Phone call interrupted Pt. 03

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It was over a week since Jill had discovered he husband’s telephonic proclivities and she had hardly spoken more than a handful of words to him in that time. Indeed, he had continued to occupy the spare bedroom at night, and she sighed, he might be a prick but at least he was a prick and she’d being getting hornier at the lack of a screw. It was really feast or famine, last week, she’d been roundly fucked at work, although separately, by two of her managers as well having her first foray into telephone sex. The latter experience she had never contemplated but had actually found more than a little stimulating and proved to extremely satisfying.

Showering in the process of getting ready for work, she stepped out of the shower and as she towelled herself, she found herself unconsciously admiring herself in the bathroom mirror. She smiled as she looked at her voluptuous tear-drop shaped breasts, she didn’t know whether to admire them or not, they had certainly changed the direction of her life. Without them being so prominent she wondered how life, or should she say men, well mostly men, would have treated her – perhaps with a bit more respect rather than perpetual expectations of a fortuitous fumble. Wistfully she smiled again, well they had certainly led to a number of enjoyable escapades. She recalled the first time she’d used these globes to give a friend a tit-wank and the shock as he had ejaculated not only over her breasts but had coated her face and eyes. She had to admit that she enjoyed them being man-handled, sometimes the rougher the better.

A few times, indeed, she had been propositioned by photographers to reveal her assets. She had only agreed twice, once in Germany when she was 18, and more recently when a simple head and shoulders escalated to a more comprehensive depiction. She’d been lucky she realised in Germany, after that photoshoot, she was offered the opportunity to earn extra-money but thankfully despite her naivety she had declined.

Her gaze then drifted south, and to her smartly trimmed landing-strip. She momentarily pondered a change in style, she tried to recollect who last week had suggested she would look and feel better, but in the maelstrom of last week she couldn’t remember who.

But why not? Seemed a good day to state a life-style change.

She reached for Steve’s razor and shaving foam, liberally applying the foam to her bush and then proceeded to shave the pubic hair away. Using the shower, Jill cleaned off the remnants of foam and hair, then stepped out to observe her shaved twat in the mirror. It certainly looked different, made her look more available and hopefully more appealing. It also made her appear vulnerable, ready to be used, willing to submit – she felt incredibly erotic.

She moved on to the bedroom and sorted through her draws to find something appropriate for the day. She went for matching blue bustier, with suspenders. and cami-knickers. As she was putting them on, she remembered the instruction to take a spare-pair. Jenna was such a thoughtful Mistress…she inwardly laughed at herself calling Jenna Mistress indeed. Jill had no idea why she put the spare pair in her bag, she had nothing planned, but you never know. As camouflage however, she went for the standard business suit: white blouse buttoned down the front, black pencil skirt that hovered just above the knee, and a black bolero-style jacket that gave only a hint on the assets underneath. She finished off the ensemble with a pair of black-seemed stockings and low-heeled court shoes. She kept her wedding and engagement rings on, she found it added to her attraction, as men seemed to find it an all the more satisfying conquest if they fucked someone’s wife. She picked a gold necklace she had bought in Bahrain, which the Arab goldsmith assured her spelt out her name in Arabic and numerous colleagues, including her Middle East clients, commented on its attractiveness. Unfortunately, Jill didn’t realise it used the Arabic word ?????, which although attractive calligraphy, roughly translated as whore or harlot. Unintentionally she had upset the man as she had bought the necklace in the bazaar alone, unaccompanied by a guardian, but that’s another story.

Dressed she left the house, ignoring her nonentity of husband as she passed him and managed to negotiate the commute to work in under 50 minutes, something of a record. She was also pleased by the feel of the silk knickers as they rubbed against her freshly shaved cunt.

It was a rather uneventful morning at work, and Jill started thinking about lunch when the phone rang. She was summoned to the Manager’s office, licking her lips hopefully she thought there might be the possibility of a blow-job. She knocked on the door and went in. As she walked in, a voice from the side of the room said good morning and she turned and saw the Regional Director sitting on the office sofa, she smiled at him, thinking it looks like lunch has been planned.

“Good morning Jill, you know Sir John, don’t you Jill,” said her Manager, Phil, as he welcomed her in.

“Of course, güvenilir bahis the little minx knows me very well, don’t you Jill,” Sir John said as he patted the sofa, and beckoned her to come and sit next to him, “get your pert little derriere down here.”

Jill sat next to Sir John, crossing her legs and turned to listen to Phil.

“Sir John was very impressed with our operations he observed during the Annual Review, and as we are amongst the best performers nationally, he has decided to take me to lunch, and as you are the star performer, we would like to invite you to lunch. That is if you haven’t other plans.”

Jill had hoped to keep last week’s activities as a one-off, she quite happy to pursue her arrangements with Phil, he had a decent tongue after all, but didn’t want to become the office bike. If this type of offer had been made last week, she would probably have rapidly come up with an escape strategy, it was quite clear what lunch would be a precursor to. However, since her phone call with Jenna, she had revealed to herself a submissive side she had only been dimly aware of, and now she felt a warm glow grow in her freshly denuded pussy as she contemplated surrendering herself to one or both men in the afternoon. Sir John reached over and placed his hand on her knee and gently massaged her moving his hand slightly higher up her leg. Jill smiled back at him, concentrating her focus on his eyes.

“I would be honoured if you would join us, Jill, I really had a wonderful time with you last week,” as he squeezed her thigh as if to confirm his intentions.

Jill blushed, Phil coughed to stifle a laugh and Sir John continued his slow exploration of her thigh.

“Of course, Sir John, how could I refuse a man who knows only too well how to entertain a woman.”

Sir John edged closer and with his other hand touched the top closed button of her blouse.

“Excellent my dear, but you must learn to present yourself to maximise your allure.”

He then proceeded to unbutton the top button, then the second and third, and then with both hands pulled her shirt collar wider, revealing her impressive cleavage.

“There that is much better. What do you think Phil?”

“Yes, very nice, she always seems reluctant to display her assets properly.”

Jill blushed further, but did nothing to stop him or interrupt their banter.

“Terrible shame, they are really magnificent, I guess you’ve had your fair share of them, eh? Phil.”

Sir John moved both his hands down from her collar and cupped both breasts, lightly weighing them.

“You don’t get many of these in the pound. You really do have a fabulous pair, Jill. I hope I can sample them further,” as he tightened his grip on her orbs.

Jill’s breath started to shorten as she was becoming aroused, but wanting to avoid the current scene descending into a Carry-on film farce, stood up suddenly forcing Sir John to desist from his invasion of her body.

“Seems to be time for lunch, don’t we agree?”

“Ha-ha, yes of course, come on Phil, let’s get over to the hotel, it has a really decent restaurant that is highly recommended I believe.”

Jill led the way out of the office, the two men deliberately slowing down behind her admiring her gait, and in particular the pert derriere.

“She seems so prim and proper, but she was a wanton bitch once I got her started. Even went around the world with her.”

“I thought you would enjoy her, yes she is very enthusiastic once you get her motor running. Hadn’t realised she was enjoyed Greek,”

“You must be joking. Takes it all the way, you must have a go this afternoon. I fancy a tag-team session. Tight as a duck’s arse if you pardon the pun.”

“Sounds good.”

It was only a short walk to the hotel, and lunch progressed without too much inuendo, although there were copious amounts of champagne, which she hadn’t expected but soon found it enlivening her mood and rushing to her head. The meal finished, Phil agreed to cover the bill, allowing Sir John and Jill move toward the bar. However, on the way there, he offered a different venue.

“The view from my room is rather good, it’s on the top floor and we could have coffee or whatever there.”

“Oh, really Sir John you do surprise me. I suppose the old manoeuvres are the best, do you have etchings I could see as well? Yes, Yes, you naughty man, I would be happy to enjoy your hospitality upstairs,” Jill giggled.

If Sir John was the model of restraint at lunch, going up in the lift he was incorrigible, Jill was caught unawares but the sudden onslaught, he pinned her against the back of the lift, exploring her body with hands, cupping and kneading her breasts. squeezing her arse cheeks, and briefly, after moving her legs apart with his feet, savouring her silk-covered mound. Recovering, she quickly responded with a passionate French kiss.

“Someone is an eager beaver this afternoon” she said as they both came up for air as the lift reached the 20th floor,” she was relieved the building wasn’t any higher or türkçe bahis she believed her would have taken her there and then.

The lift stopped, and as they walked toward his room, Sir John could not resist the opportunity to caress her arse. When he opened the door to his room, Jill stepped in and had to admit the view from the window of the City was quite spectacular. She was offered coffee or brandy, but she chose wine, he proceeded to pour her a rather large one. Jill remained standing, while he sat down on a sofa keenly observing her.

“Strip,” he ordered.

Less than a week ago she would have baulked at such a crude instruction, but now it was different, she was learning to enjoy submitting. She started to unbutton her blouse revealing the bustier encasing her breasts.

“Good girl, you really have a fabulous pair of tits.”

She let the blouse drop to the floor, and reached behind herself to unhook her skirt, pulling the zip down. As the skirt slid over her thighs, pooling at her feet, she stepped out of it. Sir John intimated for her to come closer and as she did, his hand moved to cup her mound through the cami-knickers. As he did so, he slipped a finger through the leg of the knickers and entered her cunt, which was already moist. Jill murmured softly, slowly rotating her hips and smiled at him.

He continued to probe her, dipping a further finger in as she unclipped the stockings from the bustier. Released, she unhooked the bustier and as it was pulled over her head, her tits bounced free. Sir John leaned forward and bit her nipple causing her to groan in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He shifted his hand grasped the gusset of the knickers and ripped them off in one swift motion. Jill squealed in shock and then cursed as she realised, she had lost another pair of camis, it was starting to get quite expensive.

Sir John rose up from the sofa causing Jill to over-balance and he used the opportunity to push her backwards onto the floor. He immediately dived between her spread legs, unzipped his cock and rammed it straight up her twat.

“Fuck you’re an easy tart, I think if I had a dirty slut like you working for me, I would bang you every day, I would get addicted to this tight little pussy.”

Struggling for breath under the pace of the pounding she was receiving, all she could respond was yes, oh yes and laughed in ecstasy as she arched her back attempting to take him even deeper.

“Spunk me, spunk me hard. Fill my cunt with your beautiful spunk. Fuck your whore full of spunk.”

Jill didn’t know were those words came from, she had never spoken like that.

However, she was really enjoying the fucking, and ground further down on his shaft.

“So started without me, then.”

Jill looked and smiled at Phil and attempted to blow him a kiss, as the Regional Director hammered into her nearing a climax.

“Don’t worry, I’ve left her arse for you too fuck, you can have the bitch as soon as I’ve finished.”

Jill increasingly found herself enjoying being talked about as an object, it was degrading but somehow strangely fulfilling. As Sir John continued his crude commentary, in expectation that he was close to finishing off, Jill wrapped her legs around his back to give her better purchase enabling her to buck back harder. She felt his cock spasm and the first release of spunk into her pussy. She increased her pace as she milked him dry. He groaned in satisfaction and rolled off her, patting her pussy.

“Glad you followed my advice, always prefer a shaved twat. What about you Phil, as you never told her to lose her minge, I presume your ambivalent to how she dresses.”

Before she could interject, Phil lowered himself between her outstretched legs and without ceremony inserted his shaft into her gash. As Jill had yet to orgasm, she welcomed her second penetration enthusiastically, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him gently on the neck.

“Didn’t have you down as a sloppy seconds man, Sir?” as she started to coax him into deeper thrusts as she rocked back and forward on his shaft.

Looking down on her, he simply stated, “just lubing up slut. I have been advised you have a very accommodating arse and somewhat peeved I wasn’t offered it earlier.”

He turned to his colleague, “could you move the ottoman closer please, I have decided to follow your recommendation. I do prefer a fully waxed or shaven one, but thought her husband might become suspicious if I made her go further than a well-trimmed landing strip.”

As Sir John brought over the ottoman stool, Jill marvelled at the sudden change in demeanour of her lover Phil, he was adopting the coarse language of his colleague whole heartedly. She found the objectification thrilling. Phil suddenly withdrew, tapping her on the thigh indicating she should get up and bend over the ottoman.

She obediently moved and bent over the stool, without waiting for instructions, she reached back and with her hands pulled her arse cheeks apart, offering Phil an unimpeded view of his intended target. güvenilir bahis siteleri She continued to be amazed at how submissive she had been able to become and how much it aroused her. There seemed to be an inverse relationship between the scale of degradation and the height of her arousal, but she had yet to find the limit of how far she could go.

“You seem somewhat different Jill, but I must admit I like this new side of you,” Phil said as he placed his cock at the entrance to her anal rose, enjoying the initial resistance. Jill was a little apprehensive, she knew Phil was much longer and of greater girth, and she tensed at the thought of his penetration. It was one of the reasons she hadn’t offered him her third hole. She also considered an anal fucking a most submissive act, more than a blow-job, and one a week ago would have been very reluctant to allow. She was about to find out fairly soon how much further degradation she could descend to and how rapidly. She was now naked in a hotel room, bent over a stool, arse cheeks spread, her cunt full of cum, in front of two senior colleagues waiting for the second to have his way with her. Phil sensing some trepidation on his slut’s part, enjoyed the feeling of control and began pushing against the entrance, slowly opening it up and sending his shaft further inside her. Jill groaned, it was one of the largest that she had ever had up this hole, and as the invasion progressed, she felt her eyes tear-up, gasping as Phil bottomed out inside her, his balls hitting her cheeks. As he upped the rate of thrusting, his hands roughly digging into her thighs to give him balance and extra-penetration, tears start to trickle down her face.

Sir John smirked, as he stood in front of her face, watching her taking what was obviously a fairly rough fucking. Her whimpering and tears recharged his batteries and his manhood hardened, not as impressive as Phil’s but a substantial one all the same.

“I can see how the little lady didn’t want you up her bum, she’s struggling to accommodate you, although you can see the dirty slut is really giving it as go. Don’t ruin her before I’ve had my turn please. Mind if I take the top-end?”

“Go ahead John, and there still be plenty for you here after I have had her.”

He stroked his cock as he approached her mouth. She tried to smile, but the pummelling she was continuing to receive from Phil made it difficult for her to concentrate and was still whimpering under the onslaught. She opened her lips and accepted his shaft, he gracefully slid it all in, hitting the back of her throat. Her tears continued to flow even as the pain was turning to pleasure. He grasped a clump of her hair as he started to face fuck Jill, he enjoyed the sensation of the tears washing his balls, she was tasting her own and his juices that coated his shaft. Phil was reaching his own climax and she felt his spunk spasm into her rectum. He slapped her cheek hard, but her scream was muffled by his invading cock.

“Time to switch, John.”


Before Jill grasped what was happening, the two men swapped holes, Sir John quickly entering her widened anus, although he enjoyed her muscles as they involuntarily contracted around him. Phil’s shaft had softened, but he opened her mouth and pushed it. The taste was pungent, but she had no choice but to clean him, taking her submission to a further depth but one she again enjoyed. She felt him harden, but in contrast to his earlier assailing he was gentle, simply enjoying her, letting her tongue and lips lightly caress his member. In marked contrast to last week, when he had explored and savoured her for some hours, Sir John was happy with a simple shag albeit via her rear end and his spunk erupted quickly in her.

“Amazing, the was still a tight fuck after you,”

As Phil removed his now rigid member from, Jill staggered up, but before she could make it to the bathroom, he gripped her arm.

“We’re not finished yet missy, on the bed on all fours. I’ve one more orifice to sample.”

She sighed, these men were very persistent and demanding. She climbed onto the bed, kneeling on all fours, her pendulous breasts, gently swaying. Not one to miss an opportunity, Sir John moved to the bed and tweaked her nipples, then grasped each in turn and pulled them down imitating a cow being milked. Jill winced at the pain, but indifferent to her concerns, Phil mounted her from behind, her pussy lips stretching to accommodate the large member. She was going to have to change his nickname to trigger, she mused.

“Wonder how many pints you’d get out of these when they are full of milk?” Sir John loudly queried as her continued to roughly massage her tits.

Phil started to bottom out, for although Jill was used to be fucked by this prick, it was always a struggle to accommodate it fully. She groaned and her breathing started to shorten, becoming shallower as her once again picked up the pace. Having been variously fucked by both men for well over the last hour, despite her heightened sensitivities, she had yet to fully cum. Phil however was bringing her close, and she hoped her had the stamina to finish her off. It may have been unintentional, especially given their seeming indifference, but Phil did manage to keep going and Jill started to pant.

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