Personal Time

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Personal Time
The school year was quickly winding down as the weather started to change over from spring to summer. I needed a break, so I decided to take a couple of personal days. My husband was out of town for a few days, and our daughter had not yet returned from college. I had the house to myself.

I had a few errands to run which I got done before lunch. It was a beautiful day, so I decided that I would get some sun by the pool. As I searched through my draw of bikinis, I thought about one of the Wicked Weasels my friend Steve had purchased for me a few years ago. Steve and I had a long affair going on which included many interesting adventures…nude beaches, sex in public places and a swinger’s pool party just to name a few. He had the unique ability to make me feel completely comfortable with my body and my sexuality. He was the one person I could never say “NO” to.

Our relationship came to an end about a year ago due to a job change on his part. Now we rarely communicated, and never saw each other.

Anyway, I had some naughty thoughts as I put the bikini on and inspected myself in the mirror. Considering I’m in my early 50s, I thought I still looked good. I’m 5’4″ and weigh 110lbs with small A cup breasts, a somewhat firm tummy, and a round, still firm butt. I’ve never been one for a bald pubic area, but I do keep it trimmed.

Heading through the kitchen, I gabbed a cooler with ice and a bottle of white wine along with my new book. Spreading a towel on the chaise lounge, I made myself comfortable with a glass of wine and began to read. Normally I would never wear this suit around anybody other than Steve. For one, my husband is very conservative and wouldn’t approve even if we were alone. You should have heard his comments when I started wearing thong panties…another Steve idea. Additionally, our backyard is not exactly secluded. The houses around us are all two story, so the upstairs rooms have a view into each other’s backyards. Luckily they really didn’t have a view of where I was sitting, plus I figured they were all at work anyway. We do have a fence, but it isn’t a privacy one. It’s only about 3-4 feet high, and is mainly there because of the pool.

After sitting there for about an hour, I was startled by a male voice. “Damn, that pool sure looks good.” he said.

It was one of our neighbors, or should I say temporary neighbors. The couple who own the house are in the military and are both on 6 month deployments. Ken had been living there about a month, and we exchange pleasantries every time we saw each other, but he mainly kept to himself.

I was startled to say the least, but wanted to be friendly. “Jump on in, you look hot…I mean sweaty.” I stammered.

Jumping over the fence, he stripped off his shoes, socks and shirt and dove in.
When he did this, it occurred to me that I wasn’t wearing the most appropriate bikini, so I made an effort to cover myself.

Quickly he swam to the side, got out of the pool, and came over beside me.

“I was surprised to see your car in the drive way. I figured you’d be at work.” he said as he sat on the chair next to me.

Ken had to be over 6 foot with short dark hair…obviously in the military. He wasn’t overly muscular…more lean…obviously a runner. Yes, he was attractive.

“I decided to take a couple of days off.” I studdered. I was suddenly very nervous and felt very ackward as he stood above me.

He told me that he appreciated the swim, was sorry he interrupted me, and started making his way to his cloths and the gate.

Initially I considered going in and changing my suit knowing that he was home. It was one thing to wear it around Steve or even other people on one of the beaches he and I would go to, but to wear it around neighbors was a different story. Eventually I decided not to bother. Like I said, wear I was on the patio, nobody could really see me from their house.

Another hour or bahis siteleri so went by, with half of the bottle of wine gone, I was beginning to have a nice little buzz. Eventually I rolled over on my belly, and untied my top so I could get some sun on my back. It wasn’t long after that I saw a shadow standing beside me. Startled I jumped up and off of the lounger. I had totally forgot my top.

“I’m sorry.” Ken started. “I didn’t mean to scare you. I noticed that you were drinking that bottle of wine. I had this one in the refrigerator and thought you might want to share it with me.”

It soddenly dawned on me that I was standing in front of this stranger topless, so I reached up to cover my breasts.

“Here.” he said, reaching down, picking up my top, and handing it to me. “Again, my apologies, I’ll leave you alone.” he continued as he turned to make his way to the gate.

“No, that’s ok. Let me go put something more appropriate on…I’ll be right back. Make yourself at home.” I responded as I turned and headed into the house.

I returned a few minutes later wear a much more conservative blue bikini.

“Wasn’t that a Wicked Weasel?” he asked.

“Yes.” was all I could say blushing.

“I thought so…you look great in it.” he shot back.

Looking at him, I thanked him for the compliment. It was obvious that he was checking me out. Guess what, I was starting to get that tingle.

As I sat back down, regaining my composure, he sat next to me. We spent the next couple of hours talking about nothing in particular. The more wine we drank, the more flirty the conversation became. After a while, I excused myself to go use the restroom. I stumbled a little as I stood…effects of the wine. Not bothering to cover up, I made my way into the house and into the down stairs restroom. As I sat on the toilet peeing, I thought about how sexy he was and how horny I was. They weren’t serious thoughts, but it had been a long time since Steve.

Once done, I exited and ran straight into Ken who obviously had followed me into the house.

“Damn, I’m sorry.” he said. “I hope you don’t mind, but I needed to go too.”

As he held me by my arms to keep me from falling back, I told him it was no problem. As I looked up at him from this position, I felt this overwhelming desire to kiss him. I think he felt the same way as he kind of made the motion too, but backed away and let me go.

I told him I would see him outside, and walked away. I could see his reflection in the glass on the patio door as he watched my ass walking away. As I started to open the door, he disappeared into the bathroom.

A minute or so later, he came back outside. As he sat down, I told him I wanted to get into the pool to cool off. He agreed as I got up and stepped into the pool. Ken grabbed both of our glasses after refilling them and followed behind.

“I better take it easy.” I told him as he handed me the glass.

I’m not sure why I said that, as we stood by the side of the pool continuing our conversation.

“Do you ever go skinny dipping?” he suddenly asked.

“No, too many neighbors.” I responded.

This really got my mind racing. It was early afternoon, the neighbors on one side of my house wouldn’t be home for at least 2 hours, and I always heard them from the backyard. And, well, Ken was in the house on the other side, and he was here.

“Chicken.” he said laughing.

“Tell you what, I will if you will.” I shot back.

Within the blink of an eye, Ken had his suit off putting it on the side of the pool by his glass.

“Now it your turn.” he ordered.

“Honestly, there isn’t too much you haven’t already seen.” I chuckled back. The tingle was really starting now. I’m such a slut with a little alcohol in me.

With that I untied the strings to my top and pulled my bottoms off placing them on the side next to my glass.

“Very nice.” he said. “You look amazing.” he continued.

“Careful.” I told him, “Flattery tipobet güvenilir mi will get you laid.”

We both laughed at that, and surprisingly, Ken didn’t make a move like I thought he would. The water felt great on my naked body enhancing all of my inner desires. I decided right then that I was going to make the first move. Walking over to him, I wrapped my hand around his neck and raised my face to his. Our lips met at first in a light kiss, that quickly turned very sensual. As our tongues met, I raised myself up and wrapped my legs around Ken’s waist. His hands went directly to my ass. With a hand on each cheek, he pulled me into him. As we continued to kiss, his left hand went for my tits, where he massaged and pinched my nipples. By this time, his cock was fully erect, and I could feel it poking me in the ass. I thought to myself that I couldn’t wait to see it, touch it, suck it and fuck it.

“Let’s take this inside.” I whispered in his ear.

“Sounds like a good idea, if you’re ok with it.” he responded back.

“Does it look like I’m ok with it?” I asked.

His only response was to smile as we quickly exited the pool. For the first time, I had a view of his manhood. I would estimate that his dick was 7″ or so with a large head. He had no pubic hair to speak of, and his balls hung low.
We quickly dried off and headed into the house in case anybody might see us.

Grabbing his hand, I guided him to the guest bedroom just off of the kitchen. As we both laid on the queen size bed, we started our kissing again. I really wanted him to touch my pussy, but he had different ideas. His hands worked my tits and ass. I on the other hand went straight for his dick, stroking it and squeezing on its head.

“Please touch me.” I told him. “It’s been so long.”

With that, he moved his hand between my legs. I was soaking wet with desire, and moaned loudly as he inserted a single finger. Exploring my pussy, he soon had 3 fingers inside me and started kissing his way down my body. Stopping at my breasts, he took a nipple in his mouth and began to nibble and suck on it. This sent me over the edge, and I had by first of what I hopped would be numerous orgasms.

As soon as I recovered, I began to take more control. I stopped him from moving all the way down to my pussy, kissing him as he I rolled him on to his back and straddled his chest. Breaking our kiss, I began to nibble and suck my way down to his chest. As I sucked one of his nipples into my mouth, I could feel his dick between my pussy lips and his stomach. I was tempted to reach down and insert it, but refrained. Slowly I began to grind my pussy up and down his shaft causing him to moan.

“I want to be inside you.” he told me.

“Soon.” I told him as I continued down his body. When I reached his cock, I took it in my hand and began to run my tongue around his head. Looking up at him, he had his eyes closed with his hands gently on my head. I was in the perfect position to grind my pussy into his knee…something I really love to do when I’m sucking dick. The taste of my juices on him was inspiring as I did my best to get his entire length down my throat. Soon he began to buck his hips, fucking my face. I wasn’t ready for him to cum yet, so I moved to his balls sucking on each one.

“Turn around.” he told me.

Without a word, I moved into the 69 position he wanted. As I went back to work on his dick, he went to work on my pussy and clit. I was in heaven as he sucked on my clit and rubbed his fingers across my anus.

After sometime, I could no longer concentrate on Ken’s dick as my orgasms took control of my body. As I came down from a really hard one, I figured his tongue was probably getting tired. Lifting myself off of him, I turned around to face him while straddling him again. Without a word, I reached around and inserted his engorged cock into my sopping pussy. As I inched my perabet way down his length, I leaned forward and kissed him deeply tasting all of my fluids on his lips and face. I love the way I taste…it drives me wild.

With his hands on my hips, I sat up so he could take in the view. As I rode him, I played with my nipples, something Steve used to love watching me do. Ken didn’t last very long as I increased my pace which he matched with strong and deliberate thrusts.

As he gave out a massive groan, I watched his nipples get as hard as rocks and could actually feel his jiz shoot into my body. Once again, this put me over the edge and a stream of fluid flowed from my pussy all over his pelvic area.

I collapsed on top of him and we both laid there for several minutes catching our breath. I could feel his cock getting soft, so I rolled over laying on my back.

“Damn, that was incredible.” he said.

“Yes it was, it’s been a long time. Thank you.” I responded.

After a few minutes, I got up and went into the kitchen returning with a couple of beers. As we laid together talking the subject came up as to whether or not we could do this again.

“Maybe.” I said shrugging my shoulders.

We started to discuss previous relationships which began to make me uncomfortable. I wasn’t ready to go there with him yet…hell, we barely knew each other. I decided enough time had passed for him to recover, so I made my way down to his soft cock and began to play with it. He started to become aroused again, and my pussy was getting more wet by the minute. As I sucked on him and stroked him with one hand, I played with my clit with the other feeling his cum draining from me. Before long, Ken was hard as a rock.

“Here, get up.” I told him.

Without a word he did as I told him. As I propped myself up on my knees bending over my ass was in the air. He need no encouragement at this point. He knew exactly what to do. Getting behind me, he rubbed the head of his dick across my wet slit several times before driving it deep into me with one quick, forceful thrust.

I love this position; it’s always been my favorite. Ken fucked me like this long and hard for what seemed like eternity, and my orgasms were incredible. I could tell that Ken was getting ready to cum as he was really starting to pound my face into the pillow.

“Don’t cum in me.” I ordered. “I want you to cum in my mouth.”

He pulled out and I quickly swung around. I barely got the head of his dick in my mouth before he started spewing his juice. His taste was intoxicating, and I feverishly rubbed my clit to get in one last orgasm.

Again we collapsed on the bed to catch our breath.

After a brief period of time, Ken got up from the bed.
“I hate to play and run, but I have an appointment in about an hour. Can we do this again?” he asked.

“You never know.” I responded as I rolled over onto my back. “We do need to be discreet about it.”

He agreed. Actually, I was kind of relieved that he was leaving. I’m not one for pillow talk, and I was satisified, and ready to have the house to myself. I didn’t bother dressing the rest of the day, and didn’t shower until I was ready to go to bed. I slept soundly to say the least.

The next morning, I heard Ken’s car start as my bedroom is next to his driveway. Looking out the window, I saw he was dressed in his uniform, so he was obviously off to work. I was a little tender between my legs, but I couldn’t help thinking how nice it would have been if he had come back over. As I thought about it, I decided what the hell. I pulled out my Magic Wand that Steve had given to me several years before. Believe it or not, before Steve, I had never played with myself. He’s the one that taught me that masturbating was normal. I always enjoyed putting on a show for him whether it was in person or sending him a video. Along with the Magic Wand, he had giving me this attachment which had two curved fingers. One fit in my pussy with the other in my ass. Needless to say, it never took very long for me to get off with my fluids gushing all over the place.

After spending 30 minutes or so getting off, I spent the rest of the day running errands.

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