Out Of Afrika, Chapter 40

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Out Of Afrika, Chapter 40
Out of Afrika

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van, Satinlvr_mwf and Wunderboi


Chapter 40 – With the Encouragement of Rhino


Our story thus far:

Rhino Industries together with the Pentecostal Church of the Black Staff has completely permeated the lives of nearly everyone who resides in Hawksville, a small town on the Eastern Seaboard. The application of Rhino’s mind-controlling systems and the church’s incessant preaching of the superiority of the Black Man and woman over the White has resulted in a society which fervently believes there is no greater love than that of a white woman for black cock and for the white man to be compliant to her desires. The church understands that often white males of all ages also need help in accepting these radical ideas and provides assistance in the form of group therapy sessions where the ‘white boi’ is encouraged to tell his story during weekly support group gatherings and to get their support in accepting his new role in their families.

To continue:


Melanie Baker felt at times that she no longer had any time to herself. All her waking hours seemed to be devoted to the Church, serving the needs of others, and she was supremely happy.

As she prepared for the next item on her daily agenda she once again was filled with a sense that she was serving a greater calling rather than selfishly following her own wishes. Exposure to Rhino’s and the church’s influence had ensured it to be so; she was a completely subservient devotee and would do anything to promote ‘the cause’.

Melanie’s major role within the church’s wide-ranging activities was as co-ordinator of the many Support Groups run by the church. She was responsible for the smooth running of the church- run Scout groups, where both younger boys and girls were introduced to the ways and means of the Rhino philosophy of life; She also helped run the Yoga classes where white wives were encouraged to perform their exercises unclothed so that the teachers might demonstrate more effectively how to bring ecstasy and previously unknown pleasures to their naked bodies; she was much involved with the husbands WIMPS, the group which helped white husbands and older single males become more at ease with the whole process of ‘sissification’; she managed the ‘Outreach Program’, a select band of ladies who made house-visits to housebound members of the community to ‘spread the word’. Oh, and don’t forget she acts as a mentor to the young men who come from all over the country to enrol in the Rhino School of Business. She likes that task very much; she had a thing about young cock.

Yes, it was busy life and this evening she was the designated leader of ‘The Listening Ear’, a forum where troubled-souls could meet and share their stories and anxieties in the knowledge that their confession would not be shared beyond the four walls of the room where the meeting was held. So many people who had come to Hawksville in search of work at the Rhino plant had struggled with accepting the changes in their way of life and the ‘Listening Ear Sessions’ provided a safe haven where their secrets and angst could be turned into a positive experience. (Actually, it was a little ingenuous to say that their secrets would remain a secret for every word spoken at the session would be faithfully recorded and the resulting recording filed in the personal database of the speaker which were held by the Rhino Tech Centre. Likewise, the forum was not strictly exclusive for some folks had identified it as a place they could come and, well, cum as they listened to stories of erotic encounters as they masturbated.

Melanie went to the audio control panel set in the wall and made a few adjustments before checking her schedule to see who was expected at tonight’s ‘Show and Tell’. Aware of the sensitivities involved folks were encouraged to register under a nickname to allow them to have a degree of anonymity and for their true identity to be hidden. Indeed, a further requirement was for any attendee to wear a mask so that the sense of confidentiality could be maintained.

In truth, Melanie knew exactly who they were, it was no secret to her but it amused her to promote the deception and it always gave her a smile to see what name they might register under. She ran her finger down the list seeing the usual suspects and then halted and saw a new name, ‘Syber’.

“Hmm, interesting choice of handle,” she thought. “I wonder what that’s all about?”

She would not have to wonder for too long. The door of the meeting room opened and the dozen attendees entered to engage with the evening’s discussions.

“Come in; come in; welcome all, come in, make yourselves comfortable,” she said brightly as she viewed the familiar faces (albeit all wearing carnival masks which covered the eyes). The queue of people, men and women, black and white, trooped in and bringing up the rear came the new attendee, a stocky male whom she assumed to be Syber. The booking had been made over the phone by his wife Amy, an attendee at her naked Yoga group, and initially she was surprised as she hadn’t been aware that Amy was married. Certainly Amy had a reputation of her own that suggested otherwise.

Melanie waited until the attendees had all taken their place in the horseshoe arrangement of armchairs and then she lowered the lights so that the room was bathed in a soft glow. When everyone had settled she took up her place standing in the centre. She cleared her throat and spoke earnestly, “You all know the rules. We are here to listen without prejudice to each others’ stories; there will be no condemnations, there will only be love and understanding for each others’ situation. We shall listen in silence and, ladies, I trust you have removed your panties; Gentlemen, it is quite in order for you to unzip so you can expose your cocks and, just so you know, tissues are on the table over there should you need them.”

To the background faint hum of the Rhino sound system infusing the air the surrounding group, according to gender, all did as she advised.

“Now we shall share in a short prayer to seek spiritual guidance and understanding for what we are to hear tonight.”

The assembly bowed their heads and Melanie intoned her blessing. Her words went in tune with the Rhino hum and as she spoke all the ladies in the group felt their pussies growing damp and warm as they contemplated what the evening might bring. Similarly the males who were present looked down on their laps and mused as to whether their swelling cocks might be further blessed as the meeting progressed.

“…Amen.” Melanie looked up and saw that her class were all concentrating in their various ways on the proceedings assisted by the mind-bending Rhino Hum.

“OK, so who’s up first?” she said looking around and knowing full well that with the help of a prompt from Rhino it would be the newcomer. “Ah, Syber…,” she said hurriedly looking down at her clipboard just to make sure that she had the name correct. “So, what do you want to share with your brothers and sisters this evening?”

Syber hurried to his feet and intoned, “Hello everybody, my name is Cy, not Syber, and I am a Cuckold.”

Melanie looked at her clipboard again and made the correction to her list. “Sorry Cy, I’m not sure where that came from but that’s what I heard over the phone; please go ahead and, oh, by the way, this not ‘Alcoholics Anonymous’, you don’t need to be making any confessions. We’re not here to judge; carry on.”

Cy looked at her with a mixture of confusion and gratitude. He still wasn’t quite sure why he was here at all. It was his wife, Amy, who had suggested that he join the group and he knew better than to question anything she might suggest. She had told him, “It will be good to get it off your chest and you just might make some new friends.”

“It all began after we moved here to Hawksville. My wife is English and she’s works in the Finance department with Rhino, that’s where I met her when I worked in the Cyber counter-measures unit of the same company. I guess that’s where you heard my name, they gave me that nickname which has stuck even though I don’t work there anymore,” he said sadly. “My wife made me give up work, she said she earned enough to support both of us.

“I became a Stay-at-Home husband to run the house but she was always finding fault and her complaining began to extend to my ‘performance’, as she put it, in the bedroom. She said I wasn’t exciting her anymore, that I was boring and she was forever finding excuses for me not touching her, so to speak. It was not a happy time.

“However, she seemed happy in herself and knowing of her love of sex I suspected that she might be having an affair behind my back to compensate for me not making love with her. My suspicions were aroused when I frequently heard, her words, “I’m going out shopping”. She hates shopping, always has, and when she came back home later without any packages it was obvious she was using her free time away from home for something else.

“The next time she said she was going out I decided to follow her internet casino and I was initially surprised and a little deflated when she drove to the Rhino Mall as if she was indeed ‘going shopping’. She parked up at the far side of the parking lot, got out of her car and straightaway got into the car parked alongside, with a guy who had obviously been waiting for her. I could see from where I stopped that instantly they got into some kind of passionate embrace and there was no doubt in my mind that they were making out.

“I was confused when after a few minutes of them pawing at each other the car pulled out of the lot and they set off as if going out of town. I followed at a discrete distance and was not surprised when they pulled into the old motel out by the highway. It was only when they got out of the car that I saw that her companion was a big black guy. He went into the office presumably to collect a key while she waited by the door of a room that I’m guessing he had pre-booked. I noted the room location and once they had entered and shut the door and pulled the d****s closed I snuck around the back and found the rear window to their unit.

“It can’t have taken more than a couple of minutes for me to creep through the bushes and the undergrowth but I could already hear through the open windows the groans and sighs that she makes when she’s being fucked. I reckon that he had made her so hot in the car that there hadn’t been any need for the kind of foreplay that I always had to go through,” he said ruefully as he seemed to drift into a daydream.

“So then what did you do?” said Melanie trying to keep the narrative going.

Cy blinked and looked around to see his audience all focussed upon him, “Ah, erm, I tried to look through the gap in the closed curtains but really couldn’t see too much other than their shadowy forms laying on the bed but it was clear that she was enjoying being pleasured by someone who had greater stamina and staying-power than me and all I kept hearing was her having one orgasm after another. I could even hear the squishing sound her pussy makes when she cums … I’d almost forgotten that sound, it had been so long since I caused it!” he said with a wry laugh.

“Although I couldn’t see too much I must have stayed leaning against the wall for an hour listening through the open window until the time I heard a final creak of the bed springs and the clear sounds that said they had finished and were making their way out of the door. It was then that I realised that I had the biggest boner and my pants were wet with, well, you know what they were wet with.”

He was gratified when the group joined in with sympathetic laughter. He was also pleased to note that some of his listeners were reacting to his description of events by caressing their own boners and that a few of the ladies had their hands dipped between their legs.

“I gave them a few minutes to get clear and then went back to my car and drove home knowing she’d be a while.

“I thought that I would have the upper-hand when I confronted her with the knowledge that I knew she was having an affair but it didn’t work out like that at all. She came in and I now understood why whenever she came home from ‘shopping’ she looked so flushed and a little breathless. I went for broke and said that I had, by chance, seen her go into the motel room; I didn’t say that I’d parked up and had spent the whole time outside the window listening to them fucking!

“Her reaction took me by surprise. I had naively thought that she would be full of contrition and beg my forgiveness for straying but, no, she just laughed and said she was glad her affair was now out in the open. She said stuff like she found me boring and unimaginative in bed and if I had been half the man of some of the lovers she had enjoyed over the past few months then she wouldn’t have felt the need to go elsewhere for her fun.

“I was stunned. Not only was she admitting to having an affair but she was clearly saying there had been more than one cock inside her other than mine and, more to the point, she was proud of the fact and that she regarded me as some kind of inadequate loser!”

Cy stood quietly for a moment contemplating what he had just said and wiped a hand across his face. Melanie wasn’t sure but thought she detected that he was wiping away tears from beneath his mask. She smiled sympathetically and said, “Go on, what happened next?”

“Well, after she sort of admitted to having the affair I told her that I had been suspicious for some time that something was going on. She then made things worse by saying that she knew that I knew and that had made life even more exciting for her, knowing that she was cheating on me and that I knew she was doing it. I was crushed and told her that I loved her and that I didn’t want to lose her and all that kind of stuff. She responded by pointing at the front of my pants and the tented wet patch and said something like ‘looks like you enjoyed finding out and anyway I knew you had followed us and you were outside of the room; you’re not very good at hiding!’ I had no answer.”

The room rippled with the sound chuckling as the group pictured the scene of Cy’s humiliation. He took a deep breath and continued, “She then sort of turned the tables on me saying that it was all my fault that made her do what she was doing and that it was evident she had my approval because ‘why would you be listening and jerking off and not charging in and breaking things up?’ Again I had no answer and indeed I made things worse for myself because the more she berated me the stiffer my cock became, a fact she took great pleasure in pointing out.

“I thought that this would really be the end of me and our marriage but then things took an unexpected turn. She went from being angry with me to being the amicable person I married. She said, ‘Look, I have taken lovers not only because you are not very good at keeping it up but more because I found the whole experience exciting and I have been able to explore things that I always wanted to do. I didn’t do it because I no longer love you; I do but you need to understand that I am looking for more adventure in my sex life. Tell you what, you obviously enjoy looking . Let’s make a pact’.

“I was desperate to keep her and I would have agreed to anything so without hearing any more I nodded my head like some sort of idiot.

“It was the right response for without pause she said, ‘Good, I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have a threesome. I think I know of just the person I want to join us.’ It took me a moment to realise she said ‘Us’. Oh my god, she knew that to be one of my greatest fantasies and here she was, pandering to my desires and including me.

“As I said, my wife knew I wanted a threesome and since I hadn’t got upset about her other affair, she told me that evening that we needed to talk. She then admitted to be having another affair and asked if was still OK with having a threesome; apparently her new lover had already agreed to it.

“I told her that yes I wanted a threesome and also told her I was OK with her dating her new lover. We talked a bit more and assured each other we wanted to stay married and her having a new lover wasn’t something that was going to change that. I told her I’m OK with her dating someone and having sex as long as she was careful, didn’t put herself in danger and it wasn’t a love relationship. I told her if she ever felt like she wanted out of the marriage, she would tell me and we would discuss the issues. Nothing was ever discussed or hinted that it would be OK for me to do anything outside the marriage.

“It was a couple of days later that she told me that her lover was coming over to join us that evening. When she had said ‘threesome’ all along I had assumed that she meant it would be another man, maybe the man I had seen her with at the motel. I was shocked when I opened the door and there was this black lady, an inch or so shorter than me but, how can I say, just like me, a little on the heavy-set side. She look me up and down as if I was something the cat dragged in before saying, ‘Hi, I’m Loretta. Amy said to call.”

Melanie kept her smile to herself, she knew what was coming, Loretta had already told her friend her side of the story.

“I stepped aside and let her in not knowing what to think. On the one hand I was excited that I might get to have another woman, a black woman at that; on the other, did this mean that my straight wife was actually bisexual? The things that were running through my head, oh man, I just couldn’t think straight.

“Amy came through, took Loretta by the arm and straightaway they went into an embrace which left me in no doubt that they were more than just casual acquaintances. I followed them through to the lounge and Amy sat alongside Loretta on the couch leaving me standing like some spare wheel while they began doing all the touchy, feely things like stroking each other’s arms and faces. After a few minutes Amy must have realised that some sort of introductions needed to be made and thought it necessary to explain who her friend, her canlı poker oyna lover, was, where they had met and so forth.She told me to sit and as I looked upon this somewhat voluptuous , big-breasted lady Amy gave me a potted history that she somehow conveyed that their coming together was all my fault.

“She said that when was still actually had a job with Rhino and I used to be was working late a lot of the time that she took the opportunity to go out after her own work for a drink with colleagues from her office. Loretta was a co-worker and close friend and in their conversations my wife found out she was bi but definitely preferred women. Loretta sounded her out to see if she was interested in having a sexual relationship; my wife who I now knew to be looking for more adventure didn’t object and Loretta began being more flirty.”

Cy’s audience began listening more intently, anticipating that his story was to become more interesting. Melanie looked around and noted that there were a few more cocks being exposed and being attended to, a few more damp pussies being slyly rubbed. She also realised that Cy hadn’t a clue that the Loretta he was referring to was one and the same as her great friend and colleague at the church. ‘This should be interesting’ she thought.

Cy continued, “The way my wife explained it was that Loretta acted more like a man trying to get into her panties rather than just a friend going for drinks. Loretta became more touchy, sitting with her arm around my wife, brushing against her breast etc. giving her thigh a squeeze, that sort of stuff.

“One evening after work, instead of going to their regular bar Loretta took her to a local gay club. My wife said that for the first time it really felt like she was on a date with Loretta ordering and paying for the drinks. They danced and during the first dance, Loretta leaned in and kissed her. My wife said it surprised her but that she didn’t pull away completely so Loretta became more aggressive. With the drinks, attention and touching, my wife was wet and horny so she ended up going back to Loretta’s house where sex was initiated. After that, the times after work alternated between going for drinks and going to Loretta’s. Drinks always meant at least a good make out session; Loretta’s always meant sex.”

Melanie knew more than anyone else present just how assertive Loretta could be, they had had many ‘encounters’ together and it was often her black friend who took the lead and dictated events and the pace. She was very interested to hear whether it was the same when her big-titted friend was with someone else. “Go on, Cy.”

“So, as I said, when she got to my house, they kissed and came to the couch and Loretta asked if I wanted to watch or participate.

“I told her both.

“I sat and watched them as they had a make-out session, slowly undressing each other and then laying back on the couch in a 69 to have some good orgasm-filled sex. I sat there slowly jerking off not knowing if I was supposed to join in then suddenly Loretta stood up, took both our hands and led us to the bedroom. The confident way she led us down the passageway left no doubt that she had been in my house before.

“We got on the bed and then had a quick threesome though I was so excited that it seemed it was over before I even had time to think about fulfilling my fantasy. It seemed it was more like a twosome for most of the time. We both played with my wife then both of them sucked me. Loretta spent time stroking my cock and finally she told me to fuck my wife. By the time I pushed my cock into her I was so close it didn’t take but a couple of seconds for me to cum.

“After that, it was basically the two women making love with me lying alongside them on the bed. From time to time, Loretta would tell me to do this or that, not because she really needed any help from me, more because she thought it showed she was in control and dictating the action. They really didn’t need my input at all.”

A muffled groan was heard above the background of the Rhino hum and caused an interruption to Cy’s story. Everyone turned to the source of the sound to see that one of the seated males had succumbed to the stroking of his stiff cock and had cum over his hand. He mumbled an apology for making the disturbance which Cy acknowledged with a nod of his head but he felt secretly pleased that his telling of his story had been the cause of someone’s orgasm. The interrupter struggled to his feet and went over to the table to pull out tissues from the box saying, “carry on Cy, don’t let me stop you.”

Cy shook his head in wonderment and continued, “We went to sleep with the two of them hugging each other and me scooted up behind my wife. I don’t think I moved all night for the next morning I was still in the same position when I woke up. They were still together whereas I was not touching anyone.

“I woke Amy up as gently as I could knowing that she had to get ready for work. Loretta also woke and as they untangled themselves it was at that point I realized that Loretta pretty much had directed everything that last night. She had even deliberately gotten me close to the edge so that when she said I could fuck my wife, I came quickly. They both left for work leaving me feeling horny knowing Loretta was already more in charge than I was. It was also the moment that I accepted that I was being cuckolded by a bisexual wife with Loretta as her girlfriend.”

He paused and gave a dry cough, “Can I have drink of water please? I haven’t finished yet; there’s more to tell.”

One of the women stood up, smoothed her rumpled skirt and went to the water cooler and quickly returned with a cup. She patted his arm and gave him a warm smile along with the cup of water.

“Thank you, ah, where was I? Oh yes, when my wife came home that night with Loretta she said that we had to talk and for some rules be agreed.

“The conversation was fairly short but I have to say that she made it seem as if I was going to be dictating how we continued our new cuckold life. She asked what I wanted and I told her my plan was to basically give permission for them to keep having sex and us to have threesomes.

“I said that the idea in my head was Amy, my dear wife, and I have our marriage and I would ‘allow’ her to have an affair on the side as long as at times we would all three have sex together.

“Before I got much past saying it was OK for them to have sex, Loretta cut me off and took charge of the conversation. She kind of turned things around and said, in essence, that as far as she was concerned, yes,my wife would stay married to me but practically, Amy would be her girlfriend, not a Friend-With-Benefit, a FWB, but ‘the’ girlfriend. She said that meant they would sleep together in our house or over at her house as circumstances allowed and be convenient for them. They would date and go about life as if they were dating and I would be the husband sitting on one side and letting them do as they wished.

“She said that if they slept at our house, I would sleep in our other bedroom unless invited into the master bedroom with them. If my wife still wanted cock and there was no one else available to provide it then she could still fuck me but before she did she would have to tell Loretta who would make me wait until she was present in the house with us. Other than that, if I needed an orgasm, Loretta would jerk me off.

“I was pretty upset to be treated in such an insensitive manner and I told her so, I said that I wasn’t at all happy about what was being suggested. I tried to make the point that it was all very well her demanding these things with her being a single, unattached person. That was when the next bombshell dropped, she laughed in my face and said that she was married to some guy by the name of Able.

“I quickly realised that Amy already knew this and I guess I kind of crumbled, not knowing what kind of weird shit I was getting myself into. I pleaded with my wife to think again about us getting involved in such a messed up arrangement.

“Loretta then looked at my wife and said she had a choice to make. She told her that she would have to make me accept her terms or she would say goodbye and go home.”

Cy gave a sniff and once again wiped his hand across his face. Clearly the recollection was becoming more painful. He steeled himself before continuing.

“My wife looked at me and said something about if I really enjoyed having her pussy that I had to say yes to what Loretta had proposed. She told me I needed to accept being relegated to the role of a sort of ‘second husband’. She was quite clear that she wanted this to happen.

“I was in bits; I couldn’t think straight and couldn’t think of anything to say except stuff like I love you and want you to feel good and be satisfied. I think that must have satisfied them both and it was taken as me giving my consent.

“That night, I was sent to sleep in the other bedroom. Before I left them Loretta said she would give me a reward for agreeing to her ‘officially’ becoming Amy’s girlfriend. She told me to strip and when I was naked she took my hand and led me to the canlı bahis bathroom. With my wife standing in the doorway looking on, Loretta jerked me off into the sink. She took one look at my cum dribbling into the sink and then ordered me to clean it up, as if she was telling a pet being required to do something. It certainly wasn’t a sexual thing at least that was how it seemed to me. I was then told to go to bed without even getting a goodnight from either of them.

“I heard their bedroom door being locked shut, followed by some giggling before they settled down to sleep together. ‘Sleep together’ is a euphemism for I then heard the sounds of them having sex for a long time before I finally got to sleep. Crazy thing was that even having been humiliated and made to cum a few minutes beforehand, I lay in my bed stroking the biggest boner I have ever had.”

A murmur of sympathy and understanding rippled through the masked audience some of whom were holding boners of their own as they emulated the scenario that Cy had described. Likewise the ladies all seemed to have found an itch between their legs needing attention but that was ok for the Rhino hum had assured them they were in company of folks who were beyond embarrassment.

“Then what happened Cy? Did you settle down to being a good cuckold between doing your household duties?” asked Melanie.

“Hmm, the relationship lasted for almost a year before Loretta took another job and moved away.”

Melanie smiled on hearing that for the job Loretta transferred to was really a sideways move within Rhino’s Empire. She had in fact not moved away, she had become, like herself, a full-time employee of the Church of the Black Staff. Melanie had already identified that Cy was so introverted and unaware of his surroundings that he hadn’t figured that one out. She turned her attention back to him noting that the more he spoke the bigger the bulge became in his pants. Clearly relating his story was reviving pleasurable memories in his troubled mind.

“I wasn’t banished to the guestroom every night Whenever Loretta wasn’t around I reverted to being Amy’s bed companion however I wasn’t allowed to make love, I was only allowed to masturbate.

“The nights Loretta did come to stay was another matter for on occasion she did ‘allow’ me to make love to my wife. I say ‘make love’ but it was never that, ‘fuck’ was the term because we never had time to make love. Loretta and my wife would get me excited, suck and play with me for a few minutes and then when they sensed I was close to the edge Loretta would tell me to push my dribbling cock into Amy who would quickly lay on her back. I would last about two seconds before blasting off, so anytime I fucked it was fast and definitely not satisfying for my wife who gave me the impression she hadn’t really noticed I’d cum.

“When we had threesomes, most of my participation was eating pussy. A few times I was allowed to fuck one of them during the threesome but not finish that way. On occasion, I fucked Loretta but it was always in the missionary position and she as she laid there she made it very clear that she was bored and soon I was never allowed to cum in either of them. My part with the threesomes always ended by being jerked off by one of them and to be told to leave them alone while they finished giving pleasure to each other. Most times I would go to my room and drift off to sleep to the sound of their lovemaking.

“It all became quite the routine and I suppose that over the next 12 months I accepted and grew to enjoy what we were doing, I even started to look forward to the nights when I knew Loretta would be staying.

“At times, I would be allowed to go with them on their dates to Loretta’s various clubs. To anyone watching, it had to be obvious they were a couple and I was the third wheel. Mainly, I would drive them, open doors for them, watch their purses while they danced, made sure they had a drink available and when it was time to go home I always paid for the evening. If it was considered I had behaved myself well on these threesome dates then I would be paid by one of them giving me a hand-job in the car. Whatever the outcome, the evening would end with me chauffeuring them to whichever house they would be spending the night and for me to go back home to sleep alone in my bed.

“It was an odd existence but one which seemed to work well for all of us and I had become completely at ease with our strange arrangements. You can imagine then how upsetting it was when out of the blue Amy said that she wasn’t going to be seeing Loretta anymore. Apparently the affair was over, Loretta had ‘moved away’ and she didn’t want to talk about it.

“I knew better than to question what had really happened but came to terms with Loretta no longer being a part of our lives and for our relationship to go back to being a semblance of being ‘normal’. Amy told me that she wasn’t interested in having another relationship outside of our marriage again but I was not convinced for she often went out on her own most evenings and at the weekends but never told me where she was going or who she had been seeing.”

Melanie broke in, “You needn’t be concerned Cy, she regularly comes here for Yoga classes or to attend some of the other church support groups.”

Cy seemed reassured at hearing that and concluded his story, “Oh, I guess that explains it. Anyway, that’s all I have to say and I thank you all for listening.”

He made to go and find an empty seat but Melanie held his arm and stopped him.

“Folks, I think we’ve all enjoyed hearing Cy’s story and I think there has been a few lessons in there to take note of which we might take away and reflect upon. I know that we want to show our appreciation to Cy for sharing with us his fascinating life and I will begin by giving him my special vote of thanks, you can join in as you please. With that Melanie undid the buttons of her blouse which was stretched across her ample bosom and she pulled apart the restricting garment to reveal the delicious sight of her deep cleavage. She dropped to her knees in front of Cy and tugged down his sweatpants and noted that he had acted upon the advice of not wearing any underwear to the event. His stiff cock obliged her by bobbing up tantalisingly in front of her face.

She licked her lips and reached behind her to unsnap the clasp of her bra. Cy glanced down to see the most perfect breasts tipped with stiff nipples surrounded by dark aureoles. Melanie was very proud of her ‘girls’ and knew exactly what an effect they had on weak males. She showed her appreciation of his reaction by cupping her tits and holding them up so that his stiff cock rested between the luscious globes. As he felt the soft flesh encompass him he gave a whimper; the whimper turned into a groan when she bent her head and took the wet knob into her mouth.

Instinct took over and he began to face-fuck her warm, wet mouth. She made it more pleasurable for him by closing her lips and sucking hard; it took him no time at all to feel his orgasm building and within seconds to be shooting his cum down her throat.

The others in the darkened room looked on appreciatively as they likewise indulged in their personal pleasures. As Cy withdrew his dribbling cock from the mouth of an amused Melanie the sounds of mutual masturbation and the ensuing climaxes could be heard above the hum of the Rhino sound system.

“A most satisfactory evening”, was her over-riding thought.

Cy’s over-riding thought was that he must get home as quickly as possible so that he could tidy the house before Amy came home from her evening out.

She left Cy to clean himself up and licking her lips she went over to the control panel so that she could reset the various systems that had been operating through the evening. She looked around to see that most folks were likewise rearranging themselves in the knowledge that the time had come to go home.

“Lovely evening everyone,” she said brightly, “I hope that we shall see you at the same time next week.” The congregation took the hint and made their way out of the door with a chorus of ‘goodnights’ … except for a threesome seated at the back of the meeting room.

They waited until they saw the disappearing Cy leave the room before all them removed their masks. Amy smiled at Loretta and her husband Able. Her smile became wider when she saw that Able’s massive black cock was in its usual state of stiffness.

“Well, that was an amusing meeting, wasn’t it?” she said rhetorically. “I knew that he hadn’t a clue what was going on.”

Loretta and Able joined in her laughter and the black women wiped a tear from her eye and said, “Yeah, if only he knew.”

Able was more practical with his assessment, “Ah, fuck him, the wimp. Let’s be getting on home I got something that needs attending to and, you know what, I know just the two ladies who are gonna provide the honours.”

He stood up and with a little difficulty tucked his erection back into his pants before walking awkwardly toward the door followed by his women. Melanie gave them all a peck on the cheek as they passed her by at the doorway.

She called after them, “Hey, I’ve had an idea. You called him a wimp; why don’t we get him to sign up to the WIMPS group. He’ll look great wearing Satin panties and I’m sure Herb and the boys will be happy to help him release some of his pent-up stress.”


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