and harder by the moment. Still she continued to lick…to tease him…as she closed her eyes. She began to get lost in the sensation and feel of it in her mouth. She did not realize that she was moaning….

He sat stunned to see how much she was getting into this. He never expected this kind of reaction….she was getting aroused by sucking on the vibrator.

She laid back on the bed, and began to rub the vibrator over her breasts. She turned the knob…and her nipples became even harder at the sensations now teasing them. Slowly, very slowly she rubbed it over her body…down past her tummy…and began to tease her clit as her legs opened…granting him full view of her smooth sensuous pussy again. Her moistness again glimmering in the soft light. Her hips began to once again move but this time against the vibrator that she now rubbed along her waiting nether lips.

His breath seemed to stop ….as his eyes narrowed…watching her slide it slowly… inside…her cunt….

“What a sight,” he thought to himself…as he again stroked his hard cock.

(to be continued…)

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