Plowing her field the first time

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Plowing her field the first time
Emma, flew out the backdoor letting the screen door slam. By the time she heard her mother hollering at her to not slam the door she was far enough away she could pretend that she didn’t hear.

Emma, short for Emiline, was thirteen. She hated her full name with a passion and teasing her about it could make her cry, something her brothers did on a fairly regular basis. Boys being boys.

But today she wasn’t crying. She was happy. She skipped over the knoll until she was out of sight of the house. With a jar of tea in one hand and a sack of sandwiches for Rob in the other Emma twirled until the skirt of her thin cotton dress flared around her. The breeze blew up her armpits and between her legs, ruffling the new hairs in forbidden places. Emma shivered at the feel of the wind tugging the hair in her armpits. She loved it and didn’t want to shave it off. Dizzy, she fell to the ground, breathless.

She decided to pee. Not because she needed to but because she loved the crazy feelings she got when the tall grass rubbed and itched her nethers. She stood up and after looking around to be sure she was out of sight of the house and unobserved she raised her dress above her waist. She stood like that for several minutes, enjoying the chance to be lewd. She hadn’t put on panties this morning.

Naturally her mother didn’t know. But of course she would never let anyone else see her like that. Well almost no one else… Her friend Jesse had seen her when they changed clothes to go swimming, but that was just changing clothes. No one really looked then.

Jesse had told her about things. She said that girls sucked on boy’s thingies because it made the boys feel good. And she said boys licked on girls thingies for the same reason. It sounded wonderful and scary.

After shocking a few rabbits with her exhibition Emma squatted and peed. The grass scratched her in exciting places, but that was all. When she was finished Emma stood and stomped her foot in frustration. Nothing had happened. She wasn’t sure what kurtköy escort bayan was supposed to happen but whatever it was it certainly hadn’t happened.

Sighing, Emma headed on down to the field near the meandering river back of the farm. Rob came into view on the tractor. He had been plowing all morning shirtless, and the sweat glistened on his deeply tanned chest. His straw hat was pushed far back on his head and the locks of blonde hair across his forehead flipped back and forth in the breeze.

Rob had showed up at the farmhouse at nine-thirty one night, three years ago, drenched to the skin in a near-freezing rain. He wasn’t related as far as they knew, but he said his mother had sent him to their farm, and he had walked s*******n miles from the other side of Sparton to get there.

Jake and Shirley, Emma’s parents had driven over to his old house but his family had moved without a forwarding address. They had no way to contact any of his kinfolk. Rob was a good boy and a good hand. He was honest and friendly, smart in school, so he stayed on, becoming one of the family.

Rob was two years older than Emma and she adored him. He took up for her against her brothers and protected her. As her breasts began to develop she would hold his arm and rub her breast against it, until he warned her with his eyes. If anyone else had seen what was happening there would have been big trouble. She understood that and quit, most of the time.

Rob made the final turn and raised the plow as he headed up the hill toward Emma. She waved and held up the tea and bag of sandwiches. Turning off the tractor he reached down and taking the jar of tea half-emptied it in one drink. Plowing was hot and thirsty work.

Climbing up onto the tractor Emma perched on the steering wheel with a foot on either side of Rob. As he slouched in his seat getting ready for lunch her pussy was in plain view. His eyes got large as he stared at it. He’d never seen one before. He had kissed a few girls after the barn dances and even rubbed a boob or two, kartal escort bayan but this was totally new territory for him.

Emma realized that she had gotten his attention and she smiled. A lumped popped up in his jeans and Emma knew what that was. She lived on a farm and sex was not new to her, at least between the a****ls.

Emma took Rob’s hand and placed it on her small breast. The dress was thin and it was almost like feeling it, but not quite. Emma quickly pulled the dress over her head and laid it across the hood of the cooling tractor.

Totally naked now she placed his hand back on her breast. That was so much better than with the dress on. Rob caressed her breast, feeling her nipple getting large under the palm of his hand. He looked at it carefully. The areola was a dark pointy hill rising up from the small mound of her breast, with a hard dark nipple on top. God, he thought he was going to explode! Which in fact, was not far from the truth.

They leaned toward each other until Rob could suck on it, taking most of the breast into his mouth. Sucking and nipping gently Emma’s breath grew more ragged until finally she pushed him away. It was just too much!

Rob slid his hand up her leg until he felt the gentle brush of hair on his hand. He ran out of courage before he actually touched her pussy. They sat like that for a few minutes until Emma took matters in hand and pulled his hand to where it need to be. He rubbed her until his dick was about to break.

Rob unbuckled his belt and jeans and unzipped them so he could rearrange his equipment. Emma watched all this with interest. Grabbing the waistband of his jockeys she pulled everything down until his clothes were pooled around his ankles on the floor of the tractor.

She stared at his dick waving in the breeze, throbbing like it was beating time to unheard music. She touched it and Rob shuddered, his dick bouncing wildly from even that modest amount of stimulation. Holding Rob’s dick gently to keep from maybe hurting it, Emma began to stroke it up and down.

After kaynarca escort bayan about two and half strokes it exploded. Jesse hadn’t told Emma about cum but there it was, all over the place. She kept moving her hand until there was nothing left. Rob slumped even farther into his seat. Emma took a sip of tea, waiting for him to recover.

When Rob could focus his eyes again he smiled at Emma. Jesse had told Emma about how boys like to be sucked so she bent over and took his dick in her mouth. It had begun to flag but no more. It was instantly back at full attention. Rob’s dick was normal for a fifteen year old boy. It was about five inches long and maybe three inches around, with a pronounced arc. It had a nicely shaped helmet perched on the end, which had caught Emma’s attention.

She ran her tongue around the groove at the base of the head and up the crease at the back to the hole in the center. As she licked the hole Rob groaned then pushed her away. It was too sensitive. So she quit licking and began sucking gently, taking more of it into her mouth.

When she had it all inside, she moved her head up and down. Rob held her head in both hands, fucking her in the mouth. Since he had just cum he wasn’t very close to cumming again so she sucked on it for quite a while.

Finally he pushed her away and put his hands in her armpits to pull her to him. Then he noticed the hair there and stroked it and tugged on it gently. The fact that he had noticed and liked it made Emma swoon with love for him.

She moved against him, straddling his lap until his dick was pressed firmly along her pussy groove. She moved back and forth so that it rubbed up and down her wet slit.
Rob reached down and repositioned his dick so that it was pointed into her body. He found the hole with the head of his dick and let her slowly sink onto it.

She took more and more in until she felt some pain. Acting quickly she impaled herself on him with a small squeal, and took him entirely into her tight wet hole. They rested for a moment then began moving in rhythm, slowly, then more quickly, until with a shout and another squeal they came together.

Rob hugged her to his chest, kissing the top of her head. Then she looked up at him. He bent forward and kissed her on the lips. Their first kiss.

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