O O Calcutta Ch. 04

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It seemed as if they were in a medieval torture chamber except that Pandey-ji’s lounge on the top floor of the Tata Centre had been rigged up for a very benign but ambitious purpose. Pandey-ji had been very keen on a biological child, a real heir to his huge ill-gotten wealth but his inability to ejaculate had always come in the way. Teesta had scoured the web and had procured an electrical device that could help and now with the presence of Rudra, who had a way to make gadgets work, and his mother Deepa, who unlike Teesta could bear a child, there was a fighting chance that something could work out.

They had chosen the day since Deepa was in her fertile window and had planned to get going before lunch but unfortunately, there had been a major power outage in the building and it was only late in the afternoon that the backup power had become operational. Now they were all ready and set for the experiment.

Pandey-ji was lying on a hard mattress, placed on the floor. He was stark naked and Teesta had shaved his pubis so that big balls and penis, now shrunk and flaccid, were totally exposed. But what was even more interesting, or embarrassing, depending on the perspective, was that his two legs, spread apart, were tied with ropes to the ceiling leaving the gaping hole of his anus exposed to the world.

Rudra was kneeling on the ground, right in front of Pandey-ji’s exposed bottom. He had looped a thin copper wire around the base of Pandey-ji’s scrotum and had tightened them just up to where his nuts had started to hurt. Next he pushed a stiff plastic rod, slowly but firmly, straight through his anus and into his rectum.

“Ah! Ouch!” exclaimed the old man as the probe pushed against his prostate gland.

“Boss, does it hurt?” Teesta was very concerned and protective.

“A little more, Pandey-ji, just a little more.” Rudra pushed his rod in harder and farther and Pandey-ji groaned again as the probe reached his seminal vesicles.

“Please Rudra, go easy on him, please.”

“I am done, Teesta-di,” Rudra assured her, “You see the pre-cum leaking out,” he pointed to a pearly drop of liquid at the tip of the flaccid penis,”that means we have reached the reservoir.”

“Will it be painful?”

“The rest is easy, or let us say no more discomfort.”

“What do you mean? What happens next?”

“Next it will be over to Ma, to get his prick erect and get it into her cunt.”

“Boss has already penetrated me a number of times. I need him to ejaculate inside me.”

“You see these wires? They are connected to this gadget and when the reading shows that his balls are bloated with his seed, I will send a small electric shock that will make him shoot his cum inside her.”

“Are you sure? Won’t he be hurt?”

“That is what the website says? And that is the only option that is left.”

“Ok, Rudra, but please be careful… he means so much to me.”

“Don’t worry, Teesta-di,” Rudra smiled. “I had once pushed an electric wire into my mother’s cunt as well.”

Pandey-ji was now lying on the floor and the wires trailing out his balls and anus were connected to a small device sitting on the table. Rudra was scanning the digital readout and adjusting the the various switches while Teesta positioned herself on the other side, all ready to help if needed. Now it was up to Deepa to make the old man cum!

Knowing that most of the time she would have to be in the nude, Deepa hadn’t bothered to put on anything other than a sleeveless slip that barely covered her bountiful breasts and stopped well short of her knees. This she pulled off, over her head and after gathering and throwing her head of dark, wavy hair over her bare shoulder, she got down on her knees and crawled right in between the old man’s spread on the floor.

Teesta placed a small pillow behind Pandey-ji’s head so that the dirty old man – as he had started to refer to himself ever since they had started planning for this – could have a clear view of that delicious piece of feminine flesh that Deepa was presenting him with! And what a sight it was, especially for Rudra! There was his mother, stark naked, on all fours on the ground, like a leopard playing with its prey – except that the “prey” was the prick-n-balls of a naked man that Deepa was licking with her tongue. Pandey-ji’s penis was small and wrinkled but as Deepa played with it with her tongue, sucking it with her lips, it slowly hardened into thick, fat seven inch erection that would have made a stallion proud.

Knowing that she would have to do this for quite some time, Deepa was taking it slow, swallowing the erection right up to its base until her nose was on his pubis and then withdrawing it all the way till its circumcised, helmet-head was just between her teeth! She was also fondling his wire-wrapped balls and this is what worried Rudra – what if they came off? Taking time off from his switches and dials, he crept up behind his naked mother and looked through the gap between her thighs. canlı bahis Framed by the swollen lips of her cunt – that was clearly visible between her legs – he could see Pandey-ji’s balls, now grown big and hard and cutting into them was the coil of copper wire that would hopefully coax the sperm out of them.

Rudra hurried back to his gadget as Deepa was pushing herself more and more over Pandey-ji’s body. Then she buried her face on his chest and reaching down, between her legs, she grabbed hold of the big erection and pressed it against her own cunt. She had not applied any lubrication and so it took a little effort on her part, placing the prick against her lips and wriggling her hips a little, before with a cry of pleasure she felt its thick solidity finally entering into her body.

Deepa raised herself on her hands and pressed down with her hips, loving the pressure of Pandey-ji’s big cock as it pushed hard into her innards. She threw back her head, pushed the mane of her hair over her back and swayed her tits in front of the old man, hoping and praying for an ejaculation. Pandey-ji reached out to the melons bouncing in front of his face and Deepa whimpered with pleasure as she felt his hands squeezing her nipples. She arched her back and once again pressed her butt into his crotch and rotated her hips so that the hardness would reach into each and every corner of her cunt. Then, after transferring her weight to her arms, she started to move her hips up and down and this way and that in a classic woman-on-top, CowGirl position! Pandey-ji gave a scream of pleasure as he felt his cock sliding in and out Deepa’s cunt and Rudra saw a jump in the dial as the instrument detected a small rise of pressure inside his testicles!

“I am going to give a little shock,” but none other than Teesta heard him. Instead Pandey-ji gave a low groan as he felt a sudden stirring in his loins! Perhaps this was it, perhaps this would work. Deepa too felt a sudden tenseness in the old man’s body and redoubled her efforts at extracting his elixir!

At the back her mind, Teesta was still a bit concerned about the power outage but the strangely erotic sight in front of her was starting to send shivers through her as well. Unlike Rudra, who was hunched over the dials and switches, Teesta watched as Deepa’s naked body rocked and swayed on Pandey-ji’s crotch. Every now and then, Pandey-ji would feel a sudden pressure building up in his balls and would groan with pleasure. Rudra’s dial would pick up the change and he would send a tiny electrical shock scorching through his genitals and Pandey-ji would give a roar of anticipation as he felt an eruption about to boil out of his balls. Deepa too would sense the impending flood and start jerking harder and faster on the cock on which she was impaled, shaking her head, bouncing her boobs and screaming encouragement, trying to hasten the impending flood but then again… the tide would ebb and the dials would sink back to where they were.

It must have been an hour of exertion for the two when once again the old man’s balls flattered to deceive! It almost seemed as if he would finally ejaculate but then again at the last minute, the tide was dammed and as it ebbed away, Deepa collapsed on Pandey-ji’s chest unable to carry on with the hammering of his crotch! Pandey-ji too was clearly gasping for breath. Rudra rushed over to his mother and gently pulled her naked body, glistening with sweat, upright. Then he took a handkerchief and gently dabbed her face. Teesta too was tending to Pandey-ji but she had had the presence of mind to get two cans of Red Bull energy drink! She handed one to Deepa and gently poured the contents of the other into Pandey-ji’s mouth.

“I am sure no one has had a prick in her cunt while having an energy drink like this,” joked Deepa.

“I am sure Red Bull would give an arm for a picture like this for their Formula 1 cars.”

“Just a minute,” interrupted Rudra, and pulled out his cellphone. “Let me take a picture of this.”

“Great.” Teesta smiled and struck a pose behind the naked Deepa sitting on Pandey-ji’s naked body, with a can of Red Bull in her hands.”

“But you know what?” asked Deepa, “I am almost sure that Pandey-ji was about to blow into me this time.”

“So was I,” agreed Pandey-ji. “We just need one more push.”

“If you agree,” asked Rudra, “make I take just a little risk?”

“Like what?”

“Even my dials told me that we were almost there and I was wondering if I could just increase the voltage of the pulse just a little bit more than what is recommended.”

“Just do it, kid,” rumbled Pandey-ji, before Teesta could show any more concern.

“Ok, but only for a fraction of a minute, I do not want an accident.” Teesta was determined.

“OK, Ma, be the cow-girl and get ready to ride your stallion again.” Rudra slapped his mother’s naked buttock and then all of a sudden grabbed her face and kissed her. “Get pregnant!” he almost ordered her!

Surprisingly, bahis siteleri Pandey-ji’s erection had never softened and Deepa had remained impaled on it throughout the brief interval and so she started bouncing on it once again, first slowly and gently and then faster and faster. Screams and groans followed. But this time, Deepa realised, things were certainly different. There was a new tenseness in Pandey-ji’s body and her womanly senses were screaming at her that something was about to happen. Just as things reached a crescendo, Rudra flipped the switches by two extra notches and then it happened…

Actually many things happened, but if anyone had watched the scene that unfolded in slow motion, then this is what they would have seen

First, Pandey-ji gave a yell of pleasure as he felt a volcano of lava finally rumbling out of his balls and gushing out through his penis. Deepa gave an even louder scream of pleasure as she felt powerful spasms rippling through the erect penis that was buried inside her cunt. This was followed by an immensely powerful spray of hot, creamy cum that splattered her innards and sent a flood of semen rushing right into her womb. But the shock had much more in store! For all of sudden, Pandey-ji felt a jolt of power that exploded out of his arse and shot up his spine. This made him suddenly sit up and as he did so, Deepa who was still stuck on his prick went tumbling back and crashed on her back on the the mattress.

Which was very fortunate for her because it saved her life!

For at that very moment, there was a crash at the door and three armed men dashed into the room. Teesta, the ever faithful and ever alert bodyguard, immediately sprang into action and Rudra, sitting hunched over his gadget, watched amazed as her two guns blazed from each hand. Each gun took down one thug each with deadly accuracy but unfortunately, the third thug raked the room with his automatic rifle. Deepa on her back on the floor was safe but Pandey-ji who was sitting bolt upright caught a couple of bullets on his naked chest – and would have died immediately. Teesta rushed forward, guns blazing and took down the third but by then she too had taken a direct hit on her neck!

Rudra was stunned by the sudden turn of events and rushed forward to Teesta, who was wildly gesticulating towards the wall.

“Press that red-switch.” She croaked, blood gurgling out of a severed artery on her neck. Rudra obeyed her immediately and this is what probably saved him and his mother, as unseen to them all, every door in the building was shut, locked and sealed immediately, preventing all movement of both friend and foe.

Next, Rudra rushed over to where the copulating couple, Pandey-ji and his mother Deepa, were still lying entangled on the floor. A single glance told him that Pandey-ji was dead and he pulled him away from his mother Deepa who had been stuck beneath him. Pandey-ji’s penis was still inside Deepa’s vagina and as Rudra pulled it out, the last few drops of his precious cum dripped out and fell on Deepa’s cunt lips.

Rudra pulled his mother, naked and splattered with the dead Pandey-ji’s blood and cum off the floor and the two rushed across to the dying Teesta.

“Teesta-di, are you OK?” Rudra pleaded with her.

“No hope for me,” Teesta could barely speak. “Is Pandey-ji…?” she could not finish.

“I think he is dead,” Deepa’s voice was barely audible.

“I could not save him.” Tears were flowing out of Teesta’s eyes, “but you must save his child.”

“I will, Teesta, I promise.” Deepa too was crying.

“The bookcase,” Deepa nodded. A few days ago, Teesta had shown how it could be pushed aside to lead into an elevator that would take them into the abandoned tunnels of the Calcutta Metro Rail. She had also told them that one of the tunnels of the unfinished East-West Metro line could take them under the river and into a safe house on the other side.

“Before leaving…” Teesta life was ebbing out with each gasp of breath, “Black backpack on bottom shelf ..” was the last thing that the loyal and beautiful shemale ever said in this world.

“She is dead,” whispered Deepa. She pressed her face close to Teesta’s dead lips and kissed her goodbye

“Ma, time for us to leave.”

Somebody was hammering at the door! With no time to lose, Deepa and Rudra ran to the bookcase in Pandey-ji’s office and pushed it aside to reveal the secret escape route.

“Wait, where is the backpack?” Rudra remembered Teesta’s last words.

“There, on the bottom drawer.” Deepa pulled it out and opened the zip. Inside it were two small handguns, a bunch of keys, a torch, cellphones, SIM cards, a small metallic casket, a notebook, stacks of cash, ID cards with Pandey-ji and Teesta’s pictures. Clearly the two of them had planned for an emergency but unfortunately they would never be able to use it.

It had not been more than a couple of minutes since Pandey-ji’s last ejaculation – and the mayhem that followed bahis şirketleri it – but it had seemed like hours! In the pin drop silence, they had started to hear distant sounds. Obviously, someone somewhere would be reaching this room soon and there was no telling whether they were friend or foe.

Deepa and Rudra entered the secret passage and pulled the bookcase behind them. It was pitch dark until Deepa switched on the torch and they saw that right in front of them was an rickety lift with only two switches T and B – possibly top and bottom. Rudra slung the backpack on his back and stepped into the lift. Deepa joined him and switched off the torch as her son pressed the B switch.

As the lift sank slowly sank into the safety of the darkness below, Deepa threw her hands around her son’s neck and clasped him to her chest – and realised that in her flight, she was once again, stark naked!

The rickety escape lift at Tata Centre deposited them in the heart of darkness deep inside the ground. Not knowing who or what awaited them, Deepa and Rudra were scared to switch on the torch but a quick flash of light told them they were in a tunnel. This they decided to follow, almost blindly, except for an occasional flash until they reached a four-way junction and forced to stop.

“Which way?” whispered Deepa.

“I don’t know!”

“Let us get behind that door,” pointed towards the wall, “and think.”

It was a tiny room, dusty, dirty and totally bare but it had a door and once they were inside, they felt safe enough to light the torch without the fear of being located. Not that there had been any sign of pursuit but still they had been feeling vulnerable in the cavernous tunnels, especially because the light of their torch would have been visible from anywhere. With their panic and anxiety ebbing somewhat, mother and son could take stock of their situation and their surroundings.

Deepa’s situation was perhaps the worst. Not only was she stark naked but her entire body was streaked with blood. Plus there was some of Pandey-ji’s copious cum that had leaked out of her cunt and dribbled down her thighs. Rudra felt sorry about his mother and gave her his kurta-shirt. He was also about to pull off his pants.

“Don’t,” she stopped him. “Your pants are too long and tight for me. This kurta is long enough to cover my vitals.” She smiled and slipped on the kurta that barely covered her butt.

“As if there is anyone to see you here. But what next?”

“It would be impossible for us to find our way through these tunnels without some kind of a map.”

“I am sure that there would be one in the box. If they had planned so much, Teesta would not have missed a map.”

They opened the box and carefully looked through the contents and indeed there was a map! They followed the map and after hours of trudging barefoot through dark tunnels – that must have passed under the river, given that the walls in these areas were dripping wet – they emerged through a trapdoor inside an abandoned house on the Howrah side of the river.

They stayed hidden in the house that night but Rudra sneaked out early in the morning to get a feel of what was happening the city and also to get some food, and more importantly, a set of clothes for Deepa that he had simply stolen from a neighboring house! Not that she had a problem wandering around in the nude inside the deserted house but they had no intention of staying there any longer. It was too close to the front lines and the enemy could come in through the same trap-door. Once they realised that the new set of thugs who had taken over the city had no intention of pursuing them – perhaps they were not even aware of them since the three intruders had been killed by Teesta anyway – they made plans.

Deepa had recently been to Barakar and wanted to go back there.

“Why Ma? What is there in Barakar?”

“I think Pandey-ji has a place there that no one else is aware of.”

“How do you know?”

“Teesta was talking about it. It is well a stocked, safe-house, far better than this ramshackle building where we are currently holed up.”

“How would we find it? What if there is someone else there? Will they let us in?”

“No one other than Pandey-ji and Teesta are aware of it. So there is little chance of it being occupied. But yes, locating it will be a challenge.”

“You have any clues?”

“Teesta had told me that it was on the Maithon lake, a beautiful resort type place but very well hidden and very safe and secure.”

“Maithon lake is huge. How will we find the place.”

“Well we cannot find it by sitting in Howrah but if we reach Barakar, we can start looking.”

“True. No point sitting here. Let us go. But how do we go?”

They had discovered a ramshackle motorbike in the building and in it they made their way to Sheoraphuli which was a transit point for pilgrims to Tarakeshwar and hence perpetually crowded. Here they had shopped around for a change of clothes and some packets of biscuit with which they had planned to carry on for the rest of the journey. From Sheoraphuli they had taken a train on the main line to Burdwan and then a second one towards Barakar.

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